good talk vol 10

You know, I haven’t really done any drama CD reviews in a pretty long time since my laptop was down. But, I did listened to some on my phone tho. I would like to tell you guys my thoughts, but I forgot most of them. Soooo, I’m gonna explain my thoughts with gifs.

Alice=Alice Vol. 1, 2, 3 and 4

The first three were cute, but sexy as hell! And I listened to the fourth on on my shuffle and that was very good too. I give this an A+.

Bad Medicine Vol. 1

I’m sorry, but I was slowly losing my patience with this one. The dude was just talking so much, not doing much of anything. Not even his little English words or dummy head mic could cure my boredom. I think I should listen to the others, but I fear that they might be like this one. Grade: D- (Sorry…..not sorry)

Vanquish Brothers Vol. 1

I’m so-so about this volume, it was pretty talkative, but it was pretty good. I did like the fighting at the beginning. Grade: Eh…..I give it a B-, it wasn’t that bad.

Kare Pillow Vol. 1 and 2

Vol. 1

Excuse me, 911? Yeah, I like to report an ovaries explosion and a massive nosebleed. Why? Because Hirarin tried to kill me like he always does and he succeed. Please hurry, I’m bleeding out and I’m seeing the light. Grade: You should already know….

Vol. 2

As SEXY as volume 1 was, what happened with volume 2? The sex scene in volume 1 was long as hell, but in volume 2… was kinda short. I thought I was gonna get a long sex scene,but I didn’t….it felt like the cd  went by so quick. Grade: I guess I’ll give it a C for effort….

Diabolik Lovers: More Blood Vol. 9 and 10

Vol. 9

I don’t remember much, but it was good. Grade: B+

Vol. 10

Renji…..less talking, more sucking, okay? It’s called More Blood, not More Talk. He didn’t even do much until the freaking last track, dude. Grade: C-

Sweet Blossom Vol. 2 and 3

Both volumes were freaking sexy as hell, man! Especially volume 3, holy Jesus! Sweet Blossom has to be my most favorite R-18 drama cds, they didn’t disappoint me so far. Please make a 4th volume soon! Grade: A+++

That’s all I remember listening to while I was off, I’ll go now.