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It was cat day today, so this had to be done– Sae-nyan (or would it be Nyan-ran) goes out to make a friend//

Bonus: a mini Yoo-nyan! ☆

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one good thing and one bad thing about each orchestra section go

Good - oboe
Bad - picc

Good - horn
Bad - tuba

Good - tam tam
Bad - claves

Good - celli
Bad - seconds

Some much needed Reylo positivity for your dash 💗

As a Reylo shipper, I’ll always be in awe of the incredible dynamic created by the writers between Rey and Ren.
But most of all, I’ll always be in awe of our amazing fandom. We are hopeful, intelligent, compassionate, tolerant and loving, everything that represents Star Wars for what it truly is. According to my faith, there is such a thing as good karma and bad karma, and we are certainly among those who have benefited from good karma because of how amazing we’ve been towards each other this past year.
Just look how far we’ve come Reylo fam! There are amazing Reylo fanfiction writers, Reylo artists and even Reylo podcasters who have gone on to achieve great things and make a name for themselves in the wider fandom. We’re also slowly being proven right in most of the things we’ve been saying since the release of TFA and if there’s any group of fans who are bound to get things right in the long run, it’s us. So don’t be disheartened by the incessant bitching and moaning of certain groups. They may see the dynamic in a negative way, but that’s their loss because from everything we know since December 2015, from the TFA script, to the novelisations, JJ’s commentary, actor interviews, interviews from people involved in the creation of that dynamic/characters and recently, from the official databank updates, the creators of Rey and Kylo Ren absolutely don’t view the dynamic between them as anything negative. No matter how anyone else chooses to see this dynamic, it is very clear now that the writers don’t see it all as something toxic and deserving of scorn and as they’re the ones who decide the canon outcome of the story, it doesn’t matter what negative interpretation someone else may have attached to it. In fact, what the creators have had to say about it has made us even more intrigued with the possibility of Reylo, am I right?😁. Also, I’ve seen more and more Star Wars fans becoming receptive to the idea with the release of all this new information.
So no, we are not criminals or Nazis or fascists for simply enjoying a certain character dynamic that was obviously meant to inspire interest in fans. We’re just a bunch of fans who were somewhat correct in our interpretation of the story we were given and that’s seemed to have sent certain people into panic mode.
I’ve been really angry today, but I’ve had a chance to calm down and think about things and I’m hoping this post will help you stay positive
Fear not and don’t let other people’s toxic behavior affect you and the way you enjoy fandom.
And don’t forget to spread the love 😚😚😚

The most important thing a person can do is to respect God and obey His commands, because He knows about everything people do even the secret things. He knows about all the good and all the bad, and He will judge people for everything they do.
—  Ecclesiastes 12:13-14

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Here is my take on a sort of a Beauty and the Beast kinda au. @cactwerk came up with the idea, I asked if i could write it bc fairytale aus are my CRACK.
Anyways, here goes nothing.

Noctis winced as he sat back in his chair and decided to retire for the night. He had send Ignis home early and there was no paperwork that needed his immediate attention. He got up and left the messy piles of paper as is. He’ll deal with everything tomorrow.

The tapping of his shoes and cane echoed in the lonely hallway and opened the door to his room. He took off his suit jacket, started undoing his tie and stripped for a warm shower, in hopes of relaxing his muscles. 

Before slinking into bed, he takes painkillers to take the edge off his bad knee and hip. As he settles back into his pillows, he realize sleep will not come so easily.

After rescuing Eos from perpetual darkness, Noctis couldn’t find the peace to sleep like he used to.

He rebuilt Insomnia as soon as he recovered from his sacrifice. He set out to help restore the peace and bring people back to home. After ten long years of night, the Insomniac citizens were true to their name.They were prosperous and happy, exactly as Noctis set out for them to be. But he felt like an outsider, looking in. 

His heart was heavy after the death of Lunafreya. After his time in the Crystal, Noctis accepted his fate. He took a seat on his throne and endured the pain, over and over. He accepted each and every blade, he defeated Ardyn’s soul and set him to rest. 

As he could feel himself ascend, he took comfort in the fact of seeing his dad again. Of seeing Luna.

When he woke up with his father’s sword in his torso, his throat let out a roar so loud it knocked him out.

He lived in constant pain. His old childhood wounds came back to haunt him and as soon as he could sit up, he set out to rebuilding Insomnia. He got lost in it. His friends had to pull him out of his head and paperwork frequently.

His friends were a great comfort. Gladio, Ignis and Prompto stayed with him always. They were a comfort he often felt he didn’t deserve. He thanked the Six everyday for them. But he felt disconnected from them, as if he lost a piece. He suffered his pain in silence, not wanting to cause anymore to them.

Dawn may rise every morning but it felt like it never did for Noctis.

The distance worried his friends. Gladio was and always will be his shield, but the distance kept him frosty. Ignis was his devoted advisor, but being sent home early was a constant. Prompto would see Noctis as often as he could, when the latter wasn’t “too busy”. 

The three friends, tried several interventions. Many angry outbursts, many tear-jerking moments. But none were fruitful.

Noctis shifted and he winced again.

He often wondered why he wasn’t dead. It had been five years since the sacrifice and the better part of Insomnia and other daemon-plagued cities were rebuilt. He sold his soul to save Eos, but here he was; a broken and battered man.

A broken and battered man, his heart growing heavier and heavier each day. He pushed away his friends, his brothers, resigned himself a slave to the throne.

His eye lids were beginning to grow heavy. As he drifted off to sleep, he wondered if he’ll eventually have a reason to wake up and not wish the day was already over.

The next morning, his reason was finishing up cleaning their apartment and grabbed an apple to snack on as they gazed at the Citadel from their window.


Oh my god was that awful??? tell me if it was awful, if it was bad. ugh omg. Im just glad to get this out of my head i’ve been thinking about this for a few days. ughhhhh i hope it wasn’t bad, let me know what you thinkkkk hhhhhhhhhhh.

@a-faekindagirl replied to your post:

^^^^^ exactly. I’m always mindful not to let my love of Killian blind me when he makes a bad move, and I have to be careful that I don’t let my severe dislike of Regina color my perception of the good things she does do. She does a lot of questionable and bad thing’s, and like you said, seems to get a pass on them as of late. But that doesn’t mean EVERYTHING she does is bad. And just because I don’t like her doesn’t mean I have to view everything she does as bad. Especially if I have to ignore intention and twist facts in order to do so, which ship and character haters across the entire fandom do.

I’m that way, too. I’m obviously biased for Emma and Hook. Especially Emma … I will defend her a LOT but she makes mistakes and I have to see that.

I have grown to really dislike Regina and it does make my perception of her actions lean towards negative so I try to just not talk about her too much. But I can appreciate a good scene. I really enjoyed her and Emma’s conversation at Underworld Granny’s when she gives Emma advice on how to get Hook to think he deserves to be saved. That was really the first time that I saw a friendship there. But a lot of the anti ER crowd just focused on her saying Emma was too good for Hook and missed the lovely friendship moment.

“[Andrew Jackson] told Alexander Hamilton’s son James, ‘Your father was not in favor of the Bank of the United States.’ (That was like telling Benjamin Franklin’s son that his father was not in favor of electricity.)" 

This still is, and always will be, my favorite thing I have ever read.

(From a National Review article titled "Andrew Jackson, for Better or Worse” by Richard Brookhiser)

The Miracle of Surrender

‘Don’t look for any other state than the one you are in now; otherwise, you will set up inner conflict and unconscious resistance. Forgive yourself for not being at peace. The moment you completely accept your non-peace, your non-peace becomes transmuted into peace. Anything you accept fully will get you there, will take you into peace. This is the miracle of surrender…

To offer no resistance to life is to be in a state of grace, ease, and lightness. This stage is then no longer dependent upon things being in a certain way, good or bad. It seems paradoxical, yet when your inner dependency on form is gone, the general conditions of your life, the outer forms tend to improve greatly.’

- Eckart Tolle, The Power of Now.

Nothing Like You - Picking things up Pt1

Steven and Connie aren’t married (yet). They aren’t even living together, but they’re doing their best to raise their newborn daughter. Life isn’t perfect. There’ll be a lot of pitfalls and goof ups and all kinds of things, both good and bad, but they’ll get through it all– the three of them, plus all the Gems– together.
That’s what families do, after all.

—————Chapter Summary—————
Steven wakes up, to a brand new day with his newborn daughter.
But he quickly finds out he’s missing a few essentials…

Coauthored with @elexuscal and @run-on-lightning

4506 Words

AO3 Link


Steven yawned. He sleepily rubbed his chin, the coarse hairs of his beard brushed against his hand. He’d have to shave soon. Connie always liked it best when he was freshly shaved. He’d just been so busy lately that it’d been slipping his mind.

He felt something, or more appropriately, someone stirring against him.

“Mmm… We need to get you a crib, Kid.” He stifled another yawn. “Maybe Bismuth could make you one…”

Steven pushed up against the bed, resting his back against the pillow and headboard. Carefully, just like Dad (and Connie) had shown him, Steven lifted the infant from his side, being sure to support her head and right hand. He held her against his chest and she cooed softly, snuggling closely against him.

Steven couldn’t help but smile. Even though she wasn’t even a month old yet, Kid always seemed to get right to his heart.

He leaned close to her, and kissed the gem on the back of her hand. Perhaps it was just Steven’s imagination, but the gem suddenly seemed to shine a little brighter.

“Come on. Let’s see if we can find some breakfast.”

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Ian's not happy because the series ending, he's happy because, something good happens. I mean, this man only says bad things about TVD, as does Paul. Ian's going out of his way to promote the finale by inviting fans to go see it with him. I don't think he would do that, if the couple that most of the people who bullied him, his best friend (Kat) and his wife (Nikki), was endgame. I don't know what to think anymore, let's just wait and see what happens this friday.

I agree. Bamon is definitely endgame. Something good clearly happens in the finale. I have never seen Ian this hyped about TVD.

And if my source was right then Bamon wedding is happening.

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So, like... what would you say to someone who's reluctant to read wot? It's just SO LONG, and though I've heard really good things I've also heard really bad things, and I have to know - is the investment worth it?

I would say that I am probably not the best person to come to, if only because I love long ass epic fantasy series, that shit is my jam. So like. And also because I’m obviously invested up to my ass in this particular long fantasy series. 

But I think there are a lot of things to really like about Wheel of Time. There’s a diversity of culture and characters, a wide range of said characters (both male and female) and a plot on an epic scale. It is long, it is a commitment, but I think it’s a worthwhile one. 

This is not to say the series doesn’t have flaws - there are certain turns of phrase that Jordan uses that become repetitive (notoriously, the women sniff and cross their arms under their breasts a lot) and there’s some weird battle-of-the-sexes stuff. Probably the biggest thing I’ve seen people have an issue with - and imo the most legitimate - is that there’s a coercive relationship between a man and a woman later in the series that’s played largely for humor. 

When I get to that point in my reread I’ll probably take a good long look at that one.

It’s not by any means a bastion of ~progressive culture~ but it also has significantly less rape and sexual assault than other fantasy series I could name. Some of the later books drag a little, but overall the scale of the series is committed to an exploration of the world and a whole heckuva lot of character development.

In my opinion - yes, it’s worth it. 

I wrote another little bit on “why this series is great” here.

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My "best friend" been friends for 12 years but out of no where this bitch been acting stank towards me for no reason and I feel so frustrated to the point I cry when I get mad first she hardly talk to me block me in Snapchat for no reason never tell me what she up to or how she been and I think she have a boyfriend and she didn't tell me also be acting very friendly to our other friends but to me acting all shitty and I also I am mad cuz I was the only one there for her during good and bad

Things like this just happens you know, people change. The same happened to me, someone I was close with and I was there for her from the very start when no one was, helped her with many stuff and in the end the bitch decided to cut me off. So we should just move on.

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I really love this blog it's so helpful!!! I've been having trouble with this relationship I'm trying to created. Basically I want to make the girlfriend seem like a bad influence for the guy but without completely making her the villain, at least not yet. Is this possible to do? This would be the start of conflict the guy is having because eventually he'll be stuck between his girlfriend and childhood friend. I just don't know how to push him away from the girlfriend.

Thank you!

The best way to achieve this is to make sure the girlfriend seems human. Just like real people, your characters should have good and bad traits. Even though she’s a bad influence, have her do good things for your character too or influence him positively in some ways. That will even enhance the choice he has to make. It’s a lot easier to leave someone when everything is bad and there’s no good.

Hope this was helpful!