good thing i've found my art ~style

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So there's art styles that use things I want to strive for in my own. I've found all the artists in it are guys ( + you ). The sexs' brains function different, & I'm concerned that because I was born a girl I'll never be able to achieve what I want to with my art. I've always felt like a guy, and lately this has brung tears/frustration. I know that your art will only be as good as you work to make it, but there's only one girl in that list. Do you think that someones gender affects their art?

Hello! I think gender does not effect your style at all. Your style is what you want it to be and how hard you are willing to work regardless of what gender you are. You don’t don’t have to worry or limit yourself, just keep practicing.

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So I'm a little confused about all this Harry Potter stuff I've been seeing on my dash. Is it a bad thing?? Is the story good? From what I've seen there's some controversy going on? But I don't really get it. What do you think about it?

The biggest points of contention i’ve had/seen so far are:

>Rowling appropriated religious native icons and refused to name the tribes they originated from.

>the newly announced american magic school uses houses that are cloned from hogwarts and use said religious native icons.

>the school was founded by irish people yet they’re using native american imagery in a viking/celtic art style??

and something i’d personally add to the list is the art theft discovered in official promo art and Rowling keeping the story euro-centric even though she stated it was going to be focusing on native wizardry somehow. so far, the shown villains are europe based, the shown school has roots in immigrants from europe, and the magical congress of the US was made by (from what i understand) european colonists.

a lot of the world building is just… not great so far in what i’m seeing.