good thing i just restart the game

Been playing Pokemon Moon for a bit. My takeaways so far:

–They are trying to prevent people from restarting for a particular starter. How? It takes 20 minutes until you get to pick the darn thing. Just restarting 3 times is an hour’s work. Choose wisely.

–I think they made it too obvious too early that Aether is evil, like they did with Lysander. The should have had Lillie fleeing with Cosmog without seeing any grunts menacing her. Then when you get to the building later in the game and recognize it you can be stunned.

–Bless Team Skull and their ridiculous attempts to be Gangsta. Bless their silliness.

–I LOVE the town layouts with there being grassy areas to catch wild Pokemon IN THE CITIES. That is wonderful!

–There is a good variety of Pokemon available even very early on. I had a full team of all different types before the first city.

Get a Pikipek and make it lv 9 before the first big city. It learns Rock Smash and you will be facing some strong steel and dark types.

–OH MY GOD it lets you swap in a Pokemon you just caught and send one of your team to a box instead if you catch a mon while having a full team yes yes yes! I love it!

–Kukui’s lab feels like a real field lab. I love it. Also he’s dressed like he is (shirtless and casual pants) because he studies Pokemon moves by fighting with his Pokemon. He outright asks his Rockruff to attack him and declares “my body is ready!”

—-No seriously someone said that in a Pokemon game. A Pokemon professor literally said that. It happened. We also got a pan over ladies in bikinis on a beach for people who aren’t attracted to Kukui’s manliness .

–All in all, been a lot of fun so far but the game being more story heavy does mean that it feels a bit slow at first. Thankfully all the little patches of grass everywhere mean you can go fight shit whenever, even in a city.