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Synopsis: Harry and you have your first thanksgiving dinner together and things are GRATE(ful). 

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Luster, [Part 18]

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The rain vanishes and Taako, cold on the ground, looks at the cloudy morning sky. He feels the air in the demiplane shift again, then pull around him like wind from somewhere else. There’s a neverwhere static building between his ears, and through the clouds there’s a sudden dawn of crimson. It arcs, and laces, and like lightning it fans over the sky briefly. It’s silent, no thunder, just a jolt of power that starts to build again as soon as it’s spent.

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spiderman making up ridiculous origin stories to distract his villains when he’s captured

him taunting doc oc with the information he so desperately crave that octavius goes along with it every damn time even if peter is straight up lying, peter is actually very good at lying, like it’s compulsive at this point and sometimes peter blurts out things that are just not true for no real reason

like that one time he was over at gwen’s place and he said he had a friend in fourth grade that moved out to kentucky and died in a car crash, there was no reason to tell her that, it was a complete lie, seriously brain wtf

wade and peter trade fake origin stories all the time, sometimes they get ideas from each other and blatantly rip off the other’s tall tale, it’s like a competition, they try to spin the most believable tale and see who goes without laughing first, peter’s actually told wade his origin story, it was just so stupid that wade didn’t believe him

When I was a kid, I always looked forward to Thanksgiving. Get surrounded by amazing food, spend time with family, that sort of thing. And it was always great!

But now that I’m older, it’s a lot different. Family members have passed on, some that remain are people I’m not comfortable dealing with (if you’ve seen my post last year, you’ll understand), and now it kind of fills me with dread. And then I see my friends are having similar or worse issues, plus there’s the whole history of what the US founders did to the Native Americans (and are still doing today, for the record).

I know I can’t say anything to ease or eliminate anyone else’s pain, especially considering how inconsiderate it’d be to tell people to move on and just have fun, like some pundits on Twitter might do. But I would like to say you’re all in my thoughts and I hope things are good for you today, even if only a little.

“dahmer was the first one where i was not doing comedy stuff anymore, where i was really digging into me as a human and really kind of transferred into what i wanted to do as an actor, which was much deeper darker more interesting roles … there was a lot of weight to that and it relied solely on me and that empowered me as artist, to know i could carry a little tiny move, that’s fine. and then a lot of good things came out of that and it was recognised and especially recognised within the industry. and that gave me other opportunities.”

 - jeremy renner on dahmer

Can we just take a minute and appreciate some Skids dialogue...

No idea who these guys are, but i doubt they’re coming to give me a big hug.


“What, this? This thing with the ceiling? This is called escaping. They’ve locked us in. I could blast my way out, but knowing Ultra Magnus that’s probably punishable by death and then more death.”


Good! Now that the basics are covered I can focus on not dying.


“Yeah, see, me and orders, we had a falling out. We’re not really on speaking terms.”


“The mouth is moving but the words, they make no sense.”


I’m still getting to know me, but it’s pretty clear I like taking risks.


Maybe i was overreacting. Maybe I do that. Maybe that’s the kind of crazy-but-lovable person I am.


“Congratulations! How does it feel to be used as Bait?”


I just killed your friend with a car. What’ve you got to say about that, eh?




( @ninjacat1515 vampire!AntonChigurh)

El Paso, Texas…The afternoon is ending but the temperature is nearly unbearable, as usual. Anaís decided to make use of her vacation from the university and go “hunting” again. She told her parents she’d stay at her aunt’s house, lucky for her they didn’t argue much about the trip or call Aunt Claire make sure she was fine with it, and that’s how things worked, they didn’t bother with her affairs and she didn’t bother with theirs.

She has photographed the city’s beauty, but this was not the objective here. Anaís was a compulsive curious girl and nothing would quench her thirst more than a good “new” or scandal so she moved to more “suspicious” locations to dig deeper into the El Paso’s dark corners and hopefully find something “worth it”.

It was risky but she was used to this type of thing, it made her “work” more exciting. Walking by a corner she noticed an emergency exit metal door slightly open.

“Huh…Maybe?” She whispered to herself.

She quickens her pace but tries to be silent as a mouse, she takes a peek through the small space of the door, nothing, just a long stair and weak light from a fluorescent lamp. She steps in, looking around carefully, her hand on her bag ready to snatch up her camera in precaution.

The moment the placed her hand on the stairs handrail a quickly muffled stomp could be heard from upstairs, followed by a loud noise of something falling, something slightly big…someone fell?

Crouching and taking light steps she goes up, her head peeking up…and what she saw was terrifying.

A murder…She actually caught a murder scene! A strange well-dressed man was laying on the floor, dead open eyes and a red puddle beneath his body. It didn’t take long for her to find the criminal behind all this.

A tall man with broad shoulders was giving his back to her, his hands all bloody Anaís was lucky to cover her mouth to prevent a gasp so he didn’t notice her presence.

Locking her eyes with the man she picks up her camera readjusts the zoom and press the button…What a mistake.


“Well…shit.” She thought.

This was the wrong camera for this moment…the press of the button released a clicking sound. The place was dead silent until that moment.

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Why do you call Peaky Blinders shit?

The thing is that Peaky Blinders used to be one of my favorite shows ever.  I really love season 1, easily one of the most solid seasons of TV I’ve watched–and season 2 was good, if not as good as season 1.  Even before they did the thing that made me start watching, season 3 felt like a different show. It brought in the Russians who honestly felt waaaay out of the world of the show. I know that Tommy’s moving up in the world, but he goes from fighting another Birmingham gangster in s1, then the IRA gets involved in s2, along with Tom Hardy’s Jewish gangster (who’s also supposed to be from England, not sure if it’s Birmingham) and there’s the specter of Campbell hanging over those first two seasons.  It also felt very compact, it kept the show from feeling totally out of the realm of realism.  S3′s villains honestly felt kinda James Bond-like to me.  And they skipped over all this time where Tommy apparently reached Vito Corleone levels where he’s got this palatial mansion, somehow is totally a part of fairly high society despite being a) a known gangster with 0 blue blood and it’s implied a Roma mother and b) a guy who literally kept his married mistress with him until her husband mysteriously died and married her like a year after their kid is born.  It just… It felt a lot like Tommy went from 0 to 60 very quickly and was just, like, a Bond-type character which isn’t what I saw in the first two seasons.

The Russians just never struck me as a part of it.  Aaaand now Tommy’s apparently fighting with the “Sicilian mafia” which a) I doubt will be portrayed accurately lmao and b) just doesn’t fit with the show I began watching.  I want to see more of *his* world.  Fuck, I wanted to see more of what was going on with the IRA.  And I don’t want to see any more of Polly’s weird spiritualism it just seemed so left-field in season 2.

But let’s be real, the reason why I stopped watching was when they fridged Grace.  Grace–an undercover agent who shot a man and got away, who decided of her own free will to become a gangster’s wife because she wanted to–suddenly became this little quiet figure who we’re supposed to dislike because she’s feminine and “fancy” unlike Polly and Esme and the rest. When in reality the woman I met in season 1 could have easily taken any of them on.  Having her killed off just to make Tommy sad (and leave him free to fuck other women) was just kind of offensive to me–as a fan, as a feminist, as a writer.  I also seriously don’t get why they did it that way; if Annabelle couldn’t do the show anymore, have Tommy marry May for her connections.  It would be in character.  Maybe have him meet his son by Grace later.  It seemed idiotic to bring her back just to fridge her… because…  I mean, I was invested in that relationship.  But beyond that I just felt condescended to as a viewer when that happened.

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Do a Tani!

Most admirable quality: “♪Ah.♪ Etani’a.♪ It has been too long since we have sung together.♪ There is a… ♪ empty place in heartsong for him.♪ Yet of all the good things I can sing of my…♪ yes, friend…♪ it was his patience and understanding that I have missed most.♪”
Most attractive physical feature: “♪-coughs-♪ While I am not easily moved by the eorzean races…♪ I am not shamed to admit much of Etani’a was pleasing to my eyes.♪ Yet to sing of what I find attractive…♪ His smile…♪ and his lips.♪ They’reverysoft!♪ ANDDONTASKMEHOWIKNOW!♪”
Most annoying habit: “♪ For this…♪ the only source of frustration I had with Etani’a was my inability to have a proper appointment with him at times.♪”
Something they would like to do with them: “♪ This is easy.♪  I would like nothing more than to see him, and sing with him again.♪ It has been too long.♪ And it would fill my heartsong with a greater gladness to know he fares well before we depart.♪”

(Reblogs greatly appreciated. Please help me get exposure for my writing! Thank you @etani-a for the ask! Find more on my blog @kulain)

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Whether Time Lords could change gender in regeneration was never addressed onscreen during the classic series and not explicitly focused on for much of the revival. It was seeded throughout Moffat's tenure as showrunner. We literally wouldn't have a female Doctor without Moffat. He did one thing right, I guess. We can be thankful that he likely not write anything for her.

To be fair I think he was sort of pressured into it by that point because the audience was pushing for change, but I am glad he made that decision and I think it’s a good move for the show. 


What’s up?

I haven’t really posted or even been active as much on Tumblr for almost 9 months now, it’s mostly because I needed the break away from social media, learn from the mistakes I made in the past, and just keep moving forward. If I have hurt anyone on here, whether it be what i said, or the mistakes I’ve made, I’m sorry and I’m trying to do better, good and to apologize to anyone I may have hurt, offended or haven’t spoken through on here. I was in a bad place a few months ago, did things I’m not proud of, and I regret everything I’ve done. I used to get a lot of hate from anons on here over 7-8 months ago, so I shut myself off this for a bit to get myself back in reality instead of worrying and listening to the negative side of Tumblr (and there is a lot, I’m aware. And nobody deserves the unnecessary hate, for any reason at all. Just like nobody deserves to be bullied). And I know I’ve made plenty of mistakes on here, general and so on. We all have. And we learn from them along the way. Some people on Tumblr really helped me see that, and helped me get by and to do better. So I am. Or at least I’m trying.

So I just wanted to say hey, that I’m doing better, that I miss talking to the awesome people I’ve met through here and that um, yeah. I’m just learning a lot now, changing my ways, learning from my mistakes and just gonna keep moving forward.

Also, Happy Turkey-Day to all my American friends! I hope you all have a good day! ❤🦃

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I literally want a boyfriend so bad and I know I shouldn’t rush into things and shit but honestly I just wanna feel loved (in a romantic way ya feel??) but like all the guys at school are either assholes, taken, or they don’t even look my way (I don’t mean to sound conceited but I mean I’m pretty okay looking??) so I just don’t know what to do ugh

patience grasshopper. hang tough. I rushed into a not so good sorta relationship thing in hs just bc I liked the feeling of being wanted and it turned out pretty bad for me.

I know it’s hard :( I’ve kinda been feeling that loneliness myself lately bc I really want to seriously date but I’m moving like 800 miles away in less than a year so starting anything serious would be sorta pointless.

Your boy and your time will come. You can always message me if you wanna vent about this bc I FEEL YOU

Also side note it’s never conceited to love and own the way you look. You ARE pretty bby

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mmmMMMmm so my oc magdeline is a big ol gay and she dyes her hair a lot. she's like 5'4 and Soft and she likes cats and sweet things!! Her parents moved to america from france when she was around two years old. + maggie is her nickname and she has a gorlf named Leslie who is like 6 ft and secretly muscular and has long dirty blonde hair and they're DORKS TOGETHER OKAY



lance and keith get put into a mission together and keith sorta confesses that he values lance on the team more than himself, and lance can’t comprehend that bc he believes keith is super important too, so they are both rlly confused??

y’all… i tried…. i rlly did

dialogue under cut (my handwriting sucks)

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TBH if someone was making me live in some strange isolated place for an indefinite period of time…gotta take the essentials.