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Didn't you make jewish jokes to in early videos?

Early vids yes. I used to make jokes like that with the mindset of “It’s a good thing stuff like this doesn’t happen anymore so I can make fun of it” How wrong things turned out now in retrospect.

Tho the good thing is they were mostly bad puns like “Scooby Jew” but some stuff I regret

Me (on tumblr) I’m so tired of the discourse. I just want to like things again.

Me (off tumblr) Why is everything so white? so misogynist? So heteronormative? So awful and violent or bland and self-congratulatory? Why do slurs and transphobia count as jokes? Just….WHY???

Hey everyone!

I’ve sorta maybe kinda made a decision (with the help of a friend, you know who you are) that I’m not going to be on my dash (aka looking through my dash) at all during this hiatus. I feel like the comments I’ve seen passed around about this season on many topics have only either upset me or angered me to the point of almost leaving altogether. And it’s the kind of person I am in which I get upset easily by seeing these things. So in light of what happened on the show tonight, and how I anticipate things are going to unfold within the fandom, I’ve decided to stay off my dash and only mainly talk through messages over this hiatus. You’ll see things run as usual, but I’m going to limit how much time I spend on here and how much stuff I reblog from my dash. So it may seem as though things are normal (you’ll probably see gifsets from the episode here, but no opinions). But!!! If you see or make a gifset you’d want me to see, please message it to me so I don’t miss it. If you have anything you wanna say, please feel free to send me a message or an ask. I feel like I’m being rude when I say this but I can assure you I’m not. I just have this way of looking at things too much (aka my dash) and the slightest piece of criticism or anger at the show will set me off. And tbh, the episode was well done tonight and I’m very proud of Jed at how amazing he did. So please take this as a way for me to save my own sanity and emotional well being. As always, love you all and if I miss your work, sorry. Enjoy hiatus! I’m doing a rewatch ;)

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😪😪stopppp agent carter was a GOOD show. it left us too soon😭 it might have had an ugly second season where a white woman manipulates and dominates a black man which was ugly on so many levels but my mans howard was there

look……. i know dominic is hot, has The Face™ and makes my hatred of howard stark difficult because of his charm but let’s talk about why agent carter rightfully died in a greasefire, okurr?

- no woc in the main cast at any point in either season in a show meant to be about girl power or some shit

- no moc in the main cast in the first season
- erasure of gabe jones and peggy’s relationship with gabe jones

- erasure of angie in the second season along with her possible romantic relationship with peggy because being gay wasn’t invented yet or something

- not enough dottie in the second season

- !!!!!too much thompson!!!! and thompson was really just there to make sousa look better by comparison when sousa was also a, how do you say, dickhead?

- sousa was just as sexist as the other men but, somehow, because he was a benevolent misogynist that’s enough for peggy to run into his arms


- jason was not only manipulated and dominated by a white woman, he also was made to seem evil, put in awkward disney-fied racism scenarios, postured as the lesser competitor in a godawful love triangle where he was the much better choice on nearly every fucking level including mirroring steve in a lotta ways, made intangible and had his voice taken away for too fuckin long goddamnit, was not chosen by peggy after aladatbuullllshit

- the musical number

- ana jarvis was shot, like….. yeah, shoot the jewish woman who escaped the n//zis…. that’s not wrong at all……

- they had a black girl at howard’s house but didn’t utilize the fact that dominic has The Face™ (more of a personal critique than anything else)

- there was no need for peggy to leave new york because this season meant nothing, it was like j.o.n.a.s. la

- why would peggy pick sousa? why would peggy pick sousa, who is engaged to one of her friends?? WHY IS HER FRIEND JUST OKAY WITH HER HUSBAND EMOTIONALLY CHEATING ON HER? BITCH IF THAT WAS MY ASS,

- the fandom tried manipulating woc into watching the show with hopes that s2 would be more diverse

- the same fandom then proceeded to be fucking awful to jason, the only ant in that bowl of milk

anyway, the show’s dead and we should all feel grateful

I’m basically back to how I was at the beginning of season 1, trying to enjoy the good things amongst all the stupid stuff (both plot and characterwise) that is happening. I had such high hopes for season 2, and it started out really well, then got worse in episode 4, picked up again in 6 (but mostly only because of Malec, let’s be real), but now it’s going downhill again, and fast. 

I’ll still be here for Magnus and Alec, and the bits of Maia and Luke we actually get. But It’s exhausting when more than half of each episode I just want to look away because there are so many crappy, cringy or really boring scenes I don’t want to see.

And on today’s edition of The German government reacts to Donald Trump, this time with German Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel:

Regarding Trump’s complains that rich Americans drive German cars and German’s don’t drive American cars:

Regarding Trump’s comments about Germany’s refugee policy:

Gabriel out.


a concept: early relationship klance when they haven’t told anybody yet. they make sure they always sit in front of each other so they can have their daily lovey-dovey glances even from a distance. but this results in them getting distracted a lot when the others are speaking, so shiro has to reprimand them sometimes.

“guys are you there with us?”

*jump off their seats* “uh..? yeah yeah we’re listening shiro! you were talking about keith’s eyes…i mean the spies….in the castle…yeah that.”

“well…whatever you’re doing, at least you aren’t arguing anymore”

and keith and lance basically just…get back at what they were doing having this huge dorky smile on their faces because they’re still very ecstatic about the fact they’re actually dating and can’t help but feel above the clouds a lot.

By hit count on Ao3, here are the


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Part 3/? of the Louis & Harry Fic History series


…cannot be killed or swept aside. now fill the world with music, love, and pride.