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// seventeen + colors aesthetic (10/13)

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// tangerine

// You softly smiled from where you lied in your’s and Minghao’s shared bed, staring almost adoringly at him as he fixed the sleeves to a red orange t-shirt he’d slipped on. “Does this look okay?” He asked, turning to look at you, and you smiled. Minghao’s lips were tinted a deep red color, still swollen from your previous, rather hot, activities. The early morning sun fell over his skin, casting Minghao in this perfectly orange glow. You clutched the duvet tighter to your bare chest, and you knew you’d be wearing that shirt when he came back home. And it was okay. It was all perfectly okay - to both you and Minghao. Smiling, you quietly laughed. “Yeah. Yeah, it looks good. That color suits you.”

A day in bed~ 1/3

the zikyung edition


*You wake up and curl into the warm body next to you. Jiho begins to stir and pulls you into his arms*

[Y/N] Good morning sleepy head *you murmur*

*You watch his face turn into a sleepy smile and you feel your heart flutter at his cute swollen face*

[ZC] Morning Jagi~ *he mumbles in his husky morning voice*

*You snuggle against him and accept his morning kisses happily*

[ZC] what day is it today? 

*You reach for your phone*

[Y/N] Tuesday? Oh Jiho it’s 10am! Don’t you have any schedules?! *You raise your voice in panic*

*You start to scramble out of the bed but Jiho pulls you back into his arms*

[ZC] no schedule! I’m all yours today baby~

*You squeal in delight and sit up in bed excitedly*

[Y/N] so what do you want to do today?

[ZC] well… I was thinking we could just have a bed day? 

*You grin and dance cutely in the bed whilst Jiho reaches for his laptop*

[Y/N] oh are we watching a film?

[ZC] we can… or we could do other stuff? *mischievous grin*

[Y/N] *you roll your eyes* just choose a film to watch pabo!

[ZC] fine… let’s see…

*You watch as Jiho scrolls through all the films*

[Y/N] yah! we haven’t seen that one… or those… or that one!

[ZC] definitely no films to watch here…

[Y/N] you said you wanted to watch that one!

[ZC] nope… nothing here…

[Y/N] *laughing* YAH! Jiho! stop lying!

*Jiho closes his laptop and turns to you with a smirk*

[ZC] sorry, but we’ll have to find something else to do…


*You walk into the apartment after shopping with Kyung. Your feet ache and all you want to do is curl up and snuggle*

[PK] So Jagi… what shall we do?

*You drop the shopping bags onto the sofa and turn to him with a cute smile*

[Y/N] we could go snuggle?

*You finish unpacking the shopping and wander into the bedroom… Kyung is already sprawled across the bed*

[PK] are you ready? *smirk*

[Y/N] for what?

[PK] for some serious snuggling? 

*You grin and push him playfully before climbing onto the bed*

[Y/N] You’re a dork 

*You sink into the bed and close your eyes with a sigh. You feel a pair of hands slip around your waist as Kyung snuggles himself against you… you smile unconsciously and peak at him through half closed eyes*

[PK] I love you Jagi~

*You grin even wider and turn onto your side to face him. Your hands intertwine and Kyung kisses your forehead gently*

[Y/N] *cute sigh* I love you too you Pabo 


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you are nothing more than just
a distant memory in my brain,
with not-so distant memories of happiness,
and heartbreak.
not-so distant memories of
wedding plans,
star gazing at two in the morning,
and school hallway make-out sessions.
so, what do i do, with all these memories
that haunt my dreams at night?
because i have tried to move on,
to kiss boys who call me nice names,
but their lips taste like poison
compared to yours.
and now i’m left with swollen lips,
a broken heart,
and tainted memories of a stranger who i know all too well.
—  the story of my first heartbreak @soft-snuggles

Depression isn’t always covering up scars, or crying in public, or looking emotionless all the time or telling your friends that you’re sad because you’re depressed. 

It’s struggling to cover the bags under your eyes but wondering why you’re even trying anyway. It’s trying to ignore the ache in your chest at 1 in the morning because one bad thought led to hours of wondering why you even bother getting out of bed in the morning.

Depression isn’t popping pills, and ignoring your pain by going out and trying to have fun. It isn’t sitting around in a circle of people and talking about your problems and being okay after.

It’s happiness that’s followed with a steep decline filled with aching joints, swollen eyes and a chest that’s being crushed with the weight of your problems that nobody else can see.

It isn’t fixed by making new friends and leaving behind all the sadness and focusing on good things and being positive. 

You can’t break a bone and expect it to heal on it’s own. It requires attention and care and a cast and people checking up on you to see if it’s okay because the problem isn’t ignored, it’s real, it’s right in front of their eyes.

So fuck you if you think that someone with depression is just being dramatic and they can fix themselves. A mental illness is just as real as a broken bone, the only difference is that you can’t see a broken mind. 

Under Control

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam
Words: 1033
Requested by Anonymous
Summary: Reader is expected, Dean does everything for her. When the reader goes into labor early, Dean’s the calm one.

Being seven months pregnant was worse than you had ever really thought it would be. You were more than excited to have a baby with Dean, but you were huge, your ankles were swollen, and you were always tired. Dean did everything he could to help you, but you were really just ready to have the baby and stop being pregnant.

           “Good morning, Beautiful,” Dean said, coming into the room the two of you shared. He was carrying a tray that looked like he had fixed a pretty delicious breakfast, “I made your favorites.”

           You smiled and pulled yourself up into a sitting position, “Is this all because I’m carrying your baby?”

           “It has a lot to do with it,” Dean admitted, “But I’d do this kind of thing for you any time.”

           “You’re sweet.”

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