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it seems like Ian is "a no good human thing" as they call it (who are they and do they really..??). im really curious, if you don't mind answering that, is he inspired by at least something? he surely has some hobbies mby...? yes, the drinking thing.. but everyone wakes up at some point, right?? also you're always saying only bad things about him. it could be that i don't understand life, or maybe you/your characters

hehehe i like this ask.ian does not give good first impression & the little snapshots i draw of him tend to lean p heavily on his delinquent side. but heres the deal. ian is a musician! his true passion is music. he studied music in university & his current job is making music. he loves his cat & bob ross & taking walks & astro boy & mini golf & cheez its & pinball & socks & people watching & dive bar culture & other stuff. & he likes donovan & jules a lot. but he has some problems that inhibit his ability to thrive & he doesnt know how to help himself & he makes poor choices. but hes an ok person overall

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hey, there's something im pretty confused about. when mob says "I knew all along, you are a good person" does he mean that he's always known he's a good person, or does he specifically mean he knew that reigen was a fake since the beginning? or near it, anyway?

yes, mob has always seen reigen as a good person. he has never doubted this, not even during the lonely reigen arc; mob only quit his job at that time because he realized reigen’s advice might not always be helpful for him (after reigen said a mean, thoughtless thing), and because he believed reigen could get along just fine without him. even during the scandal surrounding reigen, mob thought it must be something reigen himself had orchestrated. mob has a lot of faith in reigen’s status as “a good person,” even when he doubts him.

as for whether mob knows reigen has no psychic powers… i think it’s meant to be ambiguous. if i have to choose one way or another, i’d say that mob does believe reigen has Some psychic powers, even to this day. i don’t think mob would decide for himself that reigen isn’t psychic in the slightest. he probably believes it’s a different Area of psychic power, like how he told tome that mob is an Esper but reigen is a Psychic, or like how mogami keiji could do ghost stuff but no telekinesis or anything. like, reigen must have a different area of specialty which he Only uses when mob is not around. however, we do also know that mob has been harboring doubts on the matter. (although that was in like chapter 2 and mob’s character was not very developed at that time.) most of the time, rather than voicing such doubts, mob probably just sits on them and lets them become part of the fuel that pushes his explosion meter toward 100%.

so yeah. mob thinks reigen is a good person. he thinks reigen has psychic powers of some kind. he does doubt that sometimes, but he rarely expresses such doubts. when he does, he isn’t persistent about it. and honestly, i don’t think mob necessarily cares whether reigen has psychic powers or not, because what he does have is a skill set that is entirely different from mob’s, and mob admires him for it.

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I remembered a post you made a couple of months ago about people saying hateful comments about Javier Fernandez, and ESPN replaying some grand prix events I saw his routines and I'm just baffled, like who could hate him???? If I were 20 years younger I'd probably beg my parents for ice skating lessons after watching him, he's so energetic and fun, and makes things that I know are pretty damn hard look easy, he makes you want to join him #ProtectJavi2017

Oooooh, yes. For one good comment I read about Javi, I read about 50 bad comments about him. There are those who hate him, who say he’s overscored, who say he has no talent. Then there are those who only appreciate him because “he has a nice ass” and I personally find it so disrespectful to him, maybe because I know how hard he’s worked, how much he’s fighting for his dreams and for figure skating to be more appreciated in my country, etc.

And I also notice it when many figure skating fans mention literally every skater except him, as if he didn’t exist (maybe because he doesn’t belong to one of the “big countries”? I don’t know). I suppose it’s stuff you only notice when you come from a country like mine, where you have to fight so hard for figure skating. All of the people I’ve heard not mentioning him come from those “big countries”. I understand why they think like they do, but it doesn’t feel nice.

Like, it’s not just the hate. It’s also how you can never find anyone who likes him.

But yes, I know that feeling. Same here, I’d beg my parents to let me skate after seeing him. And precisely Javi is trying to spread the love for figure skating around this country, because there might be kids right now who see him and want to become like him, but there just aren’t any rinks in Spain. You have zero opportunities to train here, unless you live in a very specific place, but there are very few cities in Spain that have an ice rink. I know I’ve wanted to do ice skating all my life and I just couldn’t. He’s trying to change that and it’s admirable. Like, he’s not just a great skater, he’s also a great person, super humble, and when you hear him speak, you notice he’s just like any other guy, he’s super nice and fun and he isn’t arrogant at all.

So yeah. I wish more people could see that. Not just his skating skills, but his personality. But so far, in the years I’ve been in the figure skating fandom, I’ve only seen hate and leaving him aside and using him as a mere decoration for Yuzuru. And it hurts. But I’m glad that more people are seeing him and appreciating him, so thank you :3

new material

he invented a new material. neither rubber, nor plastic, but something in between. this material was pretty much good for no one knew what. one could produce something like paper out of it, that is to say, relatively thin, even pieces. he demonstrated a powerpoint image with a paper airplane. “all kinds of things can be made.” only it was not a paper airplane but a new-material airplane. it was all the laboratory could come out with. I suggested, a book could be eventually made out of it. “yes,” he replied, “but the issue here is, we do not know yet how toxic this new material is exactly.”

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YES!!! i think victor would also spoil yuuri with compliments & reassurance. because not only would yuuri become a stammering blushy mess, he would feel really good about himself and knowing that, victor would be happy

yeEeEEeSss…… how could i forget the most important… yuri’s head has always been so clouded with thoughts of inadequacy that it’s just become a norm. it’s his baseline. and it’s helped him survive but it doesn’t really help him grow? or like himself much? but victor comes along saying such casual things like “i like that about you” and “you’re so good at that” and laughs at the little jokes yuri says that nobody else cares for. and he’s so genuine about it that yuri is never happier than when victor is around. and victor will dedicate his life to making sure yuri is smiling and happy all the time bc that’s all he even rly cares about

Try Me | LRH

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Summary: Rich kid asshole!Luke has everything he could ever need. Good looks, money thrown at him, grades to get in whatever university he wanted, at the top of the food chain in school, and every girl throwing themselves at him. When [Y/N] starts paying attention to him, his life everything changes, suddenly she’s the only thing he can focus on, but her, she’s not into him. Or so he thinks as she plays her hard to get facade. 

Relationship: Luke/[Y/N]

Word Count: 917

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

“I can’t go out this weekend, I have way to much to do.” You explained to your friend as she gave you a disappointed look but understood. 

“Maybe next weekend?” You said trying to damage control. 

“Sound good.” She smiled as she grabbed her phone from her bag. 

All of a sudden the entire class went silent as someone walked in, you thought it was your teacher but when you looked up you were met with Luke Hemmings. 

The school’s most popular jackass. 

Well maybe it was only you who thought he was a jackass but nonetheless he was an asshole. He didn’t are for anyone but him and his little group of friends, he didn’t even care about the girl he would be hooking up with the next night. He was too self entitled and it made you sick. 

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Dean’s Ending

You might want to check this out first.

Sam’s ending. Cas’ ending.

As the words left your lips, a smile spread across Dean’s face. He hadn’t been this happy in a long time, and you weren’t even his actual girlfriend. he could pretend you were for the next few days though, at least. “You hear that, she’s mine! Yes!” he exclaimed, much to Sam and Castiel’s annoyance.

You could only laugh at Dean’s reaction though, for you filled with joy to see that he was so excited about being your boyfriend. Fake boyfriend. You had to remind yourself that this wasn’t a real thing, and he didn’t really like you. “Calm down there, Dean,” you told him giving, giving his shoulder a pat.

“Whatever you say, honey,” Dean laughed again, at the fact that could, for a short time, call you that. This got a good natured eye roll out of you, even though you felt yourself getting hot in the cheeks  at his new name for you. After all you would be lying if you said that you didn’t have a thing for the man. He was tough and hard, and nice and sweet and the same time, and you would have to be blind not to notice how hot he was. He was pretty much your dream guy.      

If your face was red before, it was worse when he picked you up and threw you over his shoulder. He grabbed up his duffle bag and made his way over to your room, next door.”There’s been a change in rooming arrangement,” he hollered to Sam and Cas. Though both the boys wanted to have you as their fake girlfriend, they couldn’t help but smile at Dean’s obvious happiness. It was clear to them at least that Dean had a crush on you, and you had a crush on him. The only thing was, neither of you could see it.

In the motel room Dean threw you onto the bed, and after putting his stuff down, he hopped onto the bed next to you. “What are you doing Dean?” you asked. You guys needed to do some research, you couldn’t just sit in bed,like it seemed Dean intended to do. You had already planned out, that since it was already around supper time, you would wait till tomorrow to get the witch, but that didn’t mean that you guys could just take a break for the rest of the day.

“What do you expect us to do, (Y/N)? We already have all our information. We only need to  go by the place where the witch is, and we can do that tomorrow.”  Dean had a point, you did suppose that there wasn’t much more to research, but it felt weird to not be researching. Being a hunter, just sitting around all day wasn’t something you were used to. Dean felt that you were having a hard time just sitting around too, so he got up and hauled you to your feet as well. “C’mon, let’s go do something.” 

You spent the next few hours walking around the town, just talking and having fun, looking into the windows of shops. Not half way through your walk, Dean had grabbed your hand in his, and gave you a wink, as if to say he was holding your hand, because of your fake relationship.  Dean’s holding your hand made those butterflies in your stomach start fluttering around, but you only wished he was holding your hand because he wanted to, not just to keep up appearances.

It started to feel like you were actually dating though, the more you walked, and when Dean called Sam to tell him to get the Impala and meet the two of you at a small restaurant you had found, so you could all eat, you really felt like you were dating. You had already gotten a booth when Sam and Cas arrived. Dean had been talking to you and had a hand placed on your knee when they showed and you couldn’t help but think that this would happen often if you were dating the older Winchester.         

Dinner was like that pretty much the whole time. Dean acting like he was in love with you. and you playing right along with it, only wishing that it was all real. Dean even made Sam take the back seat with Cas on the ride home, and even as you made your way to the motel Dean held your hand. He kept smiling over at you the whole time, as music played softly in the background, and Sam and Cas chatted. If you hadn’t been in love with Dean before, you surely where now.              

Once back at the motel you and Dean stayed in the room next door, making final plans for tomorrow with Sam and Cas. At some point, Dean had pulled you into his lap, and you had no objections. It was nice and warm in Dean’s embrace, and as you watched the three men talk back and forth you could only wish that you never ended this case. If you got to be Dean’s girlfriend, even if only a fake one, you didn’t care if you worked on this case forever.

You knew that all this was doing nothing good for your ever growing crush on Dean, and once you were done with the case, you just be all the more upset when he got with a girl at some bar. You didn’t care though, not now anyway. At the moment the things you dreamt about every day, loving side looks from Dean, holding his hand, sitting in his lap, for no reason other than being close, they were all happening, and you were going to make the best out of it, because it wasn’t going to last long.       

At some point in the night, you must have fallen asleep in Dean’s lap, because you were now in bed with his arm around you, and no recollection of having gotten there. What was more you had on only a baggy shirt that no doubt belong to the man sleeping beside you. You cheeks got hot at the thought of him dressing you. You were also thoroughly shocked that you hadn’t woken up, you were usually a light sleeper. Then again, you felt so safe with Dean, you probably hadn’t felt the need to wake up and make sure there was nothing trying to kill you. Even as you lay here now, you felt safer than you had in a long time.    

Dean’s pulling you closer to him and whispering a “Good morning,” in his husky, morning voice was the only way you knew he was awake. If you woke up to this every day, you might like getting up a lot more. You turned around in Dean’s arms, so you could face him. HIs eyes were closed, and his face soft, unguarded. It wasn’t something you saw on an everyday basis. He seemed to innocent and content, you could just kiss him.

The flutter of wings had Dean’s eyes shooting open, though, and he his hold on you became protective. “Damnit, Cas!” He was  fully awake now, and not the only one irritated by the angels apearce. You would surely have to get up now, and you didn’t want to leave Dean’s embrace. After all tomorrow you would be sleeping alone again. The only thing that was good about Cas’ appearance was that he had brought both of you coffee, that no doubt Sam had gotten from the convenience store across the street.    

“I’m sorry, but I didn’t want your coffee’s getting cold,” Castiel set them on the small night table and was gone again, just like that. It was too late though, Dean’s arms weren’t around you anymore, and there wasn’t gonna be many more times that there would be. Your coffee was handed over to you, and you were happy to take a sip of the warm liquid, while Dean put on the TV.

You called the bathroom first, and Dean had no objections. Your shower was rushed, partly because you had a cup of coffee you didn’t want to get cold, and partly because you wanted to savor your time with Dean. He had offered to shower with you, but it was only a joke. When you stepped out of the bathroom, fully clothed and all clean, both your coffee and Dean were waiting for you.

As you brushed out your wet hair, Dean watched you.”You smell good,” he said, before taking a sip of his coffee. You were surprised at the compliment, but you sure didn’t mind it, not one bit. This was another thing though, that you were going to miss after today. If only the case would last a while longer.

“Thanks,” you replied,”I didn’t know you found crappy motel shampoo appealing.” Dean walked by on his way to use the bathroom himself, and messed up your hair, gaining a scowl from you. If your hair wasn’t brushed the right way before it dried, it would look weird, and you didn’t need that.

By the time you had finished your coffee and tidied up the room-not that it really needed it- Dean too was ready to go, so you both headed next door, to fetch Sam and Cas. Once again Sam was made to sit in the back, and Dean grabbed your hand. Maybe it was you, but today his hold on your hand was different, like he didn’t want to let go of it. Could he not want this to end either? But no, you couldn’t think that way, it wouldn’t help you any.

When the Impala came to a stop, it was in front of an alleyway, where all the vics had been attacked by the witch. You and Dean went one way, and Sam and Cass the other. You needed to scope the place out, so you know about when to expect the witch’s ambush, and where Sam and Castiel were supposed to hide. When the witch came out to get you and Dean, Castiel and Sam would get her first, but she mustn’t know they were there.

Having thoroughly planned out what was to happen with the alley, you made your way to the small diner around the corner to get some lunch. This was also where you and Dean would have your last meal as a fake couple togetherJust like previous meals Dean sat next to you, and gave you his heart melting, knee weakening smile. Why couldn’t everyday be like this?

It felt like lunch was done all too soon, even though the four of you had spend a good hour in the place. It felt like the whole day was going by too quickly. Soon you were all at a bar, at Dean’s request, and having a beer. At least he wasn’t looking to score this time, he was focused on you. Sam and Cas had managed to get separated from the two of you, or maybe Dean had planned that, and now you were in a small corner of the bar, talking, your head on his shoulder.

You were talking about anything and everything, and there in that bar, in the middle of the afternoon the whole fake part of the relationship was forgotten by both of you. It wasn’t until hours later, when Sam and Cas finally found the two of you, talking away, Dean playing with your fingers, that you both remembered reality, and became flushed at the all too loving way of your seating arrangement.

Neither of you had realized just how late it was, and Dean had to speed back to the motel, so the two of you could ready for your dinner. Sam and Cas had to head out early, so they took the Impala, not that you and Dean needed it, you would be walking. The couples always walked past the alley before the witch got them, and you would have to do the same.

You weren’t one for dresses, in fact, you hadn’t worn once since senior prom. None of the boys had ever seen you in one even. But here you stood, in front of the bathroom mirror in a nice blouse and a skirt. You hadn’t worn heels in years, and even then, they hadn’t been actual heels, but now you wore them too. You hadn’t done much to your hair, you didn’t know what to do, so you just let it fall down over your shoulder, in the most boring way. You didn’t feel ready at all. It was with a shaky hand that you opened the bathroom door, and wobbled out.

“Dean,” you spoke, “I can’t do this.” The hunter had already gotten himself all dressed up, and he looked handsome.  You could barely walk though, and you didn’t feel very pretty at all. Your clothes where pretty, sure, but they just made you feel weird and out of place. Dean saw that too, and he gave you a sympathetic look.

“I’ll help you. You can do this,” you didn’t have to tell him why you couldn’t do it, he knew. It was easy to tell you weren’t happy with your clothes or your hair at all. Dean hadn’t told anyone, but he was actually good at doing hair, and he could help with your clothes, easy. He rooted through your bag, and found a pair of shorts, “Go put these on, under the skirt,” he instructed.

You did what you were told, and it did make you feel better, a little anyway. When you came back out, Dean gestured for you to sit on the bed, where he came behind you, and did your hair into a bun. You didn't’ know how he did, buns always confused you to no avail. Next he handed over a pair of your boots, explaining that boots looked better on girls anyway. He untucked your blouse from your skirt,(“It looks formal enough either either way”) and gave you a jacket. It his, and it looked more like a long coat on you, which was what he was hoping.

He gave a you a smile, before showing you to a mirror. You had to smile yourself. You felt so much more comfortable, and you looked good too. The coat was a nice touch, and not to mention it smelled like Dean. He stood in front of you, and put part of your hair that hadn’t been long enough for the bun behind your hair. “Do you feel better now?” You could only nod and smile in reply.

The walk to the diner was quiet, except for Dean’s constant telling you that you looked good, and you should wear your hair up more and the like. The way he was looking at you, you could tell that he really did think you looked good, too. Hell, you had when you first stepped out of the bathroom, but you hadn’t been comfortable, and Dean wanted you to be comfortable.

A dinner with the just the two of you, was nice, and something you had dreamt about for a while. It was nice too, but you didn’t really enjoy it. It was fine until you were served, and then it became real, to both of you, that after this you would get the witch, and your trip to fantasyland was over. You tried to make the best of it though, and here was a nice conversation, but neither of you could hide your disappointment.

You both tried to drag the walk to the witch on as much as possible, but you only had a certain window of time, so you also couldn’t take all night. It still felt too soon though, they the witch popped out, this ending your relationship.
You let go of Dean’s hand, but he still pushed you behind him, until Sam got a grip on her.

“Stop!Stop!” She screeched, as Sam pinned her arms behind her back “You’ve got the wrong witch!” Castiel gave her a punch across the face, and she called out again “I’m serious! I came to stop her!” She was frantically trying to get the group to believe her, but none of you were going to

.That was until there was a laugh to the right. You looked over, having made your way out from behind Dean, to see another witch. The one in Sam’s arms fought against him, and Sam let her go. You felt Castiel pull you back, and Dean grabbed you around the waist, keeping you next to him as the witches fought it out.You gathered that the Wicked Witch’s husband who she was very much in love with had been killed, and now she sought revenge on other couples who were madly in love. The Nice witch was her husband’s sister, who was trying to stop her. 

And stop her she did. She killed the bed sister, and was off. Nobody tried to stop her, as she had done thing wrong. You made your way to the Impala, parked down the block, quietly. You knew that you should be happy the bad witch was dead, but you couldn’t be, not with the loss of Dean. The car ride home was just as quiet, You were sat in the back with Cas again,just like before. You knew it was gonna happen, but you didn’t think it would hurt so much.

Once back at the motel, you made your way back to your room, where your really wanted to just cry. You hadn’t so much as shut your door, though when there was a knock. Oh yeah, Dean needed his bags. You let him in, and he grabbed his stuff, without so much as a glance at you. The tears were already beginning to fall before he walked out. You didn’t know why you were crying, you knew this was what was gonna happen from the start, but you guessed you had gotten more into the relationship, than you had intended.

There was a knock on the door for the second time that night. You quickly dried your tears, and opened it,to see Dean standing there. Before you could comprehend what was happening he pulled you to him, and pressed his lips against yours.”(Y/n), please, please, don’t leave me. Please be my girlfriend, for real. I can’t take not being with you anymore.”

You couldn’t believe Dean had said that. But you gave him a smile anyway,”I can’t either Dean.” You leant up, and gave him a kiss on the lips, before pulling away. “You know, this counts as a chick flick moment.”

Dean just laughed, and threw his bag over his shoulder, before kissing you again, picking you up, and carrying you into the room as he did so. He threw you on the bed, making you giggle, before he started kissing you again, both you just so happy. This was how it was supposed to be.

For a change | Dominick & Open|

The bad part was gone. His things were in his room, although he did not care much about that space, only for the play room he had at his disposition. He always dreamed about having one. All he wanted was to take a swim in those… ironically… heavenly waters. He chuckled to himself as that word lingered in his head. Heaven. He simply let his clothes fall down on the sand, leaving his boxers on and he threw himself in the crystal and fresh perfection. He was going to be good there… He could feel that there.. There, he could be… how do they say? Oh, yes.. “happy”. He despised the term, but why not? He asked himself as he walked up, toward his clothes, when his attention was captured by someone not far from him. “Hey, excuse me..” He called. “Do you know where I can get a good coffee around here? Jet lag is killing me. I need some and I have no clue on where to go.” 

so I’ve been seeing the opinion that Len was letting Mick win in that fight

and I have to say I both agree and disagree.

YES, Len was not fighting at his 100% - from what we saw, he didn’t make much effort to avoid Mick’s hits or to hit back for real. Len obviously feels guilty and believes he deserves every punch, so he does let them land pretty easily.

but NO, I do not believe they would’ve been evenly matched or that Len could have taken Mick if he’d only tried. Len might be a good fighter, but the thing is, Mick said he spent lifetimes being trained by the Time Masters. Lifetimes. Plural. Meaning that his time with the Time Masters could likely be counted in centuries, not just decades. Enough to turn him from a quick-tempered, always angry hot-head, as we’ve seen him before, to someone whose rage is colder and more calculated. He does want revenge, yeah, but his aggression is much more controlled.

In any case, he’s had several (dozen) times more training than Len: and he’s very likely got 22nd-century-military-grade training. Mick’s standing at ease when Rip enters his cell, and I don’t think we’ve seen a similar explicit allusion to Mick having been military before, so that only means this kind of unthinking discipline has been drilled into him by years and years of hard training. 

Also, Kronos has been a threat to the team from the very beginning. If he could’ve been taken easily by one guy without any superpowers, I believe they would’ve had an easier time escaping from him/defeating him. 

Mick and Len might have been evenly matched before Mick got abandoned by the team - even though I believe there would’ve still been discrepancies in strategical thinking v. brute strength - but while Mick still remembers Len’s fighting style, Len would have no leg to stand on in this regard, because he cannot be familiar with the way Mick moves after decades/centuries of being trained to move in a completely different way. In a hand-to-hand combat situation, as they are now, Len would very likely not win. I mean I love Len, and I think he’s a terrific strategist and fighter, but he’s no metahuman and he has his limits. Such as fighting someone who can predict his moves while having been trained for so long in the freaking future.

My perfect baby on our second visit, the first night we were together again, I wanted a picture of us and he said no because he’d been on a coach for hours blah blah blah😏.
Anyway, he is my gorgeous and amazing boy, he keeps being a shit and treating me to presents, asking me if I like the and I say yes and he says “good, bc I bought you it.” We have our rough patches but damn I wouldn’t change him for anything, he makes my day just by calling me baby, or his beautiful girl. He is without a doubt the most weird, crazy, annoying little shit but he is all those things and more in the best way possible. I wish everyone could have a guy (or girl) like Dan, he is truly one of a kind and everyone should be treated how he treats me, like I’m the only girl in the entire world, like I’m a total princess. He truly is the love of my life, Id be lost without him. I love you Dan, so damn much. Not long until we’re together again baby.