good thing i look really attractive

i really REALLY wish the body positive movement had been “you don’t have to look good or be beautiful or pretty to be worth something and to make things happen for yourself and to be happy” rather than “everyone is beautiful!! don’t worry you’re still hot even if you’re not ‘conventionally attractive!!” bc that still puts this superficial idea of ‘hotness’ and ‘beauty’ on a pedestal when really it shouldn’t matter at all it’s literally just our outer meat sack it means nothing it’s going to rot anyway

AND ANOTHER THING….at a certain point, seeing a Woman of Color and being like “I want her to punch me in the mouth and push me off a cliff” kind of ‘compliments’ on her appearance gets SUPER CREEPY and PERFORMATIVE. Speaking specifically about Black Women (because *I am one) it lets me know that you project a certain kind of aggression into us and want to make it clear that you’re not like ~other people~ who find us unattractive and unworthy, you’re one of the ~good people~ who just neeeeed to make it abundantly clear that you’re just SO IN AWE AND ATTRACTED TO US that you say really weird violent things.

And I’m not talking about you saying it once or twice or the exaggerated humor we’ve developed as a consequence of being here on Tumblr. If you look at a WoC and CONSTANTLY have stuff like that to say….you’re a creep.

*gender presentation wise not gender identity

Masterlist - Updated 30/4/17

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- read my masterlist here . Please come and let me know your favourites -


Training With Bucky - A series of connected one shots of what’s like to train with Bucky Barnes based off these headcanons here - Part 1

Ficmas - A series of christmas drabbles - Masterlist

Daddy Drabbles - A series of drabbles which detail the adventures of our favourite characters as fathers - Masterlist

100 Kinks - 100 kinky drabbles to celebrate Bucky’s 100th birthday (smut)

Front Line Love - Reader a nurse during WW2 finds herself at the same camp as Bucky. - Part 1, Part 2 (smut)

Riding in cars with boys - A smutty drabble series featuring all our favourite Sebastian Stan characters in cars, so come along for the ride. - Part 1: Carter

Bucky x Reader- Prompt drabbles

“I’m tired of being your secret”/“Sometimes, there is nothing better than some good old-fashioned, no string attached fucking” (SMUT)

“Will you just tell me the truth?”

“You don’t need to protect me”/“Didn’t realise I needed your permission”

“I think you’ll be happy to know that I’m not wearing any underwear.”

“I remember practicing how to ask you out in the mirror..”

Bucky + knives + dirty talk (SMUT)

Under the table at black tie gala (SMUT")

“It’s Christmas, don’t be mad at me.”

“Welcome to fatherhood”

“Stop being so cute”

“How is my wife more badass than me?”

“I’m not buying IKEA furniture again.”

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ART STYLE CHALLENGE!! FT. my favorite ham artists (with honorable mention of birdloaf, unfortunately i could not find a sufficient ref of philip in a sketchier format :///) I tried to emulate everyone’s styles down to the brushes!! did I do it okay? i think i did!! Honestly I’m a little terrified at my style malleability, and also disappointed because i’m drawing like this when i obv have the ability to go beyond that?? and yet…

(can you see who influenced me && how lol)

@me wyd

@spibbles YOU…. YOU. You freaking astound me, your style is fantastic and lately it’s been so warm and nice and all your shapes are a-fucking-plus, and your color usage is gorgeous and your shading is On Point and your rate of improvement is 10,000 penstrokes per hour, you’ve left me in the goddamn dust and i just….. go d

@raythrill you and @huitality are the only blogs I follow as closely as I follow you two and honestly it’s so great to see your styles bounce off of each other and I adore you guys’ style okay?? Ray I love your color usage and shading and I’m pretty sure I already sent you an ask that’s just me gushing but Hui you’re also really great and your anatomy and proportions and posing is (100 OK emojis) and the thick lines are a good reminder that I can make thick lines, not go lineless, and still be a good artist

@terror-in-the-dream GOD………….. YOUR SHAPES AND SHADING AND E Y E S… GORGEOUS i can’t believe you exist. also i adore the way you draw plants and flowers too and your blocky shading is lovely. i’d love to see intense expressions from you tho, most of em seem v calm???

@lauwurens tbh i probably have no right to tag you but Gosh, I haven’t seen anyone else who adores philip to such a degree and also your style is absolutely lovely I adore it so much what the fuck,, philip’s curls and and your eyes and GOD, everything is like, perfect

@eightmonkeys your usage of shapes and your flow of figure is the most unique and absolutely amazing thing i’ve ever seen i love it ok… and it’s also a really good reminder for me that things don’t have to look v realistic to look fantastic

@pia-soleildiddle MMMM GOD I’VE SEEN YOUR ANIMATICS AND YOU’RE SO FUCKING C R E A T I V E THAT IT HURTS MY SOUL, WHAT IN HELL, your interpretations have FLOORED me, also I adore the little unique things you put on all the characters, like ham’s double cowlick and jeff/laf’s forehead lock, and philip’s also double cowlick, and jfc, why are you so good

@kei-pai i……… you…,,, god i don’t know i guess the simplicity just attracts me, and also just the pure stylistic factor is great I can’t name why I like your style in particular, it’s probably the fluidity, but honest to god i like yours a lot but I can’t name why (edit: 3 days later and only now i realize I’ve left out the freckles oops)

I’ll Still Want You/Stiles Stilinski Fluff

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Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*

Request:  Could you do where the reader is uber drunk and Stiles has to pick her up at a bar and take care of her? And the reader being really risqué to him?

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Well, firstly shucks you’re welcome and thanks gosh didn’t really know I was doing that, but in terms of method I think it’s because I tend to love the characters I’m drawing? It’s also very tactile, like, I try to imagine what it would be like to hug them, or pat them on the head! It might sound silly but having an idea about what texture they have, how cuddly or boney they are, what holding their hand would feel like- it helps me learn to draw them and I guess respect them as people. I like having that sense of volume and interaction when I draw, but a lot of it is about respect. There’s also this thing called ‘appeal’, which is in the list of the 12 basic principles of animation that Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas introduced (which are just really good things to know about in terms of drawing too) so I guess it’s something related to that? Having said that it’s all a bit vague and I’m not really smart enough to know what I’m doing, or what about it makes characters ‘look attractive’, I just draw and try to get it there.

My Top 11 + Thoughts

Here’s an unrealistic Top 11 (sorta in order of how much I want them in Top 11):

  1. Kim Jaehwan: Top vocalist for sure. He fits all types of songs. If anyone was doubting Jaehwan’s idol ability, I’m sure he proved them wrong in Sorry Sorry; if they were doubting his high note power, he proved them wrong in Downpour. Thank god he won his group, he was just so amazing. And for a singer, he’s got pretty damn good idol presence. I hope one-pick voting doesn’t hurt him too much, because with what this group looks like, BOI/OIO is going to need him a lot.
  2. Noh Taehyun: Thank GOD Taehyun won dance. He’s so amazing. Choreography genius, dance king, looks so amazing onstage, seems to have such good leadership qualities… and on top of that, he can sing and rap as well. Shape of You really brought out the best in him. If you don’t have him in your Top 11… what are you doing?!
  3. Ong Seongwoo: I love him. He’s such a witty dude who’s been working so hard for so long, and on top of that, he can do EVERYTHING- his singing and dancing are both so great. And he’s really hot. That’s always a plus.
  4. Kang Daniel: What is there to say that others haven’t? He’s not just attractive, he’s good at dancing, he seems really kind, and he’s also stable enough to make A rank.
  5. Ha Sungwoon: STOP SLEEPING ON THE (A-ranked) HOTSHOT BOYS. Sungwoon is a stable, excellent vocalist and dancer. His voice is really nice and his vocals in Downpour made me tear up a little. I’m angry that he didn’t get that many votes, to be honest… and now I’m worried he’ll fall far enough to get eliminated before concept evaluations.
  6. Park Woojin: Amazing stage presence, amazing ability… what’s not to like? His Get Ugly performance made me sweat.
  7. Park Woodam: That Mansae performance had me sold immediately. Amazing, amazing, amazing. My heart hurt for him when he couldn’t select a vocal performance… I hope he doesn’t fall far this week, since he shot up so many ranks last week.
  8. Park Jihoon: I’ve been caught by Wink Boy’s charm! He’s got excellent stage presence and he can dance decently well. Also, wow, he’s so cute! He’d make an amazing center for BOI/OIO.
  9. Jung Sewoon: Wonderful voice, amazing vocalist. One of my faves. After reconsidering, I thought he might be better as an indie soloist, but for now I don’t have that many absolute Top 11 picks and so I’ll leave him in there for now.
  10. Lee Daehwi or Im Youngmin: Decent at everything. Not sure what else to say. (Probably Youngmin because someone did point out that there should be more rappers.)
  11. Kim Jonghyun: Let’s just say I’m not the biggest fan of NU’EST in the Top 11, just like I wasn’t too eager for Chaeyeon to make it into IOI. After all, they’ve been more successful and had more chances than many of the people on this show are ever going to have. But this guy’s got good character and he’s a good rapper- plus he’s definitely going to make it anyways, so why not?

Trainees that were just too unrealistic, even for me:

  • Kim Seongri: One of the best vocalists on this show for sure, and yet he’s always slept on. He finally got his moment to shine as main vocalist and then got outshone by Yongguk. I know he’s going to be eliminated- which he doesn’t deserve- but I would just like to mention him. He’s amazing and deserved so much better.
  • Yoon Heeseok: A 6-month Jellyfish trainee who can do lots of things well?! YES. Also, he went from F to B rank! Unfortunately, his screentime hasn’t been great, and his rank has dropped over the weeks, even though he’s always been well-received by the live audience. His presence in Amazing Kiss as well as his decent Call Me Baby performance have really made him a favorite of mine. I’ll be sad to see him go.
  • Takada Kenta: He’s good and seems really cool… unfortunately I don’t think he’s getting anywhere close.
  • Kim Taedong: Hmm… maybe. I don’t know. I hope he doesn’t drop, I’d love to see more from him.
  • Yeo Hwanwoong: Man, I’m sad about him. He’s definitely one of the best dancers on this show. But despite how well he did in Right Round, he only got 3rd. I think he’s going to be eliminated, and I’m not ready for him to go. He’s so good.
  • Woo Jinyoung: He’s good, but no one has noticed him. I’m sad :(

Okay, here’s the part that might get me killed. Trainees that I for sure don’t want in Top 11:

  • Bae Jinyoung: His vocals were pretty weak, despite everyone calling him amazing or whatever. I just don’t think he has what it takes.
  • Joo Haknyeon: Call me what you will for saying this, but the words Haknyeon said to Eunki can’t just be edited THAT maliciously- they can’t pull words from his mouth that he didn’t say himself. He complained about his rank falling and about the choreography that he wasn’t even helping to make- all this to a leader whose rank was more than 25 places below him. And then he won his group when Hwanwoong was so much better! I’m not even going to get into him being “lazy” because I know editing can easily influence that, but anyways… that’s the definition of annoying to me.
  • Kwon Hyunbin: He doesn’t really have any talent. Again, I’m not going to get into the whole “lazy” thing because that’s easily edited, but he really doesn’t have anything at all that would attract me to him as a Top 11 trainee. He’d honestly be better off going back to modeling.
  • Lai Guanlin: I like him, he’s really good-looking, and he clearly works really hard, but there’s too many visual F trainees in the current Top 22. Enough with that, please. (Wouldn’t it be great having 5 male Sohyes in BOI/OIO? /s)
  • Yoo Seonho: I just don’t really feel anything with this guy. He’s good-looking, sure, but I just don’t feel anything there.
  • Park Sungwoo: He’s cool, but it was a little cringey seeing him try to keep up with the dance for Shape of You. Again, we can’t have five people in BOI be male versions of Sohye.

Well, now that I’ve put myself out here to be cursed at by visual-line and NU’EST fans, what do you think? Did I forget anyone? (I probably forgot someone, rip.) If you have civil disagreements to voice, I’d be happy to hear them. Hate will be blocked. Most likely no one will pay attention to this post anyways, but since I spent so long finally sorting out who I want in Top 11, discuss it with me! 

You can find me on Twitter at @luxsideris. :) <3 Also, if someone called semisomniac replies to you in the comments of this post, that’s my main account :P

“I have always felt deprived of underwear. I always felt that i would have really made it if I had all the socks and underwear I could ever use. Even in Pensacola (where Ted was arrested for the last time), I went to a shopping mall and bought some socks. I was buying socks everywhere. This is for real. I mean, I’ve got a sock fetish. No question about it. I must have six or seven pairs right here with me in my cell. I am really sick when it comes to socks. These are some of the things for people who really want to know what makes Ted Bundy tick. They’re parts of the combination to the deepest, most secret recesses of my mind. I’m very close to my feet. Right now. I’m lying on my back with my foot propped up on the bars. And I’m studying my toes. For a good portion of the night. They’re probably the most attractive feet you’ve ever seen. I’m sure all these law-enforcement officers around the country are looking through their unsolved crimes for anything to do with the presence or absence of socks. Socks are such a serious part of my life. They’re so very important to me. They kept reading the list of socks and all [in court] and I felt proud. Honestly, it didn’t even begin to occur to me that people might wonder why I had all those socks. I just felt proud that I owned all those socks. Like a man who stands at the back of his ranch house and looks out over the range and sees all them cattle. The only time I began to have little bought of sheepishness was when I read about a white sock with a blue band and green stripe on the toe. Those are odor eaters- and that was getting too personal.” - Ted Bundy talking about his obsession with socks in conversations with a killer.

At Swords Points

Part II

Part I

Riskua the redhead is quite pretty, Ace’s decided.

He doesn’t know what it is (because those eyes have put more than a few of his brothers off already) but there’s… something about her.

She’s sitting upon the railings of the Moby right now, looking out to sea with her long red hair pulled up into a high pony, the sun catching on the exposed tanned skin of her legs… Yeah, there’s something about her.

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Class Dismissed

 Request:  Can you do a Chris Beck x reader where Chris is teaching new NASA recruits and the reader is one of the students and they are both super attracted to each other and like smuuuttt please

Pairing: Dr. Chris Beck x Reader

Warnings: language, unprotected sex (please use condoms), mentions of hospital stay.

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My first day as a NASA employee, you could say I’m nervous. But also so excited for this new chapter in my life. I was at a horrible time in my life, I was constantly sick for about 3 months, been to doctor to doctor to doctor, and no one seemed able to help me. I had given up hope, and the only person I was relying on more than anything, my boyfriend of 3 years, went ahead and cheated on me. And you know what makes it even worse? It was cliche, he was cheating on me with my best fucking friend, and I found out on the day I found out what was wrong with me. I had just found out I had sepsis, and they caught it just in time. I was hospitalised for 3 weeks while they pumped antibiotics and fluids, while battling depression. Neither him nor her came to see me once in the hospital. Once I got out I had a new lease on life, and so far I’ve never seen either of them again. I enrolled for the NASA recruit program, and I was accepted. I’m here today, about to met my instructor. I’ve met a few of the students, and they’re pretty cool so far.

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Aoi: thank you so much for feeling and experiencing our history. we were able to finish all the shows without any incidents. we’ll have some free time for a while but let’s meet again in the summer. until then, I’ll be polishing and improving my skills before showing myself to everyone again. thank you so much😌
Reita: Dainippon Itan Geisha Cherry Blossom of Imbecility
completed here in Osaka! thank you guys so much for a great show!
we howled till we lost our voices! I also felt really good about the amount of sweat. tonight we’re gonna get fucking wasted ! ! 💪🏻🖕🏻
Aoi: but you know, cause of that red thing on insta I can’t bask in the afterglow of the show. I gotta say though, cause of that app I was playing with I have nothing but suuuper cute pictures. even though I’m such a cool and handsome guy.*
*I guess, he means that snapchat filters tend to make everyone look really cute (instead of cool or attractive in a more manly way). 

Phichit Commands!

A/N: Yuri on Ice!!! (Victuuri) - 24. “I’m sorry, are we 12 now?” - I got creative with this one. Recently I’ve started to like involving Phichit in fics. Enjoy XDD

Summary: [Pre-relationship] Victor finds Yuuri skyping with Phichit and decides to eavesdrop for a little. As he does, he learns some veeery interesting things about Yuuri. Like… how ticklish he is?

Word Count: 2363

“Fanclub? Phichit-kun, I’m sorry, are we 12 now?” A smile grazed Victor’s lips and he had to pick up the cold damp towel from his bare shoulders to press it against his lips as he stood outside Yuuri’s room, peeking inside and listening in. 

The action was a good one that turned his laugh into a soft muffled chuckle, which did not give him away just yet. It had been a couple of minutes since he came back from his shower to find Yuuri engaged in a fascinating conversation with his buddy Phichit. 

He knew very well about their friendship but was just curious about their relationship since Yuuri was often talking about the Thai figure skater, but Victor had never really seen them interact. So finding Yuuri in his room, skyping with the younger male was enough to have him stand behind the door to eavesdrop. It gave him a lot of interesting and especially hilarious information:

Phichit shipped the two of them so bad, even jokingly calling them his OTP! Genius. Victor couldn’t help but blush and giggle at this. Sure he noticed their chemistry and Yuuri even boldy invited him to be his coach. But despite all that he still seemed pretty shy, which was why he just decided to take things easy.

So hearing how Yuuri’s best friend approved of them (well, even shipped them), of course that made him very happy.

“We both know you’ve been crushing on him ever since you were little.” Also that. Yuuri idolizing him, he knew, because hell those posters and pictures and what-not in his room weren’t hidden properly. 

But Phichit’s words were all the extra confirmation Victor needed to verify they were not just coach and student, not just colleagues and not just friends. They were developing a romantic bond and everyone around them probably noticed except for Yuuri himself because he probably didn’t want to believe it? 

“Phichit-kun stop it! You’re being silly!” Yuuri was still flustered and scolding Mr. shipper for joking about making a fanclub solely for shipping ‘Victuuri’ as he called it, and Victor was still barely over that and the crushing- comment when the directness of Phichit’s words took a next level.

“I’m not being silly, you are. Can’t believe you’re still not dating. You even sleep and bathe together!” Phichit joked, and Victor let out another muffled laugh.

“W-we don’t sleep together!” Yuuri protested with a squeaky voice. 

“Yeah yeah. I bet he hasn’t found about that either then,” Phichit said with enough sass and mischief to replace Victor’s urge to laugh with a lot of curiosity. ‘That’? 

“You don’t mean that that right?” Yuuri replied. What were they talking about? That that? Phichit chuckled mischievously in response.

“Oh Phichit-kun don’t you even dare ever telling him!” Yuuri argued, sounding very nervous and embarrassed, and even though Victor couldn’t see his face, he was sure he was blushing now. More curiosity. 

“Of course I am. It’s attractive, you should let him do it to you.” Do it to him!? Victor was close to having a nosebleed, or so he felt. His face was getting hot and he had no idea what these boys were talking about.

“Definitely not! It’s embarrassing!” Yuuri protested, even raising his voice. 

“No it isn’t! All he has to do is touch you in the right way and–” 

“PFFtt!” Victor wasn’t sure if it was his own flustered reaction, the hilarity of it all or both, but he suddenly couldn’t hold back his snorty laugh. Well now that he did that, he’d better make his entrance right away, and still laughing with his hand covering his mouth he wobbled into the room to where Yuuri was sitting.

“Victor!? How long have you–” Yuuri squeaked, but Victor patted his head and leaned over him to pay some good attention to the little ball of energy that apparently consisted of a lot of Yuuri-secrets.

“Hello Victor. How are you doing?” Phichit asked casually, and while ignoring Yuuri’s squeaky remarks about him being half naked and his questions of how much he’d heard, Victor responded merrily.

“Doing good! And very curious to your secret language. What is this attractive thing I have yet to find out?” he asked with a smirk, and Phichit giggled.

“What, he really doesn’t know yet?” Phichit reacted to Yuuri first, who jumped in surprise and shook his head, his hands waving as a silly reaction to some secret that was probably about to be spilled. Just when Victor tried to butt in again, Phichit already released him from his curiosity. 

“Yuuri, why don’t you tell him how ticklish you are!” 

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♡  - pretend to be in a relationship (w/ neighbour!taehyung)
@sugababay bc i lied to you, i’m coming after your number one bias instead

As much as you complain about the hassle that you go through with being Taehyung’s… “friend”, you’ll never admit that it’s not so bad to begin with. Here’s the thing: Taehyung was a really nice guy - beyond that, goes to the end of the world to do the right thing. He’s not that bad looking (if anything, you would have to say he’s attractive), he has good grades and his life is pretty much in check.

Until he moved away and comes back five years later. And is now the target of people coming at him because he’s fresh meat.

However, when you recognize those pair of hazel eyes and that timbre tone in his voice, it brings you back to childhood days of when yes, this is the same boy who held your hand whenever you felt afraid and promised to fight anything that would dare harm you. So seeing him in the position of being a human pinball, pushed from one end to another, you tell your circle of friends to give me five minutes and that’s how the rest of the boys got to meet the boy who remained crouching on the floor as the remaining five earlier ends up with a bruise on their faces before scurrying to run off.

Then came a proposition that you agreed to in exchange for your reputation, brought onto the table with Taehyung’s ability to persuade your parents to let you go out with the guys him so what’s there to lose?

“Aw, look at my baby girl,” Taehyung squishes your cheeks, in a teasing yet loving manner when he makes you shake your head left and right. Jungkook and Jimin are dying from laughing too hard, Seokjin can’t help but snicker, Hoseok’s falling off his seat, Yoongi and Namjoon taking pictures for blackmail one day.

Past your smiling face, your hand squeezes Taehyung’s thigh under the table before you let the words seethe through your teeth: “I’m so going to kill you in your sleep.”

Okay, apart from that, things were great. Taehyung never got bullied ever again. On the contrary, people were afraid of him because if anyone dared mess with him, well, it’s an automatic challenge that brought on you, along with the others that sat at that one table in the middle of cafeteria where almost everyone knew not to play a fool with unless you’d want a death wish. You, on the other hand, got to go out without needing to cover up with lies that technically wasn’t if your parents didn’t ask and grades that got better when Taehyung manages to slip in tutoring sessions every now and then.

Ah, except one thing. Sometimes, at night, Taehyung likes to - “Hey, Y/N. Could you come over?”

“…I swear to god, Tae. It’s two in the morning,”

He whines, “But I can’t sleep…”

“Your parents’ room is just down the hall. Their bed is big enough for three,”


“Or jerk off! It’ll get you sleepy and-”


“Fine! Unlatch your damned window!”

You can hear him chuckling with an excited yes! before he hangs up. With a groan, you toss your phone aside and grab onto your pillow before heading over to your window. When you see on the opposite end he’s already ready to catch you when you climb over, you step out and toss him your pillow. He looks confused, holds it, but mindlessly puts it away with a tch before locking his arms around you when you jump.

Taehyung’s able to smile when he has you in his arms, lying in his bed as he hugs you tight and hooks his chin on your shoulder even if you refuse to look at him with your back facing his chest.

“Thank you, Y/N,”

“Yeah yeah yeah, go to sleep. Class starts extra early tomorrow,”

Taehyung already knows he’s screwed, when this is the opposite of what he’s doing if he wants to actually sleep because somewhere between of this being pretend, he knows he doesn’t want any of this to be just pretend.

Cosa Nostra (Pt. 3)

Summary: You were just a girl who took some odd jobs from the Min Syndicate to make some extra cash. When Min Yoongi himself sends a request for you to come to his mansion, any semblance of your normal life gets thrown out the window. What sort of dangers will face you once you become associated with one of the biggest mob bosses?



Word Count: 3.8k

Part [1] [2] [3] [4]

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If there was anything that you should have learned in all of your years going to various social scenes, it was that you should never, ever smile at a man you didn’t want the attention of. And yet here you were, the dumbass girl who smiled at a man who was staring at her and was now was on his way to talk to her.

‘Great,’ You thought to yourself, ‘The one thing Yoongi tells me not to do, and here I am initiating interactions from strangers. I’ll be lucky if he doesn’t have my head for this…’ You tried to smile politely as the man stood before you, but you could feel the tenseness in your own face, so you knew that your smile looked absolutely fake.

“Now you’re a face I haven’t seen around here before…” The man hummed, his voice smooth as honey. You could tell that this guy was a playboy, whether he meant to be or not. With his boyish smirk, golden brown hair, and a muscular frame that you could see even through his suit, there was no way that most women could resist him, he was just that damn attractive. But you definitely weren’t most women, and even though you were attracted to him to some extent, you knew you had to keep your composure. It wouldn’t be good at all if Min Yoongi’s date was seen flirting with another man.

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why i love (all) the signs
  • (pisces sun/scorpio moon/aquarius rising/venus dom pov)
  • aries: as hot headed and impulsive as you guys are, you are really supportive and loyal friends. you will beat up anyone who decides to hurt someone you love or care for. you are super fun to hang out with too! i have never met a boring aries, and i don't think i ever will. aries make awesome friends. if you want someone to beat up that jerk that has been harassing since last week, go to an aries.
  • taurus: honestly just the coolest people ever. not only are you guys super attractive, but your also really and laid back and chill. you're also very dependable and i can't help but look up to you guys for that. not to mention that you're quite smart as well. you might not be the easiest person to deal with when it comes to arguments or making decisions (you can be quite stubborn, which is a good and bad thing!), but you guys are still awesome people and i love you guys.
  • gemini: idk why but there is something so charming and attractive about you guys that i just adore. you're creative and fun people, and your hearts are (most of the time) in the right place. your friendly and accepting and that's probably the reason why every single gemini sun or moon i have met is so popular! not to mention that every single gemini i have met has some kind of talent that they are really good at. whether it's filming or cooking or cheerleading, all of you guys have some kind of talent, and you are always good at it. i almost envy how lovable you twins are. keep it up gemini folks, you're one of my favorite signs.
  • cancer: not as innocent as you think, but they are still very huggable and nice people. cancers are either really shy and quiet or really optimistic and cheerful. some cancers that i have met are even snarky and sarcastic (kind of like a scorpio or aquarius) but are still affectionate and nice to be around. i love cancers because they are the kind of friends that will make you cookies for no real reason, or will give you hugs when you're feeling down (or just because they want to). cancers that i have met also have a very weird sense of humor that you can't help but love. these people are really cool. go hug a cancer.
  • leo: either loads of chill, or no chill. leo people will try their best to make everyone happy, but won't go all the way if they don't want to. they are generous and helpful people. surprisingly, i have not once met a leo that was popular and full of themselves. in fact, most leos i have met are pretty humble (MOST not all). they are also very funny and friendly as well. leos are the kind of people that will greet you with a bear hug every time you see them. in my opinion, leos would make awesome dads. they are really cool friends too. they've always got your back, too.
  • virgo: kind of like cancers, all virgos that i have met have a very weird and goofy sense of humor that you just love for some reason. they are also not as worrisome and uptight as predicted. i love virgos mainly because of their humor and sarcasm. they can be a little prickly at times, but they are one of those friends that will support you no matter what stupid bull crap you decide to do. they will get you out of a mess that you got yourself into, they will lend you a pen if you forgot yours at home or lost yours in science class. virgos might be a little reserved or shy at first but they slowly open up to you and begin to show affection. i personally find this part of them adorable.
  • libra: cheerful, friendly, and goofy. a libra is the kind of friend that will brighten your day when you are in a funk, and will take you out somewhere for whatever reason. they are without a doubt the best people to party with, but you might want to keep an eye one them...they can easily get carried away when drunk! most libras that i have met are also hopeless romantics, and will gush about some old couple they saw holding hands while walking down the street. they also got sass. libras are really fun and energetic people, and make super cool friends.
  • scorpio: my god you guys are awesome. your funny and sarcastic, but also supportive and kind. similar to an aries, scorpios will beat up some kid that has been bullying you or your ex partner that decided to break up with you over the phone. scorpios are really cool (and kind of reckless) friends that are lovable in every way. they can easily become the life of the party, but they can also be quite introverted as well. it just depends on the person really. scorpios are also passionate and loyal lovers, which is rare to find these days. scorpios are really amazing people, and deserve all the love in the world.
  • sagittarius: for a person who lives in a family where half of the people are born under the sign of sagittarius, i have met my fair share of sags. they are friendly and caring like a leo but also a bit reckless and impulsive like an aries. i love sags because of how lovable they are. idk why but there is something so attractive and lovable about sagittarius folks that makes me so happy when i meet one. like libras, sags have lots of sass and are really goofy. they are the kind of friends that will take you out on a car ride when you're feeling down or for no reason at all. sags are really just super fun people that you can't help but love.
  • capricorn: i have met all different kinds of caps. cheerful ones, shy ones, awkward ones, energetic ones. i have only met one introverted capricorn. capricorns are without a doubt the kind of person you want as a friend. they are not only smart cookies, but they will do special things for you like buy you a random present for no real occasion or help you study for that next math test. they do small things for you that i really appreciate...not to mention that is kind of cute. in fact, capricorns have their own little cute quirks and habits. i have met so many different kinds of caps, but the one thing they all have in common is how great friends they can be. if you want a friend for life, go to a capricorn.
  • aquarius: my favorite sign. they are friendly and goofy and just so lovable! they are hilarious and very cool people. they are quirky and fun in so many ways, and i have never met an aquarius that wasn't interesting! aquarius folks have such a fun personality! i can't enough of them. like geminis, almost every aquarius i have met has some special thing or talent about them that they are always good at. they are also good at dealing with people. they can also be a little rebellious, which for a pisces like myself, i find really cool and attractive. aquarius people are simply amazing, and are without a doubt my favorite sign.
  • pisces: and then there are these guys. very nice people, without a doubt. the thing i love most about them is their creativity and humor. i have yet to meet a pisces who didn't have a thing for one of the arts. they are also very nice people as well. some of the nicest people i have met are pisceans! they are also very accepting. it doesn't matter whether your a boy, girl, gay, trans, bi, preppy, emo, hipster...they can become friends with any people with any personality (unless those people are jerks to them). pisceans are also really funny! they are such great people with their hearts always in the right place. i have yet to meet a pisces i didn't like.

I’m entering college in 10 days. I’ve been in 2 abusive relationship since 2013. The most recent one lead to my sexual assault. I’ve been in therapy and am doing WAY better but I still haven’t been dating because I’ve been petrified that the next guy will also be abusive but I won’t notice until it’s out of the “honey moon” phase. 

I’m talking to a guy I meet at orientation and he’s super cool and he likes me and what not. But I’m so terrified that he’s going to be like the rest. I have an anxiety disorder so in some ways I think it’s just my worry brain making me over analyze. The only real thing that he’s done is want to text 24/7 which is just like my ex. 

But I told him I wasn’t ok with it and he backed off and respected it so far. Are there any other really major warning signs I should look out for? 

I mean narcissistic abusers are really good at acting like the good boy of your dreams, but how do I know if this guys is bad or actually safe? 

#LAVENDER sisterhood answer:


#1 - You will attract men that are at your same level of growth so it is imperative that you work on yourself to attract a better guy.  This includes defining your boundaries and self-esteem not related to whether or not he likes you.  

Do a self-analysis.  Am I allowing my self-esteem to be high & low simply by his behaviors towards me?

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Masterlist - updated 30/11/16

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Bucky x Reader- Prompt drabbles

Bucky + knives + dirty talk (SMUT)

Under the table at black tie gala (SMUT")

“It’s Christmas, don’t be mad at me.”

“Welcome to fatherhood”

"Stop being so cute”

“How is my wife more badass than me?”

“I’m not buying IKEA furniture again.”

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anonymous asked:

I really love Sai and SaiIno. From your blog, I don't think you care about it that much, but in the future, if you're in the mood and have time, do ypu have any headcanons for who confessed to who and how the other reacted, and their first kiss? (Sorry if this was harshly worded or too much to ask foe)

I’m a huge fan of all the canon ships Anon, that includes Sai and Ino. But I tend to just answer what I’m asked about. If people don’t ask about SaiIno, then I’m probably not gonna talk about them that often.

As for your other question, let me recite to you an excerpt from Sakura Hiden, Chapter 1 Section 6, which recounts a conversation between Sakura and Ino regarding their love lives:

“Aside from that, how are things going for you, Ino? Nowadays… what’s happening in your love life?”

Since childhood, Sakura and Ino were frankly both rivals at heart over Sasuke. However, as they matured together, it felt as though Ino had stepped down from that race.

For now, who was Ino thinking about? Or who was she even not thinking about? (Sakura) wanted to know.

“Mmm…..Well, there is someone (whom I’m interested in)”.

Ino replied in an embarrassed and shy manner.

“Err…No, I don’t. It’s because I think of him well, so there is someone (whom I’m interested in).”


Unintentionally, Sakura approached beside Ino.

“I didn’t know at all. What? Who is it?”

“You’re really sinking your teeth into this, aren’t you, Sakura?“

“But it’s on my mind. I want a hint. A hint!”

“ A hint, eh?”

Ino thought about it for a little bit. Her face was slightly flushed.

“….it’s someone who’s skilled at drawing”

“No, that’s still not an answer!”

Sakura then retorted.

“Humph, I see….so it’s Sai?”

“But it’s not surprising, right?”

“Well…(not really)”

Sai was Sasuke’s replacement within Team 7. When Sai was first incorporated into their team, Ino had an interest in him. She showed (that sort of ) attitude towards him. Ino had said that he resembled Sasuke-kun a little bit with his attractiveness.

“At first, wasn’t he a rather good-looking guy at least? But I don’t know how to explain the feeling. Now, I’m completely (into him)…Eh, what is this!? Didn’t I just…. say so many dreadfully embarrassing things? Wha–!, Hi—!“

“Calm down, calm down….”

Sakura then asked while soothing Ino:

“Well, by the way… did you confess your love?”

“About that….well, I still…”

Ino’s voice became small. That reaction was surprising to Sakura.

In relationships with another person, it’s a relatively straightforward situation: If you make up your mind (to do something), you could immediately carry out your plans. Ino had an image (of what she intended to do). But now in Ino’s case, it somehow seemed to be a different scenario.

“(Should I give him) lavender? Or a flowering dogwood?…..I’m indecisive.“

Ino had said.

“Lavender? Flowering dogwood?”

”Yup…..In the language of flowers, lavender means ‘I will be waiting for you’. As for the flowering dogwood, it means ‘accept my feelings’ in the language of flowers. When should I show Sai the atmosphere of my feelings?…Am I supposed to be waiting on him? Or maybe like this…. Should I do my confession with a ‘bashii’(/sudden whack) ?……..It’s worrisome right now (for me).“

“(Oh, I see what you mean)”

Ino was indeed the daughter of a florist, since she was giving the explanations for the language of flowers.

“But Ino…. I think that your image is (more like the) flowering dogwood.“

Sakura was trying to say it. Ino then also nodded.

“Isn’t it?…. It’s like my personality, right?….”

Well….she said that she was worried. Ino had put her hand against her (her own) forehead. Somehow, it seemed a little sweet (to see her acting like this).

‘As for my situation’….Sakura was suddenly thinking:

It’s lavender, I suppose…Of course it is…..

‘Accept my feelings’….No matter (how much) she tried to say it, Sasuke was away from home.

As for Sakura, she could only wait for now.

However, she was then thinking:

How long will I be waiting…?

From that passage, it appears that Ino was planning on confessing to Sai relatively soon, so I think this pretty much confirms that Ino confessed first, and she did so by offering Sai a Flowering Dogwood, as a means of asking him to accept her feelings. And judging by how close they appeared to be with each other during Naruto and Hinata’s wedding:

I can only assume that Ino’s confession yielded positive results rather quickly :) I imagine that when Ino eventually did confess, Sai drew a replica of the flower that she had just given him using his ninjutsu, and said something like, 

“Please take care of me, Miss Beautiful”.

Because just how fitting and awesome would that be? ^_^

anonymous asked:

RFA + V + Saeran figuring out MC is like literally a junior in high school?? That's how old I am and I'm kinda wondering how they'd act! ^^

I figure that you being a Junior equals 17 years. Now this is a really interesting ask, to be honest, because in Korea funnily enough the age of consent is 13 years. In Europe where I am from that is pretty similar. So if you’re American some of these reactions might shock you. Frankly, I find American age laws to be ridiculous most of the time. To consider someone underage by 16/17 years old…


Zen (23)

♬ when he found out he was extremely ashamed

♬ he choked up for a moment too

♬ he’d freaking kissed you! Twice!

♬ you’d stayed at his place

♬ you’d almost been kidnapped by a lunatic because he hadn’t been faster

♬ such a young and innocent girl to get tangled up in such a mess…Zen couldn’t help but sigh

♬ he also wanted to punch himself for hinting at such lewd things in front of you

♬ you were like a young flower not even in full bloom and he’d already tried to pick you

♬ for a while he tried to avoid you

♬ mainly because he couldn’t trust himself not to do and say more such things

♬ despite your young age you were extremely strong willed, determined and kind

♬ all those things made you rather attractive in his eyes

♬ on top of that you really looked older

♬ eventually you caught on to what he was doing and admittedly you got a little angry

♬ oh what now? because you weren’t 20 years old you weren’t good enough anymore?

♬ you assured him that sex most certainly didn’t scare you

♬ in fact, hadn’t he had sex long before you?

♬ Zen admittedly hadn’t been able to argue that one as his teen years had been rather adventurous

♬ when he’d tried to pull the ‘but I am a man and you are a girl’ card you’d glared daggers into him

♬ you’d also contemplated slapping him for his misogyny but decided against it

♬ God forbid you actually gave him material for his silly arguments

♬ after that it didn’t take long to win Zen back

♬ mainly because he knew that he wouldn’t just use you like other men his age might have

♬ because he knew that he genuinely cared for you, loved you

♬ because he’d been just 15 years old when he’d started to take control of his own life, so why should he deny you that very same right

♬ he still asked for your understanding when it came to public display of affection

♬ as a rising star he really couldn’t afford any scandals especially involving young girls

♬ (Jaehee also loved to remind the both of you of that)

♬ you didn’t mind as much since you understood where he was coming from

♬ you hadn’t really cared for publicity and anyone knowing all too much anyway

♬ Zen also being not as uptight as some others made other aspects much more interesting

♬ more often than not you were allowed to sleep over, even on weekdays

♬ Zen didn’t give a shit about school during his years, so why should he lecture you

♬ he was also an amazing work out partner, while you usually helped him with proper food

♬ bonus points for the face he made when you finally seduced him

♬ to his disdain, you’d done so rather quickly despite Zen trying to control himself

♬ you were just happy he had no self control whatsoever as he was truly and literally a beat in the bed and that was an experience you more than enjoyed

Yoosung (20)

★ when he found out it actually took Yoosung a while to register

★ he’d been complaining about assignments again, as he usually did, while you’d tried your best to cheer him up

★ eventually you’d chimed in, complaining about your homework and all the final exams you had coming up, not to mention the CSAT’s you’d soon have to start preparing for

★ Yoosung had felt for you, really, as he still very vividly remembered his exams

★ eventually you’d both said your goodbye’s until an hour later Yoosung had returned to the chat

★ he’d spammed it with emoji’s and capitol letter messages of surprise and shock

★ you were still in high school and if you weren’t yet preparing for the CSAT’s you were an 11th-grader at that!

★ it was slightly awkward at first

★ mainly because he was ashamed he never asked for your age

★ hell, you could have been some twelve year old girl getting tangled up in all of this

★ but you insisted you were fine and he believed you

★ being a minor he was still extremely protective of you and swore he’d do anything to keep you safe

★ in the end, however, age just wasn’t an issue for Yoosung

★ after all, he was mere three years older than you

★ his own parents had a bigger age gap and they were perfectly happy

★ on top of that you seemed to love the fact that he was slightly older

★ whenever you called him oppa his heart swelled with pride and he blushed

★ he was especially happy once he picked you up from school after getting his license

★ you’d bragged to all your friends about your older boyfriend, making them all jealousy

★ Yoosung had never gotten that much attention from girls like he did the moment he stepped out of his car

★ not to mention that once you’d actually met and started dating…well it turned out age was seriously nothing more than a number as you were a lot more mature than he was

★ so even after you were revealed the youngest in RFA, he was still considered the baby

★ if anything you being younger than the rest of the RFA made you much more understanding

★ you understood the struggles of studying, procrastination and stress

★ you also turned out to be a great gaming partners on certain date nights were the two of you allowed yourself to indulge in such things

★ above all, however, your young age reminded him of taking things a little slower

★ you dated for quite some time until he finally asked you to marry him and it only made your union all the stronger for it

Jaehee (25)

♨ to Jaehee your age was a slightly bigger problem than it would be for the rest

♨ for one, she’d taken job advise from a minor, which was bad for more than one reason

♨ it also made your possibly relationship impossible in her eyes

♨ being both female was already hard enough, but you being a minor on top of it…

♨ while her parents might have had a huge age difference, she’d learned to steer clear of them

♨ for her it had ended rather poorly and Jaehee had no need to repeat mistakes already made

♨ from the moment she realized just how young you were, all romantic intentions were forgotten

♨ instead she began seeing as a younger sister and best friend

♨ it wasn’t half bad either, as both of you really blossomed from the relationship

♨ you taught her all about the girly, teenager stuff she’d missed out on while she taught you all about business and other grown up things like taxes and stuff

♨ it was fun going shopping together and you’d enjoyed helping her put make-up on for the first time

♨ she’d also been extremely patient when teaching you how to correctly wash laundry

♨ not to mention that a lot of the things you did together had no time stamp on them

♨ like for example making yourself comfortable on the couch and watching Zen videos

♨ or even better, going to the theater to watch his musicals life

♨ your age also didn’t mean that you couldn’t help her with the café

♨ sure, you had to spend quite some time in school, but after school you came to the café every day and helped out with anything and everything

♨ on weekends you even offered to work full day, so she could take the days off

♨ Jaehee was extremely grateful for that

♨ and generally for having met you

♨ despite being young you’d given her just the right advise

♨ you also had a young and fresh perspective on things which helped a lot with customers

♨ eventually you finished school and decided to go work full time with Jaehee

♨ she’d tried to advise you to go and study, but you’d been insistent

♨ after all she’d studied and gotten a job and yet not enjoyed it

♨ why not safe yourself from pointless experiences other’s had made before you

♨ Jaehee had just laughed, unable to argue that point

Jumin (26)

♛ when you arrived at his apartment he’d been instantly smitten

♛ you’d captured his heart in the chat already but on top of being kind, you were also utterly beautiful

♛ the only problem with Jumin is that he can be a little ignorant of society, norms and such

♛ so having been a working hermit for the past years he hadn’t really registered that teenagers tended to look a lot more…mature these days

♛ the only reason he even found out was because you told him you had to leave, as you couldn’t afford to miss a day of school

♛ he’d frozen for a moment, swallowed and tried to understand what you’d just said

♛ school?

♛ not university and not work but school

♛ he’d asked you for your age then and you’d shyly admitted to being only in 11th grade

♛ it made things a hole lot uncomfortable for an evening

♛ while he still kept you at his place – you weren’t safe after all – he’d stormed off to work without another word

♛ now you didn’t judge him, you kind of understood

♛ he was an extremely public figure after all and people just loved to tear down as it was

♛ Jumin could not afford another scandal about him dating a school girl on top of everything

♛ not only that, but you also knew of his feelings about his father dating women much younger than him

♛ almost a decade of age difference surely must have scared him off

♛ you’d sighed and made yourself comfortable, rolling into a ball on the bed, waiting for him to kick you out upon his return

♛ surprisingly, things didn’t quite go that way

♛ the first thing he did was apologize to you, for a lot of reasons

♛ for one he’d admitted to having had some rather inappropriate thoughts he was scared you might find extremely appalling and disgusting

♛ you assured him that it was absolutely not the case

♛ he also apologized for keeping you away from school as education was important

♛ of course that meant he’d gotten you a private teacher for however long you wanted and needed him

♛ he kept a slight distance to you, at least physically

♛ you still talked and flirted and more often than not it was you making him flush pleasantly

♛ once you started to become more seriously you assured him that you were fine with hiding the relationship, anything to not dirty his reputation further

♛ he’d assured you that you had nothing to be ashamed of, but that maybe keeping the relationship under the radar for a while wasn’t a bad thing

♛ after all, he could only marry you once you’d turned 18 and then only with your parents consent

♛ he was more worried of not getting their permission and having to wait until you were 20 years old to finally put a ring on your finger

♛ by the time you’d finally turned 18 your parents had been delighted to agree and he’d swept you off right away

♛ age difference be damned, you were his

Saeyoung/Seven (21)

☼ by the time you’d gathered the courage to tell him how old you were, he already knew

☼ frankly, he seemed to know much more than that as well

☼ you quickly came to the realization that he’d hacked into a lot of your private information

☼ you were too shocked to even feel angry about it

☼ also exhausted, if you were completely honest with yourself

☼ you’d been carrying this guilt around ever since you met, scared to admit to your age

☼ it had taken you days to get him to be even remotely nice to you

☼ much longer to actually open about about feelings and such

☼ then it finally clicked

☼ he’d been so mean to you because he knew of your age the entire time

☼ when you confronted him about it Seven was quick to admit you were right

☼ he hadn’t really cared personally

☼ four years wasn’t all that much

☼ not to forget that he’d been independent much earlier than you as well

☼ Seven had learned early on that physical age rarely equalled mental age

☼ that being said, he could not put a minor in danger and since he practically seemed to attract that, it meant he had to keep you at arms length

☼ he’d seen what facing difficulties early on in life could do to people

☼ Jaehee, who’d lost her parents being forced to almost work herself to death

☼ Zen, who’d abandoned his family only to join gang, get himself in danger on a regular basis and crave affection and attention to the point he developed into a lonely narcissist

☼ Yoosung, who’d lost his beloved cousin and was no barely able to function much as V as well

☼ even Jumin’s incompetence to act like a normal human being could be traced back to a root in his childhood

☼ Seven didn’t even want to begin to list how much his childhood had fucked him up

☼ he’d tried to keep you away as long as possible, deny himself his feelings

☼ it hadn’t lasted long, not when you understood and healed him in ways no one else could

☼ not when you’d been the bravest he’d ever met

☼ not when you’d risked your life for people you barely knew and had no obligation to, let alone his brother who’d actually tried to harm you

☼ no matter what danger had been thrown at you, you’d managed it with utter ease

☼ eventually he’d been out of reasons to keep away from you

☼ in fact, he was even in utter awe of you as you proved once and for all that age did not matter

☼ your body might not have been, but your heart was fully developed

☼ your brain too, just saying (Seven likes em smart)

☼ so he gave in, ignoring all the voices in his head telling him not to

☼ because of literal death threats couldn’t keep you apart, age shouldn’t either

Saeran (21)

☀ by the time you’d gotten him away from Rika Saeran had been in no shape to date anyone, really

☀ not that he would have cared much to begin with

☀ he’d loved Rika and she’d been older than him as well

☀ however the very same Rika was also the reason he’d given up on love

☀ mostly, that is

☀ he knew that he felt something for you

☀ but there was just too many things in the way

☀ for one, he was dangerous

☀ even outside of Mint Eye his mind was an utter mess

☀ he was too unstable to care for someone, let alone a teenager

☀ those were generally too emotional to begin with

☀ he liked you just fine and he let you in as far as he could, but there were still walls after walls separating the two of you

☀ just like with V it would take him a long time to actually admit to his feelings

☀ not because they are there and most certainly not because of age

☀ he’d tease you about it from time to time, call you a baby, child or brat

☀ Saeran would never mean it though, not really

☀ you might have been young, but you’d been taken care of him, not the other way around

☀ you were mature and you knew what you wanted, traits much more important than age

☀ they were also precisely the problem

☀ he was older, he should have been the one taking care of you

☀ so when he realized he wasn’t capable of doing so, he did much like his brother

☀ he kept you at a safe distance for as long as he needed to and not a day longer

☀ when he was finally able to trust himself not to hurt you

☀ when he was finally able to be and act like a fully functioning being

☀ he finally let you in

☀ you’d been there for him when almost everyone else seemed to have given up

☀ you’d sat through insults and death threats

☀ never once had you given up on him

☀ someone like you was one of a kind, Saeran knew as much

☀ he’d be a fool to let a silly four years stand in the way

☀ so the second he thought of himself as stable, he went to you

☀ not wasting a single second to make you his officially

☀ not when he’d already wasted so many years of his youth

Jihyun/ V (26)

📷 when V had found out about your age he’d immediately cut you off

📷 it was rather harsh but not unexpected

📷 V wasn’t a bad person he was just extremely guarded

📷 especially after everything that had happened with Rika

📷 for the longest of times he hadn’t allowed himself to move on

📷 after that he hadn’t allowed himself to fall in love again

📷 so when you’d actually managed to make him fall for you, you’d been wary to begin with

📷 you’d met people like V before and you knew how they worked

📷 even the smallest reason to break up with you and they’d grasp at it

📷 not because they don’t love you, quite the contrary, actually

📷 V loved you a lot and you knew as much, he always showed it

📷 but he was scared of his feelings and not ready to face them yet

📷 so as expected, he fled from them

📷 for a while he disappeared from the chat entirely, which wasn’t anything new

📷 however even when he returned you were never on at the same time

📷 even when you caught him mid chat he barely acknowledged – if at all – and disappeared right after taking care of whatever business he was taking care of

📷 obviously the feeling wasn’t pleasant, but eventually you managed to move on

📷 almost a decade of age difference and a lot of trauma were two very valid reasons to separate people from one another

📷 after a while things between the two of you cleared up

📷 V returned and you talked

📷 never about your relationship, but at least you were friends again

📷 you even managed to convince him to get his eyes fixed, which for you was much more important

📷 by the time he actually got to see you the first time, years had passed

📷 he’d been blind for two RFA parties, gone for another

📷 you were over 20 years old now and when he saw you climb on stage to hold the opening speech, it took his breath away

📷 you were confident and soft at the same time, a proper woman now

📷 he was still aware of the age difference but it seemed so irrelevant all of a sudden

📷 it had taken him years, but he finally approached you that night

📷 sure, you weren’t that young student anymore, but the wait had been worth while

I should be studying for my own exams…why the fuck am I writing these instead?!