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→ nudes, not flowers (pt. 2)

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☆ pairing → Hoseok x Reader x Jungkook

genre → smut, fuckboi!au

warnings  → … voyeurism + exhibitionism, dom!junghope, power play?, dirty talk!!!, jealousy, demeaning names during sex, the threesome, & probably other warnings byE 

word count   → 10.4k 

☆ summary   →  you’re not supposed to fall for Jung Hoseok and his repertoire of awful pick-up lines – but you do. the problem is: he’s afraid of commitment, and bolts at the idea of settling down. you decide to stay far away from fuckboys, but his friend decides to test your new found resolutions

or : Jungkook wants to see how far he can push Hoseok until he snaps

→  pt i | pt ii (final) 

☆ a/n   → okay…so… this is just porn, but if you squint, there’s kind of a plot. you should probably start with pt 1 if you haven’t already!! 
+ shout out to the mutuals who encouraged the filth fest in this part esp @gxtsmxt @itsrainingmin !! we can have a prayer circle later to cleanse our souls
+ also tomorrow is my one month anniversary on tumblr :’)) thank you so much for all the love i’ve received this past month  ♡

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this is pretty rushed and its A BIT too late for this to be a 5/20 drawing but i love narancia and i hope he had a good birthday wherever he is <3

Don't Clean up after Dinner like you Promised?

The rule in my house is the person that cooks, does not do the clean up after dinner.  That falls to everyone else in the house.  

So today, I spent a couple of hours putting together Jamie Oliver’s “Kinda Spaghetti Bolognese”, which my wife absolutely loves.  

My wife decides that she is going to call her parents tonight immediately after dinner, which almost never happens on Saturdays, but oh well.  They can talk for a couple of hours, so I go ahead and clean up.

She ends the call with her parents when I’m about halfway through clean up, but she goes in and reads a book to on of our boys.  

So I finish the clean up.  

Just then the load of non-dryable clothes finish in the washer.  All of this load is HER stuff.  Things like stockings, bras and the like.   We have two drying racks mounted on the wall.  One above the other. The top rack is a good 7 feet off the floor and my 5'4" wife is unable to reach clothes hung on the back of the top rack.

Which is EXACTLY where all of her bras went.

Oh and she’s out of bras too, she will have to attempt to get one down tomorrow morning.


Forgotten (Jughead Jones)

Warning ⚠️: Physical abuse, Spoilers of episode 6 and swearing

You and Jug were friends before Archie and him got into a fight, so you were the only thing he could rely on, when they stopped being friends you had to pick a side and of course you picked Jughead’s.

You guys became inseparable and you developed a crush on Jug with time, but unlike Betty and Archie, you decided to throw your feelings away because you knew as a matter of fact Jug didn’t liked you back, so why would you bother?.

Now in sophomore year, Jug and you seemed to drift apart, especially with him being on the school newspaper, no matter if he was doing that or writing his book Betty was always with him, but when they kissed.

That’s when you realized you were actually in love with Jughead but also you realized that you might’ve lost your best friend for ever

She replaced you, and Jughead didn’t even notice.

Your dad was an alcoholic who bet the crap out of you, and only Jughead knew about it.

“You little rat” your dad shuttered drunkenly as he threw a cristal bottle in your direction, the shattered pieces scratched your skin, your blood falling to the floor. “I’m so sick of you” he said and punched you right on the cheekbone, the pain flowing all over your body as he threw you to the ground and kept hitting you mercilessly.

You squirmed around, screaming and crying begging him to stop, he pushed you to the counter away from him, you hit your back against the wood loudly as he reached for his gun, pointing it right at your head from the distance.

Your eyes opened widely as she put her shaking hands in the air as a sign of surrender “Dad…” you called him in a whisper “Please, put the gun down” you shuttered as calmly as you could, but your father pulled the trigger and you closed your eyes shut, and you opened them again, realizing he missed and passed out because of the alcohol.

You didn’t twice before running back to your bedroom, you grabbed a bag and put some stuff in there, clothes, money, your phone, anything that could be useful. When your bag was done you left the house and hide on a cheap motel near.

The day after your father reported you missing, and of course everyone at school found out. Jughead felt responsible for your disappearance.

He ignored you and his mind couldn’t stop thinking of the worst escenarios possible. What if you were dead?

His heart sunk.

It would be his fault, because he wasn’t there when you most needed him.

That was why when he heard you went missing he didn’t think twice before going after you “Juggy!” Betty said coming after him, he turned around “Were are you going?” She asked

“I’m sorry, I have to look for her, if something happens to her it would be my fault” he urged and Betty looked at Jughead with sweetness
“Let me come with you” she said but Jughead stopped her
“No Betty, I have to do this alone” he stated and she nodded letting him leave

He looked around Riverdale, because he knew that you would never leave without him, no matter how bad things were between you two. Then he remembered the little cheap hotel were you both stayed when they closed the In and Out movies.

You had to be there, you had to be okay.

He entered the place completely nervous, practically throwing himself to the receptionist who looked at him weirdly “Have you seen a girl with H/C hair and E/C eyes?” He asked hopefully and the receptionist looked at him before sighing

“Room 620, here’s the other key” she said handing the key over to Jughead who smiled widely

“Thank you!” He said before running away to the room. He put the key on the lock, the door opened almost immediately. When he saw you a weight was lifted off his shoulders “Y/N! You’re…” he beamed but soon stopped when he noticed your bruises and scratches

“Oh wow, you remember my name, yay me!” You exclaimed sarcastically turning your attention back to the tv, ignoring Jughead’s confused expression as he walked over to you

“What do you mean? Y/N you’re my best friend!” He said in disbelief and you stood up facing Jughead

“Am I? Because now you seem pretty cozy with your new girlfriend Betty or whatever the hell she is!” You spat “

I had a gun pointed at my fucking head Jughead!” His eyes opened widely
“I was this close to be buried 6 feet on the ground like Jason but you didn’t knew because you were too busy making out with Betty!” By now you were screaming, Jughead was silent

“Y/N…” he whispered coming closer
“Shut up” you cut him off
“Just listen!” He pleaded

“JUST SHUT UP” you yelled at him making him flicker slightly “Don’t worry, I’ll come back to school tomorrow and let you know when I’m about to die” she said the last thing sarcastically

“It would be something like ‘He Jug, guess what? I’m dead! But I hope you have a good day anyway’ how about that?” she said with fake happiness

“Stop joking about something like that!” He yelled coming closer to you, he was furious “Stop thinking that I don’t care! Because I do, more than you know” he said looking hurt about his friend’s words

“I care about you more than I do or ever did about anyone” he confessed grabbing her by the arms as he looked into her eyes

“Even Archie?” She asked
“Hell I even care more about you than Betty!” He scoffed jokingly, but both of you knew that he was serious, you both laughed at his comment, but then there was a silence and you couldn’t help but stare at his thin pink lips and he also stared at yours.

You looked at each other and started to slowly lean in, looking between your eyes and lips and when you were inches away from kissing you spoke “What are we doing?” You asked, your hot breath hitting his mouth

“I don’t know or care” he whispered back finally locking your lips with his, the butterflies on your stomach were unstoppable, and Jughead slipped his hand on your waist to pull you close slowly.

You both knew it was bad, but you’ll figure it out, you always do.

The Fitting (Part 12)

(You respond to Jungkook’s request that you start dating for real.)

WARNINGS: 8500 words of angst.  That is all.

The message notification on your phone jolted you awake and nearly caused you to fall out of bed.  You were lying right at the edge of the mattress with Jungkook’s body pressed tightly against your back.  When you first fell asleep, you were both lying in the center of the large bed, but as the night wore on, you would roll an inch away from him to sleep more comfortably and give yourself some breathing room.  Although he was sound asleep, Jungkook somehow sensed your movement away from him and his body would immediately close the gap between the two of you until, eventually, there was no more room left to move.

Carefully, you slipped out of bed, grabbed your phone, and headed towards the bathroom.  As expected, the text message was from your cousin checking up on your date last night.

10:17am (Seulji)  How did it go?  Was it fun?  Did you fall in love with him yet?

10:20am (You)  It went fine, he’s a fun guy but it’s just not the right time for me.

10:21am (Seulji) What?  Why?  I need details.

Details.  You wondered if he would tell your cousin about the fact that you were seeing someone else or if he would just let it go.  You didn’t even want to think about the conversation you would have to have with Seulji once she found out that you had another man all along.

10:23am (You) I have to jump in the shower right now.  I’ll talk to you about it later.

You set the phone, face down, on the counter and could hear two more messages come through but you didn’t bother looking.  Instead you turned on the water extra hot and stepped into the steaming shower, hoping to wash off your lingering guilt.

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K A I R O S | 01 |


(n.) the perfect, delicate, crucial moment; the fleeting rightness of time and place that creates the opportune atmosphere for action, words, or movement

An arranged marriage AU. 

Paring: OT7.
Genre: fluff, angst, a lot of suggestive parts and eventual smut.
Word count: 3 352

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“But mom, I’m not going to live with a bunch of strangers-!”

“I had the maids pack your things last night, your bags are outside.”


Cliche is underrated. 

Especially when you just got kicked out of your own house by your ever so loving parents to stay with seven boys you’ve only heard notorious things about.

Oh, and you’re supposed to pick one to marry by the end of next month.

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@des-zimbits has been talking about Jack doing various arts and crafts and I just… 

Jack never does perfect the art of making pie lattices. But Bitty shows him how to make and decorate chocolates, and how to pipe chocolate to decorate other things, and then he ends up watching videos on YouTube, and one thing leads to another. 

Anyways, Jack totally spends half days during the off season at the bakery, chocolates and various decorative whatnots. 

He comes home from the last game the Falconers play in the playoffs frustrated and tired. Bitty makes him eat something, shower, all that good stuff, and when they’re sliding into bed, Bitty says “oh, and we’re expecting you tomorrow. We have an order placed for way too many chocolates and we’re going to need your hands”.

And okay, it’s not playing in the playoffs, it’s not having a team leaning on him to play well, it’s not the pressure - but it’s something to do that he’s good at and it’s being needed

I Am Too

Hello! I have not written anything in a long time (since 2013 rip) but I could not stay away from H so here is something I came up with. Hope ya’ll enjoy. 


The gathering with your friends had been going on for a couple of hours now and since you had a meeting earlier that day you were feeling a little more tired than you’d liked. You were sat at the edge of one the couches while drinking something that was more ice than anything. You were brought back into the room when you suddenly felt the weight of the couch tilt. 

“You’ve been sitting in this couch for the past hour. Is everything alright?” asked Harry while handing you a drink that had the perfect amount of ice cubes and liquor.

“Yeah, I’m just tired. Wish this wasn’t happening on a Tuesday honestly” you stated while Harry chuckled. 

You were always the one to go to sleep first between you both and probably all of your friends. He wouldn’t mind it if you also weren’t the first one to wake up. He liked seeing you calm and quiet in the mornings but you were always out of bed before he could rub the sleep from his eyes. 

You and Harry had been seeing each other for the past few weeks but no one knew about it. There was a few people in your close friend group that knew you guys had hooked up in the past but nothing too serious. Due to some recent events, you decided to see what your relationship could flourish into but you did not want to break the news to your friends. Not yet, at least. And based on the last couple gatherings, your friends had no clue. 

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When Eyes Meet: Part 1

This series feature’s my OC Kit, and her family. Below are links that provide more information. Enjoy!

“He lost his shoe, Diane. His shoe. How does a certified genius lose his shoe?” Diane, the planner for the event simply smiled, before taking a piece of pastry and popping it in her mouth.

“And then there’s Aki, she’s joined the theatre club. I’ve been listening to her and Maia run lines for the past week, and to be honest, I don’t know if I can take much more.” Diane’s smile widened, and Kit took a deep breath before trudging on in her rant,

“On top of that, Seth was suspended… again. And oh, yeah he’s failing math and science.” Kit focused on her friend before asking, “Seriously? You have nothing to say?”

    Diane brushed her hands off, swallowed her bit of food, and then smirked, “Only what I’ve been saying for the past four months. You need a vacation.”

    Kit felt her face slip into a deadpan, before her mouth twisted into a scowl, “You’re not funny.”

    Diane leaned over the counter, “Just a weekend Kit. They can survive for a weekend.”

    Kit envied Diane, the woman had no clue what went into raising two teenagers and a boy genius. She was blissfully unaware of the constant teacher phone calls, the exaggerated, blown out of proportion arguments, lost shoes and books, and the nagging of a know-it-all aunt who wanted to take over. Kit could feel her hair graying by the day, and it was a damn shame. Her hair was pretty.

    “How about just a night. We both have Wednesday and Thursday off. You can get a baby sitter and we can PARTY!” Kit said nothing as she removed food from the oven. “Come on Kit you’re twenty five, not fifty two! We should have some fun.”

    Kit turned and stared at her friend, “I’m a single mother to three kids Diane. They come first, and that means putting my party days behind me.”

    Diane’s pout was on par with Aki’s, “You’re no fun anymore Kit. Come on don’t you want to relive the good old days? Central City, the clubs, the drinks?”

    Kit smiled, “That’s why they call them the good old days… they’re in the past.”

    Diane shrugged, “Fine, fine, but one of these days you and I are going out again.”

    Kit nodded, “Try me when Natsume turns eighteen. Now then, how’s the setup going?”

    Suddenly the party girl was gone, “We are right on schedule. Tables are set up, servers are arriving, the sound system is set up, and the band is unpacking as we speak.”

    Kit let out a sigh of relief. Kit had found out very quickly that restaurant hours were not great for raising kids. With the help of Anna Bailey, Kit had started a catering business. She had brought on Diane three months in, to handle the actual running of the events. A party girl who knew how to work a room, Diane was the perfect personality to mix with the high profile clientele they mixed with on a regular basis. It also allowed Kit to hide in the kitchen away from prying eyes.

    After several successes for Blair’s Flare Catering, Kit had begun to get calls from the rest of Gotham’s socialites. She stayed fairly busy, and was able to provide for her siblings. With a smile Kit watched Diane leave the kitchen in favor of overseeing the circus outside of her kitchen.

    Kit moved around the kitchen seamlessly, moving in unison with her kitchen staff. The food was well on it’s way to being ready, and Kit was feeling confident. She may not be the best mother in the world, but she was a damn good chef.

    “Miss Blair.”

    Taking a deep breath Kit turned towards her employer for the evening, giving a small smile she said, “Good evening Mr. Pennyworth.”

    The older man had a kind face, but he was a snoop. She’d kicked him out of the kitchen a number of times, and she had long figured out that this kitchen was his baby. It was pristine with all the latest gadgets. It was organized in a very specific way, and Kit could tell that it was taken care of with love.

    “Everything is going well I hope.”

    Kit smiled, “Everything is right on track. The food will be ready soon, and my event coordinator tells me that all the guests are comfortable and well taken care of.”

    “Indeed, the appetizers are going over very well. They’ve received more than a few compliments.”

    “I’m glad.”

    “Mr. Wayne in particular liked the crabcakes.”

    Kit blinked a few times before asking, “Mr. Wayne … as in Bruce Wayne.”

    The smile over the butler’s lips was kind, “Indeed. He just recently returned from traveling abroad. This function serves not only as a fundraiser for the Wayne charities, but as a welcome home party as well.”

    Kit nodded, “Well then, I’m glad he’s enjoying the party.”

    Mr. Pennyworth smiled and said, “Indeed Ms. Blair. Now then, are you sure you don’t need any help.”


    Kit was forced to hold back a smile at the way his face dropped ever so slightly, before watching him turn and walk away. With a smile she turned back to work.

    Bruce Wayne had always considered galas a necessary evil. While they allowed him to raise money for the Wayne Foundation, they were also a mix of the smarmiest people on the earth. He hadn’t missed them in the eight years he’d been gone. However, his training had left him with certain abilities, at the top were fighting and escape. However he had also learned evasive maneuvers, and misdirection.

    In the three hours since the gala had started he’d only found himself in conversations for a few minutes at a time, before he was able to pass it off to someone else. The evasive maneuvers came in hand when dealing with the hoard of socialite women looking for their perfect match.

    Bruce wanted to laugh at the number of women trying to catch his eye, to have their right eye be the same shade of brown as his left. He’d briefly considered putting in a color contact to fool people into thinking he’d found his soulmate while he was away; Alfred had quickly squashed that plan.

Grabbing another crab cake from a passing server he veered left as Lilian Evertseen peeked over the crowd searching for him. He slipped outside into the cold Gotham winter and let out a breath of relief. That woman had been after him since before he had left. He’d finally met her gave on just to make a point. It hadn’t stopped her. She was determined to get her hands on him and his family’s money. It had gotten so bad, that it had become a running joke in Gotham’s highest running social circles. She had even earned the name Lillian the Bruce-hound.

Bruce took in a deep breath of winter air, before patting the inside of his jacket for a cigar. He cut the tip, before lighting it, and taking a deep drag. It had been years since he’d had one, and Alfred has been kind enough to slip a few into his tux coat to get him through the night.

He enjoyed the peace and quiet for a moment before the hints of a one sided conversation caught his ear. He followed the sound of the voice. It was female and more than a little exasperated.

“Yes Aki, I understand that the music is loud …yes I can hear it through the phone … yes … yes … No … Because you’ve spent the last three weekends at Maia’s place … Oh really, I hadn’t realized our apartment was so much smaller, you know what … you might be better off finding that shoe box you keep talking about … yes I’m serious …go find yourself a shoe box …I take that as a compliment … Yes put Natsume on the phone … what do you mean you can’t find him? Have you checked under the sink? I’ll wait …”

Bruce took another drag of his cigar before peeking around the corner. Immediately his mind began to analyze; Asian descent, most likely Japanese, mid to late twenties, and exhausted from the way she was propping herself against the wall. He pulled back and continued to listen.

“Hey bud, is there any particular reason you’re reading under the sink … oh … I didn’t know that. That explains the shoe at the very least … yes …okay …no … after your bedtime … Well I miss you too. The good news is I have tomorrow morning off, maybe we can go for pancakes … Well I don’t think a Japanese restaurant will be open that early …OHHH you want me to cook?”

Bruce peeked around the corner to find her smiling. She was pretty when she smiled. And then as though in slow motion, Bruce watched as her head turned towards him, their eyes met, and everything went white. Everything else disappeared, she became the only thing he could see, and from the way she was looking at him, he’d bet an arm that the same was happening to her.

As the light faded, he watched her stand, and her finger hit the red button, before he heard her whisper, “Well damn.”

Coffee (JungkookXReader)

Pairing: Jungkook X Noona!Reader

Request: No

WC: 1,345

POV: 1st person

Rating: M

Contains: Kitchen counter sex, Noona!Reader, slight needy Baby Boy!Jungkook at the end, not much else to it. 

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

The past few days were terribly stressful. Having to go in for work around 8 AM but not getting off around anywhere from 12 AM to 1 AM and my boss also sending me home with things to work on made me not even get in bed until around 3 or 4. Jungkook didn’t work that late anymore but he did leave really early, he got up every day at 5, went to the gym, ate, went to practice, had studio time, hung out with the boys, and came home hoping you might be home. 

Sadly, the last three weeks haven’t allowed me to even eat dinner with him, talk to him on the phone or even just see him before he left for work. By the time I was in bed he was fast asleep and I was far too tired to even try and wake him for maybe a five minute conversation about his day. And when he woke up he was either far too busy or just didn’t wake me knowing how much my day had in it. 

The only thing I ever remember from every morning is the little notes he leaves me. He stops by the apartment every morning around 7:50 and leaves me a coffee, ice coffee, or hot tea from the cafe down the street we usually get our breakfast from and we have cute little dates at. Every time with a sticky note on the side or a message written in permanent marker on the holder. Always along the lines of,

“Noona, I know how stressful your days have been, but I’ll try and swing by today to lift your spirits? :)”

“Noona, I miss you… stop being so busy~!”

“Noona, I hope you have a good day, I love you.” 

Tomorrow was my first day off and all I wanted to do was sleep and just rest in general. My body was so used to waking up at 8 that I happened to anyway and I walked down stairs and saw my coffee in the normal spot he would set it down. 

“Noona, I should be able to stop by before I actually go to practice, maybe we could have brunch if you’re awake?” 

I smiled and sent him a text saying to bring our normal breakfast from the cafe down the street, but sadly never got one back. I changed into one of his shirts and shorts before sitting on the couch and watching one of the many shows I needed to catch up on for Jungkook’s sake. 

He came in around 9:30 with bags of food and a little coffee carrier before setting everything down and asking me to come help him fix the plates while he went to wash up before eating. I kissed him softly and then he kissed my head before going to wash his hands. 

“What kind of coffee did you get?” I asked as I took off the lids to the food and started fixing his plate. “Iced. Just watch out though I couldn’t get the li-” He was cut off by the sound of me yelping slightly in surprise as I bumped into one of the coffees, causing it to fall off of the counter and spilling on the way down, covering my shirt and the floor in coffee. “i couldn’t get the lid to stay on mine.” he finished his sentence before he started to help clean up the ice and when he leaned up after throwing the towel in the sink he noticed the coffee had made my white shirt almost see through. 

“Noona, we have to get you cleaned up…” He sighed softly as he moved to me and he pulled me close before he nuzzled into my neck and pulled off my shirt slowly. His hands were so warm on my sides. He threw the shirt in the sink, it landing on top of the towel. 

“Oh haha” I said in monotone before I grab his jacket and try and pull it on before he grabbed it. Slowing pulling it away as he backed me into the counter. 

“Noona… I haven’t seen you in so long…” He said almost as if he was out of breath. He picked me up by my thighs and sat me on the counter in front of him. Pulling me by my legs so they were wrapped around him. He nuzzled into my neck and let out a small whimper before placing kisses until he found the spot he was looking for. He started nipping and sucking on the skin, making it bruise almost instantly before moving on to the next area he wanted to attack.

“I’ve missed you.” He choked out before pulling my shorts down and kissing down to my collar bones. He pulled off his shirt and he started kissing further down. Past my stomach and then he started to leave kisses on my thighs. 

“Jungkook, no. Please. I can’t wait any longer baby boy.” I whimpered as I cupped his cheek so he would lean back up, his head went back to my neck as he pushed down his sweats and boxers at the same time. 

He pulled me closer and slowly slid into me, almost going as slow as one could imagine, wanting to remember the feeling just in case we had to wait almost another month or so before even getting to see each other again. 

He gripped my waist as he kissed me hard. My hands went to his shoulder and his hair as my fingers pulled lightly at his roots. He started thrusting slowly as he put one of his hands under my thigh to lift my leg just a bit more so he could go a bit deeper.

His thrusts got more shallow as he went faster. His mind blank with nothing but the feeling of me. He started to kiss down my neck as he nuzzled closer. His breathing heavy and warm as he let out small groans and hesitant whimpers with almost each thrust. 

“Fuck noona… are you sure it was only three weeks?” He laugh turned into a moan quickly before he kissed some of the tender spots on my neck he had previously attacked. 

I smiled and I moaned as his thrusts started to be deep again and a bit harder. His hands now on both of my thighs as he was holding me steady and I would circle my hips ever so slightly around him, driving him crazy. 

He started breathing harder, sometimes even holding in his breath and letting it bubble into a loud groan from deep in his throat when he’d start thrusting faster. I released hard and scratched lightly down his shoulder blades, just enough to leave marks but not enough to hurt or for the marks to be anything more than red for a couple of days.

I clenched around him and that was enough to send him into a moaning mess. Thrusting quickly before pulling out and pumping him self until he released onto my stomach. I just smiled as he grabbed the shirt that had coffee on it and cleaned it up before pulling up his sweats and boxers, putting his shirt on me and nuzzling into my neck again as he panted.

“Noona… don’t make me wait that long again…” He said softly. “I needed you almost every single morning the last two weeks…” He blushed.

“Have I neglected you baby boy?” I asked softly and he laughed slightly as he formed a soft pout on his lips and nodded. “I need you to help make up for lost time.” He added and smiled a bit.

“Good thing I’m off tomorrow too huh?” I said causing him to pick me up and start carrying me to our room. “Brunch can wait.” was all he said before slamming our door shut with his foot and basically throwing me onto the bed. 

Accident- Morgan Rielly

Originally posted by calgaryinferno

Ok so Mo is a somewhat serious Mo, but there is some funny Mo as well! Anon- I hope you’re doing ok! Enjoy guys!

Warning: mentions of car accident

Anon Request: Can you do a Morgan Rielly one where you were in a car accident and fuck up youre next and have to stay in the hospital and do a bunch of tests because I was just in one Friday and got out today


              You groaned as you shifted on the bed.

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The election is tomorrow

So, goodness help me, the general election.

First off, please let me get one thing out of the way.

In the event that we have anyone in the 18-24 age range reading this - yes, you do need to vote, and yes, it is important. It only takes a few minutes - you probably won’t even have to queue, given that over a third of the electorate doesn’t bother to turn up these days.

The election is tomorrow; please don’t forget and please don’t sit it out.
I can understand the “a plague on both your houses” feeling all too well, but it can lead you up the garden path. Yes, there’s plenty that’s wrong with the centre/left parties, but the fact remains that there’s much more that’s wrong with Mrs May and the Tories.

(Look at it this way - we’ve had over 7 years of Conservative rule now. In that time, can you think of any single thing that feels like a success? The only one I can think of is same-sex marriage act, and that only happened due to huge pressure from the Lib Dems and support from Labour - the Tories voted 134/126 against the first reading!)

TL;DR - please, please, please, remember to vote tomorrow!

As for the electoral campaign, it’s fair to say that it has surprised us all.

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#140 - For anonymous


Note: Shoutout to @placidus for helping me with ideas.

The road trip was short, and you were grateful for that. Van slept almost the entire time, his head in your lap in the back seat. “Not going to get a band dude to fall in love with you with that muppet following you around,” Larry whispered to you, looking back over the front seat he was in.

“He won’t follow me around,” you whispered back. Both Larry and Benji made faces that demonstrated their amusement at your denial of the obvious truth. “They’ll be hundreds of pretty girls in cool dresses and they’ll have flowers in their hair and be all glittery and beautiful and he’ll fall in love with them,”

“You don’t know him very well if you think that’s gonna happen, Y/N,” Benji said laughing. His voice, above the noise level of a whisper, woke Van. He sat up.

“We there yet?”

“Almost,” Benji replied. You looked over at Van and had a moment where you thought maybe you should have gone with the girls to the festival instead of agreeing to spending the weekend with Van, Larry and Benji. They were your musical soulmates though. You wanted to experience the bands with them; even if it meant sharing tents with lovesick Van.

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All According to Plan

*All recognizable characters don’t belong to me. This story is just written in good fun. 

“So let me get this straight. You want to hire me to be be your date to a Valentine’s party?”

Levi looked at Mikasa irritated, “did I, at any point of my request, stutter?”

Mikasa, still too shocked to properly react to his inquiry, looked at him in disbelief, “no, you didn’t stutter at all. That’s the problem. As far as I know you are close to hating me. Why in the world would you want me to accompany you to a party? Why not ask Petra? I’m sure she’d love to go with you. Word on the office is that she’s waiting on you to ask her out.”

The slightly shorter man tsk’d in annoyance, “This is hardly rocket science. I need a yes or a no.”

Having gone back to her senses, Mikasa scowled at him, “and just how much is in it for me shorty?”

Levi grimaced at the nickname. He hated being mocked for his height, especially when it came to her. ‘Better swallow my pride this once though. This party could make me or break me and there’s no one else I’d rather go with than this damn brat,’ thought Levi as he composed himself and got ready to answer Mikasa.

“Well, I’ll pay you $1,500 for going to the party with me plus a stipend for what you will wear for the night,” he raised his hand once he saw Mikasa had every intention of interrupting him, “there is further for you to gain from going to the party with me that isn’t monetary.”

“Like?” questioned a skeptical Mikasa

“This party is organized by the top business leaders in the city to gather funds for charity,” replied Levi whilst making slight mockery of this fact, “ultimately I’m sure you can surmise that the focal point of this event is meeting up with other influential people to gain key contacts among different industries. I know that’s what I’ll be using it for. You can’t tell me you don’t have people in particular you want to meet.”

Mikasa looked at Levi long and hard. The bastard was right. As much as she hated to admit it, she could greatly benefit from meeting key business people in their city. Specifically, she would love to meet with member’s of Sinna’s largest publishing houses. This all seemed great in writing but there was one problem. Could she really stand to be Levi’s companion for one night? Since she had been assigned as his secretary there hadn’t been a day in which they weren’t at each other’s throats.

“Well?” asked Levi impatiently.

“I’m only expected to accompany you to this party correct? No funny business of any kind?” questioned a wary Mikasa.

Levi scoffed loudly, “of course not. You’d be the last woman I’d look into hiring for that kind of business deal.”

’Son of a …,’ thought Mikasa as she flushed in anger and tried to control her breathing to make herself calm down, ‘shame this is too much of a good opportunity to simply let pass by.’

“Very well. I will accompany you to this party.”

Levi was pleased, things had turned out like he wanted. Not that he would externalize this to his secretary. “Perfect, take the day off tomorrow and have all calls directed to reception. All messages should be directed to your inbox for reviewing tomorrow.”

“But,” started Mikasa.

“No buts. Its already Wednesday and the party is this Friday night. You need to go find a dress. I will not show up to that party with a date wearing a sub par dress. I already made you an appointment at Saks with Krista Reiss for tomorrow at 10:00. I’m sure she’ll be able to find something to make you look decent.”

Mikasa seethed at this, “you bastard! Were you so sure I’d say yes?”

Levi made as if flicking lint from his suit, “don’t occupy your mind with menial details. Finish your assignments for today. I don’t want you leaving any open items for tomorrow.”

Mikasa scowled at him one last time before nodding and going back to her desk.

Once she was out of the office Levi let out a breath he had been holding since the beginning of his talk with Mikasa. From now on he would need to play his cards carefully to ensure all pieces fell into place the way he wanted them to.

“Mr Ackerman, I have Mr. Erwin Smith on line two. He says he has a call scheduled with you but I’m not seeing anything on the schedule.”

Levi pressed the button for his private communication system with Mikasa, “Mikasa please transfer him to my line 5 and block any calls for the next 30 minutes.”


Levis phone rang once, “Erwin.”

“Levi, it’s been a while since I heard from you.”

Levi scoffed, “cut the crap Erwin. Has Arlert sent his RSVP?”

Erwin chuckled, “Eager are we? Yes, he sent it in this morning.”

“Perfect,” said Levi as another part of his plan fell into place.

“You sure are making a lot of effort for this one girl,” said Erwin in a nonchalant tone, “why now? Why her? You’ve never been too keen on anyone from the opposite sex before.”

Levi sighed and got himself comfortable in his chair, “she’s different. I knew it the moment Hanji brought her in her first day. I almost hated her for hiring Mikasa.”

“Not into breaking company policies?”

“Of course not, much less when I implemented that policy.”

Erwin remained quiet for a few seconds, “you do realize that she doesn’t think highly of you? And I mean it’s not unwarranted. I’d hate to work for you. You have a horrid temper.”

“I do know that. Thanks for the friendly reminder,” replied Levi bitterly, “it’s why I asked her to go with me to the party in the first place. I want to show her I can be a decent human being.”

“And you’re hoping that her meeting with Arlert results in a job offer,” concluded Erwin.

“Yes, that would mean she would work on editing and writing as she wishes and she wouldn’t be my employee anymore, which would give me the green light to date her.”

“Well, I wish you the best of luck on this. God knows we’d all benefit of you finally having a semblance of a love life.”

“Thanks,” said Levi sarcastically.

“Anytime,” replied an amused Erwin, “I have to hang up. I have a meeting in five. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Ok, bye;” said Levi as he hung up his phone.

He attempted to go back to the paperwork he needed to complete for his big meeting tomorrow but he found that he couldn’t. Too many thoughts about the outcome of the party kept on coming to his mind. With a sigh he turned his chair to face the window and allow himself a moment to enjoy the view of the city.

“This is it,” he said as he turned his gaze to the sky, “she’s the one. I know it. I will make her see that I can treat her right if she gives me a chance.”

With this last though he nodded to himself and went back to work. He knew everything would turn out the way he wished. His gut never failed him.

So when he talks to her next late at night, the conversation had only been at ten minutes long when he said, “Alright Love, I’ve got to cut these shorter. You’re expensive.”

“But,” she had started, and Harry could hear the pout in her voice, “, you’re my favorite call of the night.”

Harry’s heart did this thing that it really shouldn’t with a girl he’s never actually met.

“Okay,” he murmured low, “We can talk for a little longer.”

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Belated hiatus–canon compliant up to 4x15 
Rated: M
Warnings: Reference to suicide/self-harm, implied past suicide attempts

All I can do is promise that there are two planned follow ups, neither of which will come near this level of angst.

You can read below without fun formatting, or with fun formatting on AO3

Day 1

When she wakes up, there’s still blood caked under her fingernails and, before she can remind herself that it’s not his, it’s not real, a wave of nausea overcomes her and she leans over the side of the bed, vomiting on the floor.  A nurse she neither knows nor cares to know places a hand on her back and says her name, but she doesn’t want to hear it.


She tries to sit up, but the nurse holds her back.  He tells her something but she doesn’t listen.  Someone else shouts her name and Daisy comes stumbling into the room.  For the first time, Jemma’s aware enough to know that the nurse is telling Daisy to go back to her own bed, but instead she wraps Jemma in her arms and for a moment, they just sit there and shake.

It takes two hours to convince the nurse that the best place to be is with Fitz. So even when night falls, she sits on the side of his bed, knees pulled into her chest, wide eyes on him.

Day 1

Somewhere, she calls his name.

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HQ Kareshi (Oikawa plus): Oikawa Tooru (Confession)

Kindaichi: Pardon me, I’ll be leaving first

Hanamaki: Oh- be careful on your way home~

Hanamaki: …oh?

Matsukawa: Good work today~

Hanamaki: What? Who are you waiting for? If it’s Oikawa do you want me to call him?

Matsukawa: Oikawa- you’ve got a fan waiting for you

Oikawa: What is it~? You called? Ah!?

Oikawa: Your club activities are already over!?

Hanamaki: !

Oikawa: I’ll be out in a sec so just wait!!

Matsukawa: !

Hanamaki: Oh ho…oh my seriously. So this is the type he likes

Matsukawa: Seriously. I see.

Oikawa: Hey you two! Don’t be so strangely suspicious!

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WHERE IT HURTS; james x mc

my take on the heart’s memory eliminates the bad and amplifies the good. set within book three, after choosing to break up with james.

author’s note: i haven’t written anything in a million years, but hopefully some of you find this enjoyable in some way or other c’: this is my first entry in the choicescreates carnival (so i’m pretty late to the party haha) but this prompt was a ton of fun; thanks @hollyashton​ and @endlessraj​ for hosting!

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Sharing is Caring. (SMUT)

Minato x Shusei x MC threesome smut. Not really sure how this turned out. I like parts of it mainly the before & after the erotic stuff. Their characters are fun to write about. I hope someone enjoys! 

After a successful article I wrote under Minato’s & Shusei’s guidance I decided to invite them out for drinks as token of my appreciation. We arrived at a local bar, a nice relaxing atmosphere. I ordered the first round of beers & downed mine in seconds. I could always, drink beer like it was water. The guys sat there, jaws gaping in shock.
“What? Is there something on my face?”
“Wow, I have never seen a girl drink a beer like that before!” Shusei said still wide-eyed.
“That’s because she’s not a girl!” Minato said with that stupid smirk on his face.
“Hey! I’ll have you know I am ALL woman” I said with a sharp glare in my eyes, directing it to Minato slightly sticking my chest out.
“I believe you,______. I mean you’re so cute, no man could brighten up the office the way you do!” I see Shusei subtly eye my chest but I can’t be mad
at him for staring, I was proud of my breasts, they weren’t too big or too small & I did puff them out on purpose.
“See, Shusei gets it!” I smirked at Minato Triumphant to have made an alliance.
“Hmph, quit trying to get in her boxers!”
“I DO NOT WEAR BOXERS!” I punched Minato on the arm & he recoiled pretending to be hurt.
“You’re so strong, MAN!”
“aha, you two are like two peas in a pod! But I’m here too, don’t leave me out!” Shusei said with a fake pout. God, it was adorable. You shook your head internally thinking how ridiculous you were being for thinking such things & blamed the beer.
“Right, I’ve got a great idea. Since we all have the day off tomorrow, how about we have a drinking contest, right here, right now!”
“Are you sure that’s a good idea, Minato? _____ is but a delicate flower!”
“Hey, women are allowed to drink just as much as men! I bet I could drink you both under the table!” I spit out, a surge of annoyance brewing under my skin.
“So that settles it then…Hey can we get three shots of tequila.”
“Ah man, this is going to get out of hand.” Shusei sighed.
Once the shots were placed in front of us, we counted to three & downed them. We called for another, then another & another & eventually asked for the bartender to just bring us over the bottle.
“Oh man, time out guys, I think we need a breather! I’m gonna go out for a smoke.”
“Oh come on Shusei, you surely can’t be down for the count!” I chimed at him.
Shusei waved his hands at us as he walked to the smoking area.
“So, you ready to give up?” I say to Minato, slamming the shot glass down onto the table.
“In your dreams, pommy” He returns the gesture & pours another shot. “you really are like a guy, y'know that?”
Feeling mischievous & a little drunk, I decided to tease him. I push my chest out again, pout & flutter my eyelashes whilst giving him puppy eyes
“How could you say that to me?” I do my best to sound hurt by his words. His eyes widen & he turns his head away his cheeks slightly pink.
I was surprised I made him flustered, it was something I’d never seen before, it was amusing. I giggle & he snaps his head back to me.
“You really are a pain in the ass, y'know that?”
“isn’t it just good that I can stand my own against you, Boss man?”
He doesn’t answer, he downs the shot he poured.
“You’ve gone quiet, not ready to give up are you?” I say with an ounce of pride thinking he’s caved.
“Woaaaaah, you shouldn’t shout at a lady, Minato! You’ll scare her away” Shusei says walking up behind me placing his hands on my shoulders. The cold of his hands makes me shiver through my shirt, but it felt nice on my warm skin. Minato glares at Shusei from the corner of his eye but doesn’t look at either of us.
“Well isn’t that sexual harassment?”
“Shusei just knows how to handle a WOMAN”
Minato snaps his head up at me & i smirk at him.
“She’s not wrong Minato, you’ve got to be gentle.” Shusei begins to rub my shoulders gently & leans in 

“unless she asks otherwise right, _____?”
I shut my eyes, enjoying the gentle strokes & lean my head against his shoulder eliciting a small groan of appreciation not really paying attention to what he said.
“I bet you’re a complete freak in the bedroom.” Minato spits out at me whilst smirking.
“Probably” Shusei agreed. His hands stopping.
“& why is it you two need to know that information?”
Shusei sits down next to me staring into my face, it makes me blush & i turn my head away only to be met with Minato who has moved from opposite me, to next to me as well.
“Well we are working so closely with each other, surely we should get to know each other better” Shusei whispers in my ear, his breath sending a jolt through my body. Minato stays silent, a mischievous smile playing on his lips, he runs a finger down my arm, barely touching me but just enough to give me goosebumps. I look back & fourth between them, not entirely sure this is real or if they’re just teasing me. Thanks to my drunken state, I can be abrupt & not feel embarrassed about it.
“What, do you guys want a threesome?” As those words left my mouth, I pictured it. Both of these gorgeous guys caressing me, making love to me. I could imagine Minato being rough & Shusei being gentle. Like a perfect contradiction of the two. It was a hot idea, So hot my cheeks flushed again.
“Yeah” they both said in unison. My heart nearly exploded. I wasn’t seriously expecting that answer.
“W-With me?” I managed to stammer out.
“Well of course” Shusei said tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.
“I bet you’re fun to tease” Minato said chuckling. Hardly a reason for a three-way really. Why did they want to…with me…they both have so many female admirers. & I wasn’t really one of them. I mean sure, they were hot but Minato said I was just a “guy” & Shusei was a flirt with all the girls. This is a joke, right? Whilst lost in a train of thought, I’m snapped back to the present when Minato places his warm hand on my left thigh & Shusei put his cooler hand on my right thigh. They both had such big hands but their fingers were slender, but they felt so strong against my bare skin. This was getting crazy, I can’t sleep with two of my superiors…at the same time…could I?
They both start to stroke my thighs in gentle motions. I look between the two of them. Judging my answer on whether I thought they were teasing. Whilst they both had seductive grins plastered on their handsome faces, they both had gentle fire in their eyes. Like they only saw me in that very moment. I was what they both wanted…but were they willing to share me?
Minato pulled my thighs apart slightly now slipping his hand on the inside of my thighs, small circular motions on my skin. Lighting a fire inside of me.I let out a small moan, I knew I gave them an answer, but neither of them did anything else, like they were waiting for consent.
“Are you two alright with sharing?” I grab both their hands & press them against my heat, sending hopefully a seductive smile to each of them. They grinned at each other & called the bartender for the bill.
“My place is round the corner from here” Minato said eagerly more or less throwing his money at the bartender. Shusei gave me a reassuring smile & I nodded. We left the bar & more or less sprinted both of them holding onto one of my hands to Minato’s place none of us wanting to miss the mood. 

As soon as Minato closed the door. Shusei pressed himself up behind me. Hands sliding down my sides while he kissed my neck pulling my ass into his crotch. I closed my eyes as my blood began to pump faster, smalls gasps escaping my mouth. Which suddenly became muffled when Minato’s warm lips covered mine in a passionate kiss. Minato released my lips & ran his hands up to my breasts still staring deep into my eyes.
“Do you touch & kiss all the ‘guys’ like this?” I moan out as he kneads my breast & Shusei’s kisses on my neck turned into a muffled chuckle.
“Shut up or you’ll ruin the mood.” Minato kisses me again, this time more aggressively. Groping my breasts harder as punishment for my sharp tongue.
Shusei bites my neck, sucking hard, I wonder if he’s left a hickey there but under Minato’s hot kiss, his hands on my breasts & Shusei’s hands on my waist I’m not concerned with whether or not he’s leaving a mark for long. I grind my ass into Shusei’s hardened bulge & started to unbutton Minato’s shirt. Minato momentarily stopped kissing me to slid his shirt off his shoulders & in that moment Shusei seized the opportunity to bend me over & grind his hips against my aching core.
“Mmmm..” I moan, letting my hair fall onto my face before seeing a shadow fall above me, I look up to find Minato’s crotch in my face & I immediately cup him through his trousers eliciting a soft groan from his parted lips.
Shusei flips my skirt up over my ass & caresses my soft cheeks before sending two hard slaps on my pale behind leaving bright red hand prints. I yelp & tighten my grip around Minato’s member through his pants steadying myself & let out a breathy moan. I loved being spanked & they both could sense it. Shusei chuckled
“I could tell you were a Masochist”
“& here I thought you’d be the gentle one” I said over my shoulder to Shusei.
He seductively grinned at me sending another hard smack down onto my already red cheek making sure that I knew my predictions were incorrect.
My moan hit Minato in his bulge & he groaned deciding he needed more than just my breath on him.
He unbuckled his belt & undid the button on his jeans, I reach out my hands to pull down his trousers & boxers at the same time, his erect cock almost slapping me in the face. Minato chuckled & pulled my hair out of my face, tugging slightly. Shusei pressed himself harder into my core his grip on my hips tightening & pushing me forward into Minato’s pre-cum leaking member forcing him into my mouth, my tongue lapping at his tip.
“Damn….” Minato moaned his grip in my hair tightening. I moan as the sensation of my hair being pulled & Shusei slamming into my covered sex harder.
I feel the heat from Shusei’s crotch leave me as he replaces it with a warm blow from his mouth, his hands still firmly holding onto my hips.
“How wet is she?” Minato heavily breathed out as he forced more of himself into my mouth, almost hitting the back of my throat.
“She’s soaked & we’ve barely started” Shusei said, I could hear the smirk on his face as he traced his fingers along my wet panties, my hips pushed back into his hand, I groan with my mouth full at his teasing fingers. I reach back with my free hand & grab Shusei’s arm & pull him to stand next to Minato.

 I tilt my head so I’m staring into Shusei’s eyes while continuing to lick up & down Minato’s hot shaft.
“Strip.” I ordered Shusei seeing he still had all his clothes on, who gladly obliged. I got on my knees & continued to please Minato while waiting for Shusei to undress.
“Don’t give your superiors orders, pommy” Minato growled at me & thrust himself all the way into my mouth. I gagged & looked up at him with tears forming at the corners of my eyes.
“Fuck…” Minato groaned looking at me.
“Minato, you’re being selfish. You never did know how to share” Shusei groaned as he grabbed some of my hair & pulled my head away from Minato’s length & straight over to his. & with one quick motion he thrust himself into my mouth. I reach out with my other hand & continued to stroke Minato while bobbing my head up & down on Shusei. Their grunts & my muffled moans echo around the room & I look up to both of them their fiery orbs sending a painful ache between my legs. 

I remove Shusei from my mouth. Still pumping them both with each of my hands.
“I think you’re both being selfish” I said with a cheeky smirk on my face.
Minato & Shusei looked at each other with naughty grins & they pull me up. Shusei rips open my shirt, buttons flew around the room, He then took my bra off with well practised hands. Minato yanked my skirt down & tore my panties in half & flung the remains on the floor. I felt myself get wetter at both of their actions. A little concerned for my now ruined clothes. But they didn’t let me worry about that for long.
Shusei sat on Minato’s couch & motioned me with his eyes to sit on his lap. Shit. This was getting too real. I tried to ignore the ache between my thighs while I weighed up the options of the insane teasing these two would give me at work.
“Your superior is asking you to do something, you’re in no position to defy orders” Minato growls in my ear wrapping his hand around my throat. Oh god, that was new. Why is the pressure around my neck sending jolts right into my core. Suddenly a hard slap lands on my already sore ass cheek.
“fuck” I tried to moan, but it got caught in my throat as Minato put some pressure on my neck.
“Be a good girl ____, now come” Shusei chuckled & motioned with his hands for me to go to him. With Minato’s hand still wrapped around my throat & his other hand now gripping my waist, I made my way to Shusei. Straddling his lap, where Shusei replaced his hands on my waist taking over from Minato.
“fuck…” I moaned before I even knew what happened. Minato plunged two fingers deep into my pussy once I settled on Shusei’s lap. He slowly started to move them at an infuriating but intoxicating, slow pace.


 Shusei wrapped his tongue around my nipple biting gently, gradually getting harder. He snaked his other hand down to my clit & pressed down hard.
“SHUSEI…FU-F-F…” I moaned loud at the sudden pressure on my bundle of nerves, intertwining my fingers in his hair.
Minato sped up his pace & grazed my sweet spot. Shusei still circling my clit with his finger. My moans grew louder as my impending climax came closer but as if they could sense it, to torture me they both slowed their pace back down.  
“Mmmm, M-M-Minato…Shuseii……quit the teasing…just fuck me…” I breathed out onto Shusei’s neck.
“Be a good dog & beg for it, pommy” Minato breathed out onto my neck stilling his movements inside me completely. Shusei stopped too. His impish smile playing on his lips.
“Please Minato, Please Shusei, fuck me, fuck me now.” I whined at them. I needed them inside me. I couldn’t withstand the growing heat inside me. I needed release. I needed their thick cocks plunging into my depths. I heard them both chuckle before feeling Shusei rubbed his tip against my clit briefly then finding my entrance & threading it inside of me.
“Shusei..” My moan muffled as Shusei pressed his mouth to mine his tongue exploring my mouth. He held my hips still, letting me adjust to his impressive size before Minato started to push his also impressive size into my ass. My muffled moans turned into a delicious scream into Shusei’s mouth as Minato stretched my back passage.
“Oh..Fuck…” I’m not sure who said that, but I was so overwhelmed by the throbbing inside me. The pain subsided fast & now all I needed was them to
start moving. I lock my fingers into the back of Shusei’s hair pulling his head back & aggressively biting his bottom lip. I started to move my hips encouraging them to start moving. Minato started thrusting first, Shusei started a second after. They easily started to move in sync sending my insides into a frenzy.
Their grunts fuelling my fire further. It wasn’t long before I came undone. A tsunami of an orgasm washed over me & I screamed both of their names. Their thrusts continuing prolonging my orgasm even further. My body turned into a quivering mess & I could feel the coil in my belly start to unravel again.
Minato pulled me by the scruff of the hair so I was looking back at him. Our eyes met, sparks flying from the eye contact.
“Oh god…Minato”
“That’s right, pommy. Say your master’s name” He sent another stinging slap down onto my ass. I whined at the pain of my sore cheeks. Shusei grabbed me by the chin & made me face him again, I met his gaze, the same gaze Minato had. I didn’t notice his hand move to my clit, where he pinched my bundle of nerves between his finger & thumb.
“Sh-shusei…fu” I clenched around their cocks & both of their breaths hitched as they moaned out several curse words. Their pace increased chasing their own impending release as they sent me into another frenzy of abandoned bliss. My moans, so loud I’m sure Minato’s neighbours across the street could hear.
“Oh fuck…i’m gonna…”
“fuck…me too”
“mmm…cum in me…fuck…oh god…” Three or four thrusts later, Shusei threw his head back as his load filled me. Two more thrusts later Minato gripped my ass tightly as he too released into me. Our bodys sticking to each other. Not ready to break the contact. Our heavy breathing the only sound to be heard.

Minato was the first to pull out from me, I felt his body heat leave me & I wondered where he’d gone but before I could turn around Shusei cupped my cheek & kissed my lips gently & brushed my sweat slicked bangs out of my face & removed himself my entrance. My heart swelled. Seconds later i felt a cold sensation on my pussy & then my ass & yelped
“Jeez, Pommy, quit barking. You’re such a mess, can’t leave my pup mucky” I could have gone without the stupid comment but my heart still smiled at the kind act.
“Well, I think we certainly managed to get to know each other better” Shusei chuckled lifting me off of his lap & next to him on the couch. Minato collapsed onto the sofa next me. All of us in complete state of satisfaction.
“You’re still hardly girl though” Minato sighed through his stupid smirk. Oh he was asking for me to hit him where it hurt. Shusei smirked at Minato’s comment I reached out & stroked their cocks.
“Would you let a guy stroke you like this?” Their growing erections & hoarse moans seemed to tell me the answer neither of them could manage to say.
We spent the rest of the night moving from the living room to his kitchen to his shower till we finally collapsed on his bed in complete rapture after one final round of sharing the love.

The next morning I awoke to unfamiliar surroundings. I stretched my arms before sitting up. I looked to either side of me & immediately the previous nights antics flashed into my mind. My body got hot & my cheeks grew red. To avoid confronting both of their stupid teasing ways for a bit longer I sneak out of the bedroom in search of my clothes.
When I get to the living room I pick up my tattered clothing. There was no way I could go home in these clothes. My blouse no longer had buttons & well my panties we just a strip of material now. Next to the heap of material that once was my clothes was Minato’s boxers & Shusei’s shirt. I decided to throw those on while I made their breakfast. I could figure out a plan for my clothes after a hearty meal. I was starving after the night we had. So I was certain they would be too.
Just as I finished making breakfast Minato & Shusei appeared in the kitchen.
“Pommy, what are you doing?” Both their eyes scanned me from head to toe, then the plates in my hand.
“Oh my, this is like a dream come true, a cute girl cooking me breakfast in my shirt” Shusei says with a huge grin on his face.
“Gotta admit pommy, you look good in my boxers” Minato gives me his confident smirk.
My face flushed bright red & I quickly ushered them to the dining table to eat to hide my embarrassment. We ate breakfast together, without a hint of awkwardness which I was positive there was going to be. Once the plates were cleared away I asked them what to do about my clothes.
“I could lend you a hoody?” Minato shrugged.
“That doesn’t solve the problem of walking home without any underwear on…”
“borrow some boxers too?” Shusei covers his mouth to stifle a laugh
“You’d love that wouldn’t you, Minato”
Minato & Shusei giggle like school boys as I stand & pout at them.
“Okay…haha…okay, how about you just don’t go home & we keep you here as my faithful pet pommy?”
“Seriously? That’s your solution, in case you’d forgotten I have a job I’d like to keep”
“Are you still barking?”
“Now, now you two, how about we worry about that later. We still have the rest of the day to think of solution” Shusei smirks at Minato as if it was some secret language Minato’s frown turned into a sly grin. My body tingled from anticipation as the both took a few steps towards me. I didn’t leave Minato’s apartment till the late evening. In the end, Minato got his way & I did the walk of shame wearing his boxers.