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Richonne One Shots Chapter 29: School Daze 2, a Walking Dead FanFiction
Part 2! Carl and Dre play video games. Rick and Michonne get to know one another... A continuation of a reader prompt by courtgirl26

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“So your dad, what’s he like?”

Dre kept his voice light, his eyes on the screen in front of them. Carl was a formidable opponent at video games. They were stationed on the couch, a bowl of tortilla chips between them, button mashing away.

“He’s cool, for a dad, you know?” Carl shoved a handful of snacks into his mouth.

“But what’s he like?” Dre prodded. “Is he chill? Does he have a temper? Is he strict?”

Carl paused, thinking. “He’s pretty strict, but he’s chill too. Like, I didn’t get in trouble for punching that kid. But other stuff sets him off. Like if I’m moody or slam a door or something.”

Dre successfully managed to kill Carl’s character. Carl groaned while Dre smirked.

“So he’s a nice guy?” Dre continued, selecting another character from the menu.

“Yeah,” Carl shrugged. “I’m probably going to end up just like him. It probably won’t be so bad.” He reached for his sweet tea on the coffee table in front of them. “What’s your mom like?”

“She’s tough,” Dre answered almost without thinking. “My dad died but she just kept us going. Didn’t skip work, didn’t pull me out of school, didn’t spend all day crying. She just kept on going.”

“She didn’t cry?” Carl stopped to look at him, his blue eyes wrinkling as he processed this.

“She cried,” Dre would never forget the sound. “Just when she thought I couldn’t hear her.”

Carl nodded sagely. “My dad used to do that. It was like a year or two before he stopped.”

All at once the two boys couldn’t seem to look at each other.

“My mom likes your dad,” Dre said, restarting the game.

“My dad likes your mom,” Carl laughed.

“Maybe we’ll be brothers,” Dre had toyed with the idea all week.

Carl grinned. “That’d be cool.”

“Yeah it would,” Dre winced as Carl’s character kicked him off the platform.


Rick found himself transfixed by Michonne’s lips, watching the shapes they made as she spoke. He knew he was liable to look like an idiot, but he couldn’t stop himself.

“Sorry about that,” Michonne ended her call, grinning apologetically at him. “Work won’t quit sometimes.”

Rick nodded, familiar with the feeling, tearing himself away from his musings about her mouth. “Law and order don’t sleep,” he smiled.

“No they don’t,” she sighed lightly. She adjusted the coat around her dress, a clingy black number that did very little to ease Rick’s libido. “Do you work long hours?”

“I do,” after Lori had died, he’d thrown himself into it, desperate for the distraction. The only way to sleep had been to work himself into utter exhaustion.

Michonne glanced sideways at him, looking at him in that way he realized was uniquely her own, like she was seeing straight through him into his thoughts. “How long has it been?”

“Carl was 8,” Rick knew what she was asking. “He’s 12 now. So four years.”

“Dre was 6,” she answered his question without prompting. “I can’t believe he’s in middle school already.”

“Time flies,” his chest felt suddenly heavy, the way it always did when Lori came up.

“They say it heals,” Michonne smiled wryly, her eyes flickering to the floor.

Rick reached for her on instinct, laying his hand on the small of her back, directing her towards the restaurant he’d picked.

“I think it does,” his eyes centered in on her face again. He could spend hours staring at it if she’d let him. Wide round eyes rimmed in thick dark lashes, full lips, and an elegant nose, she didn’t paint her face in a lot of makeup and she didn’t need it. Her skin seemed to glow under the streetlights.

“Maybe it does,” she agreed, those eyes turning to his, her heart-shaped lips quirking up.

“Good food helps,” Rick paused at the restaurant doors, reluctantly moving his hand from her back to hold the door open for her. She swept past him, a thank you falling from her mouth. Rick was treated to the sight of her shrugging out of her coat.

“Good tastes,” she complimented, turning to him. Rick kept his eyes on her face and off her cleavage with difficulty.

“I hoped you liked it,” he reached for her again as the host led them to their table. “You seem like a hard lady to impress.”

“Maybe,” she smiled coyly at him, taking her seat. “You did a pretty good job of it in that office.” Rick flushed under her praise and the way she was looking at him.

“Just trying to keep up,” he deflected.

“So modest,” she continued her appraisal of him as the menus arrived. Her long hair shadowed her face as she studied the selection. Rick took a moment to calm himself down. He hadn’t felt nervous like this in years.

The arrival of wine and appetizers helped considerably, loosening his lips. Michonne was good company, talkative and intelligent. Dessert rolled out and Rick found an odd sense of disappointment creep in.

“Try this,” she brandished her fork at him, a healthy helping of chocolate cake on the end.

“You’re going to force feed me cake?” he joked, taking the opportunity to move his chair closer to hers.

“You’ll thank me for it,” she assured him, “It’s my favorite.”

Rick opened his mouth willingly, conscious of the way her eyes never left his. The cake was rich, and he let out a throaty sound of pleasure.

“You’re right,” he licked his lips, noticing the way Michonne’s gaze moved to them immediately.

“Told you so,” she moved to fork a piece into her own mouth. It never made it.

Rick leaned forward, driven by some uncontrollable urge. She met him halfway. At once, he was drunk on the taste of her, instantly addicted.

“I thought I was going to have to kiss you,” she teased, a grin splitting her face. “You know, since I had to ask you out.”

Rick flushed, “Come out with me tomorrow,” he asked without hesitation. “There’s a concert. I have tickets.” They’d been a gift from his partner, along with the instructions to take a woman with him. He’d debated going all week. Now he had found the reason.

“It would be my pleasure,” her smile baited him and he kissed her again, reaching for her hand this time.

“I promise you, the pleasure is all mine,” he dropped a kiss on her palm. She flushed, looking pleased.

“Think the boys can handle another night without us?” she asked.

“They’ll be fine.”


“Do you hear that?” Dre sat up from his place on the couch. Carl was asleep on the other side, the controller still on his chest.

“What?” Carl sat up blearily, blinking.

“I think they’re back,” a car was rolling up the driveway.

“It’s 1 in the morning,” Carl looked at his phone in shock, then Dre.

They held eye contact for a moment before bolting up in unison, rushing for the window. Rick’s truck came to a halt just through the window. The boys watched as Rick exited first, coming around to help Dre’s mom out of the other side.

“What do you think they were doing?” Dre asked, watching his mother beam at Carl’s dad.

“I don’t know. I don’t think I want to know,” Carl’s eyes flicked to Dre. Both boys looked at one another, horror written on their faces.

“That’s really gross,” Dre recoiled from the window.

“Maybe not. Maybe they just talked,” Carl attempted to recover the situation, glancing again out of the blinds. “Oh crap, they’re kissing out there.”

He rejoined Dre on the couch. “I think we are going to be brothers,” Dre said.

“Good thing we really like each other,” Carl restarted their video game as the front door opened.

“Were you boys good?” Michonne’s voice rang through the foyer just a moment before she appeared in the living room, Rick behind her.

“Yup. Were you?” Carl didn’t miss a beat. Dre couldn’t hold in his laugh.

“What are you talking about?” Rick attempted to recover.

“Mom’s lipstick looks good on you, Sheriff Grimes,” Dre couldn’t resist the urge to tease him, delighting in Carl’s guffaw and Rick’s blush.

“Bedtime, now,” his mom’s tone left no room for argument. Still snickering, both boys complied.

“See you soon,” Carl called to him, following his dad out of the house.

“See you soon,” Dre pretended not to see him mom making goo-goo eyes at Carl’s dad. “When’s your next date?” he asked his mother as she locked up, delighting in her smile.

“Tomorrow,” she turned to him, still grinning.

“Good,” Dre nodded before hugging her tightly. “I like him.”

“Me too,” she whispered, kissing him on the head.

ES chit-chat time


First of all, after reading the finale, I’m pretty convinced that book 3 is the last one of the series (even though I don’t want to duh). One, I think Pixelberry wouldn’t try to drag the stories too much and suffer from the risk of creating plotholes. Two, I think book 3 is about us and the (literally) old us, traveling back in time, thinking of ways to change everything without messing up the timeline and creating paradox, then MC will finally be able to escape and say goodbye to The Endless. That should put a great end to the storyline, it should end where it is still good. I just feel like it’s a great theme to end this storyline, so yeah book 3.

You know what I want? I want a new mystery series that features all of our main characters from ES (excluding villians and stuff). This is my headcanon.

So I want to tell you a little bit about how I want ES to end. Butterfly effect and the events from Life Is Strange inspired me. So MC and the Endless will travel back in time to fix things. Fix what? I don’t even know now lol. But after having fixed all of that, MC will return to a new reality where they and their friends are facing their last challenge before going home, I’m guessing that has to do with destroying Rourke, Silas and Blaire squad. MC realizes their friends are all ok, not dead, and the loop is somehow broken. When it’s all done, The Endless takes them all back to the beginning of the fateful summer, nothing has ever happened. Then The Endless dies/disappears, since the time loop is broken, it’s not endless anymore, MC gets to live their life in a whole different way. Get this, only the group remembers what happened, since they’re the ones who get to travel through time. The reality they’re in now has been changed a little compared to the past, since there are changes, creating butterfly effect. One of those that are changed is La Huerta, for some reasons, it never exists at that time anymore. Destroyed or lost like Atlantis, a very long time ago. So no contest (or the reward is a trip to another place), no one knows La Huerta, and that “endless summer” will always be only in their mind.

About the continuing series, I got this storyline. 12 of them, after they’ve returned home and live their life, they’ve thought they’re gonna be friends forever. But things start to fall apart, they talk less, hang out less, basically every one of them gets awkward with each others somehow and they are no longer friends, just acquaintances. But then, a mysterious murder case brings them together, AS SUSPECT. Secrets, backgrounds begin to uncover themselves. Someone is trying to frame them for everything the killer did. Who is behind all of these? Is it one one them? It’s their job to find out, or they’ll end up behind bars, forever.

Well, lol that’s basically it. If it happens, I hope it’ll give me the Pretty Little Liars vibe (I’M A BIG FAN BTW).


Lila is still alive

Have you seen Mike? If he wasn’t a killer at all but can be brought up as a cyborg assassin like that, then who said they can’t turn Lila into a semi-cyborg like Mike, but worse (’cause she has some well-performed assassin skills already)? Well, she and IRIS are the other 2 who have the feeling bar for MC, I think this is an important detail. IRIS was Imogen, Aleister’s mother, so I think she’s not become less important anytime soon. That goes for Lila, I think she still plays a big part in book 3.

The deaths shown in the idols are in different realities

So now if you’ve read the finale, and got to meet The Endless, it’s revealed that we’ve been through this for 2139 times if I remember correctly. Anyway, that’s like, a lot.

If you’re aware, some of the visions from the future shown in the idols are very disconnected, like some of them are alive in the others’ idol scene when they’re supposed to be dead, I don’t remember much examples now but I’ll rewatch the scenes later for more theories. So if MC has turned back in time so many times like that, maybe in a particular time out of those 2139, they changed a thing but not another. I mean they could’ve saved someone from getting killed like as shown in their idols, but they could’ve been killed another way not shown in the idols. Maybe the future visions just show their most significant death. The Endless said this is the farthest MC has come without getting their friends killed, so we can have a conclusion here that it’s like a video game, where you can restart and play the whole thing again, but throughout the game, you can do different actions, make different choices.

I think this is a good way to explain the disconnection in the visions. I have another theory for this but I’m not sure until I’ve done rewatching the scenes and take actual notes.


  • How old is The Endless? If they start the whole thing again and again, won’t they be just the same age as MC? Or if something happened that seperated MC’s and The Endless’ realities, what was it?
  • Is the game supposed to be EndlessSummer? Like it’s actually The Endless who’s the protagonist. The group can be understood as False Protagonists, like in Most Wanted chapter 1 if you recall.
  • Why are MC’s parents never mentioned? Did they lose their parents? But the weird thing is that, we’re playing as MC, and MC has never mentioned their parents in any conversational/thought bubbles. If they’ve seen in the file that they’re born in La Huerta, won’t they be questioning a lot about their parents? This implies to either the parents back home (if they do have) are biological or adopted to MC.
  • Why are 12 of them the chosen ones? Why specifically 12 of them and not anybody else? (it could just be that the first trip MC’d lost their friends and became The Endless, they tried to throw subtle hints to make everything seems like destiny (destiny was sometimes a mentioned matter in book 1))
  • How did Silas have the Cygnus idol? Since The Endless said they made it. So it should only exist in that dimension and timeline, I think. Is it just a coincidence or just a subtle hint that Blaire’s one of the villians?

So many questions and theories I had that I don’t remember now. It’s 1AM at my place so I think I’ma stop here. So, as usual,

What are you having on your mind?

Chocolate Bars

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Pairing: always Phan

Summary: Dan and Phil never cared to put a label on what they were. All they knew was that they kissed each other sometimes. It was nothing serious. At least that’s what they told themselves.

Warnings: Food? Bants?

Word Count: 840

A/N: This is going to be a five part story, so keep your eyes out for the other parts if you enjoy this one :) I was trying to do something a little more angsty for dragonsbruh. I hope this satisfies her. I always love reading FWB stuff, so I figured I’d give it a shot. 

Dan kissed Phil when he was mad.

When he found that the chocolate he’d been counting on eating was missing from it’s place in the cupboard, he’d immediately searched the flat for his best friend. Dan found him playing a stupid game on his phone with brown crumbs stuck to the corners of his lips.

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Ugh, wow...

Still can’t quite believe I spent six hours on a… well, a fetish game.

I’m feeling pretty dirty about it, and I’ve already agreed to Cards Against Humanity with some friends. Debating whether I should put on my swimsuit for that or not.

It was just, amazing, though. It had multiple types of parasites, and it went through the typical scenarios with everything, and then you were a normal human, and you got to pick your gender, then you could infect yourself and just unhf. All of it was good, especially the neck ones. The sad thing is that I had to restart it once, and then I couldn’t get it to work past chapter 6.

kuroken + “staring at the other’s lips, trying not to kiss them, before giving in”

“Kenmaaaa,” he drawls, just by that spot on Kenma’s ear where once a simple flick had rendered him into a helpless mess of a boy, shivers raking up his spine as he’d clutched at the targeted point. “Are you listening to me?”

He flits his gaze to his knees in a rapid response, staring at his half uncurled fingers even as hair slips from behind his ears to cover his face. “I’m always listening,” he says softly. To Kuroo. “And watching.”

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Been playing Pokemon Moon for a bit. My takeaways so far:

–They are trying to prevent people from restarting for a particular starter. How? It takes 20 minutes until you get to pick the darn thing. Just restarting 3 times is an hour’s work. Choose wisely.

–I think they made it too obvious too early that Aether is evil, like they did with Lysander. The should have had Lillie fleeing with Cosmog without seeing any grunts menacing her. Then when you get to the building later in the game and recognize it you can be stunned.

–Bless Team Skull and their ridiculous attempts to be Gangsta. Bless their silliness.

–I LOVE the town layouts with there being grassy areas to catch wild Pokemon IN THE CITIES. That is wonderful!

–There is a good variety of Pokemon available even very early on. I had a full team of all different types before the first city.

Get a Pikipek and make it lv 9 before the first big city. It learns Rock Smash and you will be facing some strong steel and dark types.

–OH MY GOD it lets you swap in a Pokemon you just caught and send one of your team to a box instead if you catch a mon while having a full team yes yes yes! I love it!

–Kukui’s lab feels like a real field lab. I love it. Also he’s dressed like he is (shirtless and casual pants) because he studies Pokemon moves by fighting with his Pokemon. He outright asks his Rockruff to attack him and declares “my body is ready!”

—-No seriously someone said that in a Pokemon game. A Pokemon professor literally said that. It happened. We also got a pan over ladies in bikinis on a beach for people who aren’t attracted to Kukui’s manliness .

–All in all, been a lot of fun so far but the game being more story heavy does mean that it feels a bit slow at first. Thankfully all the little patches of grass everywhere mean you can go fight shit whenever, even in a city.