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⇁ nudes, not flowers | 02

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pairing⇁Hoseok x Reader x Jungkook

genre⇁smut || fuckboi!au

warnings⇁voyeurism + exhibitionism, dom!junghope, power play?, dirty talk!!!, jealousy, demeaning names during sex, the threesome, & probably other warnings byE 

word count⇁10.4k 

You’re not supposed to fall for Jung Hoseok and his repertoire of awful pick-up lines—but you do. The problem is: he’s afraid of commitment, and bolts at the idea of settling down. After that, you decide to stay far away from fuckboys, but his friend decides to test your new found resolutions.

or : Jungkook wants to see how far he can push Hoseok until he snaps

 ⇁  01 | 02 (final)  sequel

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this is pretty rushed and its A BIT too late for this to be a 5/20 drawing but i love narancia and i hope he had a good birthday wherever he is <3

🔺bastille emojis🔺

🎵When did you hear your first song by them? What was it?

⛺️Have you seen them live?

🎧What do you like about them and their music?

💿Favorite album?

🌎Favorite song from Wild World

🗣Favorite song to sing along to?

📼Favorite song off the mixtapes?

📀Favorite cover?

👤If you could only meet one member who’d you choose and why?

👀Craziest or weirdest thing you’ve done as a fan? 

💔Most underrated song?

🚫Most overrated song?

🛒How much of their merch do you own?

📸Post your favorite photo of each member. (or your fav of them all together)

🎸Favorite song to hear live?

🎻Favorite acoustic song?

📝Favorite interview?

💕Which member do you relate to the most?

📽Favorite music video?

🎡If you got to spend the day with the band what would you want to do?

🎶Favorite song from Bad Blood?

🥊Which member do you want to punch you in the face?

💘Which member do you want to punch in the face with love and kindness?

💞Would you rather smother them with affection and hugs or them smother you dead?

🤝Would you hold dan so he can stop asking about it in his songs? 

🖕🏻If dan gave you the middle finger how much better would that make your day on a scale from incredibly better to blessed?

The Fitting (Part 12)

(You respond to Jungkook’s request that you start dating for real.)

WARNINGS: 8500 words of angst.  That is all.

The message notification on your phone jolted you awake and nearly caused you to fall out of bed.  You were lying right at the edge of the mattress with Jungkook’s body pressed tightly against your back.  When you first fell asleep, you were both lying in the center of the large bed, but as the night wore on, you would roll an inch away from him to sleep more comfortably and give yourself some breathing room.  Although he was sound asleep, Jungkook somehow sensed your movement away from him and his body would immediately close the gap between the two of you until, eventually, there was no more room left to move.

Carefully, you slipped out of bed, grabbed your phone, and headed towards the bathroom.  As expected, the text message was from your cousin checking up on your date last night.

10:17am (Seulji)  How did it go?  Was it fun?  Did you fall in love with him yet?

10:20am (You)  It went fine, he’s a fun guy but it’s just not the right time for me.

10:21am (Seulji) What?  Why?  I need details.

Details.  You wondered if he would tell your cousin about the fact that you were seeing someone else or if he would just let it go.  You didn’t even want to think about the conversation you would have to have with Seulji once she found out that you had another man all along.

10:23am (You) I have to jump in the shower right now.  I’ll talk to you about it later.

You set the phone, face down, on the counter and could hear two more messages come through but you didn’t bother looking.  Instead you turned on the water extra hot and stepped into the steaming shower, hoping to wash off your lingering guilt.

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Don't Clean up after Dinner like you Promised?

The rule in my house is the person that cooks, does not do the clean up after dinner.  That falls to everyone else in the house.  

So today, I spent a couple of hours putting together Jamie Oliver’s “Kinda Spaghetti Bolognese”, which my wife absolutely loves.  

My wife decides that she is going to call her parents tonight immediately after dinner, which almost never happens on Saturdays, but oh well.  They can talk for a couple of hours, so I go ahead and clean up.

She ends the call with her parents when I’m about halfway through clean up, but she goes in and reads a book to on of our boys.  

So I finish the clean up.  

Just then the load of non-dryable clothes finish in the washer.  All of this load is HER stuff.  Things like stockings, bras and the like.   We have two drying racks mounted on the wall.  One above the other. The top rack is a good 7 feet off the floor and my 5'4" wife is unable to reach clothes hung on the back of the top rack.

Which is EXACTLY where all of her bras went.

Oh and she’s out of bras too, she will have to attempt to get one down tomorrow morning.


K A I R O S | 01 |


(n.) the perfect, delicate, crucial moment; the fleeting rightness of time and place that creates the opportune atmosphere for action, words, or movement

An arranged marriage AU. 

Paring: OT7.
Genre: fluff, angst, a lot of suggestive parts and eventual smut.
Word count: 3 352

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“But mom, I’m not going to live with a bunch of strangers-!”

“I had the maids pack your things last night, your bags are outside.”


Cliche is underrated. 

Especially when you just got kicked out of your own house by your ever so loving parents to stay with seven boys you’ve only heard notorious things about.

Oh, and you’re supposed to pick one to marry by the end of next month.

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Forgotten (Jughead Jones)

Warning ⚠️: Physical abuse, Spoilers of episode 6 and swearing

You and Jug were friends before Archie and him got into a fight, so you were the only thing he could rely on, when they stopped being friends you had to pick a side and of course you picked Jughead’s.

You guys became inseparable and you developed a crush on Jug with time, but unlike Betty and Archie, you decided to throw your feelings away because you knew as a matter of fact Jug didn’t liked you back, so why would you bother?.

Now in sophomore year, Jug and you seemed to drift apart, especially with him being on the school newspaper, no matter if he was doing that or writing his book Betty was always with him, but when they kissed.

That’s when you realized you were actually in love with Jughead but also you realized that you might’ve lost your best friend for ever

She replaced you, and Jughead didn’t even notice.

Your dad was an alcoholic who bet the crap out of you, and only Jughead knew about it.

“You little rat” your dad shuttered drunkenly as he threw a cristal bottle in your direction, the shattered pieces scratched your skin, your blood falling to the floor. “I’m so sick of you” he said and punched you right on the cheekbone, the pain flowing all over your body as he threw you to the ground and kept hitting you mercilessly.

You squirmed around, screaming and crying begging him to stop, he pushed you to the counter away from him, you hit your back against the wood loudly as he reached for his gun, pointing it right at your head from the distance.

Your eyes opened widely as she put her shaking hands in the air as a sign of surrender “Dad…” you called him in a whisper “Please, put the gun down” you shuttered as calmly as you could, but your father pulled the trigger and you closed your eyes shut, and you opened them again, realizing he missed and passed out because of the alcohol.

You didn’t twice before running back to your bedroom, you grabbed a bag and put some stuff in there, clothes, money, your phone, anything that could be useful. When your bag was done you left the house and hide on a cheap motel near.

The day after your father reported you missing, and of course everyone at school found out. Jughead felt responsible for your disappearance.

He ignored you and his mind couldn’t stop thinking of the worst escenarios possible. What if you were dead?

His heart sunk.

It would be his fault, because he wasn’t there when you most needed him.

That was why when he heard you went missing he didn’t think twice before going after you “Juggy!” Betty said coming after him, he turned around “Were are you going?” She asked

“I’m sorry, I have to look for her, if something happens to her it would be my fault” he urged and Betty looked at Jughead with sweetness
“Let me come with you” she said but Jughead stopped her
“No Betty, I have to do this alone” he stated and she nodded letting him leave

He looked around Riverdale, because he knew that you would never leave without him, no matter how bad things were between you two. Then he remembered the little cheap hotel were you both stayed when they closed the In and Out movies.

You had to be there, you had to be okay.

He entered the place completely nervous, practically throwing himself to the receptionist who looked at him weirdly “Have you seen a girl with H/C hair and E/C eyes?” He asked hopefully and the receptionist looked at him before sighing

“Room 620, here’s the other key” she said handing the key over to Jughead who smiled widely

“Thank you!” He said before running away to the room. He put the key on the lock, the door opened almost immediately. When he saw you a weight was lifted off his shoulders “Y/N! You’re…” he beamed but soon stopped when he noticed your bruises and scratches

“Oh wow, you remember my name, yay me!” You exclaimed sarcastically turning your attention back to the tv, ignoring Jughead’s confused expression as he walked over to you

“What do you mean? Y/N you’re my best friend!” He said in disbelief and you stood up facing Jughead

“Am I? Because now you seem pretty cozy with your new girlfriend Betty or whatever the hell she is!” You spat “

I had a gun pointed at my fucking head Jughead!” His eyes opened widely
“I was this close to be buried 6 feet on the ground like Jason but you didn’t knew because you were too busy making out with Betty!” By now you were screaming, Jughead was silent

“Y/N…” he whispered coming closer
“Shut up” you cut him off
“Just listen!” He pleaded

“JUST SHUT UP” you yelled at him making him flicker slightly “Don’t worry, I’ll come back to school tomorrow and let you know when I’m about to die” she said the last thing sarcastically

“It would be something like ‘He Jug, guess what? I’m dead! But I hope you have a good day anyway’ how about that?” she said with fake happiness

“Stop joking about something like that!” He yelled coming closer to you, he was furious “Stop thinking that I don’t care! Because I do, more than you know” he said looking hurt about his friend’s words

“I care about you more than I do or ever did about anyone” he confessed grabbing her by the arms as he looked into her eyes

“Even Archie?” She asked
“Hell I even care more about you than Betty!” He scoffed jokingly, but both of you knew that he was serious, you both laughed at his comment, but then there was a silence and you couldn’t help but stare at his thin pink lips and he also stared at yours.

You looked at each other and started to slowly lean in, looking between your eyes and lips and when you were inches away from kissing you spoke “What are we doing?” You asked, your hot breath hitting his mouth

“I don’t know or care” he whispered back finally locking your lips with his, the butterflies on your stomach were unstoppable, and Jughead slipped his hand on your waist to pull you close slowly.

You both knew it was bad, but you’ll figure it out, you always do.

third time's the charm

prompt:  Idea: You’re at your locker a few minutes before homeroom. Peter walks up behind you and taps you on the shoulder. This takes you by surprise and you jump and drop your books meanwhile he catches them mid air. (You can come up with the conversation idea and all cutie cutie sweet bits but there’s a start.)

thank you to @lexiestevens12 for the request.

excuse any errors

also, this is not part of the 100 imagine challenge thing

im currently making a masterlist so look for that soon.

You groaned dramatically, falling into your seat. (Your/Friend’s/Name) chuckled a little and looked over at you. “What’s the matter this time, (Y/N)?”

   Sighing, you sat back in your chair. “Peter is literally ignoring me. I get his Stark Internship is busy, but… why won’t he talk to me?” You paused, sighing. You knew about the whole ‘Spider-Man’ thing. You found out the same night as Ned. You hoped that wasn’t why. “It’s like I smell, (Y/F/N). Do I stink?” You asked. They leaned over to smell and made a face.

   “Is that perfume?” They asked.

   “Does it smell bad?” You asked quickly, hoping it didn’t make you smell like an old lady.

   They shook their head. “No, you smell fine, you just never wear perfume. Or brush your hair. Peter must be one hell of a guy.”

   You frowned and hit them. “I really like him, but I can’t get his attention long enough to even ask him on a third date. Wait… Shouldn’t he ask me? What if he doesn’t like me anymore? Oh God, (Y/F/N)-”

   They grabbed your hands. “Calm down. He likes you. I know it because who asked you out the first two times? I don’t think he would if he didn’t. Plus, he texts you all the time and when you don’t reply he asks if you’re okay.”

   A small frown came to your face. “Yeah, not anymore! He barely responds. He’s so… confusing!”

   Unbeknownst to you, Ned was listening the whole time and his mind was racing. Why did Peter talk about you for months to him just to drop you? He wasn’t having it. Even if he had the whole Spider-Man thing going on, Ned wasn’t gonna let Peter screw up his one chance to have a girl. He walked to where the academic decathlon practice was being held, and dramatically pushed open the double doors. “Peter Parker, may I have a word?” Ned said loudly, making a complete fool of himself.

   Peter looked up and smirked, hitting the bell on the table. “False.”

   Mr. Harrison sighed. “No using the bell for comedic purposes.”

   Peter stepped down from where the tables were set up and approached his friend. “What’s the matter? You seem mad.”

   Ned rolled his eyes. “Yes, Peter, I am mad. I’m mad that you’re standing up (Y/N)!”

   Flash gasped sarcastically. “That means I can have her?”

   Peter glared at Flash before turning back to Ned. “I am not standing her up. Why would you think that?”

   “Because she was talking to her friend and said you weren’t talking to her anymore,” Ned said.

   Peter frowned. It hit him that he hadn’t texted you, or even talked to you since last Monday. “Oh, my God. She hates me. What am I going to do?”

   Michelle looked up. “Maybe you should, I dunno, talk to her?”

   He nodded. “I will do that.” Peter picked up his jacket and backpack, walking out of the room.

   Liz sighed. “Practice wasn’t even over yet.”

   Peter walked through the halls briskly, finding your study hall room soon enough. He tapped on the glass window of the small classroom. The tap got the attention of your friend, who leaned over and tapped you. You glanced up at your friend, confused until they pointed to a very familiar brown-haired boy behind the glass. A smile came to your face before you could stop it, but you replaced it with a frown. He was ignoring you and now he wanted to talk? You shook your head, leaning back in your chair and crossing our arms. You saw your friend shrug to him out of the corner of your eye but ignored it.

   The bell rang as the last period of the day came to an end. You gathered your belongings and walked to your locker, entering your combination and opening the small metal door. You held about five books until someone tapped you on the shoulder. You jumped, the books tumbling to the ground. Well, they were until Peter caught them. “How did you do that?” You asked, looking at him. He caught them really quickly, seemingly impossible, but he did.

   He shrugged, a small, nervous smile coming to his face. “Reflexes?” He offered, handing your books back to you. You took them, placing them in your locker and shutting it.    When you turned back, Peter was still there. “Oh, now you want to talk to me, huh?”    He flinched a little as if your words physically hurt him. “Look (Y/N), I’m sorry. I truly am, I didn’t mean to push you away. The decathlon was stressing me out, and you know I have other things too-”

   “It’s okay. I get it Mr. S-Man.” You interjected, a hint of a smile on your face. “I forgive you.”

   “Good,” Peter smiled. “Because I want to take you on a third date. Tomorrow night at 8. It’s not far so we can walk there.”

   You grinned, nodding. “Sounds like a plan, Parker.” You kissed his cheek and headed off to your bus.

   The next night, you stood in your room looking into the mirror. You decided elegantly casual would be appropriate attire since you were walking there. A nice flannel and skinny jeans, and some nice flats. You hoped it was enough. The doorbell rang at 7:56. Your stomach started to do flips as you practically skipped over to the door to answer it. Peter looked the same as you: a red sweater over a flannel and beige pants. His hair was neatly combed, as always. He gave you a quick hug, and then glanced at your outfit.

   He smiled. “You look great.”

   You blushed a little and grabbed your phone off the charger on the counter. “Ready?”

   Peter nodded, picking up a basket he had laid on the ground to hug you. He led you to a small park near your house and stopped under a cherry blossom tree. Bunches of pink flower petals covered the ground around the tall tree, making it seem as if the grass was green and pink. He made you close your eyes while he set up the ‘date.’

   “Alright, you can open your eyes now.” He said. You opened your eyes to see a blanket laid out on the grass, fake candles resting on the four corners. Food laid on small plates beside the blanket. “Sorry, it isn’t much.” He mumbled sheepishly.

   You were grinning from ear to ear. “It’s perfect, Peter, really. I love it.” You said as you sat down.

   He smiled and sat down as well, sharing various foods with you. Soon enough, the stars were out and you both decided to do a bit of stargazing. Peter pointed up at a cluster of stars. “That’s Cygnus. The myth says he and his friend were racing chariots, and the ended up too close to the sun and they both fell. His friend fell into the river, but Cygnus couldn’t swim so he asked Zeus to turn him into a swan and saved his life. Zeus said this was so brave, that when the swan died, he let it live among the stars. It’s one my favorites.”

   You smiled. “It sounds like what Spider-Man does.”

   Peter smiled and looked over at you, gently poking your cheek. “I have a very important question.”

   You chuckled, turning to look at him. “Hit me, Parker.”

   He sat up, gently taking your hand and sitting you up as well. You noticed his hand was a bit sweaty. He was nervous. That was probably why he poked your cheek. “Would you… Like to be… my… g-girlfriend, (Y/N)?”

   A grin appeared on your face almost immediately. “Of course. If you promise to actually text me back now.”

   He chuckled nervously. “I can’t promise always but I will try.”

   Your heart seemed to melt. He wasn’t even trying to be cute, but he was. Peter glanced down at your lips, then back up to your eyes. You nodded your head a bit. He leaned in and pressed a kiss on your lips gently. You kissed back, smiling when he pulled away.

   “I have a proposal.” You said, poking his cheek like he did earlier.

   “Hmm?” He hummed, a small, content smile on his face.

   “How about, so we avoid being disconnected, we have at least one date every month.” You offered, twirling a lock of his hair in your fingertips.

   “That sounds wonderful,” Peter said, and you grinned, pressing a kiss to his forehead.

   You snorted, a thought coming to your head as you pulled away.

   “What?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.

   “Does this mean I’m Spider-Woman now?”


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words: 1450

posted on august 1st, 2017

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I didnt realize you werent accepting questions so Im glad I didnt send one. But I hope youre doing okay.

That was very kind. Thank you, anon.

I’m doing okay. I had the last week off of work and desperately needed it. Burnout is a serious problem in my field and I think I was dangerously close to succumbing to it. When I’m back tomorrow, I plan on stepping down from a committee to try to stave it off a little longer.

I don’t want to give too much information to thousands of strangers, but learning to become a person at 28 isn’t very easy. It’s worth it, though. So whatever challenge you have ahead of you, or whatever past demons you’ve yet to face, know that other people have been there before you. You’re not alone and you’ll get somewhere better by going through things. Take it at your own pace and be good to yourself and others.

@des-zimbits has been talking about Jack doing various arts and crafts and I just… 

Jack never does perfect the art of making pie lattices. But Bitty shows him how to make and decorate chocolates, and how to pipe chocolate to decorate other things, and then he ends up watching videos on YouTube, and one thing leads to another. 

Anyways, Jack totally spends half days during the off season at the bakery, chocolates and various decorative whatnots. 

He comes home from the last game the Falconers play in the playoffs frustrated and tired. Bitty makes him eat something, shower, all that good stuff, and when they’re sliding into bed, Bitty says “oh, and we’re expecting you tomorrow. We have an order placed for way too many chocolates and we’re going to need your hands”.

And okay, it’s not playing in the playoffs, it’s not having a team leaning on him to play well, it’s not the pressure - but it’s something to do that he’s good at and it’s being needed

Jughead’s Jacket

Title: Jughead’s Jacket
Chapter: 1/1
Words: 1.6 k
Pairing: Jughead x reader
Summary: A sleepover at Veronica’s leads to a sleepover at Jughead’s.
Notes: Requested by anonymous. Fluff only.

Originally posted by flying-bomb

A knot forms in your stomach as you finish packing for a sleepover at Veronica’s. Friday nights are usually reserved as gaming nights with Jughead. You pull on your Ugg boots and run a hand through your hair. Jughead had said he didn’t mind, but you definitely did. You would be lying if you had said that you didn’t have some sort of feelings for Jughead.

“Y/N,” Your mom yells from the bottom of the stairs, “when are you leaving?” You look in your mirror one last time. You gloss your lips and grab your bag.

“Now, mom!” You yell. You turn your room light off, slide down the stair’s banister. Your mom gives you a disapproving look.

“You’re going to get hurt one of these days.” She shakes her head.

“I’ve been doing it for years, mom. I’m fine.” You scoff. You stumble into the front door and yelp. The doorbell rings.

“Karma.” Your mom smirks before going into the kitchen. You stick out your tongue and compose yourself before answering the door.


“Hey, Y/N.” Jughead smiles down at you.

“Juggy, hey! What are you doing here?” Your eyebrows furrow.

“I was going to walk you to Veronica’s. Is that alright?”

“Perfect! I need to tell my mom that I’m leaving then we can head out. Come in while I find her.” You step out of the doorway. The smell of fresh baked cookies drifts in through the kitchen. “Mom, I’m leaving.” You pick up a cookie from the tray and drop it.

“They just came out the over, they’re hot. Also, do you need to borrow the car?” You grab a ziploc bag and fill it with fresh cookies.

“Nah, Jughead is here and said he’ll walk me there.” Your mom smiles knowingly at you.

“You’ve been spending a lot of time with him lately. Is something going on with you two?” You groan and blush.

“Mom,” you whine, “he’s going to hear you!”

“Alright, alright. I’ll be quiet.” She laughs.

“Thank you.” You huff. You zip up the bag of cookies. “I love you, I’ll text you when I’m at Ronnie’s.”

“Okay, dear!” Your mom kisses your hair.

Jughead is sitting on the stairs when you walk back into the living room. He stands up; you hand the bag of cookies to him.

“They’re fresh,” You say.

“Thanks.” He smiles and you practically melt. He holds the front door for you. The cold air cuts through your sweater and you shiver.

“Again, I’m really sorry that our plans were ruined.” You chew your lip. Another gust of wind blows and you regret wearing a beanie or a jacket with a hoodie.

“Don’t worry about it. You already spend a lot of time with me, so I’m willing to share you for one night with Betty and Veronica.” Your heart skips a beat and you nervously laugh. “Are you cold?” He looks down at your shivering figure.

“Yeah, but I’m fine.” You shrug, rubbing your arms. He takes off his leather jacket and drapes it over your shoulders. You eagerly slide your arms through the sleeves.

“You didn’t have to do that, but thank you.” You’re surprised by the action. Jughead protects his Serpent’s jacket just as much as he does his beanie. He rarely takes it off.

“I wanted to.” Your hands bury in the worn leather pockets.

“I know the real reason you wanted me to go to Veronica’s tonight,” you say, a smirk tugging at your lips.

“Oh yeah?” Jughead raises an eyebrow.

“You didn’t want to get your ass kicked in PVP again.”

“That was one time.” He laughs, you join in.

“No, you beat me one time.” You scoff. He bumps you lightly with his shoulder.

“Okay, sure.”

You two walk in comfortable silence the rest of the way to Veronica’s house. Jughead thanks you again for the cookies and you thank him for walking you. He waves as he walks back the way you two came. You ring the doorbell, not realizing you still have his jacket. Veronica opens the door.

“Welcome to the most amazing sleepover of your life.” Ronnie smiles. You admire her outfit, even at her house she was dressed to perfection. She leads you to her room where you toss your stuff to your floor. You pull out your phone and lay on her bed on your stomach.

Veronica gasps. “Oh my gosh, Y/N. You’re wearing Jughead’s jacket. I didn’t know you two are an item.” You blush as you realize you’re still wearing it.

“We’re not.”

“Oh come on. When I started wearing Archie’s letterman jacket, it meant we were a couple. I’m willing to bet he likes you.” Veronica reapplies a thin layer of lip balm.

“What are we talking about?” Betty asks walking in and sitting beside you.

“Y/N is wearing Jughead’s South Side Serpent’s jacket.” Betty’s mouth drops, her eyes go straight to the jacket.

“I was cold, it’s no big deal.” You blush under their smiles.

“No big deal, sure. Except you’ve been crushing on him, and now you’re wearing his jacket,” Betty says.

“He’s my best friend guys.” You sigh and sit up. “Can we just get off the topic?”

“Of course,” Veronica says.

You all pile up and eat pizza on Veronica’s bed. After watching Mean Girls, Veronica insists you three play truth or dare.

“Truth or dare, Y/N?” Veronica asks.

“Dare,” you say bravely. You can usually handle these girls tricks.

“I dare you to take Jughead’s jacket back to him, right now.”

“Ronnie, it’s 11 pm.” Betty rationalizes. You don’t break your stare with Veronica.

“No, it’s okay. I’ll do it.” You pull your boots back on.

The air has gotten colder since when you first arrived at Veronica’s house. Jughead’s jacket barely keeps the whipping cold out. The thirty minute walk freezes your hands and your legs. Your jeans offer no protection to the winter wind. F.P’s trailer comes into view and you jog up the steps to the front door. You knock quickly. There’s shuffling inside and the door swings open.

“Y/N? What are you doing here? I thought you had a sleepover with Veronica and Betty.” Jughead motions for you to come inside. He shuts the door behind you.

“I was, but I realized I still had your jacket. I came to return it.” You slide the leather jacket off and hold it out to him. He looks at you curiously before taking it and tossing it on the arm of his couch.

“Thanks,” he says.

“No problem.” Your phone dings. You pull it out to see a text from Veronica.

“Are you there?”

You type back, “yes.”

“Can I sit down?” You look up at Jughead whose focus is trained on the floor. He meets your gaze and nods.

“Yeah, sure. Do you want to watch a movie?” He sits down beside you.

“What’s on?” He flips through the channel guide. Mostly late night infomercials are on, but there are a few channels with movies worth watching.

“Jeepers Creepers 2 is on.”

“I hate horror movies.” You scrunch your nose. Wind howls outside the house.

“Yet you will play Slenderman and Five Nights at Freddy’s.”

“Correction, I watch people play Five Nights at Freddy’s because jumpscares are terrifying, and I couldn’t handle playing it.”

“Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas is on.”

“Yes, please.” You read the title of the movie.

“Really? Holiday in Handcuffs?” Jughead scoffs.

“We can make fun of it together. If you don’t mind me staying for a while.” You pull a blanket off the back of his couch.

“I don’t. Are you still cold?”

“Just a little.” You nod, turning your focus to the beginning credits of the movie. You pull the blanket up to your shoulders and focus on the beginning.

“She kidnaps him? Talk about desperate.”

“She did what she had to do, Juggy.” You shrug. Jughead yawns, it’s midnight already.

“It’s really late, do you want me to go?” You look over at him. He looks tired. He stifles another yawn.

“Even if you leave, there’s no guarantee that I will sleep. You should just stay.”

You nod and yawn. Your eyes get heavy as the movie starts going off. You wake up to the feeling of hands in your hair. You tense up realizing it’s Jughead’s hands that are running through your hair, and that it’s Jughead’s lap that your head is resting in.

“You were right about the movie,” He says when you open your eyes.

“You watched the whole thing?” You stare up at him.

“Yeah. I actually got into it, surprisingly.” He laughs and brushes hair off your face. You blush.

“I think I have a crush on you,” you whisper.

“That’s good, because I think I have a crush on you too.” Your eyes widen at his words.

“That’s really good. Does this mean I can wear your jacket now?” Your eyes light up.

“Yes, you can wear my jacket now.” He chuckles.

“The girls are going to freak,” you say excitedly.

“How about we keep it a secret until tomorrow. Let’s enjoy it for now.”

“By enjoy it, do you mean cuddle and sleep? Because i’m still tired.” He nods.

You sit up slightly so he can lie down beside you. You rest your head on his chest and pull the blanket over both of you. Jughead turns off the t.v. Darkness and silence cover the both of you. And even though you have never been too fond of the dark, you feel safe and protected because of Jughead.

“Goodnight, Juggy.”

“Goodnight, Y/N.”

All Better

DisraeliGears sent me this prompt ages ago: Jack is having a shit day. I mean a REAL shit day. He’s out for a game with a cracked rib, his freezer peed all over the floor overnight, his run was terrible and he ate the last piece of pie yesterday. If only there was someone to cheer him up… Happy birthday, @disraeligearsgoestumblin! I hope you have an amazing special day! xoxo

Jack would have to be out for a few games. Three tops, the doctor had said. Thankfully, his rib wasn’t cracked just bruised to hell and back. And it wasn’t even a check from the Preds. It was just a badly timed run in with Tater. Jack felt stupid, he was tired, hungry, angry, and was ready for this terrible, no good night to end.

He stumbled into his apartment, and flicked on the hallway light, wincing at the pain.

Jack hung his jacket up and walked toward the kitchen. If he drank, right now would be the portion of the evening where Jack would pour himself a scotch and throw it back. But he didn’t, so he couldn’t.

Instead, he’d have a slice of Bitty’s pie. That would do it. But then, damn it all to hell, he remembered he finished it the night before. Shit. Fine. A glass of milk, a bag of frozen peas for his side, and then off to bed.

Jack walked over to the fridge, opened it, and the light didn’t go on. He closed the door and opened it again, hoping it would magically fix itself. It didn’t, and when he put his hand in the fridge it was nowhere near cold.

“What the hell?”

Jack looked at the back of the fridge and noticed it was unplugged. It had to have been the cleaning lady, or gremlins, or just the universe telling him it hated him.

He plugged the fridge back in, and slammed the door shut. So much for the milk, the peas, the everything.

Just then his phone rang. It was Bitty.

“Sweetheart? I was in the library finishing up a paper – like you told me to – and I just saw the clip.”


“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine Bits.”

“Really? You don’t sound fine.”

Jack then sighed shakily, and knew he didn’t have to put up a brave face for Bitty. He knew he could just be.

“Bits, this day… it fucking sucked.”

“Oh no,” Bitty said, Jack hearing the concern in his voice.

“I smashed my finger this morning with a barbell. Then I was going to make my pre-game PBJ and the damn bread was moldy. I crashed into Tater and bruised my rib, basically looking like a damn moron in front of the entire arena. Then I came home, my fridge was unplugged, and now all my food is spoiled – and I had gone groceries yesterday. And then, I realized I ate all the damn pie, Bitty! There isn’t any!”

Bitty chuckled softly. “Oh, sweetheart. It sounds like you had a pretty rough day, huh?”

Jack felt his face burn.

Crisse, now that I hear myself I sound like a big baby.”

“No. Not at all. Can I do anything for you?”

“No… I’m just gonna go to bed. I’ll deal with the fridge and whatever, tomorrow. I’m just exhausted.”

“Are you sure?”

Jack bit his bottom lip. What he really wanted was to hold Bitty, and breathe in the scent of his hair, to snuggle in bed and have Bitty whisper calming words in his ear. With Bitty everything just felt better. No matter how awful things were.

“Yeah, I’m sure. It’s late, bud. We should go to bed. Call me tomorrow when you have a moment?”

“Of course, sweet pea. I love you.”

“I love you, too, Bits.”

How Jack loved his Bitty. So, so much.


“Good night.”


Jack had dozed off on the couch watching a baking show when he heard keys in the lock. (His preference for baking shows had grown exponentially since he had been with Bitty. Jack found they comforted him.)

Bitty came in, toed off his shoes, and walked toward Jack.


“Hey, you,” Bitty said as he put down his bags and bent down to kiss Jack.

“What are you doing here?”

“I took a Lyft. I come bearing sustenance, and pie,” he said brightly.

Jack’s heart clenched. This boy.

“But don’t you have class tomorrow?”

“At 11:00. It’ll be fine. Right now, I just want to take care of you.”

Jack could feel a prickling in the back of his throat, and smiled as he watched Bitty get up and take the bags to the kitchen. He unloaded some dishes, put them in the fridge, took out a pie and cut a slice.

Jack would never tire of seeing Bitty move though his kitchen as though he was born to be there.

“Scoot over, mister,” Bitty said as he returned with plate of pie.

Jack moved over slowly, and grinned as Bitty held a forkful of pie to his mouth.


Jack obeyed and let Bitty feed him.

“There,” Bitty said, almost a whisper, “All better.”

Jack nodded.

It was. It really was all better.

I Am Too

Hello! I have not written anything in a long time (since 2013 rip) but I could not stay away from H so here is something I came up with. Hope ya’ll enjoy. 


The gathering with your friends had been going on for a couple of hours now and since you had a meeting earlier that day you were feeling a little more tired than you’d liked. You were sat at the edge of one the couches while drinking something that was more ice than anything. You were brought back into the room when you suddenly felt the weight of the couch tilt. 

“You’ve been sitting in this couch for the past hour. Is everything alright?” asked Harry while handing you a drink that had the perfect amount of ice cubes and liquor.

“Yeah, I’m just tired. Wish this wasn’t happening on a Tuesday honestly” you stated while Harry chuckled. 

You were always the one to go to sleep first between you both and probably all of your friends. He wouldn’t mind it if you also weren’t the first one to wake up. He liked seeing you calm and quiet in the mornings but you were always out of bed before he could rub the sleep from his eyes. 

You and Harry had been seeing each other for the past few weeks but no one knew about it. There was a few people in your close friend group that knew you guys had hooked up in the past but nothing too serious. Due to some recent events, you decided to see what your relationship could flourish into but you did not want to break the news to your friends. Not yet, at least. And based on the last couple gatherings, your friends had no clue. 

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radar love, pt. 1

Now Playing: No Matter What by Badfinger

For the most part, work had been easy today. It got a little busier in the morning, but the diner always seemed to slow down late at night. Sara had recently gotten hired as a waitress in the quaint dinner off the main road. She was often accompanied by the head chef, Eric, and the cashier, Jasmine, who often filled in as a waitress as well. Sara’s boss was a little strict, but at least she was getting along with the other employee in the diner. “Aren’t you suppose to be home right now?” Asked a voice from the kitchen. Sara spun around and saw Jasmine standing there, a puzzled look plastered among her face.

“Yeah, though I kind of got carried away with cleaning the tables.” Sara replied, a soft laugh falling from her lips. This earned her a shrug from the other woman as she continued on with her business. It was probably best if Sara headed home and got some sleep, because although her work hours were wonky, she knew she had an early shift tomorrow. Throwing a cleaning rag over her shoulder, the brunette headed for the door but was immediately stopped when someone opened it before she did. Of course, just when she was about to clock out, they had another customer.

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anonymous asked:

hello! May I ask for an ItaSaku fic where Sakura is a model, & Itachi's her assistant? Thanks~ >u<

title Model Behavior
summary The pay is nice but, like…. there’s so much butt glue…
pairing itasaku (duh-doy)

“Read me my schedule?”

“You’ve got that jeans shoot at 10 today. An interview with Nylon at 2 plus the cover shoot. And then there’s that meeting with the CEO at 7.”

As she listened, Sakura drew a sweeping line above her lashes. She rubbed at a smudge with her thumb. When she looked up, she saw Itachi’s reflection in the doorway. 

“Is that last meeting for dinner?” she asked. Itachi didn’t respond, so she wrinkled her nose. Sighing, she picked up her jacket. Draping it over her shoulders, she glanced down at her smartwatch. 

“Did you remember to-”

“I scheduled your facial for 11 tomorrow,” Itachi confirmed. He glanced up from his tablet, leaning against the doorframe.

“Don’t forget to pick up my dry cleaning today,” she then said. Itachi pointed. Her dress hung from the doorknob, ensconced in the plastic bag. The ticket from the cleaners was still stapled to the corner.

“I also called a car. It should be here in two minutes,” Itachi added, not looking up from his tablet.

Puckering her lips, she blew him a kiss.

“You’re my hero, Itachi. Pick me up from the shoot!” she sang, already running out the door. Without looking up, Itachi caught the kiss thrown his way. 

“Uh-huh,” he replied, still sorting through her emails.

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Coffee (JungkookXReader)

Pairing: Jungkook X Noona!Reader

Request: No

WC: 1,345

POV: 1st person

Rating: M

Contains: Kitchen counter sex, Noona!Reader, slight needy Baby Boy!Jungkook at the end, not much else to it. 

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

The past few days were terribly stressful. Having to go in for work around 8 AM but not getting off around anywhere from 12 AM to 1 AM and my boss also sending me home with things to work on made me not even get in bed until around 3 or 4. Jungkook didn’t work that late anymore but he did leave really early, he got up every day at 5, went to the gym, ate, went to practice, had studio time, hung out with the boys, and came home hoping you might be home. 

Sadly, the last three weeks haven’t allowed me to even eat dinner with him, talk to him on the phone or even just see him before he left for work. By the time I was in bed he was fast asleep and I was far too tired to even try and wake him for maybe a five minute conversation about his day. And when he woke up he was either far too busy or just didn’t wake me knowing how much my day had in it. 

The only thing I ever remember from every morning is the little notes he leaves me. He stops by the apartment every morning around 7:50 and leaves me a coffee, ice coffee, or hot tea from the cafe down the street we usually get our breakfast from and we have cute little dates at. Every time with a sticky note on the side or a message written in permanent marker on the holder. Always along the lines of,

“Noona, I know how stressful your days have been, but I’ll try and swing by today to lift your spirits? :)”

“Noona, I miss you… stop being so busy~!”

“Noona, I hope you have a good day, I love you.” 

Tomorrow was my first day off and all I wanted to do was sleep and just rest in general. My body was so used to waking up at 8 that I happened to anyway and I walked down stairs and saw my coffee in the normal spot he would set it down. 

“Noona, I should be able to stop by before I actually go to practice, maybe we could have brunch if you’re awake?” 

I smiled and sent him a text saying to bring our normal breakfast from the cafe down the street, but sadly never got one back. I changed into one of his shirts and shorts before sitting on the couch and watching one of the many shows I needed to catch up on for Jungkook’s sake. 

He came in around 9:30 with bags of food and a little coffee carrier before setting everything down and asking me to come help him fix the plates while he went to wash up before eating. I kissed him softly and then he kissed my head before going to wash his hands. 

“What kind of coffee did you get?” I asked as I took off the lids to the food and started fixing his plate. “Iced. Just watch out though I couldn’t get the li-” He was cut off by the sound of me yelping slightly in surprise as I bumped into one of the coffees, causing it to fall off of the counter and spilling on the way down, covering my shirt and the floor in coffee. “i couldn’t get the lid to stay on mine.” he finished his sentence before he started to help clean up the ice and when he leaned up after throwing the towel in the sink he noticed the coffee had made my white shirt almost see through. 

“Noona, we have to get you cleaned up…” He sighed softly as he moved to me and he pulled me close before he nuzzled into my neck and pulled off my shirt slowly. His hands were so warm on my sides. He threw the shirt in the sink, it landing on top of the towel. 

“Oh haha” I said in monotone before I grab his jacket and try and pull it on before he grabbed it. Slowing pulling it away as he backed me into the counter. 

“Noona… I haven’t seen you in so long…” He said almost as if he was out of breath. He picked me up by my thighs and sat me on the counter in front of him. Pulling me by my legs so they were wrapped around him. He nuzzled into my neck and let out a small whimper before placing kisses until he found the spot he was looking for. He started nipping and sucking on the skin, making it bruise almost instantly before moving on to the next area he wanted to attack.

“I’ve missed you.” He choked out before pulling my shorts down and kissing down to my collar bones. He pulled off his shirt and he started kissing further down. Past my stomach and then he started to leave kisses on my thighs. 

“Jungkook, no. Please. I can’t wait any longer baby boy.” I whimpered as I cupped his cheek so he would lean back up, his head went back to my neck as he pushed down his sweats and boxers at the same time. 

He pulled me closer and slowly slid into me, almost going as slow as one could imagine, wanting to remember the feeling just in case we had to wait almost another month or so before even getting to see each other again. 

He gripped my waist as he kissed me hard. My hands went to his shoulder and his hair as my fingers pulled lightly at his roots. He started thrusting slowly as he put one of his hands under my thigh to lift my leg just a bit more so he could go a bit deeper.

His thrusts got more shallow as he went faster. His mind blank with nothing but the feeling of me. He started to kiss down my neck as he nuzzled closer. His breathing heavy and warm as he let out small groans and hesitant whimpers with almost each thrust. 

“Fuck noona… are you sure it was only three weeks?” He laugh turned into a moan quickly before he kissed some of the tender spots on my neck he had previously attacked. 

I smiled and I moaned as his thrusts started to be deep again and a bit harder. His hands now on both of my thighs as he was holding me steady and I would circle my hips ever so slightly around him, driving him crazy. 

He started breathing harder, sometimes even holding in his breath and letting it bubble into a loud groan from deep in his throat when he’d start thrusting faster. I released hard and scratched lightly down his shoulder blades, just enough to leave marks but not enough to hurt or for the marks to be anything more than red for a couple of days.

I clenched around him and that was enough to send him into a moaning mess. Thrusting quickly before pulling out and pumping him self until he released onto my stomach. I just smiled as he grabbed the shirt that had coffee on it and cleaned it up before pulling up his sweats and boxers, putting his shirt on me and nuzzling into my neck again as he panted.

“Noona… don’t make me wait that long again…” He said softly. “I needed you almost every single morning the last two weeks…” He blushed.

“Have I neglected you baby boy?” I asked softly and he laughed slightly as he formed a soft pout on his lips and nodded. “I need you to help make up for lost time.” He added and smiled a bit.

“Good thing I’m off tomorrow too huh?” I said causing him to pick me up and start carrying me to our room. “Brunch can wait.” was all he said before slamming our door shut with his foot and basically throwing me onto the bed. 

The Comic Book Guy - Kleinsen

Genre: Fluff (I guess??)

Word Count: 3,180

Summary: Evan works at the local library and starts crushing on the guy who only comes in to read the comics.


Evan Hansen loved reading. And not only nerdy tree documentaries, though he loved those too, but he loved fiction. All forms of it. He loved it because it was like a barrier to reality; somewhere where he could escape. He would be so in depth that all of the people, the eyes, the noises, it was like they weren’t even there anymore. He’d be sent into an entirely different place where his anxiety and insecurities didn’t exist, only fantasies and characters he would get to know like they were family.

So, when Evan needed a job to save up for his first year of college, he eventually found the local library, where his only job was to sit at a desk in front of a computer, his only required human interaction being when people came to him to check out books. It was fairly easy, and it was fitting for Evan as well, as the library was a calm, quiet place where his anxiety barely acted up. The people were nice too, and they never really judged, and Evan felt somewhat safe there. Some days he was actually excited to go to work, where he would have no reason to have a panic attack after having four of them the day before, it was nice to get away from it all.

It was a chilly morning in October when Evan stepped quietly into the building with his jacket wrapped tightly around him to retain warmth. His shift was from 8:00 in the morning to 1:00 in the afternoon, which didn’t bother Evan too much. He always woke up early anyways. He weaved his way around tall bookcases, running his fingers over the spines of books tucked neatly in the shelves, and made his way to the checkout desk. Stepping behind it and turning on his computer, he slid off his jacket and hung it on the back of his chair. He took in the aged book smell with a gentle breath, basking in the peaceful silence.

People started coming in about an hour after the library opened, though mostly the ones that came in regularly. Some mingled around in the non-fiction and some came in only to use the computers lined against the back wall, but either way they weren’t bothering Evan at all. And even when they did, Evan would simply point them to the section they were looking for or scan their library card so that they could take their book of choice, barely having to speak at all.

But today was different. It was 12:24 in the afternoon and Evan had been reading the description on the back cover of The Hunger Games, seeing as everyone had been talking about it and Evan needed something new to read, when he heard the breezy whoosh of the library door opening. Evan looked up and made eye contact with the brunette who had just walked in. He looked to be around Evan’s age, yet he was shorter than Evan was, with almond brown eyes to match his hair, his glasses pushed up on the bridge of his nose. He wore a large wool hoodie that was only halfway zipped so that Evan was able to see his t-shirt with the entire periodic table printed onto it.

The boy looked away from Evan, his expression seeming disinterested. Evan immediately felt a swarm of butterflies in his stomach that he tried to ignore, turning back to the book cradled his hands. He again looked up briefly and scanned the room, now seeing no sign of the boy. He sighed contently.

“Hey.” Evan felt a pang of anxiety hit him square in the chest and he quickly looked up, nearly dropping his book. He, in an extremely ungraceful manner, tossed it between his hands to keep it from falling before taking hold of it firmly in his right hand and setting it down. The boy was now inches away from Evan, his hand firm on the counter to keep him from leaning over it, staring at Evan with a confident smile quirking upwards into a smirk. His eyebrows raised, his fingers tapping impatiently against the desk, his eyes boring into Evan’s soul. Evan collected himself, taking a deep breath.

“Y-Yes, um.. H-How can I help you?” Evan asked, stuttering anxiously. He knew it was annoying, the other male probably thought so too.

“D'you know where I can find the comics?” he asked nonchalantly, ignoring the tension that practically radiated from Evan’s shaky stance. Evan tugged at the hem of his polo, raising a shaky finger to point to a large bookcase pushed against the wall to his left.

“J-Just over there, b-by the graphic novels.” Evan said quickly, his eyes darting around for something to look at other than this guy’s tempting eyes.

“Thanks.” the boy said before walking away to the said section with a stride in his step, his eyes traveling over all of the shelves before pulling a comic book from one of them and opening it up to the first page.

Evan blinked. Did that just happen? There were so many things Evan could have said.

Hi, how are you? How’s your day been? I love your t-shirt, though I’m not much of a science enthusiast, it’s still cool! What’s your name? Maybe we could hang out some time, I’m free on weekends..

Evan inwardly cringed, regretting so much. They hadn’t even had an actual conversation. He wished he hadn’t stuttered so much, he wished his hands weren’t sweaty, he wished his anxiety and insecurities and awkwardness would just buzz off for one second, he wished so many things.

And yet they hadn’t even had an actual conversation.

Why was he dwelling on this so much, anyway? It wasn’t like he’d be back.

The boy was there for at least a half an hour, reading through the same exact comic book the entire time. Evan was pretty sure he was loitering, but it was fascinating to watch. How his eyes moved over the pictures and speech bubbles so briskly, how he completely blocked out everything around him, how he seemed to have no other care in the world. He wasn’t worried that he was taking too much time. He wasn’t worried about the fact that someone else may want the book he was reading and he was just hogging it to himself. He wasn’t worried that he was standing in front of a shelf someone else might want to get to, that he was being a pain and people were too polite to ask him to move, that he may not have even been wanted there and he was a burden to the other customers. He was so calm, so in control of himself. The complete opposite of what Evan was.

He left once he’d finished the comic book, setting it aimlessly back on the shelf and walking out the door with his hands in his pockets. He didn’t even check out the book? Was it some kind of cheap excuse to getting out of not having a library card?

Evan walked quickly back to his apartment after his shift ended, wrapping his coat tightly around his frail shape as he shivered against the fall cold. Though the thought of the unnamed boy made his numbed cheeks warm up. He was cute, yes. Well, that was an understatement. He was very attractive-yeah, that was better-and his confident, playful attitude allured Evan, making him feel like he needed to watch his every move because each one was so different in ways Evan didn’t know how to explain. It may seem like Evan was a creep, which he probably was, but it wasn’t like he could help himself. The boy was like a rare gem, he was irresistible to look at.

Well, at least that was over.

Well, it was, until he came in the very next day around the exact same time. Evan had nearly fainted. What was he doing here again? He glanced at Evan for a mere second before walking back over to the comic books section, not needing Evan’s help to find it this time. He walked rather hastily, like he was in a hurry. He grabbed the exact same book he had yesterday and opened it up to the middle, and then frowned. What, was he expecting it to change? Did he not realize that that was the same book he read yesterday?

He grabbed another comic book from the shelf and started reading, leaving the first book on top of a lower bookcase next to a dictionary. Rude.

The boy read through his other book of choice, standing in the same place for about twenty minutes before setting the book back where it belonged and leaving without sparing Evan a look. Evan couldn’t help but feel his heart sink as the boy left in the same way he did the day before, with his hands stuffed into his pockets and a playful smirk dancing on his face. Like he was mocking him.

And he probably was, too. Here he was, coming in to the very place where Evan worked and flaunting himself, reminding Evan that he’d never had a chance. Evan didn’t even know his name, and he probably didn’t deserve to know. Evan wasn’t good enough. He’d never be good enough.

Evan cut off his train of thought before it could lead anywhere worse. Evan had a rule, no bad thoughts in the library. The library was too sacred of a place for Evan to have a panic attack, especially once this guy started coming in. Evan wondered if he’d be back tomorrow.

And he was. And the day after that, and the day after that, and the day after that, doing the same exact thing every single time. Standing by the tall bookcase near the checkout, reading comics. The entire week he came in consistently around the same exact time, just reading comics. What was the point if he wasn’t going to check any of them out? Evan had to admit, he loved watching him read, even if it was a little creepy. Okay, more like very creepy. Overly creepy. But he never saw or caught Evan watching, so it must be okay, right?

It came to the end of the week and Evan was off for two days, only because the library was closed on weekends, and he spent both of them isolated in his apartment. He lived off of ramen noodles and instant lunches because he was too anxious to order takeout over the phone or to go out to a restaurant, where he’d have dinner alone at a booth and everyone would be judging him. Hansen, party of one. How pathetic was that? He supposed he could take his mom out to lunch once in a while, but she was always working anyways. The entire weekend, he couldn’t stop thinking about the Comic Book Guy, as Evan had now titled him, and how many things he would have done differently if he’d known he only had that one chance to talk to him. To hear his voice that played over and over again in Evan’s head and put a funny, fluttery feeling in his stomach. Evan couldn’t have been crushing on the Comic Book Guy.

Okay, he was totally crushing on the Comic Book Guy.

On the Monday that followed, Evan dragged himself out of bed and put on his regular outfit, a striped polo shirt and a pair of khakis. Working at the library meant Evan didn’t even have to wear a uniform, yet he still wore the same thing every day. It was unbearably cold this morning, Evan could’ve sworn the temperature was below zero, so he took the bus instead of walking even though it was a short distance from Evan’s apartment complex to the library. He walked in through the front door that was always unlocked when Evan got there, only because his boss always got there before he did. Evan took his regular place behind the counter and slid his jacket off and set it on the back of his chair, heaving a sigh. It was always warm in the library, which was nice.

In the time between 12:20 and 12:30 in the afternoon, Evan was getting tired of just sitting at his chair and staring at a blank computer screen. He got up and walked out from behind the counter and wandered over to the comic books section, scanning over the shelves of books. They were mostly about superheroes, which Evan was never really into. He went to grab a book before he felt someone tap his shoulder from behind, causing Evan to jump in sudden surprise. In an utterly ungracious manner, Evan whirled around and collided into the unknown person, knocking a stack of books out of their hands. The books collapsed all over the floor, and Evan’s face immediately burned in embarrassment. Of course, the person who Evan had slammed into was the Comic Book Guy. Of course it was. Evan hadn’t even seen him come in, how was that possible?

Evan immediately dropped to his knees, scrambling to pick up the books with his entire face a ripe, cherry red. He internally cursed himself.

“O-Oh my god, I-I’m s-so sorry..” Evan mumbled quickly in a jumble of misunderstood stutters. The Comic Book Guy was down on the ground with him, picking up books and neatening them into a small pile on the floor. Evan handed the guy his books, hoping that he wouldn’t notice his absurdly sweaty hands. “I-I’m sorry, I-I didn’t mean to.. I didn’t..”

“Hey, dude, it’s okay. Relax.” Comic Book Guy reassured rather harshly. “Don’t hyperventilate.”

Evan swallowed, trying to even out his ragged breaths. He was panicking now, on the verge of an attack. “Sorry.” Comic Book Guy seemed to turn away from him, ignoring his presence as he turned back to the bookcase. Evan hadn’t even seen him take all of those books. How did he manage to zone out so quickly?

“A-Are you um.. A-Are you actually going to check any of those out?” Evan asked before he had time to think on it. Comic Book Guy turned to Evan with a look of what was either pure amusement or pure distaste.


“I-I mean um, oh my god words, um.. I-I’m sorry I didn’t mean to- I just thought because you’ve been coming in every day and just reading the comics and not checking them out or anything and I didn’t- I didn’t know if you were.. I-I mean.. I-I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have s-said anything because it’s not me who’s taking the comic books I’m sorry.”

Comic Book Guy seemed to smile a little bit, staring at Evan silently for a few painfully long moments before finally speaking up.

“Wow,” he said, his eyebrows bouncing upwards as he spoke. “You really are dense, aren’t you?”

Evan was stricken. “W-What?” he asked.

“Dude, I’ve been trying to get you to notice me for the past week.”

Evan’s heart was racing, his mind blank of any thought. “What?” he asked again. Comic Book Guy stifled a laugh.

“I didn’t want to check anything out because I wanted an excuse to come back again every day..” Comic Book Guy explained. “I’ve been coming in on my lunch breaks. Have you not seen the book I’ve been leaving for you?”

Evan felt like his entire world was being reformed. “The.. The book?” he asked in misunderstanding. Comic Book Guy laughed again, harder and more naturally this time, throwing his head back. He spread his arms out wide in exclamation.

“The book! Have you not seen it?” he vaguely and loudly explained. “Batman and the Outsiders! I’ve been leaving it in weird places all week because you seemed like the kind of guy that would be a neat freak and put stuff back where it belongs.. I left my phone number in it and hoped you’d see it when you picked it up!”

Evan was baffled. His mouth hung open, but no words escaped. How was he supposed to respond to that? “Y-You’ve been..” Evan began, “Y-You’ve been trying to get me to notice you?”

“YES!” Comic Book Guy shouted, throwing his hands up and bringing them together in a loud clap. Evan was glad that his boss wasn’t here. A few passing people turned their heads to the two of them, but Comic Book Guy didn’t seem to care. Evan laughed a little.

“I-I was hoping that you would notice me..” Evan confessed. “I-I was hoping you’d come and check out a book so that I could talk to you, b-because I wouldn’t have the confidence any other time.”

Comic Book Guy blinked. “Wow, we are both idiots.” he stated directly, bringing his arms down to his sides. Evan nodded wordlessly in agreement.

“I’m Jared.” Comic Book Guy introduced himself with a sense of pride. Evan smiled, the name bringing some sort of joy to him. It was most likely just the fact that he knew it now.

“Hansen.” Evan spat. “I-I mean, Evan. Evan Hansen.” he quickly corrected with an awkward chuckle. Jared returned it.

“Well, nice to meet you, Evan Hansen.” he said with a smile that seemed radiant. “Would you care to join me for coffee tomorrow? I work at the cafe just downtown from here, so my treat.” Evan grinned like a child in a candy store, his eyes widening.

“Yes! I-I mean, yeah, sure, I’d love to.” he agreed. “M-My shift ends at one.” Jared chuckled.

“Great!” he chirped, setting his stack of books in Evan’s hands and turning around, smiling at him over his shoulder. “I’ll see you then.” And just like that, he was gone, walking smoothly out the door and down the sidewalk, disappearing before Evan’s eyes.

Evan looked down at the stack of books he now had in his arms, all of them comic books. On top of the stack sat the comic, Batman and the Outsiders. Evan walked over to the counter and set the stack on top of it, taking the single comic book off of the pile and opening it. It automatically flipped to a page towards the middle where a small slip of paper fell out onto the floor. Evan bent over and picked it up, turning it over. Scribbled against the fine white in somewhat-messy-yet-readable print and written in blue ink was Jared’s phone number, along with the words ‘Call Me!’ with a little heart drawn next to them.

Evan’s heart did a backflip and a grin split from ear to ear across his face, and he put the slip of paper in his pocket before returning to the stack of books to put them all back where they belonged.

Accident- Morgan Rielly

Originally posted by calgaryinferno

Ok so Mo is a somewhat serious Mo, but there is some funny Mo as well! Anon- I hope you’re doing ok! Enjoy guys!

Warning: mentions of car accident

Anon Request: Can you do a Morgan Rielly one where you were in a car accident and fuck up youre next and have to stay in the hospital and do a bunch of tests because I was just in one Friday and got out today


              You groaned as you shifted on the bed.

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Surfer Dad and Ice Cream Lady

Pairing: Bones x Reader

Prompt: “You’re a hot surfer and I’m an awkward person working at an ice cream stand.”

The hot sun beat down on you relentlessly as you stood at your post, dipping out ice cream cones for beachgoers in need of a cool treat.

“Here you go, sweetie,” you said, handing a vanilla cone to a happy looking little girl with adorable brown curls. An older woman with silvery brown hair handed you the money and reminded the girl to thank you, which she did with a messy smile that totally melted your heart.

What a refreshing moment in a long day filled with rude, crude, and often whiny people. 

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Surprising Jared on Tour

Authors note: I’m sorry the intro is so long. It’s just setting the scene. Anyway as usual I hope you enjoy. x 


Jared Imagine.

Surprising Jared on tour.

“Y/N I miss you so much” Jared whined down the phone.
“I know I miss you too”
“We’ve been together a year and a half now and I swear it gets harder to leave you, beautiful”
“Well it sure doesn’t get any easier babe” I sighed.
“So how have you been” He carefully asked knowing things haven’t been the best lately as I’ve been filling him in via text.
“Honestly… not good. Tina, my boss, won’t accept my report. So she’s making me write out another plus one more because apparently I fucked up this one. My laptop is broken so now I have to work off of my phone which is horrible because the screen is so bloody small and… my new assistant keeps bringing her home life into work. She keeps fighting with her boyfriend, so he rings the office and shes constantly on the phone therefore I’m not getting any messages because clients cant get through to her and she’s slacking. So I stay at the office until 8 pm trying to pick up the pieces and have done for the last month” I feel the tears forming in my eyes and my voice cracks when I say “ and I just need a cuddle”. I hear Jared sigh on the phone. “Sorry babe, I’m just feeling sorry, for myself, I just miss you a hell of a lot that’s all”. 

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