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Broken Laptops (Jughead Jones x Reader)

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Imagine: Jughead Jones

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Fandom: Riverdale

Warnings: It’s super duper fluffy!!

She watched him from afar. He just looked so perfect. His grey beanie on his head, his concentrated expression while he sat in front of his laptop, his jeans jacket that hugged his body perfectly, his beautiful dark hair. Everything seemed just perfect to her.

But for him, she didn’t exist. She was just another soul between hundreds. She wasn’t extraordinary. She was a girl who liked to sit in the library and disappear in her own world. She was a girl who did anything to get to the college of her dreams.

Jughead Jones was the only thing that did stop her from thinking straight. She knew. She knew that Jughead didn’t live with his family. In fact she knew that he lives in school now.

Y/N’s family wasn’t perfect either. Some nights she would just sneak out and walk around Riverdale. When she saw him at night in the school building she knew. After she saw him at the Twilight Theater, she knew that he wasn’t living where he should live.

And now she was sitting in a booth at Pop’s. And so was Jughead. Jughead actually knew Y/N but she wasn’t anyone special to him. But he knew that she was incredibly smart. Jughead wasn’t a person who showed interest. He was just like a lock. If you didn’t have the key, in that case it would be his trust, he wouldn’t open up to you.

Y/N was done with her homework as she stood up. A rather new waiter was walking in her direction. But then he slipped and Y/N was walking next to Jughead’s booth. In that moment her drink fell on Jughead’s laptop.

Her eyes widened. “Oh my god!”, she said loudly as she took some tissues to help him. “I’m so so sorry! It’s just the waiter slipped and-”, before she could go on further, Jughead stopped her.

“It wasn’t your fault.”, he said and sighed. “Good thing that I save my stuff on a stick as well. But it looks like my laptop isn’t going to make it.”

Great. For the first time she was really talking to him and destroyed his most precious thing. What a great start. “I will buy you another one! I promise.. I’m so sorry.”, she apologized one more time.

“I don’t think that you can afford a laptop unless your last name is Blossom.”, he said and looked at her. “I think I can get it repaired. No worries.”, he assured her that it was okay. “Y/N, right?”

“That’s me. Jughead Jones.”, she smiled at him. “Can I at least buy you a milkshake?”

Jughead smiled at her. “Well I can’t say no to an offer like that, can I?”, he told her.

The next few weeks they ended up talking to each other a lot more. He didn’t know that there was so much more to Y/N than just that smart girl who was the perfect student.

She was a person who was understanding, a little shy and a really good listener. Something about her fascinated Jughead. So he decided write about her. On paper of course. He didn’t know what he wrote. He just wrote the things he noticed about her down. Her actions, her flaws, her attitude. About how she laughed about his jokes. About how she was a really genuine and nice person.

Y/N took a job. She worked after school and sometimes on weekends. She knew that Jughead’s passion was writing and she took his passion away by destroying his laptop. Also: he was really nice to her and they did spend time together a lot. She wanted to give him something back. She also felt guilty about breaking his laptop.

One day they decided to go to the football pitch and lay down on the grass. They watched the stars who were shining brightly that night.

“Talk about yourself, Jughead. You never do that.”, Y/N asked.

“How about you tell me what you know about me already. I find that more interesting.”, his gaze was on the stars while Y/N’s gaze was on him.

“Well.. I know that you are a very creative person.. you’re also a realist and see things different than others. You are generally different than others. But in a good way.”, she stopped and took a slow breath. “Also.. I think that you don’t have a good connection to your family.”

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Jughead stopped for a moment and then turned his head to her. “How do you know that?”

“My parents fight a lot.. and sometimes I just sneak out to get away. To get away from them shouting at each other. And one night I saw you at the Twilight Theater and at school.. why don’t you live with your parents?”

“My parents don’t live together anymore. My family is broken and I can’t keep living with my father. He doesn’t care about me or his family. He is drunk all the time. And I just couldn’t live there.”, he told her. For the first time he opened up to her. “My life might not be perfect. But I write my thought down. It helps me not to go insane.”, he sighs. “It’s the only thing in my life that will always stay the same.”

It felt good to talk about that. Sometimes even his laptop couldn’t take that pain away. Y/N moved closer to him. Jughead slowly put his arm under her. Now her head was laying on his chest. She could hear his heartbeat which was beating pretty fast. They lay there in the middle of the night on a football field and talking about their problems.

Y/N talked about how she expects a divorce any minute. It didn’t seem like the situation would get better. And Jughead listened to every word she said to him. Suddenly he wanted so comfort her. He wanted to be there for her. Because she was in a similar situation as him.

After that night they spent a lot of time together in school too. Y/N became Jughead’s getaway. Whenever he needed someone to talk, she was the first person he would talk to. The thought of her not being in his life, pained him. He didn’t want to imagine that. In such a short time, she became a big part in his life.

Jughead was working with Betty on the murder case as Y/N walked in with a bag. “Hey, how’s the work going?”, she asked them and smiled.

“Good.”, Betty answered. She saw that Y/N possibly wanted to talk to Jughead. “Uh.. I have cheer practice! I’ll see you guys around!”, she said and left.

Y/N sat down next to Jughead. “So.. 2 months ago, I broke your laptop. So.. I worked.”, she started.

But before she could go on, Jughead interrupted her. “If this is what I think it is, then I want to ask you one thing: Why? You didn’t have to do this, Y/N.” No one did something like that for him.

“I felt guilty. And I care about you and I know that you really need this laptop. Here is a complete new one. See it as a present from me, Juggie. As an early birthday gift.”

He pulled her close to him and hugged her tightly. “Thank you.. but my birthday is in 8 months.”

She pulled away and looked deep in his eyes. “I don’t care. I want you to have it. And every time you use this, think of me.”, she said and smiled at him.

A week later, Y/N saw Jughead sitting at Pop’s in his usual place. “Hey, Juggie.”, she said and sat down.

“Could you please stay here, I’m going to get us some drinks okay?”, he said and Y/N nodded.

As she saw his laptop background her eyes went wide. It wasn’t just a normal picture. It was a picture of her. A picture of her smiling. But she didn’t look in the camera. She seemed distracted. That must be the moment where he took that picture. But why would she be his background picture?

Jughead noticed that she stared at his laptop. “Uh.”, he said with his drink in his hands.

“It’s okay.. you don’t have to explain. I told you that you should think of me while using this laptop. And that is the best way, right?”

Another night, another night on the football field. The same position as always. Her head on his chest. Her calm breathing was present and so was Jughead’s heartbeat that only Y/N could hear.

Y/N hand reached out for Jughead’s. Jughead sat up and looked at her. “You look so pretty like this. Let me take a picture.”, he said and took a picture. Another inspiration to write about her.

“Really?”, she smiled and held his hand tighter.

“You’re the most beautiful girl I know, Y/N.”, he said. “Really. You are.”

Y/N sat up too and stared at Jughead and moved a little bit closer to him. “Why do you say that?”, she whispered.

“I don’t know. But there is something about you. I don’t know what.. but it’s just there. And I feel so much better with you. Thank you for being in my life.”

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And just like that, Y/N pressed her lips on his. She pulled him close. Both of her hands were on his cheeks. Jughead also pulled her close to him. He pulled away. “Why?”

“It’s my way of saying thank you. I’m glad that I destroyed your laptop. I’m glad that I could spend time with you. I..”, she couldn’t finish that sentence. It was hard for her to express love. She never felt that way with a boy before. And now Jughead was there.

“I’m also glad that you did that, Y/N. If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t be here right now. And.. I.. I love you. That’s what you wanted to say, right?”

She nodded and kissed him again. “Yeah. I love you too, Juggie. I love you with everything I have. That might not be much.. but-”

“That’s everything I need. You being here with me is more than enough.”

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Hello, Emma. I love your useful posts and beautiful photos. My school essentials is too many and heavy. The laptop, books, drink bottle, and so on. What do you bring a bag to university? I want to know what in your bag. Thank you. (My English is not better, sorry.)

Hi! Thank you so much. Here are the things I take:

  • my laptop (13″ MacBook Pro)
  • my arc notebook
  • my textbooks (if I really need them or don’t have them on my laptop - I usually have them on my computer so it does make it much easier for me to save space)
  • pencil case - a mechanical pencil, coloured pens (staedtler 432 pens are fab), highlighters (stabilo swing cool highlighters are pretty good!), post it notes are a life saver (I usually have them stuck into my notebook though)
  • some form of a planner - either a bullet journal, agenda, or a digital version (saves you taking one)
  • lunch/snacks and water
  • bit and bobs - tissues, plasters/band aid, hand sanitiser, spare hair bobble, ICOP bag (incase of period bag - it’s very handy to have if you’re caught short or need to help out another person!), lip balm and possible touch-up make up!

Hope that helps! x

Regrets Almost Made

Words: 7774

Warnings: alcohol, implied panic attack, implied depression, swearing

Genre: ftm!dan, fluff, angst, coming out, comfort

Synopsis: Dan ends up coming out to Phil not in the way he would have preferred.

Read on AO3: x

A/N: Holy fuck this took weeks, I hope you guys like this, this is the first phanfic I’ve posted on here. I apologize if there are any typos as I’m horrible at catching those kind of things. I kinda just wanted to write some ftm!dan since I am trans and I dunno I just love these sort of AUs. Enjoy!

Edit: I’ve gone back and edited for typos (a second time because my laptop is shit and didn’t save the first time), so it should be all good now!

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You’re My Wonderwall (Bucky Barnes Imagine)

this became a drabble story thing 


i found some time between crying into a german texbook and throwing a tantrum over the quadratic formula to write some stuff


Prompt; ‘Maybe you’re gonna be the one that saves me’. (From Wonderwall by Oasis)

Request;  #4 ‘Maybe you’re gonna be the one that saves me’ - Wonderwall, Oasis With Bucky please also I love your writing

Other characters featured; just good ol’ Bucky


Y/N - Your name

Y/L/N - Your Last Name

Warnings; just very angsty and probably some swear words

Word count; idk for this one since my laptop charger broke and this is being written on my phone (my fat thumbs are causing me pain)

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5 Things

Thank you for tagging me @eye-of-elena :) 

(Rules: you have to tag 15 people at the end of this challenge.)

5 things you’ll find in my bag

  • Phone
  • Notebook
  • Wallet
  • Pens of many colors
  • Post-its

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom

  • My bed
  • Desk
  • Books
  • My Laptop
  • My Photos

5 things I’ve always wanted to do

  • Travel around the world
  • Buy all the books that I want
  • Learn how to dance Ballet
  • Learn a new language
  • Talk with my favorite authors

5 things that make me feel happy

  • My friends and family
  • Kit Kat Chocolate
  • Good books and TV series
  • Listen my favorite songs
  • Drawing

5 things I’m currently into

  • The selection
  • The Little Prince
  • Reign
  • The Fosters
  • Drawing

5 things on my to-do list

  • Save some clothes on the wardrobe
  • Watch movies
  • Clean my room
  • Read all the books that I had
  • Draw more

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1) phone
2) wallet
3) keys
4) headphones
5) gum


1) bed
2) photos
3) books
4) laptop
5) cosmetics


1) help people, as much as i can
2) be an author
3) have a pet
4) live in a beautiful house
5) travel the world & take photos


1) music
2) reading & writing
3) friends
4) tv-shows & youtubers
5) good weather


1) make-up
2) writing & books
3) tv-shows & youtubers
4) photography
5) notebooks & stationery


1) save some money
2) go on vacation
3) meet some of my friends
4) write more
5) get better with my anxiety

I’m tagging @themcinebcnd @cowandcalf @tari-aldarion and everyone else who sees this, and wants to do it (just say I tagged you!) ❤️

13 Nuggets of Advice Before 2013 Ends

I’m not an expert on life. I’m not a Buddha statue. I’m just a girl who has gone through some life experiences in 2013 that is going to pass on these wisdom nuggets to you like it’s that videotape from The Ring. Take it or leave it, but this is what 2013 taught me, and I think I’ll have a better 2014 for it:

1. The next thing will be better. It always is. Jobs, relationships, apartments, whatever. Your next chapter is going to be better than this one. Don’t worry that it’s ending.

2. People show you who they really are. If someone left a bad impression 6 months ago, and they are crawling back into your life now, guess what? You already know what’s going to happen, because they showed you their true colors. People change a bit, sure, but typically not overnight, and typically not without going through some THANGS. Don’t settle for the familiar because you’re hoping it changed for the better.

3. The moment you give up is the moment it all was going to go your way. I swear it, I SWEAR IT. Make goals and do not give up. The last big push you give is going to change your life.

4. Don’t lower your standards. Don’t settle. If you want to be treated a certain way, if you have a perfected image in your mind, don’t lower your standards because it’s easier. Wait for the right thing, you’ll know it when you see it. 

5. Good credit is better than cash on hand. If you come into money, pay off your credit cards/student loans. When you need the good credit for a new laptop, trust me, it’ll be better than having half the money in cash to have a decent credit score.

6. While we’re talking finances, save your receipts. Taxes are a real whopper once you hit mid-twenties.

7. You’ll survive. I had some of the best and worst days of my life in 2013. Truly. And guess what? The world didn’t stop for either. Take a deep breath. Drink a hot beverage. You’ll make it. 

8. Sleep is of the utmost importance. I’m realizing now that nothing exceptional ever happened at 3 a.m. on a Wednesday. Sleep can ease depression, reduce inflammation, and generally make you happier. Don’t waste it because you think you’re missing out. You’re not.

9. Be with someone who loves you–not the way being with you makes them look. This was a BIG LESSON this year. If you’re a talking point, an entry point, or any other point besides just being a delightful human being to your significant other, then you should move on. 

10. Failing makes you a better person. People who haven’t worked hard for anything in life never appreciate anything and ultimately will never be happy. It’s true; there are people who have had it too good, and will never see what they truly have because of it. Those setbacks will make your little victories so much sweeter.

11. Only compete with yourself. When I stopped caring about other peoples’ benchmarks, I saw what I had to offer the world and figured out how to share it. Be the very best version of yourself, and work to be better every day.

12. Take your time. I’m still so impatient. I don’t drag things out–it’s just not my style. However, a lot can be saved or improved simply by slowing down and giving yourself an extra hour or day. 

13. Let people help you. I don’t care if it’s not a friend, if it is your best friend’s enemy, if it’s someone you’re not sure you want to be around–if they offer to help, they are doing you a favor. Don’t say no unless their help will stop you from reaching your goals. Anybody willing to give you their time is a blessing. Treat it as such and accept it.

Happy New Year. Prepare to have an incredible 2014.

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Hey P8, I use a Wacom tablet to draw with my laptop and I'm not a good artist so do you have any tips? Like on how to draw?

tbh I think that’s a thing you develop over time, but here’s some tips anyway

It took me a while to learn this but remember you need patience when drawing, the more time you spend on it, the better it’ll be

For smooth lineart, make your files large (my default canvas is 5000x5000) and then resize to make it smaller after you save it as .png. My lineart is really shaky if you zoom enough in the original file!!

Resizing a .sai, .psd, .mdp, anything that supports layers, is very likely to mess up the colors a bit

You may not see it, but it may leave some very small gaps where the color doesn’t fill. I’m talking about this bs:

You gotta check for these gaps every time you use the bucket tool, btw!! An easy way to find it is by using neon colors on the background so the gap will stand out.

Also, you have to challenge yourself as much as you can. My sketches are usually a big mess because I usually make around 3 sketch layers(or more!!), one on top of the other!! They’re just me checking if I can make the drawing any better. Any bit counts! Changing an expression, tweaking with the pose and the hair, anything.

each layer fixes a thing so in the end i can have a good lineart!! It’s always good to ask yourself how can you make it better. If you have an idea, try it out!! If you can’t do it, it’s okay, you can stick to the original plan, but it’s good to try new things. Experimenting is good and really fun!!!

Try to keep your drawings from looking too stiff. I’m still bad at this one, but varying poses look much better, even if its just a small line of action, it can make things look more interesting. ie:

That’s just a few things to keep in mind

I’ve got some tricks and tips much better than mine in my personal blog’s art help tag. It includes a lot of color theory. a lot


Wooooo, Commissions. Listen, I’m a student, and I have a lot of things I need money for, both for pleasure and necessity. So I decided to open up and try to do commissions. I need money for the following

  • I owe my grandma money for a trip she helped me pay for
  • I need to start saving up for HRT
  • I want to get a new actually good computer to start working on some stuff (like 3D animation) cause my laptop won’t cut it
  • I like to play games but they are expensive
  • I have personal projects I’m tryng to get started up but I need some capital to help speed it along
  • I have a website that I run that I would love to have money to keep up (it’s for said projects)

So heres the prices and what I can work in.


  • Pencil sketches (Scanned in a cleaned up in GIMP)
  • Gimp and ArtRage - both Vector and classical medium interpretations
  • Oil Pastels on Paper (Scanned into my computer)


  • Character sketches - $5
  • Simple color landscape - $10
  • Character colored with shading $10


  • Additional Character - $10 sketch, $15 shading
  • Complex backgrounds for character sketches/colors - $15
  • Simple background for characters - FREE
  • Complex characters -$10

But in the end I might change the pricing if I feel it is either easier or harder than what I’m basing these prices off of.

Email @ for info or to schedule something