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When they break your bed from rough sex

Anonymous : bts reaction when they break their GF bed from rough sex xD


You clench your fingers on the sheets as your head tilts back. Namjoon is on his knees, his hands clutched on your hips as he roughly thrusts into you. You’re a moaning mess, a thin layer of sweat covering your entire body. You’ve been fucking for two hours straight and you can feel your umpteenth orgasm coming. « Don’t stop… Don’t stop, oh my… » Namjoon bites his lips and deepen his thrusts, hitting your weak spot. Suddenly, you hear a crack and startle when the bed breaks violently. Namjoon looses his balance and falls on his arms, just above your head. You look at each other in shock, breathless. After a few moments have passed, you sigh « I can’t believe I have to buy another bed, again… » Namjoon pouts and, after looking at you as if he was checking if you’re really angry, dives into your neck and kisses it slowly while whispering « I’m so sorry, babygirl… » You sneer and slowly pass your hand along his back, your nails scratching it enough to make him hiss. « Show me how sorry you are… » Namjoon bites your neck hard as he curses quietly and thrusts into you so slowly it makes you whine. He chuckles and starts to fuck you again, his hot breath against your neck running on your skin at each rough thrust.


Taehyung’s fast breathing. His skin clapping against yours. Your soft moans. The sheets brushing against the mattress when you move your arms as your back arches. Taehyung runs his hand on your left thigh before firmly grasping it. He presses it against his chest and increases his pace, making you moan louder. There’s gonna be bruises tomorrow morning. Tae goes hard and fast, his pretty mouth slightly opened, his swollen lips lightly shaking at each thrust. All of a sudden, you hear a loud crack and feel a hole just under your bodies. You both stop moving and look at the bed, realizing it bent towards the middle. You look at Tae whose eyes are opened wide in shock. He doesn’t move, still not over what just happened. You wait for a few seconds before you whine « Please… Move again, it was too good… » You slightly roll your hips against him but Tae stops you from moving, his deep voice a bit higher than usual « I… I just broke your bed, jagi… » You sigh « And ? Baby… Just fuck me already… » Taehyung’s protest vanishes in his throat when you roll your hips against him again, his member twitching inside you in a delicious pulse. You smirk when you see him biting his lips so hard, his pupils so dilated it looks like he has black eyes. Taehyung finally starts to move his hips again, thrusting into you so deeply it makes you cry for more.


On top of Jin, you feel his hands clutching on your hips as he thrusts into you roughly. You’re bouncing up and down, your hair moving in synch with Jin’s rhythm, arching your back as your pleasure grows fast. You can’t see his face but the sound of his moans is enough to show you how much he’s enjoying it. You bite your lips as you smile playfully but it vanished the second your hear the loud crack from the corner of your bed. It leans down and you loose your balance, falling forward. Jin quickly straighten up and catches you before your fall, his arms around you and his chest pressed against your back. « Are you okay, babe ? » You’re still processing what just happened. You hang on his forearms around your breasts and pout « Y-yeah… But what the fuck ? » Your bed is literally bending diagonally, a corner of your mattress on the ground. Jin sighs and raises his voice, talking quick and getting as extra as he can be « Yaaah ! Do they know how to make proper beds nowadays ? Are they not testing it before selling it to young and greedy lovers ?! You paid good money for this fucking garbage and you can’t even use it ?! So what, are we gonna accept the fact that I can’t fuck my girlfriend as hard and rough as I want ? Huh ?! Do I have to sue them ?! Huh ? Huh ?! »


Your breath is cut, eyes closed and mouth half open in a silent whimper. Hoseok’s gonna kill you. He’s thrusting fast and rough into you, his skilled hips moving against yours like perfection. You pass your hands on his wet hair, your other hand grasping his lower back. As you feel your walls clenching around his member, letting you know you’re about to cum, you hear a scary burst. Hoseok stops and looks at you for a second before the bed falls on the ground in a dull sound that surely woke up the whole neighborhood. And you both scream your lungs out, showing how brave you are. You press Hobi against your chest, your arms around his head as he snuggles up against you, still shaking a bit. He opens his eyes and whines quietly, and his cuteness throw your panic away. You begin to smile and Hobi raises his head to look at you. Your smile makes him smile and soon you both start to laugh, Hoseok getting back between your legs. He kisses you softly before whispering with a smirk « We still got a mattress… » Hoseok slowly thrusts into you, making your eyes roll back as he whispers again « And my babygirl needs to cum, huh ? »


Yoongi is slow but deep, owning every loud moans of yours. Your waist hurts like crazy, his fingers leaving bruises on your hips as he takes you from behind, but you don’t want him to stop. You only owe your balance to Yoongi, otherwise you would’ve already fallen considering the strength he puts in the way he’s fucking you right now. Yoongi gets rougher and you startle when you hear the strange crack coming from your bed. You don’t have time to ask your boyfriend to stop for a second : your bed breaks in a loud noise and bend to the side, one foot of the bed completely shattered. Yoongi falls on your back, his head on your shoulder. You fall under his weight and straighten up a bit to look around you. « What the… » Yoongi doesn’t finish his sentence, too stunned to continue. After a few seconds, you both giggle. Yoongi bites your shoulder, moving a bit just for you to feel he’s still inside you, and whispers with a raspy voice « Do you still want me to be rough ? » You nod as you bite your lips, raising your ass to make his dick go deeper, owning a hiss from him. Yoongi grabs your hair, twists it and pulls it to him, arching your back to start fucking you again.


You’ll never get used to the way his tongue works on your neck. Like he knows exactly what moves are gonna drive you crazy, where to caress your skin, how to make you loose your mind. And when Jimin is as horny as tonight, it’s even more magic. He’s on top of you, fucking you hard, fast and rough, just how you like it. You bite his shoulder as your feel your orgasm building up in your lower stomach. It’s gonna be a fucking explosion, a goddam firework. Well, the explosion is here, but it’s not from your boyfriend’s love. Your bed just literally broke under your bodies, making a huge hole and bending your bed in the middle. You gasp as you pull Jimin closer to your body, a little scared by what just happened. As he catches his breath, he growls in your ear « Fuck… I’m sorry, Jagiya… » You can hear he wants to be sincerely sorry but you know he’s really mad. He hates it when something stops him from cuming, especially on those kind of wild nights. You can’t help but chuckle, finding this situation too funny not to laugh about it. It makes Jimin giggles too, his cute laugh never falling to make you fall in love again and again.


You increase your pace as you brush your lips on Jungkook’s. Eyes glued on yours, mouth to mouth, he watches you ride him, his hot breath getting spasmodic as his pleasure is almost hitting his high. When your legs starts to shake, Jungkook gets a little to hyped up and turns you over to let you fall on the mattress. When he jumps on you and starts pounding again, a violent burst is heard next to you. You turn your head and your eyes opens wide when you see your bedheads dangerously swinging up and down. Jungkook pass his arms around you and makes you straighten up to hold you tight against him, scared it’s gonna fall on you two. You both watch your bedhead loudly and heavily fall on your mattress, the slight breeze caused by the fall making your hair waves a little before the room gets silent again. You look at Jungkook who looks at you too, and you share a weird look. Then, Jungkook raises his eyebrows, you raise your shoulders, you both chuckles for a second before you kiss like nothing happened.

okay but

when rowan finally gets to aelin, and she’s probably locked inside the coffin without any hope of ever getting out, so completely battered and broken physically but content because she knows she did everything possible to give her people, her court, her family a chance, 
and then suddenly she hears some kind of inhuman roar through the iron box that muffles almost all noise, but somehow this sound is loud enough to still hurt her ears even through the box,
and screeching as someone physically rips open the box, and she can smell copious amounts of blood in the air and the entire cadre is there, summoned by Rowan for the break in a day earlier and using all of their strength to save the queen they want to serve from the one they deplore,
and they shakily lift her out of the coffin but she can’t even be grateful because Rowan’s not  t h e r e, and if he’s not with them he must be hurt and oh  g o d s what if he’s dead, and she’s starting to lose it because she can handle whippings and beatings and torture but she can’t handle her mate being gone, not having been able to save him–
and then there’s a shriek nearby and suddenly he’s there, her mate is there, in the same room as her, cut and bruised and limping but alive, and with him is Maeve, but something is different and–oh gods, her neck is broken, her mate killed the woman who has starred in every one of her nightmares for the last year, the ones that didn’t end when she woke up, when the pain from the bone deep injuries pulled her out of brief unconsciousness, her magic unable to heal so many extensive injuries, and not in an iron box, iron shavings sprinkled onto her tattered skin after her session every day before she could be returned to the coffin, Maeve is DEAD she’s finally gone, and aelin lets out the smallest sound of relief,
and then rowan is next to her, snatching her out of his brothers’ arms quickly, but so carefully, tears building up in his eyes at the sight of her in so much pain, shaking with rage at quite how much blood and muscle is visible,
and her mouth starts to move, and she wants to apologize for not telling him about the mating bond and for sacrificing herself and not telling him, but he can see it in her face and cocks his head in the way she knows means don’t you dare apologize, Fireheart and gods she has missed this effortless communication, and Rowan, everything about Rowan, her husband and consort and mate,
and they’re both grasping each other tightly to assure that they’re real, because Rowan has seen his mate’s face day in and day out in battle strategy discussions next to Aedion and in the nightmares that never seem to end, and Aelin never thought this suffering would end but he’s here, he came for her even though they both knew he shouldn’t have, and she can’t stop looking at him, at that face she loves, and then he turns to face her directly and for a moment she thinks she’s seeing double–but no, there’s that scar above his left eyebrow, so the only thing that makes sense is–
“You got a new tattoo.” her voice is quiet and hoarse, but still so unequivocally Aelin, and he wants to both laugh and sob into her because of course, of course that’s the first thing she notices, the first thing she says to him, the first thing his mate says to him after being apart for a year, so he nods and clears his throat,
“I–our story needed to be represented there too. I mentioned the idea to Fenrys the morning you–the morning after our ceremony. And then you were gone, and…” his throat felt swollen shut, but he continued speaking. “and then it seemed only right that you had a place next to Lyria’s, even though I hadn’t learned my lesson and…” he trails off, but she can read the “failed you, failed you both but here again Maeve went right by me and I failed you
“Buzzard,” she says, and she could tell him all the same with her eyes and her face but after so long of nothing escaping her mouth but screams, it feels so good to talk, “I can’t have you taking credit for my abduction when we both know I’m simply too clever of a mastermind for you to have realized what was happening. And you’re here now, and that…I could never have asked it of anyone. You came.”
“Of course I came,” he can’t stop looking at her, hands still wrapped gingerly around her emaciated frame, and if he hadn’t already rutting killed Maeve and Carn he would lose it right now at feeling her ribs poking at skin where there used to be layers of muscle. “I’m not just anyone.” his voice cracks, and he so so hates displays of emotion and mushiness but he needs her to hear it, to know. “I love you, Fireheart. You’re going to have to get used to the idea that I’m never going to let you go if we’re going to be mated for the rest of both of our fae lifespans.”
and she’s laughing and crying, because of course she is, and this arrogant, territorial male is hers for all of that time, and she wants to ask after Aedion and Lysandra and Elide and Dorian and Chaol and Nesryn and the thirteen, but she knows he wouldn’t leave them defenseless for anything, and her mate is here and he knows he’s her mate and gods is she so glad to have the ridiculous buzzard in her life.
He gets her out of the dungeon, out of the palace and she can feel him tense when they get into the sunlight and the iron in her wounds is visible, and he starts to growl but restrains himself when the sound makes her cower the tiniest bit, and he presses his lips to her temple but she can feel the wind delicately removing the tiny metal bits from her back, and her magic slowly, slowly starts to knit the skin back together, cell by cell, and then she’s in a featherbed sleeping finally because she knows there’s no way in hell he will take his eyes off of her for the next century, and a few hours later she opens her eyes because something thumps onto the deck of the ship, and she startles and clenches her fists because they must have found her, but then her door is thrown open and Lysandra is there, running to her with tremendous sobs, and she can smell the cadre in the hallway, and Chaol runs in too, but they’re both thrown out of the way by a volatile Aedion, and she knows something must be wrong because Dorian and Manon and Elide aren’t there, oh gods not Dorian, and she knows well enough that war comes with sacrifices, but it was supposed to be her, not her book loving best friend, and of her a moment they’re all crying together before Lysandra pulls a sealed envelope from her pocket, addressed to her in that regal script, and she bursts out laughing because of course he left her a note, of course he’s going to tell her he chose this, it’s so very Dorian, 
and she spends days like this, crying and laughing and healing and trying not to flinch at every noise and voice, wrapped in Rowan’s arms and catching up on hundreds of hours of sleep deprivation, until one morning he’s shaking her and she groans in opposition, but he pulls her to her feet and helps her to the deck, and her breath catches because she can smell it already–pine and snow and love and happiness and oh gods, they’re finally–
“Home,” Rowan breathes in her ear. “We’re home, Fireheart.”

Don’t Forget.

pairing: jeon jungkook x reader
genre: smut, dirty talk, dom!jungkook
word count: 1.1k
drabble prompt: “Can you shut up for five minutes, please???” + “Get out of the way before I murder you.” + “I think you forgot who wears the pants in this relationship.”
a/n: for you @chimchiminiecharoo

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Rainy Morning L.H.

rsl5sos-blog requested: Oml can you pleaseeee do a smut where Luke is like super cute and cuddly in the morning but then something happens that turns him on and you like ride his thigh and lazy morning sex cause that would be great 👌🏻

So so sorry for posting it so late, I wanted it to be perfect so I hope ylike it (: i sure did writing it   Let me know what you think of it 

TW: smut // Word Count: 1.3k // Masterlist/ Requests/ Prompts (the prompts are not mine)

The rain hitting your window woke you up. Not much light entered the room you noticed as you rubbed your eyes with the palms of your eyes, making the attempt of waking up.

Your whole body was under the sheets, covering your nudeness, and you turned around hoping to find your beautiful boyfriend, only finding his side empty. A second after, you heard the creaking of the bathroom door and saw Luke, in all of his sleepy glory, appear in the shared bedroom.

With nothing covering his body, he ran one of his hands through his hair, a yawn left his plump lips.

“Good morning, hot stuff.” He cracked a smile when he heard you.

“Good morning to you too. I thought you were asleep. Did I wake you?”

“No, don’t worry. It was the rain.” You pointed your window and the both of you stared at it for a minute, adoring the foggy and cloudy sky outside your apartment. You were infatuated by it, though Luke felt how infatuated with you he was.

He was watching you, your chest moving up and down with every breath you took was all he could focus on. You had your swollen lips parted, you short, reddish hair was messy and all over the place, just the way he liked.

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MISTAKE || two

badboy!yoongi, 3.1k words, he acts like a fuckboy but really he doesn’t know how to tell you how beautiful you are.
highschool au + min yoongi

WARNING: Just some kissing you know.

“This is just a game, nothing more.”

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Hangovers were an absolute bitch.

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My Home

Pairing: Im Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1.3k+

A/N: Kicking off Frisky Fridays with our Daddy of the Week, Im Jaebum! My masterlist is here, don’t forget to send in your requests and cast your votes for next week’s Daddy! Thank you @kpopsmutbin for requesting! I hope you love it!

You walked into the house, expecting your boyfriend to be sitting on the couch when you got home from work. Instead of finding him, though, you found a sticky note on the counter where you usually set your keys.

His handwriting scrawled across the tiny piece of paper like he was in a hurry when he wrote it. It read:


I’m gonna be working late but I want you to know that I love you. I’ll be home when I can. Please don’t wait up for me.

All my love, always,


You sighed and put the note in your wallet, folding it carefully and putting it with all the other ones he’d written. This was the fourth night this week he’d been absent, and you were starting to worry.

You went about your business, made dinner and cleaned up after yourself, just like any other day. After dinner, you showered and pulled on your pajamas, taking your time brushing your hair. You settled into bed and curled up with your favorite book and turned on your lamp, and eventually drifted off to sleep.

You woke to Jaebum climbing into bed, and you rolled over, glancing at your phone. It was midnight, and he was just now coming home. You rolled your eyes, immediately annoyed that he was so late. The fact that you’d been alone all night was adding fuel to the fire. You rolled over to face him.

“Hi, baby,” he said quietly, “how was your night?”

Anger flooded through your veins, but you ignored it, trying to keep calm. “It was okay. I really missed you.”

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Welcome Home (SMUT)

A/N: Decided to combine these two :) Also, football = soccer. I use British English, people :P I also had trouble looking for an appropriate GIF for this and this was the best I could use for it XD

Character: Niall

Warning(s): Smut

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depiction of love;4

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Romance (Fluff) | drabble series
Summary:  The very depiction of love, a kiss, can be given in a rush before leaving the house or with indubitably different intentions in the corner of a crowded room but it is always a silent secret held between the lips of the receivers, the lovers, the couple. It is always different, as different as the feelings buoying around it are for, its peculiarity, is the lack of voidness.
Prompt: “Good Morning” kiss
Word Count: 1.371 words
AN: basically I just fell in love with a drabble game about kisses (here) and I just couldn’t resist making a series out of it.

Originally posted by yourpinkpill

He tilts his head to the side – the morning light that filters through half closed curtains still too heavy for his eyes – and closes his lids once again as his body slowly awakens along with his mind.
A groan leaves his mouth as he takes in the sparse bedroom basked in sunlight and a smile plasters on his lips as soon as her features come into his sight.
His body shifts, careful to not interrupt her sleep, and he finds himself resting on a side, his arms right under his face to support his head whilst he takes in every detail of her.
Her long hair is ruffled behind her head, probably tangled by last night’s activity, her brows relaxed upon her closed lids, her long lashes grazing her pink cheeks making her look just like a porcelain doll or, even, an angel descended from heaven.
He sighs in contentment as his eyes find the curve of her cherry lips that he loves so much to kiss and bite and claim as his property whenever he can. Even now, if he didn’t risk waking her up, he’d brush his mouth against her soft one. It’s almost like he needs a constant reminder of what she feels and tastes like. And it also seems like a drug, something he just can’t stop craving even if he knows he shouldn’t.
When she’s not there, it’s all he can think about and, when she is there, she occupies every inch of his body, mind and soul. She owns him in a way he never experienced before and, even though it is the scariest thing in the world, he wouldn’t have it any other way for there isn’t a greater keeper for his heart than her.

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I couldn’t stop thinking about how right Iggy would treat his s/o during the first three dates and this is the result!! This was a lot longer than I thought it would be!! What 👏 is 👏 wrong 👏 with 👏 me 👏

FIRST: If he was taking you out, it’d be to a nice restaurant. He’d knock on your door (probably with flowers/chocolate), compliment your outfit and makeup (he’d notice things like that), would offer you his arm, open the door for you, pull out your chair, during dinner conversation he would be staring into your eyes (that doesn’t mean he hasn’t looked elsewhere tho 😉 dude is subtle with his thirst). Would ask you the typical questions but would seem genuinely interested in your answers. He’d give you his full attention. Ignis would have excellent table manners. No talking with his mouth full, elbows off the table, would make sure to take neat bites. At the end, he’d pay for the check because he wouldn’t feel right having you pay. “It’s the least I can do for allowing me to be in your charming company tonight.” And give you his honest smile with teeth (which I’ve noticed makes him look a bit dorky 😆) He’d drive you home, walk you to your door, kiss you on the hand and tell you that he’ll call you tomorrow and what time to expect it. And get this…he does!!! because ain’t nobody got time for those lame games.

SECOND: Greet you with more flowers/chocolate and another kiss on the hand, complimenting your appearance. He’d take you out for dinner again to a different, even nicer restaurant. This one with private booths where he sits himself almost across from you but not quite, creating a more relaxed and intimate atmosphere. Iggy would be sprinkling some compliments into the conversation and giving you more smiles. He’d recommend what to try and talk about a dish or two he’s managed to recreate in his free time. It’s all very pleasant. When he walks you to your door afterwards, he kisses you on the cheek this time and pulls back with a murmur of when to expect his next call. All these chaste kisses leaving you wanting more.

THIRD: He greets you much the same but lingers for a moment too long during his kiss to your hand. When he walks you to his car, he has his large hand on your lower back, a gentle yet firm pressure. He takes you out to dinner and dancing. Another place with booths where he sits even closer to you. This is the date where he starts to show his desire for you (he doesn’t EXPECT sex from you just because it’s the third date though. He just figures it wouldn’t hurt to plant the idea of intimacy with him in your head if you hadn’t been thinking about it already. Which, he definitely has. He finds you beautiful.) Peering over the rim of his glass at you, gaze intense. His eyes darting down a few times to your lips as you speak. His head titled in that hot way he does. AND THEN THE DANCING. He’d stand and gallantly offer his hand to pull you to the dance floor. Soft music playing. The lights dimmer. If you don’t know how to dance, he’d be a patient teacher. Murmuring gentle corrections to you, lips close to your ear. That unfairly sexy, sexy voice of his pitched just a bit deeper all as you sway to the music with him. He would smell so good too oh my gOD. He’d incorporate little spins and maybe some dips as well. Relishing in the smile on your face as he does so. You are extremely charmed. Who wouldn’t be??? Anyone who says they wouldn’t is a dirty liar. At the end of date, he has you in front of your door, those beautiful green eyes focused on you as his hand slowly raises to tenderly cup your face, thumb stroking over your cheek. He’d begin to slowly lean down cause he is a tol boi…when he pauses. Lips mere inches from yours and whispers, BREATHES, “may I kiss you?” (I’m gonna freaking die 😭). The kiss is explosive and his lips are soft and he know just the right amount of force to use and before you know you’re being pressed against the door and your mouth is being RAVISHED and it isn’t until you’re raising your leg to wrap around his his hip does sensible Iggy return and remembers you two are outside and pulls back, breathing all heavy with his lips swollen. Thumb still stroking your cheek and the look on your face is almost enough to have him going back for more but he instead wishes you a good night and to expect his call tomorrow but nope. Cause again. Who wouldn’t be charmed by him and actually be able to keep it in their pants with him looking at you like that??? No one. So you invite him inside for coffee and, well, he does love his caffeine. Which he gets. But only in the morning. After he’s spent most of the night between your thighs 😈😈

Anon, what the what, just the entire imagery of this Ignis date has catapulted me straight the fuck up into the stratosphere with the force of my thirst, bless you for submitting this hell of a gem

Just A Kiss

Neville Longbottom x Reader

Word Count: 3,741

Warnings: None

Summary: Practically everyone at Hogwarts has kissed someone at least once except for you and your friend Neville. Just being curious, you both wondered what was so great about it

A/N: Look I’m tired.

Originally posted by nevillelognbottom

“Oh my god! You didn’t! When?”

“Yesterday, at an empty hall while everyone else was at the dinner feast.”

“Was he good? At kissing I mean?”

“He was alright…”

You sat alone at one of the empty tables trying to study for potions. It was hard to focus with the little noises in the library, especially when two Hufflepuffs started whispering to each other about something behind a bookshelf that intrigued you. Kissing. Has everyone done it but me? Obviously, everyone in grades above had done it and not all the people in your year have kissed, but you couldn’t help but feel a bit excluded. “A bit sloppy…”

You couldn’t catch the rest of the conversation when Hermione came over taking the empty seat next to you. “Hello there Hermione.” you greeted, looking at your potions book. “Hello Y/N, studying for potions I see.”

“Yeah, my grades aren’t where I want them to be.” You said. You suppressed the urge to ask Hermione a question that might have turned this current conversation awkward but it tumbled out of your mouth before you knew what you were saying. “Hermione, you ever kissed anyone?” you asked suddenly causing Hermione to give you a bewildered look.

“As in, on the lips?” You nodded to her question. “Well, honestly no, I haven’t. I mean…it’d be nice, but…school is far more important than some rubbish kisses with a boy who can’t even take himself seriously… Why do you ask?” Her face formed a frown of confusion.

“Nothing, just wondering.” you responded looking back down at your book. “I was just curious is all.”

“Have you?” Hermione asked.

“No, I haven’t.” You responded honestly.

“Well, if you were able to kiss anyone you wanted who would you choose?” Hermione asked flipping through the pages of a book that was in front her trying to make herself not look too interested in this topic of conversation. You took this time to actually think who you would want to kiss. This question was basically a disguise to a “Who’s your crush?” question.

After going through all the boys that you know and the ones you seem to notice around the school, you thought up of no one that you prefer. A big blank just popped in your head. “Honestly, no one really, I’m just hoping that whoever I kiss is someone I actually like and not a complete dimwit or a jerk.”

“Fair enough.”

“And you?”

“W-what!? Me?!” Hermione’s the flesh on her face had brightened and her eyes wide. “N-nobody really comes to mind.” Sitting up straight with a proud look on her face she continued “I just focus on my studies, like I said, it’s rubbish.”



After the dinner feast in the great hall, you headed up to the Gryffindor common room, stuffed beyond belief like you are every night. There is so much food here in Hogwarts to satisfy your hunger, you can’t help yourself but try everything.

Changing out of your uniform and into more comfortable clothing, you head back down in the common room taking a seat in front of the fireplace. At first, you read some of your textbooks of the subjects that you were trying to understand more of,  (potions being no exception) but then your mind started to prance around in a field of thoughts, staring at the fireplace. What if I don’t ever get kissed? I mean, I’m not pretty enough for a boy to notice me, let alone kiss me. Soon students and some of your colleagues started to head up to their dormitories to bed asking when you’ll be up. “In a bit, I’m just trying to catch up on my classes.”

Still staring at the flames of the warm cozy fire, the painting leading into the room snapped you out of your trance turning your head to see who it is that just came in. A boy with chubby cheeks and front teeth that protruded from his mouth, still wearing his school uniform, walked in a tiresome manner, sighed in a troublesome sort of way. “Hello Neville, where’ve you been this whole time?”

Jumping from the sudden voice in, what he thought was the empty common room, Neville sighed once more in relief that it wasn’t someone here to hurt him like Sirius Black. “Oh, Y/N, hello, I didn’t see you there.” He walked to the empty seat next to you, falling into the comfortable cushions it had provided. “I was serving detention for Professor McGonagall for, you know, losing my list of passwords and for Ron almost getting killed by Sirius Black.”

“You are a bit forgetful Neville.” you chuckled out.

“This wouldn’t be a problem if that bloody painting didn’t change the password every week!” Neville defended making sure that that was made clear.

“Either way Neville, you still somehow forget the password even if it’s the same one for the past three months,” you smirked. Neville’s cheeks became flamed at this and looked down with a bit of shame. “’S all right Neville, don’t feel bad about it.” you said placing a hand on his shoulder.

“Right. Well what are you doing down here all by yourself?” he asked giving a layer of wetness on his lips.

“I was studying for my classes and then I guess my mind started to get a bit distracted from there.”

“What distracted you?” Neville joined you at looking at the fire.

“…kisses.” you said a little quieter than your previous volume looking down at your fiddling hands.

“Kisses? What on earth brought this on?” Only being thirteen, kisses were not something that ever crossed his mind. You explained to Neville about the Hufflepuffs and the conversation you had with Hermione hinting that she might like someone from the way she responded. “Hermione? Liking someone? I don’t believe it. I mean, it’s Hermione. And anyway what’s so great about kissing anyway?” Neville gave a scrunched up look on his face.

“I don’t know but people make it sound like it’s a big deal. I wouldn’t know, I never kissed anybody.” You said giving a shrug to show you didn’t really care.

“Honestly, I think it’s weird, spreading your germs and stuff, that’s one way to get sick.”

“Yeah, I suppose you’re right, but I mean, the way the others talk about it it seems like it’s special you know?” You tilted your head to the side.

“Well I guess so…if it’s someone you like I assume. I even hear people say they feel electricity or see fireworks when they kiss…”

Feeling nervous as to what you were going to ask Neville, you looked down, messing about with your fingers, and said quietly in hope that Neville might not hear your request, “Do you think we can try it…” as quickly as you asked so did the blush on your cheeks.

Neville turned and looked at you, the second surprised face you’ve seen today. “Um…a-alright. I d-don’t mind.” It was impossible for Neville to hide the deep blush on his pale face.

You turned to him as he did the same. Blinking a few times, you and Neville both licked your lips feeling them completely dry at that instant. You both closed your eyes tight and quickly pecked at each other’s lips barely feeling them, afraid of the others reaction. “D-did we do it?” Neville asked.

“I think so, but that was the kind of kiss you would give your mum,” you answered.

“I-If you like, w-we could try it again.” Neville stuttered out.

“O-okay.” This time you both got closer to each other, trying to get comfortable. Still looking down, you saw Neville’s hand go on top of yours that was resting in the small space between you two. You looked up again catching a glimpse at his sweet bright eyes. Bringing your faces closer to each other, you stared at one another feeling each other’s warm breath on your lips. You lightly closed your eyes waiting for his plump red lips to touch yours. Once they did, you waited a moment to see if Neville would back out from this intimate moment, and when he didn’t you let pure instinct take over, moving your lips against his. Once Neville understood what was going on he moved his lips with yours being very sweet and gentle. Moving a little closer to him, you couldn’t help but feed the hunger of passion you desperately wanted.

Knowing that you were running out of air you pulled apart from each other slowly, your eyes fluttering open to see Neville’s are still closed. “Wow.” Neville let out.

You too were amazed at the results. You felt your lips swollen and all tingled. You actually felt the electricity so many people talked about and the urge of wanting more. “That was…pretty great…” you said quietly. A moment later after realizing what you both just done furious blushes spread on you third years cheeks. Nervous once again you stood up from your seat and said: “W-well, it’s getting l-late and I have a test first thing in the morning (lucky for you-you didn’t share every single class with Neville.) so good night.” You rushed to get to your dormitory.

Neville, with wide eyes (and a bit of sadness, which you didn’t catch.) looked at you and said: “Oh, good night Y/N.” Watching your figure leave, he sat there alone with the not-so-warm-fire, thinking over as to what he had done wrong.


From then on, you avoided Neville since that kiss two years ago, for reasons you yourself didn’t really know. You just couldn’t be around him, getting all nervous, you just couldn’t handle it. If you were walking to his direction, you turn right around to the opposite direction. If you two were alone in the same room, you’d find an excuse to leave. In all honesty, you felt you were being mean to him doing this but you couldn’t help it. Luckily for you, a new year of Hogwarts is about to begin. You loved this school full of enchantment and excitement, it gave you pride. Even though there were life-risking moments that made students be on the verge of death, you loved it. Unfortunately, someone did lose their life last year. You didn’t know him personally but you knew he was an all-around good guy. The pain his family must be suffering through is unimaginable.

You stumbled through the moving train, trying to find an empty compartment, or at least an open seat to sit in. You were so apprehensive the night before you didn’t get enough rest causing you to oversleep. With a stroke of luck, you made it just before the train was scheduled to leave. Your dreams came true when you found a completely empty one for you to spend the trip in. Entering the lucky compartment, you took one of your heavy luggages and raised it above you in order to place it in the carrier. “Here! Let me help you with that.” You heard behind you as you felt the weight of your luggage disappear from above you.

“Thank You…” you said as you turned to the face of whoever was kind enough to help you but once you saw who it was, your nerves suddenly took over and caused you to freeze in place. Once your fellow student finished up with putting away your bags, he turned and saw who it was that he had just helped. Instead of your hair up in its usual ponytail, it was resting beautifully on your shoulders, on top of your baby blue sweater. Your eyes were huge the last time he remembered looking at you, although Neville doesn’t realize that that was shocking that is causing your eyes to look so big.  The summer has treated you both well when it came to looks.

As for Neville, he had grown quite tall, much taller than you, his protruding teeth were no longer visible for anyone to see. His dark hair was neatly combed to the side and yet what remained the same was his nervous, dorky demeanor. Shaking away from the surprise, he attempts to get some words out of his mouth to form a sentence. “Y-Y/N! I-it’s nice to see you again!” he exclaimed as the surprised look was still on his face.

“N-Neville! Hello!” Why? Why are you like this? It was one stupid kiss that took place years ago, why weren’t you over it already? You only stood there, not knowing what to do. Snap out of it! You said to yourself. “Um, did you need someplace to sit?” you then asked Neville, making sure you didn’t stutter over your words once more. You took a seat across from where he was standing right next to the window. Still standing there with a dumbfounded look and the words just finally being processed in his brain, Neville finally responded to your question and took a seat right across from you. “U-uh, yes! I-uh, it’s a bit crowded here. The seats with Dean and the others were already filled.” He gave a nervous smile, trying to keep a conversation going.

Unfortunately, it didn’t last as long as he wanted since you only responded with “Yeah. My same situation.” You had no clue as to what else to say to him. You were nervous enough and didn’t want to make things even more awkward with an unimportant, mumbled up conversation, so you went on and drew your focus to what went by on the other side of the window which wasn’t much of anything except grey skies and nothing much else except for fog. Whatever happened to the nice clear skies that used to go by whenever you traveled to Hogwarts? You missed the beautiful views that the trip provided each time but it seems as each year went by, the weather went on to become more grim and it was starting to affect your mood.

It seems like it was affecting it quite well since you heard Neville speak up your name and asked you what was wrong. You turned to look at his concerned face. “W-What?” You felt your eyebrows furrowed and saw in the reflection of the window that you had a look of displeasure.

“You seem a bit…upset.”

“Oh! Uh, no it’s nothing. I’m fine really. I didn’t realize that I was making that face.”

“If you say so.” And then it went quiet again, your focus back outside of the window. The only thoughts that went through your head were the hope that things will be better at Hogwarts than what was going on the past. You hoped that nothing outrageous would go on and that it would just be a normal school year that would go by.

There was then a tap on your shoulder and turned to see that it was Neville, with a sweater full of sweets as one occupied his mouth and the other offering a piece of chocolate. Although you could’ve easily refused and go back to silence and go through your thoughts in a loop, you did feel like a good snack would be nice now that you suddenly have a craving for it, that and it would’ve been rude since he spent some of his sickles to share with you. You took the chocolate from his hand and offered the seat next to you since you know you would be eating a bit more.

The silence kept on, only hearing wrappers being ripped off, cardboard being unboxed, and the steady rhythm of the train running through the tracks. In all that silence, the both of you still didn’t know what to say to each other. You only ask yourselves as to why you had to make things difficult. Bringing up a topic of conversation should not be so difficult and yet it was. Within all that silence there came a sound and at first, you thought you imagined it but then it started up again. From there, Neville seemed to struggle in his seat. Your eyes turned to him when pieces of candy started falling from his lap and then standing up from his seat with his hands holding on to something that was emitting…ribbiting?

“Is that Trevor?” Neville looked down at the curious looking face you were making, He was a bit surprised you remembered Trevor at all. He thought that due to the long period of that happened between the both of you, you would have forgotten things about him. You two weren’t the bestest of friends but you were friends nonetheless and he missed you helping him find Trevor in the most inconvenient of places.

“Uh, it is. He’s being a pest at the moment so sorry about,” He looked down at what the commotion had caused. “The mess.” Neville suddenly jumped with Trevor almost out of his grasped. He clutched him near his chest as he hunched over from the surprise Trevor gave him.

You couldn’t help but laugh at the scene in front of you. Neville always seems to find a way to make you or anyone laugh and not on purpose. “Still pesky as ever, huh?” you smiled as you went to pick up the pile of candy on the ground. Neville looked at you with a nervous smile. He honestly saw Trevor as a complete nuisance in his life ever since he first got him. If he could, he would give him away but he knew his grandmother wouldn’t let this happen. He also knew that she wouldn’t let him get another if he actually did lose Trevor so obviously he tried to keep him from escaping his care. For once, Trevor showed to be useful by starting off a topic of conversation that hasn’t silenced you just yet.

“Of course. What else is new?” He responded, trying to keep you talking.

“Well, for one, how incredibly tall you’ve gotten.” Neville chuckled at this.

“I know. Everyone seemed to notice.” he sat back down next to you, still holding Trevor in between his hands.

“Can I hold him?” You asked. It’s been a long while since you last seen Trevor and although he wasn’t the best companion, you couldn’t deny petting, or in this case, holding animals.

“Sure,” Neville said with a smile on his face. He was happy with this whole interaction and in the moment, anything you wanted, he would give you. He turned to you holding onto Trevor with both hands to make sure he didn’t hope his way out to freedom. You slowly reached for Trevor. Once in your hands, you observed the toad in your hands, calm and easy. Rubbing your thumb on his back, he croaked resting easy as a way to show approval. You smiled at the toad being kind to you, unlike Neville.

“I miss this little troublemaker.” You said. Neville only looked at you with a small, sweet smile, happy that you two were finally interacting and yet there was still a burning question in his mind that he was afraid to ask due to the idea that you might stop talking to him once more. He couldn’t help it. He just had to know or else it’ll forever stress him of never receiving an answer that he could’ve easily obtained.

“Why did you stop talking to me Y/N? I mean, I know we’re not the bestests of  friends in the world but we were friends and I never saw you anymore.” Turning your head to Neville, you saw the nervous boy look down at his lap, not really knowing what to do with himself at the moment. You felt bad. Terrible actually. This poor boy, who enjoyed your company and was left alone probably felt that this whole thing was his fault. You made him feel that way because of your stupidity because you made a big out of something that didn’t need to be blown out of proportion. “Am I that bad?”

“No! Of course not! If anything, this whole thing is honestly all on me.” Look what I’ve done. “Look, Neville…” The one thing that you have been trying to avoid and it comes back full circle. It’s best to get everything out now than to hold it off and make things worse or at least unresolved, you thought. You were quiet for a moment, thinking through as to how you would explain your reason without making yourself sound like a fool, but in the end, there was no way to not make yourself sound like an airheaded ditz.

“When we kissed…I got embarrassed. I was the one who made you kiss me and I thought that it would be weird between us after that. I guess I’m the one who made it that way.” you chuckled at that end bit. “I don’t know, I guess I liked you too much that I was afraid of looking like an idiot in front of you or something.” Looking down at Trevor for comfort, you didn’t want Neville to see your heated up face and push yourself further in self-loathing.

“You liked me?”

“I suppose. I mean, I never had thoughts about you or anyone in that way and then after that night I suppose I grown a crush on you and didn’t know what to do.” Trevor continued to croak, surprised that he didn’t try to break himself free from you at this moment. You raised your head to look at a red-faced Neville. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you in that way.” You whispered looking back down at Trevor while thinking about what to do with yourself in this situation.

There was then confusion and a look of shock on your face when you realized what had happened. The lips that were once on your lips suddenly touched your cheek. Even redder than before, Neville said something that felt a wave of relief from. “Don’t beat yourself up too much about it. I understand, I was just afraid that you didn’t like me anymore or that I did such a horrendous job at kissing you.”

A smile rose from your face as you felt the weight come right off you. He is just too kind. “Neville, thank you. Really, you’re an absolute sweetheart.” That was your turn to give Neville a kiss on the cheek which he did not expect.

“Anytime Y/N.”


This was requested as a drabble but i started writting and now i just decided to make it a one shot.


He was in shock. He was absolutely astonished, amazed, stunned, and about a thousand other synonyms for shocked. The object in Steve’s hand had the power to change his entire life, and the lives of those around him.

Could it be? Was it possible?

Stumbling into the living room, he stared forward, barely processing the questions being thrown at him from his teammates.

Bucky, Tony, Sam, Clint, and Bruce all exchanged concerned glances with each other. What could have possibly brought the practically unstoppable super soldier to a gaping mess?

The object in Steve’s hand was heavy despite it being made of only thin plastic, and as he finally managed to get this thoughts in some sort of order, a smile graced his lips, and he held up the object.

In his hand was a positive pregnancy test.

~Approximately 12 hours earlier~

You howled in laughter, holding onto your friends arm to keep yourself upright as you stumbled in your heels into the club. The lights flashed to the beat of the loud music and you could hardly hear the voices of your friends as they gestured towards an empty booth.

Sliding in, someone ordered some shots, and the party went on.

What had started as an innocent dinner with your old college friends, turned into drinks, which turned into wasted bar hopping.

And everyone knows when a group of girls get past a certain point of drunkenness, the good stuff starts coming out.

“C'mon (Y/n) you’re the only one left, don’t hold back any details.” Your friend called over the thumping music.

You snorted into your drink. The drunk part of you wanted to tell them everything, I mean who didn’t want to brag about how amazing their superhero boyfriend was in bed, but the sober part of you (as small as it was) still new better.

“Well, lets just say, he is not nearly as innocent as people like to assume he is.” you smirked as the girls lets out whistles and shrieks of laughter.

Your best friend, (f/n), did a fake overdramatic swoon, “Ugh, what I would give. Me and my man got in a fight the other week and he hasn’t touched me since.”

“Damn girl what did you do?” you laughed.

“Oh, (Y/n) you’ll get a kick out of this,” she chuckled, reaching into her purse and tossing your something across the table.

You eyes widened at the positive pregnancy test in your hands, “Oh my god, (f/n) are you- “

“No no, its fake!” she cried shaking her head, “I tricked my boyfriend and he did not find it as funny as I did.” she chuckled.

Suddenly one of your other friends cut in, “Oh my god, (Y/n), you have to do that to Steve!”

The table erupted into shouts of agreement and you tucked the test into your bag, quickly forgetting about it as the subject shifted to the topic of the bartender who had apparently been giving you looks since you sat down.

Hours later, you stumbled into the tower, hardly remembering how you arrived there, and tried to make your way to the room you shared with Steve. You barely made it to the living room before flopping down onto the couch, content with sleeping there that night, but luckily FRIDAY let Steve know of you position.

When he walked out and saw you face down on the couch, your hair a mess, your dress riding dangerously high on your thighs, and heels hanging off your feet, he couldn’t help but laugh before he gently shook you awake, “(Y/n), doll, c'mon I’m gonna take you to bed.” he whispered.

“How romantic,” you purred looking up at him.

He laughed and scooped you up into his arms as you giggled into his chest, “I missed you.”

“I missed you too.” He mumbled, kissing your forehead as he set you on the bed before slipping off your shoes. He managed to slide off your cocktail dress before you latched onto him again.

“Are you trying to initiate something with me Captain?” you hummed.

“If you’re still feeling up to it in the morning, then I’d be happy to initiate, but for now you need to sleep.” he said, and while he was almost positive you didn’t hear a word he said, you let him help you into your pajamas. All while looking at him with those beautiful (e/c) eyes and a sensual smirk, like you had something planned.

The second he joined you in the bed, you jumped onto him and passionately pressed your lips to his.

Crawling ontop of him you deepened the kiss and ran your hands through his hair.

“Mmh, (Y/n), you need, to, sleep.” Steve mumbled through the kisses. After a few moments, you pulled back with a satisfied look in your eyes, flushed cheeks, and swollen red lips. It took all of his self control not to pull you back into another kiss.

Placing small smooches on his jaw and neck, you snuggled into his side, “G’night Steve.”

He smiled down at you, “Good night (Y/n).”

When Steve woke up again, it was due to a combination of your moaning and his alarm clock. He quickly rolled over and shut off the beeping, causing you to let out a sigh of relief and pull the blankets over your head to block out the morning sun.

“How are you feeling doll?” Steve chuckled as he sat up.

“I think I’m dying,” You groaned in response.

“So I’m guessing you don’t want to join me on my morning run?” he asked.

“Just the thought of that it making me nauseous.” You grumbled, your face pressed into the pillow.

He placed a gently kiss on the back of your head as he got up, “I’ll be back in a little bit, ok?”

All he got in response was another groan.

Walking out of your room, Steve made his way into the living room, smiling at Natasha who was sitting with her coffee.

“Morning.” she smiled, “How’s (Y/n)? I heard her stumbling in late last night.”

“Not good,” he said shaking his head.

“I’ll take her to breakfast, get her some fresh air and hangover food.”

“Thanks Nat.”

“No problem Cap.”

Hours later, after a long run, Steve returned to the tower to find his and your room empty. Walking in, he stumbled over your purse, which was laying on the ground where you had dropped it last night. And out of it came the small stick that cause Captain America to completely freeze up. And that brings us to where we are now.

The men in the room all gaped at the pregnancy test.

“Is that…” Sam mumbled.

“Steve, is that (Y/n)’s?” Tony asked, taking the test from his hands, only for Steve to grab it right back.

“It fell out of her purse…I mean, why else would she have it?”

Bucky chuckled, slapping his best friend on the back, “Congrats punk.” he said, beaming with happiness for him.

“God, can you imagine, having a little baby crawling around here? Ohh, I can make it a little suit!” Tony said.

“No, my kid is not going anywhere near your suits.”

“What names are you thinking of?”

“Do you think it will be a boy or a girl?”

“I call being the godfather!”

“Ha, we both know I will be the godfather!”

The group gushed over the possible baby like a group of middle aged women which was a very weird sight for you, Nat, and Wanda to see when you walked back in from breakfast.

“Uh, what’s going on here?” Wanda asked.

“I have no idea.” You said back.

Suddenly, Bucky’s eyes met yours, and he quickly spun Steve around so he was facing you.

Your boyfriend’s face absolutely lit up when he saw you standing there. He always looked at you with eyes full of love and adoration, but this was a whole other level.

“(Y/n).” he said in what was a mix of a sigh and a laugh. He scoops you up into his arms and hugged you tightly, but gently.

“Nope, still hungover, don’t squeeze me too hard.” You laughed, and he set you down, “What’s gotten into you?”

“I, uh,” he took a deep breath, “I found this.” He held up the pregnancy test, and you physically felt your soul leave your body.

“Oh…Oh no no, Steve that that’s not-” you stammered.

“(Y/n)! Why didn’t you tell us!” Natasha asked.

You were bombarded with questions from the team, ranging from how far along you were, to whether or not it was from that time Tony walked in on you gettin it on while you two were skinny dipping in the hot tub (but that’s a whole story on its own).

Looking around the room, your eyes met Wanda’s, and judging by the nervous look on her face, she knew the truth.

“Guys.” You said, but it was lost in the commotion, “Guys listen!” you shouted.

They quieted down, and you looked hesitantly at your Boyfriend, the look of excitement in his eyes broke your heart, “Steve, that’s not real.” you sighed, closing your eyes so you wouldn’t have to see his reaction. But you didn’t need to, you could hear the heartbreak in his voice.


“I’m sorry, my friend gave it to me last night as a joke and I completely forgot about it and…” you trailed off, looking into his eyes, “I’m sorry.”

It was silent for a moment as what yoy said sunk in. Then he spoke up, “Th-that’s ok (Y/n),” he said with a sad smile, “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have made a big deal about it. I should have asked you about it first.”

With a tight lipped smile, he awkwardly left the room.

The team stood in a stunned silence, and you sighed rubbing your face before following Steve.

It took you a bit to find him, he wasn’t in your room, or in the gym, or anywhere else you could think until you finally found him on the balcony looking out over the city. The fake test was sitting next to him.

“Steve, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have even brought that home.” You stood next to him,  melting into his side and he put his arm around you.

“It’s not your fault. I just got excited I guess.” he said, laughing a bit.

“I didn’t know you wanted kids so bad.”

“Either did I. I guess when I saw it there and thought you were pregnant, I realized how much I love you. And thinking of it all, it just made me excited. And…if you want to, I love to have kids with you.”

“I would love to have kids with you too,“ you smiled up at him, and he leaned down to kiss you, “And you know, we do it so often I wouldn’t be surprised it I really was pregnant and just didn’t know it.” you winked up at him, “But, just to seal the deal, maybe we should recreate that time in the hot tub.”


Not really feeling that ending but whatevs. I am slowly getting through all my requests so there should be more coming soon.
Hope you enjoy!!


Imagine Gibbs being your boyfriend and taking care of you while you’re on your period.

The bottle of Advil clicked as Gibbs placed it down on the bedside table alongside a glass of water. “You need anything else?” the marine asked, pushing your hair back from your face with a calloused hand.

You offered a thin smile while popping two of the painkillers in your mouth, downing them both in one gulp. “I’ll be okay for now.”

Gibbs smirked and sat down on the bed next to you, “You know, if we got married and had a kid, you wouldn’t have to worry about your period for nine months.”

You arched a brow, amusement playing across your face, “And instead deal with morning sickness, back pain, swollen ankles, cravings and whatever other hell pregnancy would bring?”

Gibbs raised a brow, “To be fair, pregnancy does bring a baby after all that hell,” he pointed out with a smile.

“And so enters the next eighteen years of hell,” you joked, pulling the covers around your shoulders.

Gibbs chuckled, “I promise there’s some good moments in there. First words, first smile, hugs…”

“That’s because you’re a guy and don’t have to actually give birth.”

“Fair enough.”

Gif Credit: Gibbs

And Faded || Barry Allen || Cancer Series 3

Originally posted by valeriemperez

Pairing: Barry Allen x Sick!Reader

Word Count: 2380

Summary: You have cancer and are currently going through chemo therapy. You are currently seeing forensic scientist, Barry Allen. You are trying to figure how to work with your condition as it worsens. 

Warnings: Serious illness, Cancer, Sorta sad not really, minor swear words

Note: this is based off Cancer by MCR covered by TØP. I kinda want to make this a series, but let’s see how this one goes first.

Part 1     Part 2

By the time you got back to your aunt’s apartment, it was almost noon. You left Barry’s house just before nine, but had gone to the store on your way home. You hadn’t meant to spend nearly three hours in the department store, but as you walked around you thought of more and more things that you needed and wanted.

The only intended purchase was an electronic razor. When you put the razor into your basket, you realized that you only had a few things to put on your head when you were done with it. You made your way to the clothing section of the store and looked through the hats and scarves. After about thirty minutes, you had decided on about ten hats and scarves that fit your wardrobe. You now had around eighteen to choose from when you were getting ready in the morning counting the one you had stolen from Barry this morning. After you finished picking those out, you spotted a cute shirt that you felt the need to try on. It spiraled from there.

You placed the ten shopping bags right inside the door of the apartment and went into the kitchen stepping over your bags. You weren’t all that hungry, but your food alarm had gone off. You had this system that you established with your aunt Marie to make sure you ate enough food. There were six alarms on your phone. Two of the alarms were for large meals and four were for small snacks. It was for the days when you had no appetite to remind you that you had to eat. This was one of those days.

You took a shiny red apple (or a small healthy snack if you are allergic to/don’t like apples) and took a big bite. You looked over at the bags thinking of all the work you had to do to put away all of your stuff. It exhausted you just looking at it. Instead of taking care of them, you kicked off your shoes and moved to lay down on the couch with your apple.

You turned on the tv and flicked through channels, landing on an old episode of Friends. You laid there for hours just watching episode after episode. You didn’t even notice that had gotten dark. At some point, you had fallen asleep.

When you woke up, you looked around to see that the bags you had left in the doorway were gone. The tv had also been turned off. You figured that your aunt had taken care of it. You got off the couch and stretched. Your whole body was stiff and let out a loud symphony of pops and cracks. You slide along the hard wood floor with your slippers and went to change.

You put on a tank top, comfy pajama pants, and an oversized cardigan. You looked over at the clock beside your bed to see that digital numbers read 10:00. Your aunt had probably gone to bed not too long ago. Knowing her, you went to check the microwave for whatever dinner she had prepared for the two of you. Sure enough, there was a bowl of tomato soup there. You warmed the soup up before settling at the counter to eat.

Not long after you started eating, a knock came from the door. Your eyebrows furrowed. Who would come over so late? You didn’t think that you were expecting anyone.

You didn’t get up right way in case it was just you hearing things. When the second knock came, it was more urgent. You quickly jumped off the bar stool to see who it was. You looked through the peep hole before you actually opened the door.

You saw Barry. His lips were pressed into a hard, straight line and his jaw was clenched. You watched through the peep hole a moment as he looked down at his watch and brought his had up to knock again.

You threw the door open before he had a chance to. If he kept at it he would wake up your aunt and you knew that she had to go into work early tomorrow. She needed her sleep.

When Barry had registered that you had opened the door, he pushed in and wrapped his arms around you. At first, you were shocked and didn’t move, but you got over that and wrapped your arms around him as well. You didn’t know what had warranted this interaction, but you sure as hell weren’t going to be taking it for granted. Barry buried his face in your neck. His warm breath fanned across your skin.

Through the hug you felt Barry’s heartbeat pounding hard in his chest. The longer you stood right inside the doorway holding each other, the more it slowed down to a normal rate.

“Barry, as great as this is, do you want to tell me why you are here?” You said. You felt him nod from his place buried in your neck. Slowly, he pulled away and looked at you. There were tears budding in the corners of his eyes.  You brought your hand up to his face to wipe one away as it slipped out. After that first one the rest came down like waterfalls.

You pulled him further into the apartment to the couch. Quickly you went to close the front door before anyone saw at as an invitation to come in. You went back to the couch and took the seat next Barry. He had calmed down some, but he was continually running his hands over his face.

“I texted you earlier,” Barry started softly. “It was just a simple hey, and I wasn’t that alarmed when I got nothing in response, but later I sent you something else about work and you always respond to those. Cisco said not to worry, but the way that Caitlyn was looking at me…”

You watched him scramble to get out all of the words he needed to. He looked so scared as he stared at you. His tears had stopped coming, but their paths were still marked into the gorgeous man’s cheeks. You moved closer and laced your fingers in his. He looked down at them and began rubbing his thumb along the back of your hand.

“I thought something had happened to you, but I tried not to freak out,” he continued. “I texted you a million times, and you didn’t respond. I even started calling you, but I didn’t get anything. Not a text or a call back. Even Julian said I was freaking out. I was really scared. I just got you back and I can’t lose you already.”

The last part was spoken softly. You weren’t sure if you had heard it right. You played his words over in your head. He was worried and scared when he couldn’t get a hold of you. You had only fallen asleep for like six hours. It hadn’t even occurred to you to check your phone when you had woken up.

“Barry, I fell asleep,” you said trying to make eye contact with him. He kept his eyes focused on your interlocked hands.

“I was scared,” He kept repeating. It was a little ominous as he just said the phrase over and over again.

“Barry, I get really tired all the time because of my chemotherapy,” you explained. “I take really long naps and go to bed at unusual times. It’s all side effects, but you have nothing to worry about. I promise you I’m fine. If something happens I’ll have my aunt call you right away.”

He nodded and finally made eye contact with you. He moved closer to you. His lips barely brushed against yours and you closed your eyes. He slowly pressed his lips to yours. He seemed so careful with every movement. You felt almost like a paper doll in his arms.

You made the move to making the kiss more forceful. He followed your lead as you pushed him back on the couch so that you were over him. He placed his hands on your waist as the two of you made out. It had transformed from the tentative gentle kiss to something more urgent and rushed.

When you pulled away to breath, Barry’s eyes searched your face. You didn’t know what he was looking for, but he must have found it as he started kissing you again. He maneuvered the two of you up and he carried you to your bedroom and laid you on your bed. What followed was sweet and slow. He was gentle, but it was perfect.

This time when you woke up, you were greeted by a warm arm laid gently on your waist. You turned around to see that a shirtless and sleeping Barry Allen. You laid there admiring the man in all his glory.

“Good morning,” Barry said as his eyes fluttered open. A small smile graced his lips. He leaned toward you to press a kiss to your swollen lips.

“Morning,” you said. “Did you sleep well?”

“Very,” he said. A chuckle resonated in his chest as he stared at you. The hand that had been on your waist moved up your arms to rest on your face as Barry placed another kiss on your lips.

The man sat up after that. You rolled onto your back to look up at Barry. You made sure that the sheet on your bed still covered all of you. He was watching you with warmth in his expression. You could see that he was happy.

“Will you help me with something?” you said. Your voice was quieter this time. Barry’s eyebrows furrowed as he looked at you.

“Of course,” he said as you sat up. You placed a kiss to his shoulder and held the sheet over your chest.

“Will you help me shave my head?” you said. You were leaving a trail of kiss up his neck to his cheek. His expression softened as he just nodded.

You moved to get out of your bed. The first thing you did was pull on leggings and a large comfy shirt. You could feel Barry’s eyes watching as you got dressed. He got out of bed and pulled his clothes from yesterday back on. After placing fuzzy slippers on your feet, the two of you exited your bedroom. You saw your aunt in the kitchen at the sink.

“Good morning, Marie,” you said. She scoffed at you.

“Y/N how many times do I have to tell you not to leave dirty dishes on the cupboard all night?” She said without turning around. As you got closer you saw that the thing she was scrubbing at was the bowl of soup you were eating when Barry had showed up. You looked to Barry sheepishly. He was the expression you were making and let out a loud laugh.

Your aunt jumped where she was in front of the sink and turned to look at you. Her eyes were the size of saucers as she looked at Barry. Lots of little things slipped your mind. Her not realizing that Barry was there was one of them.

“I’m sorry I didn’t realize we had company,” she said. She gave you a small glare. “Y/N didn’t mention that you were coming over.”

“That’s because I kinda showed up unexpectedly,” Barry said touching the small of your back. He offered his and to Marie. “I’m Barry Allen. You must be Y/N’s aunt that she talks about so much.”

“That’s me,” your aunt said. She took Barry’s hand and shock it smiling at him. You looked between the two admiring them. These were the people who took care of you, and you were glad that they were finally meeting.

“Marie, where did you put the razor that I bought yesterday?” you said alerting her of your presence once again.

She looked at you and her face fell. She really didn’t like the idea of you losing your hair. She was convinced that you would be one of the few that didn’t lose your hair and had been adamant about you not doing anything to it.

“I put under the sink in your bathroom,” she spoke slowly. “Do you really need it?”

You didn’t say anything as you looked at her. She stared back challenging you. You really didn’t want to have to say what she needed to hear. You didn’t want Barry to know about your hair loss. Barry’s hand that was resting on the small of your back began making comforting circles on you back.

“Yeah, my hair started falling out yesterday,” you finally said. Marie nodded at you with sadness in her eyes. She glanced at the clock.

“I have to head to work soon,” She said. “Call me if you need anything sweetie, and Barry, don’t be a stranger.”

“I don’t plan on it,” Barry said chuckling. Marie was out the door not long after.

You made Barry breakfast, and the two of you ate together. He helped you clean up when you were done. You lead him to the bathroom and got everything ready for him to shave your head. Barry stood behind you leaning on the door frame watching you. You leaned against the sink and took a deep breath.

“I’m ready,” you said. Barry walked to you and turned the razor on. Slowly, he shaved all your hair off your head.

He set the razor aside when he was done and let you look over your head in the mirror. You ran your hands over the smooth skin. It kind of freaked you out, but you knew that you could no longer avoid it.

“You look beautiful,” Barry said wrapping his arms around you. He leaned his head on to your shoulder and looked at your reflections in the mirror.

“Thank you, Barry,” you said. You took a deep breath before turning around in his arms. You pressed a kiss to his lips.

“Thank you,” you repeated over and over again as you just stood in his arm in the middle of the bathroom.

This was your life now, but you weren’t mad because you had Barry. That was something you wouldn’t give away for anything.


Pairing: Tama Tonga x Reader
Word count: 1,031
Prompt: Drunk sex leads to a big surprise
Warning(s): Smut
Tag(s): @theelitevillian

You’re both drunk.

Too drunk.

You two probably won’t even remember what’s gonna happen the next day, but he’s your friend. Friends, do this all the time right? Have drunk sex? Probably not. Tama and yourself probably won’t realize what happened until the next day but as if right now you two didn’t care. That’s why you’re currently in a hotel room together trying to get each other’s clothes off. You managed to get Tama’s shirt off and he sat on the edge of the bed.

You got on your knees in front of him and unbuckling his pants and throwing them to the side. You can see his bulge in his boxer and felt yourself getting aroused at the sight. Pulling down his boxers to his ankles you gently grabbed his dick, stroking it. Tama tilted his head back, eyes closed. You weren’t stroking him for even 5 minutes and he was already erect. You could hear Tama swear under his breath in pleasure. Tucking your hair behind your ears you leaned down and licked the tip of his dick.

You slowly brought your head lower and lower until his entire dick was in your mouth; deep throating him. Tama swore again, this time a bit louder and you chuckled to yourself “Oh you think that’s funny?” You looked up at Tama and he grabbed a handful of your hair and bobbed your head back and forth. He was so intense and aggressive and then he just pulled you off of him. You coughed a bit and Tama got up from the bed. He picked you up and threw you on the bed.

You can see the lust in eyes as Tama crawled into the bed, towards you. He grabbed your skirt and pulled it off along with your panties and it looked as if he was about to have the best meal of his life. He cupped your butt and raised your hips up and without warning, he began to lick, suck, and tongue fucks your pussy. You gasped in pleasure, running your hand through Tama’s hair.

He brought his head up and pulled you closer to him. Tama stopped and examined your body, a lust filled smirk on his face. Before you could say another word he slid inside and began to thrust aggressively. You couldn’t hold your voice in and let out all of your moans. You wrapped your legs around his waist to keep him close, he wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

When Tama suddenly stopped you were almost about to whine and complain until he shifted positions to where he was on his back and you were on top. You couldn’t help but chuckle while pressing your hands on his chest “You want me to ride you?” of course this was a rhetorical question. You grinded and rocked your hips back and forth while Tama held your hips. You felt amazing right now, wrapped up in ecstasy and pleasure.

“You like riding on top baby?” You heard Tama ask while chuckling a bit. By the way, you were moving your hips he already knew the answer to that. You grew tired and stopped, lying on his chest, out of breath. This wasn’t the end of it though, Tama rolled you over on your stomach “Don’t think it stops because you’re tired.” He lifted your hips and slid inside once again.

You groaned under your breath, filling every inch of him fill you up. Biting and gripping the sheets you felt him pound deeply inside of you “Ah…..shit…..!” His grip on you tightened a bit and he thrust faster until he stopped and you felt him release inside of you. He panted and rolled on his side. You fell completely on your stomach and panted “That was good.” You told Tama “Yeah.”

You sat on your toilet looking at the pregnancy test that said “positive”, for a few months now you’ve been in denial about what was happening. You thought you caught a virus from throwing so much in the morning, you thought maybe you were eating too much since you were gaining weight, you thought maybe you were walking around too much from your swollen feet but you just wanted to confirm all the lies you were telling yourself so you took a pregnancy test and you could hear your heart break in two when the test said “positive”.

You can only pinpoint the father to one person: Tama Tonga, he was the only person you’ve been with in so long but the problem is…how can you possibly tell him that you’re pregnant? With HIS child? There was no way you could possibly tell him something like this. After you two had drunk sex you both promised not to talk about it with anybody and to act it never happened, but you two seem to act weird around each other.

You didn’t have a lot of options here.; who could you call for help? Kenny? The Young Bucks? Fale? And say what? That you had drunk sex with Tama and now you’re pregnant? That could throw Bullet Club for a loop. Your phone vibrating got your attention, unlocking it you saw a text from Tama. He wanted to meet for dinner so you two could talk…talk about what? You graciously accepted his offer and you two decided to meet in 30 minutes.

What’re you going to do?

You two sat in silence for a few minutes, the atmosphere was incredibly awkward and Tama wouldn’t look at you. Wasn’t he the one that texted you to meet? What’s his problem all of a sudden? You couldn’t help but get irritated with him but you kept quiet to see what he was going to do. You still had to tell this man that you’re pregnant by him….you didn’t know if telling him right now was the best course of action though. Screw it, right? Either you tell him or you keep it to yourself. Tama looked up at you and right when he opened his mouth to speak your big secret came out.

“I’m pregnant and the baby is yours.”




Genre: Slight Angst in the front few parts, fluff/comedy towards the end (?) idk what to describe this genre too haha

Request: Your scenarios are freaking amazing! Could you write a yuta one where you have a big fight so decide to get drunk and when you come back you find him in your apartment. He tries to talk to you but you keep singing,laughing and flirting with him and he ends up laughing too because you keep on using some awful pick up lines and ways to flirt him (make it long pls)

A/N: Thanks so much for the request , the storyline’s really interesting and it was really fun to write !! Hope you like it and i tried to make it as long as possible ~

Warnings: Language and swearing !


“ Well if you fucking cared for once , all these wouldn’t have happened . ” the man infront of you shouted to you loudly , as though everything was your fault . He turned his head to the side with a straight face , avoiding your gaze .

“ And if you bothered to tell me about everything that was going on , i would have cared . But you didn’t Yuta , you didn’t . Why the fuck are you blaming me right now ” you said to him in a shaky voice , your tears about to fall . You bit your lips and stared at him , waiting for a reply .

“ Because you didn’t even bothered asking Y/N , it shows how much you care . ” he snapped at you once again , glaring at you and crossing his arms .

You couldn’t take it anymore , without saying anything else , you grabbed your bag and ran out of his house , tears already streaming down your cheeks . You heard him call out your name from behind , but you kept running , your stifled breath blocked out the sounds around you , as though you couldn’t hear anything else but your own crying .


Taking the heavy glass in your hand , you smiled to yourself and pressed the cup against your lips , gulping down the liquid in it , for the tenth time that night .

You paused and peeked at your watch for the time , but couldn’t make out the numbers since everything was blur and your head was in a mess .

Asking for another bottle , you drowned yourself in all the alcohol as you temporarily forgot about all the pain and sadness .

“ Why do i love that idiot so much …. Yuta … Yuta i’m sorry i love you haha .. ” you said as you laid on the table , your tears falling once again .


Your frail and weak body stumbled as you struggled to stand up . You smiled to yourself as you saw the door to your apartment .

Leaning on the wooden door , you opened your bag and poured the insides onto the floor , in attempt to find your house keys . As you reached forward to try to take it , you fell onto the floor , causing you to shout a little .

The door flung open almost immediately after your shout , concern taking over his face as he stood behind the door and stared at you - the mess you were in now .

“ Yuta … ? Is that you ? I missed you i’m sorry ” you got up from the floor and threw yourself on his body , holding him tightly . You rested your head on his shoulder, smiling and laughing to yourself from time to time as he tried to help you up .

“ Y/N i’m sorry for earlier … i got too worked up .. And how much did you drink ? Why did you have to torture yourself like that … ” he said to you in a caring tone , brushing your hair as you laid on the bed , with him sitting beside you .

You coughed a little then laughed again , rubbing your temples to ease the pain in your head , “ I didn’t drink much … I’m not drunk , handsome .. ” he shook his head , lifting your head up to lie it on the pillow , “ Babe go rest now , let’s settle this tomorrow morning . ”

Instantly , you grabbed his wrist and tried to sit up , but your drunken state caused you to fall on his body again , both of you falling onto your sides . You laughed crazily , singing out loud in a ridiculous tune , “ You just called me babe , BABE, BABE ~ ” Yuta frowned a little at how loud you got , but also couldn’t help but smile to see how happy you were , finally after two weeks , he got to see you smile again .

He blamed himself for ignoring and being cold to you a few weeks before , because he was too stressed with work , he let his emotions get the better of him .

You weren’t the type to press people to share their problems , and you didn’t want to bother Yuta since you saw how stressed he was , thus you didn’t ask him once about his problems , but of course you still cared for him .

Yuta took it the wrong way , assuming that you didn’t care for him anymore . The two of you distant yourselves , until earlier that day you showed up at his apartment , wanting to talk about everything calmly but he got too worked up and the big arguement happened .


For awhile , you stopped your singing and stared at him , pouting your lips and furrowing your eyebrows together . You asked him in your sweetest voice , while giggling , “ You called me babe just now , are we still together ? ”

His strong arms grabbed your shoulders and tried to lay you down again , but you resisted . “ Yes .. I’ll never leave you ” he answered , hoping that you’d settle down after he assured you .

But you struggled to stay awake , despite your head constantly dropping from the dizziness .

Your fingers traced his jawline as you said out bluntly , “ Do you drink milk ? It sure did your body good … ” you smiled to yourself and laughed at the words you just said . Yuta shook his head as he gave a small smile , “ Yes i drink alot of milk , go to bed now Y/N , you’re going to regret doing this tomorrow ”

You shook your head and brushed his hands away from your arms , standing up to jump and dance around again .

“ The only thing i’m gonna regret is …. ” you said while singing , slowly pointing your index finger at him .

“ …. not dating you haha … ” you laugh , falling onto the bed . Yuta pulled you over and couldn’t help but laugh , “ I already told you we’re still dating babe , go to sleep now please ”

You lifted your head and smiled at him before you felt your eyelids dropping as you slowly fell asleep on his arms .


You groaned from all the pain the moment you woke up . Your head felt as though it was going to fall apart and it ached whenever you tried moved your body .

Despite the amount of pain you were in , a pair of familiar strong arms were wrapped around your shoulder and waist . You turned to your side to see Yuta , sleeping soundly with his swollen eyes .

You were changed into a new set of clothes and the mess you created yesterday was neatly arranged back . You couldn’t help but smile when you knew who was behind all of that - you missed that side of Yuta .

“ Good morning baby , you should’ve seen yourself yesterday night , you were so drunk . ” his arms wrapped around your waist from behind , his morning voice whispering into your ear .

You scoffed jokingly , pretending to pull his arms away from your waist . “ Well … We haven’t officially patched up yet .. I’m sorry Nakamoto ,”

Yuta flashed you his big smile and hugged you again , “ I’m sorry too , go get ready i’ll bring you out for breakfast . ”

You shook your head against his chest , “ I’m lazy and my whole body’s aching , can we just call in for the day ? ”

He nodded his head and gave you a small smirk ,

“ Sure baby , we can also cuddle all day .”


Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader

Summary: This is part of mine and @buckyywiththegoodhair‘s Christmas Drabble Party. Request: Steve Rogers + Blizzard. Thank you to the lovely @httpbarnes for your wonderful request! I hope you like it!

Words: 1.1k+ (yeah, this one turned out longer than a drabble, oops.)

Warnings: Fluff and making out :):):)

Originally posted by ncoleys

Steve and you were stranded in Stark Tower. You’d booked your flights way too close to Christmas and now you were stuck in a blizzard, all flights cancelled until after Christmas. 

You sighed. You should’ve listened to Wanda and booked your flights well before Christmas, like the rest of the team had done. You were just dreading going back home and having to deal with your mom getting on your case about what you’ve chosen to do with your life. She was not a fan of the whole Avengers thing. So, you’d booked your flight for Christmas Eve. But now, the weather was so severe there was no way you were getting home in time for Christmas. Even though you’d been dreading spending so much time with your mom, you still missed her. And your dad. And your brother. You’d never spent Christmas away from them before.

You decided to venture out of your room and look for Steve. Steve had no place else to go, and when Sam had invited him to spend Christmas with him and his family, he’d politely declined. Insisting that he just wanted to spend Christmas in New York again.

At least you weren’t completely alone. But it was funny, really. Out of all the Avengers you could have been stuck with during a blizzard, it had to be Steve. The man couldn’t stand you. It hadn’t always been like that. Things were good, amazing even, with him in the beginning. You’d found comfort in his baby blue eyes. The two of you had been close. Which is why it hurt so much when he’d become so cold to you all of a sudden. 

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Imagine you live alone in the woods with your adoptive father...

It was always cold in the mountain. That’s why, your daddy said, you need to keep each other warm. Your daddy has been keeping you warm every night since you came to live with him in the woods. You only have one bed in your little cabin. The three of you used to share it—you, daddy, and mommy—but mommy left a long time ago and daddy wouldn’t say where she’d gone, only that she wasn’t coming back. The look on his face whenever you asked about her made you uneasy, so eventually you stopped.

You loved your daddy a lot. He was big with a fuzzy beard and strong muscles. You also knew he wasn’t your first daddy—you had a mommy and daddy before and you lived in a house in a big city, but that was a long time ago. You liked living out here better. You loved the trees and the animals. You never saw anyone else but it didn’t matter much because daddy keeps you company. Sometimes he talked about making a family, but you weren’t really sure what he meant by that. You were already a family, you and daddy.

Over the past year, you’ve noticed some changes. Where you had always been flat-chested and narrow-hipped, you now had adorable, perky breasts and soft, womanly curves. Daddy has noticed, too: he spends a lot of time touching your new breasts, sucking on them, telling you how much bigger they’re going to get. You don’t really know what he means, but it feels good so you don’t ask him to stop.

Now daddy keeps you warm even more. Sometimes twice a night, sometimes during the day. You’ll be cleaning and suddenly he will grab you from behind, bend you over the table or push you down on the floor and warm you up. You don’t mind—it’s winter and the inside of the cabin is cold all the time despite the fire in the hearth.

Your body keeps changing as the winter goes on. Lately you’ve noticed that your belly is getting rounder, your breasts swollen and sensitive. Sometimes you get sick in the morning and the smell of cooking makes you feel nauseated, but daddy says it’s normal.

The months progress and your belly is getting bigger, your breasts more swollen. You hold your back as you waddle around the cabin, trying to do all the tasks you normally do, even though it’s difficult now. You don’t know what’s happening, but daddy keeps saying it’s normal and you have no reason not to believe him. Sometimes you feel little fluttering movements in your belly. When you tell daddy, he put his hand on your big bump and gave it a firm rub, muttering something about how “strong” they were. You asked what he meant but he didn’t answer.

Summer is almost over now and you’ve noticed that there’s something white coming out of your arching and swollen breasts. You don’t know why, but you taste it. It tastes like the milk daddy brings from the town, but warm and sweet. Daddy is excited when you tell him that your breasts are leaking. He spends that night suckling on them while he ruts into you. His big weight on your round tummy is uncomfortable, but you can’t deny what a relief it is to have your breasts emptied.

The leaves have started to fall off the trees and the weather is starting to turn cold again when you wake up in the middle of the night to a strong cramp in your belly. You had been feeling little cramps the day before but you thought maybe it was just your monthly bleed coming back. Your daddy isn’t there: sometimes he hunts all night and doesn’t come back until morning. You peel back the covers, looking at your massive mound of a stomach, gasping as the cramping comes again and you see your stomach tightening up in the dim light. Something is moving, but you don’t know what.

You force yourself to sit, legs splayed wide to accommodate your stomach. You rub it and it feels good. You can’t believe how big you’ve gotten: your stomach is heavy in your lap and almost touches your knees. Considering how small you are, the massive weight on the front of your body looks almost comical. Slowly lifting your nightgown, you look at the shiny, taught skin, the faint stretch-marks. You cry out as your belly tightens again, shouting for your daddy but he’s nowhere in earshot.

Forcing yourself to stand, you put one hand firmly on your lower back and the other on your belly as you start to pace the cabin. Moving helps, even as the pains come more frequent and more painful. Halfway across the cabin you get an intense urge to squat. You do so and a huge gush of water rushes out from between your legs, startling you. There is momentary relief, but now you’re keenly aware of something pressing down against you, inside you, something trying to come out. You gather your strength and go grab some towels from the kitchen to clean up the mess you made, not wanting daddy to be mad when he comes home.

Everything seems to be happening very quickly now. Even as you struggle to sop of the water you feel yourself spreading, widening. It hurts, the pains are worse than before, but with no idea what is going on you try to act like nothing is happening. Gathering up the wet towels, you hobble out of the cabin to put them in the basin out back so you can wash them in the morning. The moon is high and bright in the sky and you can clearly see your way, though it takes you much longer than normal to get there. On the way back, you stop, dropping your hands to your knees and bellowing as you feel the most intense pain yet. You need to push. You know you’re not going to make it back to the house. Whatever is about to happen, it’s happening now.

Following your instincts, you get on your hands and knees. All you can do at this point is rock yourself back and forth on the ground, one hand planted on the earth, the other clutching your sweating belly as it tightens under your palm. You utter low moans between deep breaths, the sound somehow helping you deal with the pain. Somehow, you fall into a rhythm. Every time you feel your body tighten, you push, rocking yourself, moaning, and when the pain ends you breathe, deep, gasping breaths. Your nightgown is slick with sweat and sticking to every part of you. You manage to get it off, completely naked in the clearing, big belly and heavy breasts swaying under you as your young body works to expel whatever is trying to get out.

You finally feel like your pushing is making progress. Still on your hands and knees, you feel something spreading you slowly from the inside. It’s big and it’s stretching you so much. It hurts but you can’t think about the hurt right now. A few more pushes and there’s burning. You cry out louder, but you can’t stop now. It’s almost over, you think. You don’t know how you know this, but it’s almost over.

Only it isn’t.

You reach back and feel yourself, feel your body stretched around something big and solid between your legs. It burns so much.  You’ve been crying this whole time but you’re sobbing now. It won’t move. It won’t budge. Whatever it is, it’s stuck. You rock yourself harder, pushing when you know you shouldn’t, squeezing your belly and crying out for your daddy, your mommy, for anyone. In your desperation, you decide to try to change your position. With difficulty, you crawl over to a nearby pile of logs and pull yourself up into a squat. Your belly is low between your knees and you use the stack of logs as leverage as you bear down, not holding back your screams at this point.

It works.

You feel it move again. The pain is bright and sharp and intense but with one long, powerful push you feel it slide out. Your body needs to take a break and with a shaking hand you reach down. You feel a wet mass of hair, slick skin, an ear. You don’t have time to think about it before another contraction hits.

The next part is hard, but your body is ready for it now. You push and grunt and wail as the shoulders pass. With one hand pressing down on the top of your stomach and the other gripping the wood, you bear down with all your might and feel the rest of it slip out of you, slimy and wet.

Gasping for air, you hesitate before reaching between your legs and lifting the ugly, squalling creature. It’s a baby. You know that much. But you don’t know how it got in you or anything else beyond that. Sense tells you to bring it inside.

Your legs are weak but you manage to get up, to hobble the rest of the way with the baby still attached to you by its cord. You feel more pains as you walk, but all of you hurts now. You don’t think much of it in your post-birth haze.

Inside, you get back in bed with slow movements. You hold the baby against your chest, because it feels right, and you watch with sleepy wonder as it latches on to your breast and starts to suckle, just like daddy. You smile a little as you touch its drying hair, its soft cheek and little nose. Your belly is still big and hard but you’re tired and need to rest. Just as your eyes start to close, however, you feel it again. The tight, painful contraction, the slow, spreading sensation.

“No, no…” you mutter, still holding the other baby to your chest, lying on your side. You simply can’t do this again. Your fragile body has already taken too much tonight. Breathing deeply, you ride out the contractions, your body pushing against your will. It’s bigger this time, but your body is more ready for it. You don’t have any choice except to push.

You’re crowning again and you can feel that the head of this baby is massive. You roll onto your back, the other baby on your chest as you spread your legs wide and push. It’s punishing work: the head starts to slip out only to slip right back in as soon as you finish pushing. You try to spread your legs wider. You push on your belly. You do everything you can, screaming in frustration and pain. You gather all your remaining strength for a final push, red-faced, dripping sweat and leaking milk down your front and onto the sheets. With all the force you can muster, you push and push until the head finally pops free. You collapse, legs splayed, head out, knowing you can’t go any further.

That’s when the door opens. You haven’t even noticed that the sun is up now. Daddy is back. You hear the heavy sound of his boots on the floor and then he’s in the bedroom. “Daddy,” you whimper from your splayed and pathetic position, your belly contracting but your body too tired to push. Daddy’s face isn’t surprised. He moves calmly as he uses a hunting knife to cut the cord of the first baby, getting a spare blanket to wrap it in. He sets it beside you on the bed before he looks between your legs.

“You gotta push, sweetheart,” daddy says. His voice is gruff but it makes you feel better.

“Can’t,” you reply, shaking your head. You whimper when another contraction racks you but daddy rubs your belly and it helps.

“You gotta. Or else it’s not gonna be born,” he tells you. “I’ll help you, sweetheart. You just gotta push.”

You know he’s right. Your daddy is never wrong. Sniffling, you prop yourself up on your elbows. With the next pain, you push. Daddy’s big hand presses down on your belly. It hurts but it helps and you feel the baby start to move again, inch by agonizing inch. It’s so big you feel like you’re going to break.

“That’s it. Just a little more,” Daddy says, rubbing your thigh with his other hand. You believe him and, wanting it to be over, you find strength you didn’t know you had left. You push again, and again, and again, until the baby slides out in a gush of fluid.

You were right: the baby is massive. Your other child looks tiny beside it as daddy cuts the cord of the second baby and wraps it up just like the first one. He puts it on your chest and sits beside you, holding the other one and stroking your hair.

“What happened, daddy?” you ask as your eyes start to drift close. Outside the cabin, you can hear the birds chirping, leaves rustling, the day starting.

“We made a family, sweetheart,” your daddy says, bending down to kiss your forehead.

You nod, too tired to ask anything else. You fall asleep with your baby on your chest and your daddy next to you and decide that you will like being a family.

Give me a Sign

Clint x Reader

Word Count: 1603

Warning: poison, near character death

The idea hits you while you’re sunbathing on the roof with Natasha.

“Hey, Nat?”

“Yeah?” comes the drowsy reply.

“Do you think if I asked Clint to teach me sign language, he would do it?”

Nat groans as she sits up from where she was lounging to glance at you. “I think that if you just asked him out, he would do it. But if you just want him to teach you sign language, yes, I think he would do that too.”

You shoot up from where you were lying to stare at her. “What are you talking about?” She only rolls her eyes and laughs before laying back down. “Nat, I’m serious. What are you talking about?”

Without moving, Nat answers “You always look for him when you enter a room. If he’s there, you practically grin from ear to ear.”


“When Tony or Sam flirt with you, you give as good as you get. When Clint flirts with you, you flirt back, but you’re blushing the whole time. When we go on a road trip, you always make sure you’re in the same car as he is, and you try to find ways to spend time with him, like having him teach you sign language. You like him, stupid.” This last part is said kindly, with a hint of laughter, but that doesn’t stop her words from taking your breath away.

“No, no way. I don’t like Clint. I just think he’s really fun to be around, and he’s really funny, and…” your voice trails off as you see Natasha looking at you. “I do, don’t I?” When she nods at you, you stand up and begin to pace. “How did this happen? How did I not realize it?” When a new thought hits you, you spin on your heel and look at Nat with a horrorstruck expression. “Does Clint know?” As you begin to panic, she stands up and fold up her chair.

“No, he doesn’t. Somehow, Clint is even more clueless than you are. He has no idea.”

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My Play Date...

Hotwife here…I haven’t posted yet so I wanted to say Hi and thanks to all our followers! 

It’s been a fun and interesting journey being my husband’s Hotwife.  We toyed with this some a while back but, for various reasons, we set it aside.  Then this summer, I became curious about a man I had met.  He and I began texting and from the outset he made it very clear that he found me very attractive and that he wanted to “get to know me better”. I told my husband about him and his curiosity was piqued.  After about a month of text flirting, I asked husband what he thought about me having “an adventure”.  He was going to be out of town for the weekend and it just seemed the perfect opportunity for me to have some fun…and drive my husband wild!

I went into it thinking it would be a one time thing.  However it ended up turning into a weekend fuck fest.  My husband was so pleased to find my lips and my pussy so swollen from a weekend of vigorous use.  You can just imagine the intensity of his orgasm when he reclaimed me when he returned from his trip!  

Fast forward one month, I have a standing play date with my friend on Fridays. The sex with my friend…and with my husband after… has been too good to give up!  Husband and I start on Thursday evenings by playing and me teasing him to the brink of orgasm…. but I don’t let him come.  I also get all stirred up but don’t take it to orgasm.  In the morning, we play some more and then he gets me ready for my play date.  He chooses the l lingerie I will wear for my friend and even puts it on me.  Before I leave I put on a perfume I’ve designated as my scent for playing.  It drives us both wild when we apply it.

I arrive at my friend’s and he ravages me with his hands and his mouth.  Clothes are usually taken off quickly in his kitchen.  He picks me up and sits me on his counter and we kiss deeply with my legs wrapped around him pulling him in.  His hands are all over me, inside me.  He then leads me into his bedroom where he turns me over and bends me over his bed.  He will press up against, but not enter me.  He will continue to drop to his knees to taste me.  He loves to tease me with his tongue and mouth. He lifts me onto his bed and brings me to a delicious orgasm.  He flips me over on my stomach and enters me forcefully and fucks hard.  Hardest I’ve ever been fucked in my life.  He fucks me in a way, strangely, I wouldn’t want my husband to fuck me.  It’s very erotic yet primal somehow.  The sounds he makes while he is pushing inside me are so different from how my husband sounds and it stirs something deep inside me.  Brings me to sweet orgasm very quickly.  My coming on his cock is too much for him to handle and he follows my lead coming hard and deep inside of me.

Sweat covered bodies and messy hair, we lay in his bed to recover.  Sometimes we talk but most of the time our bodies do the talking; taking turns pleasuring each other with hands, mouths and everything in between.  

I leave my play dates very pleased but not satisfied.   On the car ride home, I begin to think of my husband who is anxiously awaiting my arrival.  Hard cock and anticipating eyes, I walk toward him, he quickly undresses me and reclaims what is rightly his…… 

Imagine you are an omega elf experiencing your first heat...

((Okay so I am back with a new little story.

This fic contains: a/b/o dynamics, mpreg, cumflation and knotting. Both characters are of age.))

You still hadn’t come to terms with it.

How could this even happen, you had snarled at the doctor as he confirmed the reason you had been feeling feverish.

It was your first heat, which only meant… you were an omega.

Your parents were just as shocked as you, but you locked yourself in your room, trashing it before falling to your knees.

You had been so convinced you’d turn out an alpha- most of your family had turned out to be alphas, and your siblings had seemed to exhibit alpha traits…

“I am too tall to be an omega,” You had told yourself, even as your younger siblings had shown signs of being an alpha at a young age.

But, you had drawn the short straw, it seemed.

Tall as you were, you were an omega. Your life seemed like it was ruined- nobody took omegas seriously in anything, resigning them as either trophy spouses or childcarers.

And you wanted to puke when your boyfriend had texted you, excited at being confirmed an alpha.

You still loved him, of course, but after the news you had, and your mind desperately trying to fight off your heat, you were frustrated and wanted to lash out.

When you sent back a snappy text, you threw your phone across the room, running a hand through your crimson waves, tears stinging emerald eyes.

The soft ping! of your phone made you jump, and you reached to take it, looking at the reply you were sent.

Stay where you are, beloved. I’m coming over to yours with pumpkin spice coffee and gingerbread.

You wiped your tears, releasing a choked laugh. He was so patient, your beautiful lover with his bright blue eyes full of love and his dark curls, so soft to the touch.

A fear sprung up suddenly, as you remembered the reason you were so distressed.

If he was an alpha and you were in heat…

You didn’t want him to lose control and get into a situation which you both couldn’t undo.

But, the knock at your door made your pointed ears twitch, and you went to open it, just slightly.

“You can’t be here, babe…” You mumbled. “I… I’m actually in heat… I don’t want you to lose control…”

Your lover’s expression softened, and he smiled at you. “I can take care of you, my sweet. Please let me in? I brought the coffee and cookies you like.”

Releasing a soft groan, you opened your door to let him in, noting how his eyes widened after he caught your scent.

But, he managed to control himself, urging you softly to consume the things he brought you.

You hadn’t eaten or drank anything since this morning and you savoured each and every mouthful.

Once you were satisfied (in hunger), you reach for your lover without thinking.

“Make it stop, please…” You murmured, burying your face in the crook of his neck. Your skin was very heated and you could feel the slick trail down your thighs, soaking your underwear.

Your lover gently pushed you down to sit on the bed, before closing and locking the door. “Are you sure?” He asked softly, the bulge in his pants obvious.

You nod, quickly shedding your pants and your soaked underwear, spreading your legs for him as he walked towards you.

He pinned you down on the bed, gently licking and nibbling on your pointed ears, causing you to moan out as you lightly dragged your nails across his arms.

Hearing your moans, he undid his pants and pulled them off, revealing himself to you.

Your abdomen felt tight with lust, and your slick was starting to pool between your legs.

“B-breed me… please…” You whisper, your voice tinted with pure lust.

It was nice to look at your boyfriend without his pants, his dark thighs well-toned, with skin so soft.

You were distracted from your thoughts as you felt him push into your entrance, and you cried out softly.

He moaned softly in lust, starting to thrust into you when you begged for it. Even as he took you hard, he held your hands, lavishing your neck and jaw with gentle kisses, murmuring such sweet things.

You both continued at it for quite some time, with you coming quite a few times, until you felt his knot swell up inside of you.

It was a shock to you, to feel it, being a virgin to being taken like this, but… it made you feel like you were losing your mind.

Your lover continued to hump you, kissing you deeply, bringing one of his hands to gently cup your face.

“You’ll look so beautiful, when you’re full of my elflings,” He murmured, and you gave a soft moan of agreement.

Maybe… it wouldn’t be so bad to be pregnant.

If it was with your lover, you knew you would be well looked after. You had been in love ever since the day you met, even before either of you had confirmed what you were.

You kissed him deeply, wrapping your arms around him as you felt him release his seed inside of you, filling you up to the brim.

Panting softly as he pulled out, he touched your stomach gently.

Your stomach was slightly swollen, full of cum and you felt so good. You released a soft purr as he started to rub your tummy, murmuring loving words to you as you both settled down to sleep.


It had been a few months since your first heat, and you had only just gotten over the morning sickness. You were so glad, but now you were just hungry all the time.

And your lover had been so sweet and supportive, always fawning over you and telling you how beautiful you were.

Your stomach was quite round, the doctor confirming that it was twins. He had been so surprised about this, considering it was only your first heat.

But, you were pleased by this, proud of your fertility. And the joy in your lover’s eyes made it all worth it.

So, you were snuggled up on the couch with your lover, smiling as he worshipped your rounded tummy, gentle fingers tracing shapes as your lover talked to the growing elflings within.


About nine months on, and you were overdue.

It was quite worrying, but you soldiered on as best you could, just waiting out the days until you and your lover could meet your children finally.

You had been so pampered, and your lover was talking about getting married once you had recovered from the birth of your twins.

This had you excited- all your dreams and wishes were coming true!

You held onto him as you paced around the room, rubbing your massive stomach.

It was definitely a serene moment, your children moving in response to your touch, and you smiled.

Though, your moment of calm was broken when you felt your abdomen cramping up, and the rush of water soaking your thighs.

“B-babe…” You murmured, and he looked shocked, leading you to your bed and helping you lay down.

After a few hours of ever-growing contractions, you were whimpering softly as the urge to push came.

Your lover held your hand, as you whimpered and cried out, cursing him and cursing this damned pain.

He continued to comfort you, reminding you that it will all be worth it, that you can do this…

And you would.

It took you many hours of contractions and pushing, but soon enough your twins were in your arms.

You asked your lover to undo your shirt and he did so, your swollen chest revealed so you could encourage your babies to feed.

You were exhausted, almost drifting off, but you were proud.

Twins, both little girls. They were so small but they were beautiful, precious little angels who looked very healthy.

As you held them in your arms, you glanced to your lover with a gentle smile.

“I hope I’m in heat on our wedding night…~”