good thing they have tomorrow off too

1st workout of 2017 is officially (and finally) in the bag!! 🎉
I’m happy I got it done but I’m honestly wishing I had done MORE! It’s such a weird feeling to want to have pushed myself harder. I remember last year (lol but really), I would slack off a bunch in my workouts and not really think too much about it. Now, I’m a bit disappointed in myself.
The good thing though is that my only competition is myself. I’ll always strive to better than I was yesterday. So tomorrow, I’ll learn from this 👍🏽


Moscow Mules, Tulips, Townies, Hiking, swimming, Running and sunsets. It was a good weekend to just enjoy wonderful weather and company.

I’d like to tell you the time change doesn’t bother me. I love longer days. I love the warmer weather. But oh my! I can’t even tell you what day it is when I wake up at n the morning. It just has me off.

I’m starting Crossfit again this week after months of excuses. The my fitness pal thing has been eye opening. No surprise that I am
Simply eating too much. The last two days have not been good but tomorrow is a new day. A new start.


The only good thing about daylight savings time is getting to see the sun rise again… I really could use the snow day(s?) that we have coming tomorrow and possibly Wednesday with what sounds like might be a pretty good sized storm. My kids were off the walls though, and between a potential snow day, full moon, time change, and being second semester seniors, it was struggle city. My husband got us tickets to the Green Day concert in the city tonight, too, which should be interesting in the storm, but I’m hoping even harder to have the day off tomorrow!

{{ Me: does one ask

Me: ok that’s good work for tonight }}

33+6 (let's call it 34 since it's 1030 pm.)

Cooper, husband and I have all been extra exhausted lately. We spend ALL of Sunday on the couch, and I spend a good chunk of today there too. I’m physically drained, and I think husband is mentally emptied from work. And Cooper is growing, so that must be exhausting! But tomorrow I’m going to get back on track and get some homework done, as well as some laundry and much needed cleaning.
Overall things are the same. Cooper is head down and my ribs are a foot rest. I’ve been having period like cramps on and off, but I’ve found that they go away when I’m hydrated. Hopefully that means some dilation is happening? Fingers crossed. My back has been sore and I’m starting to waddle. Husband keeps saying how totally excited he is to meet our little man. Today he said “You’re going to be my best friend. I’ll let mom be the bad guy.” I had to laugh out loud, both at the audacity and the fact that he’s more adorable than I’ve ever seen him. But he’s right. I can’t wait for my child, we’re going to do so much exploring and learning and I love him so much already.
My next appointment is at 36 weeks, and I’m going to ask my midwife to check me to see if I’m dilated at all when she does my strep swab. Just for my knowledge if anything.
When all is said and done, I’m ready for some body autonomy back. I’m ready for my organs to shift back and for my belly to stop moving. I’m ready to be kicked from the outside and not the inside.

//irl? update: going to be visiting family tomorrow for a week! i probably won’t be round in-game, not that i have been much lately; been very tired this week in multiple ways… i will be on and off on Discord. i think my ID is Zumyn#6059 ☺️

i’m working on some art things to sell too. i just whipped up a very simple YCH chibi base; what’s the interest in those ? i will upload it soon..

wish me luck dudes something very good might happen soon and i’m really hoping. 💕