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Zombie Au Fic is Now Posted! (Featuring my bad gun drawing!) 

Running is hard. But, hey, Lance can deal with running. He’s great at running! He’s done it his whole life! But sometimes, things-situations- just aren’t made for running. Sometimes…sometimes you gotta walk through things. Sometimes you gotta crawl, or limp, or not move at all.

Lance isn’t good at those things.”

  • Jungkook: And thats why I have been so off lately. He just makes me crazy hyung! what about you?
  • Yoongi: Hoseok is such an awesome person. he's so talented and driven. And the way he shines is amazing. His dancing is flawless the way he moves just makes me want to give him things...Like this this dick and a ego boost. Some good head and life advice. This ass and and the secret to life. Am I crazy?
  • Jungkook: 😨 Omg hyung, no! I completely get it. Jimin makes me feel exactly the same.
  • Yoongi: ok, good. We are fine then.
  • Jungkook: Yup, just two guys with very subtle and unnoticable crushes.
  • The rest of BTS: *Sees Yoonkook talking and flailing around while smiling like idiots in a cloud of pink hearts*
  • they're over there fangirling again....

can we talk about skam’s presentation of friendship? because like. firstly its representation of friendship in general was incredible. it showed how important friends are, and how much people love their friends, and how empowering friendship is. it made it clear that friends are as important to people as relationships. some of the most moving scenes in this show were between friends, and that’s accurate, it’s good. because that’s how life is. it was so lovely to see. and then it also focused on a female group of friends? all of them are such strong, developed characters? and their friendship isn’t generic or fake or shallow like it is in some shows, where they just talk about boys and bitch about each other. the girl gang show this deep love and support, and they developed and grew together. and they also showed boys supporting each other? and learning to show emotion with each other? and to share and be open with each other? this all seems so obvious but it’s never shown in this realistic, raw way. the deepness and realness of skam’s friendships is important and something that will be remembered

Big News!

Hi everybody!  

I know this blog has been inactive for some time, mostly I’ve been reblogging a few things here and there to my side blog, but I haven’t had much time lately for sewing or watching Sailor Moon.  I have a good reason though I promise! 

For the last 10 months, I’ve been seeing a lovely lady, however we’ve been long distance :( She lives one and a half hours away, which isn’t too bad, but when our schedules only allow us to see each other every other weekend, it hasn’t been fun.  But!  As of July 1, 2017, we are accomplishing every LDR’ers dream: CLOSING THE DISTANCE!!!!!!  We are moving into a little apartment in her area on the first of July, and we’re both so excited!!  This is my first time ever moving, so I’ve been busy packing up my bedroom and sewing space in preparation for the haul (yes I’m a lesbian and I’m using a U-Haul, fight me lol!). So I’m hoping once things settle, I’ll be sewing (and exercising) more regularly and posting more of my quilts to Tumblr.  

These are recent pics of me and my girlfriend from our trip to Pittsburgh for PrideFest 2017 and watching the Pens win their second back to back Stanley Cup!!!!!

Reblogging to mah’ side blog too @thatlesbianquilter

Jun - (Mornings with SVT Series)

Pairing: Jun x reader

Type: Slightly suggestive fluff, this is a little more 👀 than the past ones, please be aware

Words: 762

A light touch, as soft and pillowy as a flower petal, is what gently eases you into consciousness. It starts at your eyelids, making them flutter, a second on each at a time. Then it moves to the tip of your nose, each of your cheeks, pausing to let your lips spread into a sleepy smile before touching that too.

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what would your dream life be like?

i like my life! i’d keep it the same, but i’m married to drew barrymore and she’s madly in love with me so even though you’d think the financial imbalance would create tension we’re both fine with it. she pays off my mortgage, and we renovate the house a little. we go surfing in the mornings before work when it’s good (it always is). she stops doing het romantic comedies and moves back more towards her grey gardens, donnie darko type roles. i turn the garage into a pottery studio, and i sell my shitty pottery (and our ~local cruelty free honey) to rich yuppies at the byron farmers market each week

I think June was maybe meant to test my determination, dedication, and resilience. So many things I have tried, have gone wrong. I have had to start over more days then I have had to just continue habits.

Then it hit me, fitness journey’s aren’t always going to be easy, or pretty, or pleasing. Sometimes they are gross, sweaty, sticky, bloody, & painful.

Sometimes you cruse through dropping lbs and crushing PR’s, sometimes you fail to do the thing, or eat the way, or sometimes you get injured.

When I think about it there isn’t one good thing in my life that I haven’t had to fight tooth and nail for. I have had to restart art 100’s times, change jobs loads of times, move cities loads of times, but every time I fought through the bullshit road blocks in my way I came out the other end, better/happier for it.

I will not let my brain win, I will not let it convince me that I don’t deserve health, cause it sure as hell is trying.

I’ve fallen down 7 times already, this is the part where I stand up 8

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You're extremely right about Panarin. It's incredible to me how many Hawks fans are happy about this trade for convoluted logic that boils down to "well, we won with Saad and didn't win with Panarin." Saad is not the missing piece. Panarin is a BETTER PLAYER than Saad and this move is a step backward. I have this feeling Temi is gonna light it up in Ohio while Saad will not be the revelation everyone thinks. THEN people will whine too late, wondering why Chi traded Temi in the first place.

Exactly! I mean Saad is a good player and I have nothing bad to say about him. Was this their big move though? Do they think he’s going to fix things? Reverting back like that because it ‘worked before’ when players are aging and the game is changing? Just seems like faulty logic to me. I guess they could make another trade like with Seabs or something to make another big move…

But individually I think Panarin is the better player and offered more to the team than they realize– The organization AND a lot of fans. I cant wait to see him thrive in Columbus. I have 100% confidence in him just like I always have.

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How does one flirt with Professor Lacriox?

You don’t. If you wish to take the risk, the only way you can flirt with Professor Lacroix is to do it carefully. You have to be a smooth talker to even get her to acknowledge you, once she acknowledges you only have a few seconds before she’s move on to something else. Compliment her looks, her intelligence, and skills, she’s a woman of grace, beauty and intellect why not highlight them and make her feel good.

Now, depending on what she has going on in her life she may take the chance to entertain you, but being a Frenchwoman she will be headstrong and direct with you. Don’t let that discourage you! Good things will come to those who work hard for what they really want.

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Interesting thing I noticed in season two was Scott didn't want the kanima or Jackson to be killed, but when Jackson started making moves on Allison, he entertained death for a minute. Relatable, to an extent. But it's still gross that he's only willing to kill if killing directly affects him positively (killing Peter=possible reversal; killing Jackson=getting rid of romantic rival). Killing to save others for the collective good, not so much. Not what I'd consider Pure of Heart.

Right? And it’s fine for him to have thought that because he’s a teenager who is scared, and out of his depth, and selfish. And that selfishness isn’t just Scott, it’s all teenagers. 

So there’s nothing wrong with what Scott does or doesn’t do. Where it falls flat is that nobody ever calls him on his double standards. Nobody ever forces him to examine his motivations and to try and do better. 

Heroes are supposed to be imperfect. It’s what makes them relatable. But when those imperfections aren’t addressed in the heroes universe, when instead they’re left to the viewer to untangle, then you don’t end up with a relatable hero at all. You end up with an unlikable one, and that’s what’s happened, I think for most viewers, in Teen Wolf. 

our favourite moments together -y/n

recently, a coworker asked me about my favourite moments with yoongs. i figured that everyone here should see my answer hehe.

(i don’t really have photos for most of these so bear with me and pretend it’s me and yoongs) 

1. sometimes we read.

it’s one of those things that are just so peaceful and calming, giving that silence we need but so rarely find time for in the midst of our jobs

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2. mornings.

i obviously don’t have photos of both of us sleeping but here’s yoongs from eons ago. (i’m really glad he got rid of this haircut goodness gracious)

there’s something about waking up together, especially now that we’ve moved in together, that kicks the day off to a great start. 

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3. this is supposed to be a travel blog, so obviously, i like our trips.

i’ve got to give credit to grumps for driving most of the time whenever we do road trips. it’s not easy, and i always offer to drive, but he shoots me down every time. (the day after is always one of the rare times when i don’t poke fun of him for sleeping, though i do usually sneak some pictures in hehe.)

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4. fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!

kay, even i find this creepy but i apparently have a LOT of footage of him eating… so enjoy.

-if i remember correctly, this was him imitating me. i swear i don’t eat like that but who’s gonna believe me??? -.-

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-lol so he had an interview with his band a while ago, and he got so nervous that he just stuffed his mouth with strawberries the entire time. 

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-he says he doesn’t like ice cream, but he orders it all the time “for me” when i don’t even want it…

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-this was pretty recent, actually. idk just something about him in his primal hungry state is so weirdly adorable. (i had to pretend i was taking a selfie or he would have made me delete this lol)

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-he always complains about other people being particular about eating habits, but he does the same thing… i’ve gotten so many lectures on how to properly grill meat that i think i could get enough credits for a degree???!!??!

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that’s it so far!!! hope you enjoyed this hehehehehehe it was fun to make. -y/n

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wtf is mouse sensitivity =v="

(ok, how do I explain this….)

(it’s how fast your cursor moves on the screen.)

(if the sensitivity is high, then it takes less movement and time to get your cursor somewhere.)

(if the sensitivity is low, it takes bigger strides on on your mouse pad to move the cursor.)

(I’m not very good at explaining things, so it might be a bit unclear.)

So putting aside the memes for a moment, here are some legit good parts of the episode:

The Simm!Master was actually the Master holy shit. And he was actually a good Master at that, doing classic Master-y things like using an obnoxious disguise with a name that was an anagram of ‘Master’, and being confidently sinister.

The atmosphere in the first few Hospital scenes was actually rather good. The cyberman repeating ‘pain’ over and over again probably went on a bit too long but it was still alright.

The Mondas Cyberman looked really good, and the thing with the voicebox for the pre-cybermen was a pretty nifty idea.

The time at the bottom of the ship moved faster than the time at the top of the ship.

New character, who comes with a very important announcement concerning another, very important character!

This is Chronicler Aocca, warrior and Priory historian. Sweet and soft-spoken, with an “I woke up like this” coolness and fabulousness factor, few would expect Aocca to be a knowledgeable nerd, or a highly trained and capable warrior, yet she is all of those.

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16 y/o lesbian who loves all things snl, greys anatomy and supergirl. i love indie/alternative music, 80s music and musical theatre. i love art and movies and i give good advice. im super small but im always down to cuddle. cats are my fave but i have a super cute dog too. i live in the us and im moving to ny soon :) looking for friends or a gf (preferably local but i dont mind long distance)


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Do you think dylan larkin/zach werenski is still a thing? would zach feel like dylan moved on when he went to the nhl even though they never really broke up. And the first time they see each other zach's all cold and dylan doesnt know wtf is going on

DON’T SAY SUCH THINGS. Of course Dylan/Zach is a thing! Zach is a good supportive boyf who would never hurt Dylan intentionally and he knows that Dylan has friends on the Wings but Zach and Dylan are more than that. Not Dylan’s bond with his teammates or Zach’s with his can get between that. Good supportive Michigan boys who hang out in the summers and tease each other and text every night

The Secret life of Ahsha : Be affectionate and romantic

Dear Diary
After the meeting I had with Madison, I knew the all situation. She was now single because the dude Derek Roman broke up with her. Why didn’t she follow my excuses , like I was one of her friend , I don’t know but now we’re sure which result she got telling him the truth , her ass is single now. But I was hoping to put this story behind me and just moved on. I hadn’t the time to be preoccupied about this that much.  It was Marissa birthday and I was preparing this since couple weeks now. Having money was surely a good thing, like do whatever you want , have whatever you want was pleasant as fuck. The jaw dropping when I pay cash… I never been about the lavish life, my mother always told me that money doesn’t define you and doesn’t worth it but I can tell you this, money when it doesn’t get you twisted doesn’t hurt. Marissa is one of the closest person I was on earth. She is my soulmate, more than any men can ever be. We knew each other side we’re four and ever since we never split. We had couple fight of course and the most horrible thing we done was to stop talking during six month because of a boy. We never done this mistake again. Marissa was deserving the world , without her , I would probably not launch my illicit activity and blossom that much. Helping women to keep their men. Ok maybe not for Madison but who care ?! That is all Derek Roman fault.
So my surprise for Marissa was… A yacht . I took care of everything. The yacht and the staff team on board , a bartender at the bar , a Dj for the music. I sent invitation with a dress code, white and walking in, I was happy everyone respected it.
“ Everybody turn up for the birthday girl Marissa!!!” yelled the Dj in his mic. Marissa herself couldn’t believe her eyes. She always have the fantasy to attend to one of these party. In LA, it was really not rare to just go on a yacht , for party but we could have never afford it if I wasn’t doing what I was. I paid for her outfit too , my dress cost me $2 500 and my shoes even more. But with the legs it was making me , it was worth it. Marissa screamed of excitement , turning around and facing me. That bitch pecked my lips , but I quickly rejected her
“ Bitch!” I teased her “ If you kiss me one more time I smash that mouth !"It wasn’t in a big deal , just her way to thank me but honestly not in front of all of these people. Surely , money doesn’t hurt. The music was bomb the alcohol flowed. At least everyone was having a good time. I was sit in a white couch, enjoying watching people having their fun. I wasn’t the kind to just go in the middle of the dance floor , attracting everyone attention , but the discreet one , sitting , showing what I was capable to dance only to the brave one who can invite me to dance. Speaking of which , a dude came to me and my girls. I won’t lie to you , he was a good damn piece. Tall, thick enough , not in the fat way but more in the way that workout pay , fine in white, with thin and long fingertips. I don’t know but I was very picky when it come to man’s hand. He was fine. For sure. But I was internally praying that it wasn’t for me. Too bad for my ass
” Can I offer you a second drink ?“ He proposed me , with his hand I was suppose to take I guess. But I wasn’t in mood
” Maybe later" I smiled to him. It wasn’t a no , just a maybe. He walked away, a little smirk on the face. Best believe he will come for that later. Of course, Marissa didn’t lost a bite of it . She slapped my bare thigh
“ What’s wrong with you ? ” Marissa exclaimed “ He was fine as hell. Aren’t you the one who say that you need to diversify your booty call list ?” Hell yeah I needed. I wasn’t sleeping with two different men at the same time. I wasn’t that wanton. But I have period- choice. Lately I was seeing Georges , a mixed french and congolese man , who came in LA for fame and money. He was an actor , or wanted to be. Sex was cool and entertaining but he was starting to become a little bit sticky. He wanted us to go on date , staying after the act. I might just need to remplace him. But I was liking Georges style , and trust game.
“ I do ” I said to Marissa “ But Georges might come so…”
“ Do I sense some more serious agreement between you two ?” Marissa was worse than an police officer. Whatever she was having in mind, she will question the hell out of you until you tell her exactely what she want to hear.
“ No” I firmly told her “ I don’t do relationship and you know this”
“ Girl you’re so unfair!” said Clarisse , a friend of us “ You help girl to get a ring , to maintain their marriage or win their man back and you don’t want to settle. You can be any woman that any man want. Do you have any idea how many guys will want to be with you and marry you ”
It will require that I want to get marry myself. Which wasn’t the case. I wasn’t the kind to wait to get a stupid ring. Or dreaming about a white dress. I was just not into the marriage thing. With the amount people were filling divorce, or the women who were coming to me in order to save their sex live because their marriage was missing of fire it wasn’t really attractive. People can be really happy without sign a paper. Why I don’t do relationship , was for the simple reason that I don’t find someone who interesting me enough , more than just physical. Sex was fun and all but I was even more picky when it come to the chemistry and mental connection. I get bored really fast.
“ Forget about marriage ” interfere Marissa “ Do you have any idea how many niggas on this boat would love to take you” How could the conversation be around me when it was Marissa birthday. But I got saved. New person coming and best believe that even me , my jaw dropped, like everyone else
“ Oh my fucking God!” swore Clarisse and Marissa at the same time. You can’t blame our surprise. Nathan was the biggest gay stylist liar in the all damn world. So when we went to try some dresses for the event and he told us that he knew some basketball player who will love to come , we ain’t gonna believe his lies. Once he said he knew Beyonce. But damn… Terrence Wall and two of his teammate walked in the party. Of course, I lost Clarisse and Marissa , acting like groupies around them already. And it doesn’t seems to bother them. I truly wonder myself if I was finding them sexy , like every pussies over here. Terrence Wall and his friend were fine, that it for sure. Who wouldn’t find all this muscular bodies, confident and all. It remind me someone else, who was sexier. I have to give him this credit. I took my phone and google his ass , typing in ’ Derek Roman ’. I was so breaking the rule number one who is to keep the boyfriend anonymous. But since he wasn’t with Madison anymore, Madison wasn’t one of my client anymore so I wasn’t breaking rules. Butt I was curious about a man who just got over my skin that much. I found that he was a part of a big marketing company, popular in LA. He was probably rich as fuck. It’s why his place was so luxurious and while my boss was licking the skin of his ass. I went on his social media , like Instagram and it was most of the time about himself. Shirtless . His changed his description real fast, noting single. I saw no photo of him and Madison
“ Who is Derek Roman ” said a masculine voice. I hadn’t notice that he came to sit just next to me. It was George. He seems relax “ Is it the dude why you don’t want us to get to the other level”
I locked my phone and put it in my purse
“ You talked too much ” I told him , determined to use his tongue for another purpose. I leaned over him and kissed him , in order to trigger his envy. And it didn’t miss. While kissing, I sense his hand on my thighs , making his way to my center. He pushed my panties to the side and fingered me. I broke the kiss in a moan, trying to be discreet since we’re still on the couch , in front of everybody . Sex in public was having something not borring at all…..

“ How was your day ?” the wife asked, cutting her meat. Having dinner with her husband was like any cliche in movies. A long table , sit at the two opposites side silent. Not like she was so interested about it , it was the regular question to ask , to fill the conversation. David, her husband needed couple second for the question goes to his brain. His thoughts were lost in what he read earlier. How his day had been ? Instead of work and do what he was paying for , he was reading his wife intimate confession. He was digged into an addiction he wasn’t controlling anymore. The woman he was reading about wasn’t the woman he married. Wasn’t the person he married. Next thing he read what about his wife, getting fingered in the middle of a room filled of people. Him couldn’t hug her in public. She was getting tense and uncomfortable. David never realized in which  bad shipment his marriage was. They weren’t use to be like that. He clearly got stuck in habituation , focus on his job, on educate his son. But he never meet that Ahsha of the diary. Never.
“ It was fine , I hadn’t that much work” he answered. Now he was lying to Ahsha , things he didn’t do before. Even small liars. And the wife sense it. To the tone of his voice.
“ Something wrong ?” she asked him. It was the moment. If he wanted to let out what was in his chest it was the moment. If he wanted to be honest with his wife , it was right now. If he wanted to have answer to question he was having, he could speak out right now. But the baby phone had other plans. Upstair, Idriss sleep was being disturbed.
“ I got this ” David said .
He stand up and left the dinner room. For him it was just another occasion to read the next of the diary he was still hidding in his son’s nursery. He wasn’t proud about it but it was like watch a show and the new episode just came out. David just couldn’t stop reading. More he turned the page and more he felt like a strange feeling toward Ahsha and Derek.

Dear Diary ,
I have to but very close in some way. You will be surprise that all of my client aren’t just horny housewife, or neglectful young woman. The first category is mostly women who get stuck in the routine, settle in a comfort zone, the second one is simply a miss of experience with the male gender. You can be with a guy since high school or college sweetheart and yet know nothing about relationship since you just didn’t experience life. Or you can find the love of your life really young and never have to be with someone else. But those women doesn’t come to me. Anyway, my illicit work isn’t just about sex. And to be honest , those contract was kinda cool in some way. Romance have something really cool to fabric. I excuse you my actual meeting with Veronica but she is one of my biggest contract. I’m working for her since a year and a month. After figure out that Louis , her partner cheated on her , they decided to got back together and she needed me with the blame he made her. See , most of the time, women think that men who cheat are just monster, crushing their hearts with their hands and simply being disrespectful, liar . A betrayal is a betrayal , I won’t argue with that. But diabolize the cheater could be simply an easy way to see the issue. There is two kind of cheater , with many way of cheat of course. There is the man who cheat for sex , to satiate his impulse and urge, who can’t be with one single woman. And here is the man who cheat , to find what is missing in his couple. This is where often you find multiply type of cheat. Louis, Veronica’s man was one of them. Don’t get it wrong, personally , if you cheat on me , in any kind of way , you’re out , but you won’t. If I gave you enough chance to actually be with me , you won’t have any reason to cheat on me. But Louis…let’s say that nobody deserve to be cheated on but some men have better reasons to cheat than other
Veronica and Louis was the kind of couple who break stereotype and what people think a relationship was. People could simply call Veronica a cold , distant and not affectionate woman. She wasn’t the kind to love holding and hugs, cuddle during hours. She isn’t comfortable on going on a date , like spend some time on the beach or to the restaurant. Her communication was the only necessary. She wasn’t the kind to talk about her man all the time and she even confess me that be into a relationship , be in a couple wasn’t having the same importance for her than for most people. She was a really interesting client because Veronica was the kind of person who didn’t need a high level of love and by logical wasn’t giving a lot of hers. Yet… I never suspected her love for her man.It was just a low level of intensity. When she figured out Louis was cheating, she was devastated and came to me. Louis was the true example of this fact : even if men want to appears strong, with a pride. Not all of them were lovey dovey , sometime unable to express how they really feel , men were human being like anybody else , were having hearts like anybody else, wanted to be loved just like anybody else. The lack of investment, affection and passion of Veronica really affected the man , hurted him in some way. Men love to be value , just like women adorn this. So when she didn’t tell him she love him since more than months , or simply never initiate kiss , or sex. Man wanted to feel desire and wanted, just like women. All of this , Louis found it with his mistress and when they decided to give it another shot, it was only if Veronica is willing to make some major effort
I was following her steps and couple since a long period now and our last meeting was about something big, they were moving in back together. The Veronica of the past wouldn’t see it such a big event into this, but after passing months living apart, she acknowledge how much she loved living with him , sharing an house and some really intimate level of privacy with her man. She wanted to mark the occasion and throw something special. Something romantic. This is why I wrote the menu of their dinner they will have in a poem, brought a tone of rose , white , pink and red, enough to believe that the living room is an rose field. I made customized all kind of stuff, such as a bathrobe, towel , slippers, plaid with Louis name. It was a way to show him how much she was welcoming him in her apartment. Candles and champagne never fail. Communication was one of the thing who was missing. And something the best way to say I love you , it’s actually to say so. I wrote Veronica a little speech , that she could tell him between the meal and dessert to express how she felt about the cheating,  what she is being working on to be more affectionate, simple I gave her words for she tell him how she love him. All she will need to do is to learn every line of it and I’m sure Louis will be more than please. At least , if I lost Madison and this annoying Derek, I was having contract like Veronica and Louis.

Dear Diary ,
Did I love my high school years ? Love is a big word but I liked and enjoyed my experience in high school; i wasn’t looking for popularity, Stacy was the Queen Bees with her motherf*ckung clique of mean girl. Dating all the athlete and basically being the all cheerleader team. Did I hate my first time was in High school ? for sure , with German. We were having the same passion for the book since I was working at the library of the building and him too. Why , because it’s the only job in high school who is actually payed and no one come ask you shit. We were passing all of our time making out between the alley. But we all knew the basketball player, talented , intelligent. The dude who is making panties sweat after his crossing. Every girl wanted him and of course he only date the cheerleader. He wasn’t an asshole since he needed to be love by everyone. And the day he is caught up in his car , making out with the sensual not reveal girl playing chess and they suddenly become the HIT couple. Derek Roman must had been this kind of guy , and for the intellectual library girl I was , their path should never meet. Yet , this plague was glue to my sneakers like a bad chewing gum. I’m sure my boss could smell the scent of his man… I was behind my desk , minding my business, mentally working and thinking about Ellie case. And Derek Roman walked in the building. Apparently , he accepted to work for my boss , or let my boss hire him more precisely. I hadn’t heard from Derek Roman since Madison told me they broke up. But here he was… and my boss was already in front of the door
“ Mister Roman!!” he exclaimed, being well to friendly. He was nervous ? Was he that big deal ?! Seems to! Ridiculous. He was just a man… And of course his ego was feed You could just see it at his smirk. They shaked hands “ Ahsha….launch ?”
Really ?! I wasn’t Derek’s assistant . The two men looked at me like I was capable of just read their mind and figure out which kind of sushi they want.
“ Sure…” I whispered. I hated to be that….available. For the record , Mr Roman barely looked at me, which I was really don’t mind. Maybe we could just get out of each other lives from now. But I was an imbecile thinking it is possible. Anyway, I was having a request today and if I wanted to ask it was now or never. After he will probably lock himself in his office for the all afternoon. Doing…God know what. I internally laughed. Maybe my boss could be gay and how fun would it be if Derek Roman would be too. It was an inner joke that I kept for myself
“ Sir..” I started “ Can I leave my desk earlier today ? My car is at the garage and the only ride I had is for 5 pm ?” On my to do list….by me a car. Not a trash with four wheel who want to roll whenever she wanted. I needed a car. A real one.
“ It’s not arrange me ” confessed my boss , disappointed “ It make me uncomfortable because you’re such a good employee and never ask for anything but Mister Roman and I are going to take long hours working on this commercial and after this I was hoping you to give him a tour of the offices since he gonna be with us for a while”
What kind of fuckery! Does this individual will never get out of my life or what ?! Stay here for a while ? What does it mean exactely. Weeks ? Months ? What if Madison figure this out and come to make a scandal right there , in the hall because she is desperate of have her man back ?!
“ I can give Mrs Hayes a ride at the end of the day , of course ” he proposed. Himself, Derek. He was ready to send the police after me couple days before because he walked on me in his apartment and now he wanted to drive me home ? For the first time he actually looked at him and give me a ’ You gonna accept it because we need to figure out some stuff together ’ kind of look. He didn’t say it , not a word but I understand every second he looked at him like this. He knew that I knew that he knew and he wanted my version. What else could I say
“ Work for me ” I smiled. Did I mention that I don’t like this guy ?
I was boring as hell behind this desk. Doing nothing until they finished their meeting. When Mister finaly have the decency to remember I was staying after everybody to make him visit , he joined me in the hall. The building was as impressive it seems so it took us a good hour for I show him everything. I really sense he wasn’t giving a fuck because he was on his phone the all time. It’s crazy how someone you don’t know can annoy you. All I wanted was to go home and take a long bath. Marissa will probably want to go out and I wouldn’t mind have a cocktail at this bar. We finally went to his car…his car. See , that’s what I’m talking about when I’m saying I need a new car. The seat were so comfortable that I could have sex on it. Not with him….definitely not with Derek Roman but Georges. Who am I kidding, he couldn’t afford a bus ticket. I wouldn’t give him any compliment , that is for sure. But between you and me , his car his something else! He drive off, fast and methodically. Like he knew where he was going
“ You hadn’t ask me the address ” I said. After an long day at work , I still got up early and have a full day at my job, I wanted to relax now. The sun was slowly going down , bringing some smooth ambiance. But Derek took the next corner, after the red lights.
“ We’ll go to your place later ” he answered “ Did you really think you’ll get away with this that easily ?” Of course not! This man was a snake! and I was trapped. There was nothing I can do to avoid this conversation anymore. And it was the first time, since a while that a man command me. He parked in front of a place, luxurious of course , but it was looking like a lounge. I had no other choice that follow him inside. He went to a low couch and a small table. He sit and wait that I do the same. I didn’t know him that much I could tell he was wondering if I was about to turn away and run , yelling like a crazy . But I wouldn’t embarrass myself. Plus…it was an free drink. He better take the bill . Someone came to take our orders and disappears. He would have swear he was the kind to take an scotch or a whisky , hella expensive. Men with a good financial situation aren’t shy to show it. But to my surprise, he took a simple beer. For me , it will be a glass of red wine. Once our glasses in front of us , he still hadn’t say to me anything, waiting that I explicit something. You know what ? I had absolutely nothing to hide. It wasn’t to me to tell him the truth , but he already knew , more truths won’t hurt him
“ You’re a fool for have break up with her” I said , firmed and straight “ Madison really love you ” Madison , for being a big contract is the kind of client I’m the closest. She came to me desperate , hungry to know how to satisfy her man in order to just live their love story . Of course she wanted a ring but it wasn’t an obsession for her. She came to me for beautiful intention and I honestly didn’t understand why Derek Roman was so mad. Even less why he broke up 2 years of a relationship.
“ I don’t doubt about it ” he replied, with no emotion or even expression. Move on , sure he did!
“ So where is the problem ?” I saw that he took some time to think about his answer and he was good at prove me wrong. A second before I thought he didn’t care but now he was seriously going in his thoughts and feeling to answer
“ You seriously don’t see the problem ?” he spoke , looking at me. It felt really strange because I had a strange sensation that he was looking at me for the first time. He was about to start a tirad, he took some breath to do so and yet he hadn’t, he just stayed stucked looking at me in the eyes. We had an eyes contact, for long second, I could be tripping and I’m sure I was because his eyes smile in front of…my beauty ?!
“ If she need someone , to know how to act with me, it’s clear that it’s not meant to be. She shouldn’t force herself, she shouldn’t plan what is suppose to be impulsive. She shouldn’t pay you for instinct. I don’t doubt she love me but love doesn’t make a relationship”
“ But can’t she ask for help ? ” I fought back “ What do you think we women talk about during these girl night ? ” I didn’t invite the phenomenon. Women does talk about their men, the issue they have, their sex lives with their friends, female family number and even colleague sometime. What I do invite is to make money of it. And my advice are in the next level, going farther than anything your neighbor can advice you , this is why it’s a service that I’m being pay for. He leaned a little bit over me and surprisely my body stay right where it was , without move
“ But they don’t tell you how to suck my dick , or when to tell me you love me , or even buying you lingerie to seduce your man while you’re suppose to do it by your own! They don’t write sexto to your man or even book your romantic week end. All this time I wasn’t dating her, I was dating you !” Derek spitted and his anger made me jump on me. Not that I was scared or something like that but I would have never think he will feel that way. He sound betrayed. Like someone who just discovered that all the care , attention, affection from his woman he was getting was an illusion. But it wasn’t my business. Are people blame the flower man when a man buy some stupid flowers to apology ? Or the bakery where he buy chocolate cake ? I have never thought what it might be for my men client but men were most of the time clueless on what’s really going on. I wouldn’t get on this road with him. I barely know the guy. Maybe I knew a lot about Madison boyfriend but the man in front of me was now single and outside his relationship with my client , I don’t know him to have this kind of conversation. Plus he wasn’t a good company. I remembered what he said , about be with me and that…not in a millions years
“ You wasn’t with me ” I said “ Not in your best dream in fact. I was just…doing what I was paying for. I can be any woman for any man” I got that he said what he said as a manner of speak but if he develop any feeling for me , he needed to cut them off like now!
“ Damn right you’re not my girl ” he replied , almost laughing, almost serious “ Because my girl is not to any other man…”
I didn’t found anything to answer him. I was speechless, wondering what was the meaning of what he just said. Then I got it, he wasn’t willing to share. I have to give it to him , it was kinda hot. I wouldn’t want my man willing to share me .
“ Cool! Since we’re done…” I started , ready to stand and leave to his car. But Derek didn’t move. He just stay sit.
“ In fact ….we’re not! You need me and I have a solution to your upcoming problem ” He was really sure of himself and confident. Which was attractive. There is nothing best that a man who know what he is talking about, relax and comfortable around the other gender and Derek was completely. He wasn’t scared to invade my private space like put his arm on the back of the couch , near to me , drinking his beers. But I was worrying about his mental health because he was having some bad shit in his head
“ Upcoming problem ? I need you ?” I repeated , shocked. It was presumptious of him “ Did you knocked your head before your meeting. Where the hell do you see all this ?”
“ Madison told me how much she was paying you , 500$ per month, that is not nothing. And I guess she is not your only client. You must have a little fortune of your own. I have to admit it , you have a really good concept over here ”
Unbelievable! Wasn’t he making me some moral couple second before and now he was making me compliment. He wanted something…
“ You didn’t tell me which kind of problem you think I have ”
Because to me , I wasn’t having any kind of problem. I was doing fine to my opinion. I succeed to keep my official job , I was paying my bills at time, I was having a lot of fun with the nocturne Los Angeles, I was blossomed helping women to keep their men and still minding my business. In fact the only problem I was having was him. DEREK DAMN ROMAN. To who I needed to bring lunch , make visit the building. He was just everywhere in my life. The only location he wasn’t was in my bed! And that will never happen. So a man who didn’t give me birth , who doesn’t dress me, who doesn’t sign my check just have no purpose in my life. He wasn’t agree though.
“ Well…” Derek started “ Considering the secret of your activity , and how much money you’re doing out of it. This is illicit. You can go in jail for that ” In fact , he didn’t teach me anything. I knew that what I was doing wasn’t so legal. Since I was winning a certain amount of money and doesn’t declared it but it was far from being a drug baron , getting rich on people addiction or sell women bodies to satisfy the worst in men. I was happy to believe that it was having a lot more illicit and illegal activities in those streets than mine
“ Jail ?! ” I exclaimed , shocked. Was he really thinking that I’m a criminal ? Maybe a thief… But I steal no one , corrupted no one, ok maybe this one isn’t true since my client tend to be lot less virtuous , but it wasn’t a crime. In fact it was even offending. Couple minute ago I was a mean bitch , who betrayed men and now I deserve jail. He doesn’t even know me! “ I’m not a drug dealer or a prostitue! "As excited illicit and forbidden stuff were, I will never go that far
” You’re winning money without inform tax" he whispered , to not be heard. He got even closer to me but this time , I back away. I won’t lie , my feeling were hurted. Not that I care what he think of me , but I was still having an education, self respect and protection for others “ Your ass can just go in jail if anyone get interest in your finance so this is why I have something to propose to you. You need a cover. A declared organization. They can receive donation without have to explain where it come from and all the tax take is 10% of it. You will need an location of course but it’s as simple than that”
I was astonished! Did I find a male version of me ? Not that it was possible because I’m unique but shit! He went to the potential client for my boss, to the betrayed boyfriend to now a business man. I was suppose to know him from Madison and now , his ex seems to be the last of his worries. Then I got it, that man is a fucking shark! A business man and let’s be honest , sharks make the best of them. He didn’t care about Madison and their last break up. But I wasn’t my boss, matter of fact I’m my own boss. I won’t be these kind of small business owner, with a great concept and something who work leaving it from men like him
“ If I don’t have a location it’s precisely because I want to remain annonymous and they have no ways to reach me ” Control my meeting, which client was reaching me , how the payment was made were my choice and I didn’t want to change it. I don’t need to be bother anytime they feel the need to be desperate.
“ It still can work that way” Derek insisted, he was selling me his project , I could just see it through his body language “ Listen all we need is a small building, two floors, couple desk and unbearable coffee. We can limit the access with a card access. The mystery woman appears and disappearing from nowhere…yes that you will have to drop it”
“ How exactly do you help me in this ?” I fought back. He was starting with a ‘we’ while I ever told him we gonna collaborate. How was he going to collaborate anyway ? I’m the one who bring the material to the table , the one with the ideas and skills
“ Since you can’t justify your finance I will the major investor and buy the place, the furniture and all”
“ And what do you want in exchange?” He wasn’t doing it for charity or even goodness of heart. Men like him always want something and most of the time , it’s on your depends
“ 20% ” Derek declared I knew it!
“ What ?! ” I said “ Why should I give 10% to tax , and then paying you 20% while I’m having now 100% of my benefit”
“ Girl, you can have 100% of a cell ” he replied, smiling , triumph and even pleased by the situation. He was loving this too much “ Your ass will be in jail and I don’t think he will survive to this , as pretty your ass is"The perspective of me , among tone of women remind me Orange is the new black and not that I’m judging but I’m not eating of this bread!  Where the remark about my ass came from. It wasn’t a compliment though, he will never dare.
” Fine!“ I ceded ” What do I have to do “
Did I like the idea of working with him , definitely not. I rather sit behind a desk all day that face his fine ass but I did got a taste of the lavish life with my extra money and I don’t want to give it up. Plus , he was right ( never gonna admit it to him ) my ass was too bomb to go in prison
” Give me all your cash" Derek smiled
“ I know you was being delusional! ” I hysterically laughed . “ You lost your damn mind if you think I will give you everything I won since two years"And it was something. Close to 340 000$! Who ask for someone money , and not just a little loan but all they got while you don’t even know the person ? I took some time to think about it though. Neither he was the biggest fool of our time or a freaking genius
” Ok….“ he simply said. At the end of the day , it wasn’t his problem if I go to jail
” Fine! Can you drive me home now. My pretty ass want to take a long bubble bath"

“ David !! David ” called out again his collegue. The husband raise his head from the diary of his wife , to come back to the reality. How he got at work ? He doesn’t even remember. All he was having in mind was Ahsha in her world. But Timothy was here, at his door
“ You’re ready man ? The chinese are here ” he said .David couldn’t believe it. He took his head between his hands. The deal with the Chinese was worth millions. He worked on this since months. They were of course really busy and was having a trip in Los Angeles every year. If it wasn’t happening today and right now, they will lose it. But everything David prepare for the presentation was home, in his office. Why , because he was immensenly distract by the content of Ahsha life. How she was invading people life, and mostly their sexual life. How she was tricking men…
“ I don’t have the presentation” David confessed, disgusted by himself for have been so reckless. He was screwed and maybe about to lose his job if he doesn’t find something and fast
“ Say What ?!” yelled Timothy “ You didn’t! Man what the hell is wrong with you lately! You’re out of your shoes! You’re never here. You’re distract. And now you want our asses to be fired ?! Dramond told us that the annual vacation gift will be for us if we bring this contract ”
Competition always had been the best motivation. And every year , the big boss was offering to the two best of his employee vacation. The destination they wanted. The length they wanted. The amount of person they wanted. But David actually doesn’t care about vacation.
“ This is this diary ” David whispered. It was hard to admit but he was having an addiction.
“ Oh yeah… it clearly got you twisted! Whatever there is in there, you should get your shit together”
“ I know! I’m lying to my wife. I’m using my son” he started “ But I feel like she is falling for Derek” Timothy looked at David. Like in his marriage, David always had been this type of guy, serious as hell , doing things with precaution, following the rule. As boring his marriage was , his professional career was the same. Being so…unprepared and instinctive wasn’t David. He was just sounding like one of these housewives, having most of their days watching telenovela and gossip about it with their neighbors.
“ I wouldn’t give a fuck about who is Derek but since he just cost me my vacation please tell me….who the fuck is Derek!” He was so desirous of having someone else to talk about this , an adult , expect his son Idriss who couldn’t answer him that he didn’t catch the sarcasm in his colleague voice .
“ Derek is this guy ” started David “ Madison was one of Ahsha’s client. But when Ahsha was decorating their living room, Derek came back earlier for his business trip. He walked on Ahsha. Then Derek showed up at Ahsha’s work, like her real work and her boss is hiring Derek. So Ahsha needed to go be nice with him. And she started to google him , they went on a date. Derek broke up with Madison because he wasn’t feeling her needed Ahsha to keep their relationship. And now he proposed to Ahsha to work together. But I feel she is starting to feel something for Derek… the way she talked about him , the kind of exchange they have , the way they pretend to hate each….”
“MAN! ” screamed Timothy “ If you don’t get your shit together and find a solution for the Chinese we’re screwed! Get your white ass over here!”

Do I sense a little bit of attraction between Derek and Ahsha ?! Is it too late for David to stop reading ? Well Thank you for reading people , merci d’avoir lu 

anonymous asked:

Peter played guitar so I imagine Sonny does too. Rafael doesn't know it until a few months after they move in with each other. Sonny put his guitar in the closet and Rafael asked if he played and Sonny said only a little and he's not that good (lies). Sonny can just get self conscious about some things you know. Rafael comes home to Sonny in their room playing Antoine Detour's cover of hide and seek by Imogen Heap after a hard case. Sonny doesn't know he is there and listens to the whole thing.

Why do I feel like Sonny playing guitar would make Rafael absolutely weak?!

I dunno man, I don’t even have any reasoning behind this other than I just think that Rafael would find Sonny with a guitar really freakin’ hot.

But, anyways.

Oh, the look on his face when Sonny turns around and realizes that his boyfriend has been standing there, listening to him okay that entire time.

Sonny’s very confused because Rafael simultaneously looks like he wants to kiss him, cuddle him, and lay him down on the bed right there, all at the same.

But instead, he gets Rafael sitting down on the bed beside him, gently brushing a loose curl out of his face, and asking, “Where did you learn to play like that, love?”

Blushing for having been caught, Sonny just shrugs in that cute way of his, eyes trained on his feet as he says, “Taught myself for the most part, actually. I dunno, it just…relaxes me, I guess? Especially when I was in high school and, you know, everyone was pickin’ on me. I stopped for awhile while I was in college, just got too busy to practice much. As soon as I started working special victims, though, I picked it right back up.”

Rafael nods, wrapping an arm around Sonny’s shoulders and squeezing, before saying, “Well, if you’re ever interested, I would really love to hear you play again some time. When you’re comfortable with it, of course.”

Not even a week later, Sonny’s putting a little show on for Rafael in their living room, with the lights dimmed and warm cups of hot cocoa between them on the coffee table.