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The Signs As The Happier Moments from GOT (Spoilers from seasons 1-6)
  • Aries: The two scenes where Tyrion slaps Joff
  • Taurus: Brienne and Arya's little chat
  • Gemini: Jon killing that white walker at Hardhome
  • Cancer: Sansa feeding Ramsay to the dogs
  • Leo: Jaime saving Brienne from the bear
  • Virgo: just any scene between Davos and Shireen
  • Libra: Jon waking up
  • Scorpio: Hot Pie's direwolf bread for Arya
  • Sagittarius: Dany getting her army and Drogon doing the "dracarys"
  • Capricorn: Joff's death
  • Aquarius: Tormund's heart eyes for Brienne
  • Pisces: The revelation of Jon's lineage

the sun feels warm on my skin again i am Living

He’s my home- Lance Ship Week Day 3

I wasn’t so sure about this one, but hopefully you guys like it, enjoy.

“Don’t you miss home?” Someone asked Shiro one time. Anyone who knew him knew he lived in Japan until he was about 12. It had been his home all his life until his mother’s job transferred them to the states. He might have been quick to learn the language and picked up some of the normalities of the states but to him, Japan always was and would be his home. His parents would make it a thing to go back to Japan for New Year’s every year, even as he got older and went to college.

It was at college he met Lance. They had been members of the Astronomy Club and as an older student, Shiro was tabling for the club during their Club Fair. Lance had bounded over, his friends following, already talking excitedly about how this was the one club he wanted to join. Shiro felt almost attached already.

Time went by and Shiro became close to Lance, close enough that he started falling. They had dinner together at the local pizza place when Shiro decided to ask him out.

“So would this be our first date?”

“I can drive us to a better restaurant and get you flowers if you want.”

“Nope, this is perfect.”

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This peppermint winter is so sugar sweet, I don’t need to taste to believe..what’s December without Christmas Eve?

Seeing just how massive and deadly the White Walker’s army of wights is was so good, a definite payoff to the “winter is coming” thing we’ve been warned of since the first episode of the first season.

This wasn’t a battle, this was a massacre.  Though the wights running off the cliff, only to get right back up and charge the Wildlings, had me LOLing.

And it shows the main problem of fighting a sufficiently large undead army (as also pointed out in book World War Z): if you put them down, they stay down, but if they put you down, you get back up (well, the Night’s King gets you back up) and join them.

Of course, even with this obvious threat to all life, the writers had to sneak some sexism in.  Karsi, the badass female Wildling clan leader (portrayed by Birgitte Hjort Sorensen), who talked as tough as any other and had no trouble killing wights left and right, froze up at the sight of a few wight children and was swarmed by them (and later reanimated as a wight by the Night’s King).  Because of course a woman, with her MATERNAL INSTINCTS, would be stunned into inaction at the sight of injured/undead children, and when she could get her wits about her, would take a defensive stance instead of going on the attack.

EDIT: So I’ve been told the child-wights Karsi saw were her own children, and if so then her freezing up in despair makes much more sense.

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  • Aries♈️: This is a month for you to embark on Aries, take advantage of it. Go out with a family member, friend, or even a lover! Go out and explore the winter wonderland so many good things are to come your way this month, there is no doubt about it that you'll regret this month. Things are starting to look up for you Aries.
  • Taurus♉️: Last month wasn't a splendid month for you Taurus, you were constantly overthinking things whether it was a struggle in your life or if it was about a certain decision you had to make. Let loose this month, let go of all your worries there is no need for you to overthink things. Find a way to open your eyes Taurus, and see the beauty around you again.
  • Gemini♊️: This month will revolve around your love life Gemini, your partner or interest may be giving you trouble lately which has led you to not make a decision. Your mind is telling you that you're making the right decision and not to lose hope but your heart tells you otherwise, if your head and heart are saying different things, listen to your heart. Only your heart has the answers Gemini.
  • Cancer♋️: Your emotions are like ocean tides Moonchild. You have no way to control these tides, the choices you make in the next few weeks may not be the best decisions Moonchild but you act without thinking. You think with your heart not your mind, this could make you or break you. Towards the end of this month make sure you spend time with a family member, friend, partner/love interest before the new year sets in Cancer! This month is all about taking risks.
  • Leo♌️: This month should be a pretty outgoing experience for you Leo, you like to be the center of attention so go out with some friends and be that center of attention! Make sure all eyes are all on you Leo, this is also good time for you to impress people and leave good impressions on them. There may be a point where you may feel down, it's okay to hide away when things get too much, but always remember to come out again Leo.
  • Virgo♍️: Something recently has happened and you're so upset that not even your mind can wrap around it Virgo. You may be scared to take risks this month, you're scared that a person or someone even close to you will instantly start judging you. Don't let your fears hold you back from doing what you want to do Virgo. You are a Mutable sign from the zodiac Virgo, you are very open-minded and welcome new ideas, which also causes you to have a tendency towards being ambiguous which can cause you to lose direction. So open you're mind, let go of all your fears and regrets this month!
  • Libra♎️: Someone in your life right now Libra is manipulating with your emotions. There is a reason that the past keeps coming back to haunt you. Try to stay optimistic this month, don't think so negative of yourself and other people you have a tendency of doing that Libra. While your emotions are in a twist also make sure that nothing brings you down, someone may be out to get you. Watch your back.
  • Scorpio♏️: This will be a month where your serious side comes out Scorpio, you can't control how you feel just like Cancer. You are either mad, neutral or sad. You are excited for Christmas this month but your serious side is out and everything someone tells you, you could care less about. If it doesn't matter to you, it doesn't matter at all. Be sure to not be too insensitive though Scorpio, it may lead others hurt.
  • Sagittarius♐️: It's time to let your guard down Sagittarius. Not only is this your month to shine because your sign is active but its a time to be wild and reckless which you're good at Sagittarius. You also want to be a role model this month, you want to use your talents and guide others as your followers. You may not know it Sagittarius but many people look up to you. Also don't hide your emotions at all this month, this is your time.
  • Capricorn♑️: This will be a depressing month for you Capricorn, you may seem happy and people will see you as this happy person but are you really? You're screaming help Capricorn but nobody is hearing you, not even those closest to you. In years to come you will be grateful for the things your pain taught you. But in the meantime stay indoors this month and try not to let anyone play with you. Also don't take everything so serious, even when someone is trying to cheer you up people like seeing that cute smile on your face Capricorn! So show them that you're not sad and let them know you're fine and to stop worrying because eventually you will be fine.
  • Aquarius♒️: This is a exciting month for you Aquarius, and you may not know it. The beginning of this month things won't look good for you but towards the end they will! You've been caught up in a love interest recently Aquarius but you're not 100% completely sure if they're actually trying to be with you or just use you. Thats why Aquarius you need to take risks and be straight up when you ask someone a question, but when you are doing so don't be so insensitive. You have a tendency of being that and unemotional unless it comes to you. If you don't take risks this month then you will be living in this repeated fear. If you never try you'll never know Aquarius.
  • Pisces♓️: You feel pretty happy this Month Pisces. The new year is coming up, you've had a string of good luck for the last couple of weeks, and you haven't been sad for awhile! To top it all off you've even been letting loose! But once December comes to an end all of this happiness will fade. Towards the end of the month you will remember things from your past that you regret, wether it was a choice or meeting someone. Perhaps even you're remembering all the times your "friends or family" betrayed you and lost your trust. Remember that not everyone will hurt you like they did, they did you wrong and thinking about this enrages you Pisces. But fear not, you still have a few weeks towards the end of this month! So have fun and don't let anyone bring down that smile of yours.

straight friend: *cuts hair for summer and volunteers at pride* haha whoops this kinda makes me look like a lesbian

me: oh…..yeah……..wouldn’t it be awks if some really cute girl like….got the wrong signal from your hair and wanted to….like………kiss your face and hold your hand………good thing my hair’s still hella long, winter is coming, i’m straight, nothing for me to worry about here!!!!!

me: *has been trying to figure out for months how to tell a hairdresser to make me look gay without saying “make me look gay” and is terrified of going to pride*