good thing i have a job ;)

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Daycare person here again. Things are still going downhill fast. Luckily though I got a new job and I’m going to report them to state licensing for sure now. The kids still aren’t being fed enough and 2 kids have diaper rash so bad it’s open sores. I feel disgusting for working here and I don’t want to throw my (good) coworkers under the bus but it needs to be reported.


That was…charming and enjoyable. Nothing vitally important happened, but there’s nothing wrong with that. It also clarified to me (and I’m sure my fellow Amedot shippers as well) the impression that while Peridot’s interactions with Lapis always felt like standard roommate stuff, when she’s around Amethyst things tend to get moderately less platonic. But enough about that for now. This show has done a good job of not shoving extraneous romantic relationships just for the sake of having them, and I expect that trend to continue. Back to the Kindergarten is a solid 8/10 for me. 

i have so many things to be thankful for this year

i have such a good family even tho it has gotten smaller and more bittersweet over the years. i have friends who are so nice to me. i have a good job that i really like where i work with awesome people who seem to like me. i get to see a beautiful boy every day who i like and who seems to enjoy talking to me. i am not Mentally Stable™ per se but i think i’m the closest i have been in a while. everything is alright

i hope u r all having a nice day and that u have lots of things in your life that u are thankful for too

The interview went really well!

I spoke to three women, one of whom was my friend who told me about the job, and I think it was good!

So I dunno. They asked me how much lead time I’d need and I said at least two months, so that might be a dealbreaker. Anyway. It felt good. And now I’m off until Monday, and my period seems to have started for real (unless I’m jinxing it by typing this), soooo things are pretty ok.

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Again heres some stuff i guess??? its a meet the artist thing?? meet the shipper??? proper introduction??? i tried. and this was something i made before tablet died and my computer basically died. so i figured i’d post it.

But yeah— i hope you guys like it! i tried very fuckin hard i guess….well yeah i did. i enjoyed making it. i think it looks good and i did a personally good job.

I hope you guys can read the top info….my handwriting is a fuckin mess.

The rest i used Photoscape to type out cause i’m a messy writer.

But yeah!! here you go!!! hope it looks good and it isnt messy…and that its readable…

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hmmm, favourite h/c tropes? Anything you'd like to see more of in fic for particular fandoms or characters?

Wheee, h/c. :D I tend to really enjoy h/c that involves characters being desperately worried about each other (anything involving near brushes with death – shootings, stabbings, stranded-in-the-wilderness-while-badly-wounded, presumed dead, etc), and h/c that’s all about being woozy/out of it and having someone gently take care of them – say, drugging/poisoning, concussions, that kind of thing. (Stranger Things fandom has been supplying that last one beautifully in the wake of season 2, omg. \o/)

And then there’s that old standby, hypothermia and having to cuddle a cold person warm again. I will probably be writing that in every fandom I’m in until the END OF TIME. :D

Other things I like: awkward emotional support (especially two equally fucked up characters being clumsily supportive at each other and not doing a very good job of it), and characters coping with physical disabilities, not the medical side so much as their emotional/physical coping mechanisms.

The glib answer to the other part of the question is “my favorite kinds of h/c, in my current fandoms” because that’s … well, true; I mean, there is absolutely no limit to the amount of it I’ll read in any fandom, none. I ate up every post-GotG2 Yondu fic like candy; yeah, a lot of the scenarios were similar, but I really don’t care – I just want my fix. (This is why I hope people don’t let the worry about someone having already written something similar stop them from writing anyway, because I can pretty much guarantee from my own experience that even if there are 200 Yondu hypothermia fics out there already, one more is not going to go amiss.)

I’m actually quite sad that the flood of post-movie Yondu h/c and fixits has slowed to a trickle. BRING IT BACK! I also feel like there’s just never enough fic of that sort focused on Nebula. I mean. So many possibilities! Most of them unexplored! Someone needs to just strand her and Gamora (or her and Peter, her and Yondu, etc) on a planet somewhere for 100K of epic h/c and incredibly reluctant talking about feels. Note that I am not volunteering to write this or anything.

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I have a kinda specific request so I get if I can't be fulfilled, so basically I'm doing a story on a competitive swimmer, high school level, who consistently races against the same person on the rival team. After the shared passions and numerous encounters they slowly start to fall for each other while still keeping to their competitive nature. Could I please get some prompts/dialogue for this?

Sure thing!

1. “You did a good job out there. I mean, I was still a lot better but you know, you were half bad.” “Half bad? I beat you!”

2. “Ready to lose?”

3. “Good luck.” “Stop flirting with the competition.” “Flirting? What, no, I wasn’t- there was no flirting, no flirting was happening. What?”

I hope these help! Good luck with your story! -mod s

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any instances of the show proving you wrong? (also hello!! im a mid 20s animator, im also maybe too obsessed with this cartoon right now. god wish i worked on a show like svtfoe)

Several! Too many to count! To make a couple of recent examples at the end of S2 I thought that Toffee’s plan was to use magic for himself, by absorbing it, but it turns out his plans was simply to corrupt all of it and make it unusable.
Relationships wise, until this bomb I was almost sure that Star’s crush on Marco wouldn’t have gone anyway, at least not completely, while so far it seems she might actually be over him. Granted that we don’t know for sure, and that it might be a good things, since Starco has to strive for feelings way more deeply rooted than “a crush”, but still… and good luck with your job!

Can you rate my Caeda to see if she’s decent? She’s -Def +Res, so I can get the fullest potential out of Glacies and Wo Dao+ without sacrificing Speed or Attack. Also have to grind up more SC for Atk Ploy 3, but I can worry about that later. She’s bulky enough to tank a Reinhardt (40 Atk [+6 calvary boost] +6 Death Blow. This was from a battle I had in the Training Tower)

@notmike95​ she’s definitely much more than decent. she looks like a great magic tank and there’s only a few things i’d change from her setup, overall you did a very good job of making her relevant considering her extremely low base attack.

the first thing i’d change would be swapping out rally speed for a positioning skill like reposition, swap or draw back. those type of skills are much more versatile and much more useful than rally type skills. the other thing i’d change is swapping out desperation for vantage, renewal, or even QR. desperation is a player phase skill for glass cannon type units and your setup for her is leaned more towards enemy phase magic tank, especially since you already invested in distant counter. lastly you should consider giving her her either atk + seal or distant def seal to help her tank magic hits better and deal some much needed additional damage, although ploy seals are a good option for her as well.

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So, I got a thought kinda sad. Hux and Kylo end up with an accidental pregnancy which they both know isn't a good thing. With the war, and their jobs they would ave no way to properly care for the child. Hux ends up with a miscarriage, which as much as it pains them was the best thing that could have happened. Both knowing that at their current moment the child would not have been properly taken care of.

I’m so sure this happens in real life, too. Unplanned pregnancies happen and make the parents panic about having the responsibility of raising a child they can’t pay for or feel they aren’t ready for. Whilst Hux and Kylo would have a mourn about the miscarriage, both know that the war is not the place to raise a child. Not now.

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Hey is there any way to like purchase your art? Like either prints or commissions or sketches sorta thing? I love it so much and want to put that shit on my wall it's beautiful good job


because im a hack. I’ve tried in the past, but things come up, and making art products ends up on the backburner, and it just keeps getting put back there :^( 

the things that ive thought about the most are: 1)making an art book 2)  jeepers creepers finally getting up and making a web/printed comic. Ive had Canyon Jive ready to roll for awhile, it just keeps getting pushed back bc of other priorities. 

ALTERNATIVELY, ive also thought about selling big poster style art? I have two pieces in my room, theyre HUGE, and I would only make/sell a few….which would be more manageable i think? 

but thank you for having an interest in my art! :D 

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

remember after the trial when taylor literally said that she recognizes how privileged she is and how she wants to help those who are less privileged and everyone just,, ignored it?

Moira is the best Irish rep I’ve ever encountered

Alright hear me out. When Moira was revealed, I was super psyched to see that she was Irish, and not a stereotype whatsoever. Like, I genuinely spent a whole day practically in pure excitement because Blizzard had not only created Irish rep (a SERIOUSLY rare thing for us, aside from dopey background characters), but one who was based around true Irish culture. Rather than a drunken brute with a beer belly and wearing green all over- you know, the way media portrays us regularly- we got a character based on Genuine Irish Culture

This is PARTICULARLY prevalent in the Moon skin, which has numerous nods to Celtic culture- pagan symbols, a design mirroring common depictions of Irish deities such as the Morrigan or sorceresses such as Aoife, the wicked queen who transformed her stepchildren into Swans in the tale of the Children of Lir.

I really dig the concept of a sorceress themed Irish character with the power of genetics on her side, specifically because of the conscious effort Ireland as a country is making to have more and more science based jobs, specifically for women. It mightn’t have been intentional, but I wouldn’t be surprised!

These aside, however, there’s one thing that made me extremely happy, and ultimately left the impression that Blizzard had done a very good job with Irish representation: the fact that Moira is a Gaelgoir, or a fluent Irish speaker.

She’s got almost as many lines in English as she does as Gaeilge, in Irish. The reason this is such a big thing compared to, say, Sombra having so many Spanish voice lines is that Irish is very much so a language that’s struggling to survive and is slowly but surely dying. Ireland has a population of just under 5 million, and of those 5 million, only 70,000 people speak Irish fluently outside of the education system, and only 20,000 of those people speak it as their first language. 

By having Moira be clearly one of those 20,000, judging by how often she uses Irish- which is a hell of a lot more than anyone I’ve ever heard in my life, because we all speak English rather than Irish- Blizzard have given the Irish OW community something which means more than they could have possibly imagined- the first good piece of Irish representation that I’ve ever encountered, and for the first time ever: I feel truly represented! 

  • “barbie as the princess and the pauper” has the most solid storyline, as well as being the most well-remembered and well-loved of the barbie movies of the 2000s. the characters are engaging, and the romances are surprisingly solid. (even if annelise and erika were clearly gay for each other, their love interests still had likable personalities and good dynamics with the girls.) the music has also held up incredibly well, albeit with a lot of cheese.
  • “barbie as the island princess” has a cliche but entertaining storyline, but has the strongest music overall. the side characters are also remarkably well-done, and it avoids falling into the trap of the boyfriend’s intial fiancee being evil – luciana and ro become friends instead. it also has some genuinely emotional moments.
  • “barbie in the nutcracker” has probably the strongest script overall, as well as tim curry. the cgi is shit nowadays but it was good for the time, and the ballet sequences are still very fun.
  • “barbie in swan lake,” although not as well-remembered, is a solid family movie, with beautiful music and ballet sequences, as well as a really cool villain. its storyline isn’t the best, but it’s a solid 90 minutes of fun.
  • “the barbie diaries” was a huge oddball in the canon, but in my opinion, it’s underrated. yes it’s probably the stupidest and the most predictable, but it has songs written by kesha (no, seriously, look it up), and it’s an admirable attempt at something different.
  • “barbie as rapunzel” ABSOLUTELY INFLUENCED “TANGLED” AND YOU CAN’T CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE. features a surprisingly clever twist at the climax, as well as a creepy villain, and it’s a different take than most rapunzel stories.
  • “barbie and the magic of pegasus” is the first original barbie movie, which warrants applause on its own. the story is fun, and it’s nice to have a love interest with a proper Tragic Backstory
  • “barbie and the diamond castle” features some of the most fun side characters, as well as some pretty good music. should’ve been gay, though.
  • “barbie in the christmas carol” deserves credit just for casting BARBIE as SCROOGE. did not see that coming at ALL.
  • “barbie and the 12 dancing princess” is kind of underappreciated. admittedly it’s not as memorable, but it does a good job adapting a lesser-known fairytale.
  • the fairytopia/mariposa movies are their own thing and need their own post, which i’m not gonna do because i barely remember them. i do remember i really liked the first mariposa movie as a kid, tho.

…these are thoughts i actually dwell on and type out, apparently

lance: you want your best soldiers on the front lines, so i should probably step down………….

keith: stop thinking about who flies what and just focus on your missions


hey guys fun fact “uwu take a bubble bath and eat chocolate” self care and “get out of bed and take a mcfucking shower” self care aren’t mutually exclusive and making fun of the former bc u think the only self care mentally ill people should practice is the latter is uh how do i say. Odd to say the least

Spirit World Vacation

I started this drawing like fucking years ago but the background was a pain so i never finished it…. but since turf wars is coming out I got ~inspired~