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Big Bang  Reaction!


          “a BIG BANG reaction when they have a dentist appointment and they are scared as hell so they try to avoid it and their girlfriend drags them there anyway (i am terrified of dentists xD) thank you&i love your blog (^^)”

hahahaha somehow dentists are my favorite idk why maybe because i have an ‘obssesion’ with my teeth looking good lol

anyway,here you go and thank you for liking my blog  ❤

G-Dragon: *tries to avoid it by sweetalking her*

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(Y/N): “I would love to but you already have one in about twenty minutes so man up and cut the crap!”

GD: *angry sigh* 

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T.O.P: *rants/nags all the time while you wait at the dentist’s* “….and then not to mention the horrible noise that comes out that thing whenever he tries to open my tooth,it’s like i’m going deaf or something!”

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Taeyang: *tries to distract her* “Okay okay fine…just let me change into something else because this shirt it’s…you know….to simple for my liking” *wink wink*

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(Y/N): “Nope!I don’t think that’s going to work this time…I’ll wait for you in the car…Be there in five…” 

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Daesung: *unstoppable whining*

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Seungri: “Me?Afraid?Nah….”

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*as soon as he enters the dentist’s office*

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enjoyyy ❤

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I have always been interested in learning about witchcraft. My ancestry has had alot of witches in it that i might presume to be christian witches or "white witches". i really want to learn about healing witch craft as well as crystals and maybe tarot cards? i was wondering if you had and suggestions for someone who is brand new to this? maybe any good almanacs and other literature?

Sure thing! 

Whenever people ask me this, I always refer them to my friend Jenna, who runs the blog natural-magics​. She has put together the most amazing lists of resources! 

Here is a link to her FAQ, that has your exact question in it. Here is her list of good books to read. You can browse through the list by category, which is super useful!

If you’re interested in Christian witchcraft specifically, I suggest you follow the likes of christowitch and rikkalorelei, two of my favorite Christian witches! I am also happy to talk to you about that path when I have time. :) 

Personally, I quite enjoy the witch’s Almanac that Llewellyn Publications offers. I have both the 2014 and 2015 versions. I find it to be very useful. My two favorite crystal healing books are the Crystal Bible by Judy Hall and Love is in the Earth: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals by Melody. The Crystal Bible is more simple and better for beginners, and Love is in the Earth goes much more in depth.

The most important rule about witchcraft that I think beginners need to understand is that witchcraft and religion are two separate things. A lot of people confuse Wicca and witchcraft to be the same thing, but they are not. Wicca is a religion in which some of the followers (not all) are witches, and only a small percentage of witches are Wiccan. You can follow any (or no) religion and practice witchcraft. That is so important to learn right away. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 

Another note- please avoid the author Silver Ravenwolf. A lot of beginners are attracted to her work, but she is highly problematic and misleading. Here’s a post about why to avoid her. 

I hope this helps you. :) 

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Omg omg omg where to start?!  I LOVED IT!  It felt a bit fillery but that’s how they do things, a lot of humor to offset the plot.  I love that we now know: Pearls are common + are supposed to be mindless servants, which was already heavily implied.  

Also “A Peridot with a Pearl, ha, what will they think at home?”  Confirmation of multiple gems of the same time outside Pearls (Tho this was already pretty much confirmed otherwise, in the guide book.) and that Peridots are born technicians.  

Also the little shitbag got PUNCHED IN THE FACE AND IT WAS WONDERFUL. Pearl darling, you go girl.  It was nice to see Peridot really really knocked down a peg.  I’m also glad that, while this episode had development for Peridot, it was just as much about Pearl.  

As much as I love Peridot, I really don’t want her to become such a focus that other characters get drowned out.  It was nice to see Pearl lose and still be supported, still be shown love, and to be defended.  It was well earned, as much as Peridot getting a lesson.

As much as I want to gush about Pearl, my second favorite gem (and the one I am most like), this is a Peridot blog so:

I think this is a really good turning point for Peridot’s character.  She was still in some kind of control for the past two episodes and now she’s starting to see she has no power here, not even over Steven.  The rules don’t apply here, I think that’s going to further shake up her narrow world view that was already starting to crumble.  

She needed this lesson, badly.  I doubt she’ll completely soften up but she is gonna learn a thing or she’s going to keep getting punched.  Maybe by someone with more strength than Pearl next time!  

Overall:  I thought the robot thing was a bit silly but this is a kid’s show.  It was a great episode for character development of both Pearl and Peridot.  I hope this will help Pearl’s self esteem issues and shake Peridot up good.  A+ episode.  Another one of those “wait did that happen is this really canon?!” episodes.

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Im following a few people. Could you recommend me your favorite simblrs?

Oh Sure Anon :]
I will make you an organized list only of people who plays any sims game, who have original content and that make me happy.
The order does not matter, and OMG A lot of my favorites are already inactive :o

  1. simblroonies — Who I love to see every time
  2. pixelpixies — Who makes me laugh and feel so good
  3. divadoom — Who has the most colorful pics I know 
  4. ameowls — Who amazes me with her TS2 pics
  5. poppet-sims — My All Time TS2 Favorite blog :]
  6. serenasims — Who is a great simmer and a beautiful person
  7. dg90247sims — Who entertain me with the colorful family
  8. sweetwildoranges — Sweet & Green! I love her sim ♥
  9. plumbobdollhouse — Is one of the best designers for this game, I love her
  10. simpeony — Who I discovered this year, it’s been a fun time!
  11. ohmypominit — I just love those live colors
  12. javapixels — Who has really cute sims
  13. mhousesims — But this is when I met the colorful decor and great buildings
  14. bodacsims — AKA BadCoatSims and a great builder, you’ll be surprised
  15. plumbponette — I still don’t forget the Waterberries, but the new game looks so cute in her blog ♥
  16. andhisrabbits — Potatoes with a sexy face 8) OMG
  17. simmetricpixels — I love Andrew and he is my Favorite from this blog, this basically a Should-Follow
  18. oh-frangles — Who shows way too much fun on these pics!
  19. happylifesims — OH MY GOD! This blog will impress you so much and you’ll be :o Every time
  20. melanieselestasims — Who has great pictures of both sims and interiors ♥
  21. ofllamas — Who has a Really unique style.
  22. legendary-sims — Who makes me smile :]
  23. sims3junkie — You should see her blog, because OMG She loves the good stories, decor and medieval stuff 8)
  24. jenba — Jenba will surprise you even more than other, I’m still loving that talent
  25. kwsimblr — Who I admire every time
  26. spoopy-wingxo — I’m in love with every character on her sims games
  27. hambergersims — It’s been a while, but I still remember Aurora Skies with her, it was my favorite thing to see
  28. simsundercandlelight — Here I leant how to take great shots, I never forget that blonde hair
  29. pokemyplumbob — Have The New Game fun ♥
  30. trutjesims — I admire her unique style, it looks like from a magazine
  31. wildeatheartx — Wilde has always had great sims and fun
  32. beautifulplumbobs — Colors plus happiness, It is perfect
  33. fayesta — Highly recommended if you like decor and beautiful shots
  34. aimeesimdesigns — Who has way cute sims, I love them!
  35. ice-creamforbreakfast — Alexa has really cute sim, see them!
  36. antraya-cubed — She is my friend, and you will find sims inspired from her mind, this is really unique and cute
  37. cauleyanyasims — Who makes my dashboard shine ♥
  38. cracklinnackerbell — WHO IS GREAT!
  39. destroyedsimming — With a reallly good style
  40. flying-dragons-eats-icecream — It’s so great! Feel the happiness already

Plus my closer friends who post sims stuff

OK I gotta go; I know there are many more, there is someone who I Always fall in love with her pics, but Always forget their usernames, I feel sad about they being inactive.
However, I hope you enjoy this list, the iPad did not want to load anymore.