good things

thankful for good men (especially the ones who do their best to protect the dignity of women and go as far as being attentive to the songs they listen to + the messages behind them), fresh-cut flowers, drives with the windows down, people who are slow to anger, hot coffee on a brutally cold day, the privilege it is to have people in my life that i miss dearly, and the calming sound of clair de lune.

I tried to write about you and the way you make me feel but you make it kind of hard to focus when you’re running through my head the whole time. And I know that seven months ago I promised to never fall in love again and that I felt like my heart got ripped out of my chest but god damn it boy you’ve just made me realise how hard one can beat. I didn’t want to fall in love, until I met you.
—  And I’m so glad I did

You know, I never thought I was attractive until I joined this stupid site

I realized it yesterday when I went into public looking like a slob with whatever ill-fitting clothing I had closest to me before I left the apartment

I don’t have to be at 100% all the time and that’s totally okay

I used to be obsessed with how I looked, but now I understand that when I put enough effort towards primping myself that I can look pretty bomb
—and that’s good enough for me to not have to try all the time

It’s like a secret identity

I’m Attractive On The Internet Or Sometimes In Real Life If I Want To Try That Morning Woman

Thanks tumblr


i’m dead


i want this vine played at my funeral