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lance and keith get put into a mission together and keith sorta confesses that he values lance on the team more than himself, and lance can’t comprehend that bc he believes keith is super important too, so they are both rlly confused??

y’all… i tried…. i rlly did

dialogue under cut (my handwriting sucks)

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the happiest boy when surrounded by dogs ♡

So I unlocked the hidden ending >///< It was so time consuming~~

Lol jk, I was just playing around with my drawings while preparing merchandises for Comic Fiesta 2017. Yup I will sell MM postcards,posters, keychains, stickers, fanbook and so on. (Gonna including Fire emblem and maybe some other titles)  It’s gonna be my first time opening an art booth so I hope everything’s gonna be alright!

Anyway, I’m gonna upload more arts and samples of my merchs soon~~  <3

I always wondered what love would be like. I imagined it being like the movies. Kissing in the rain, both loving eachother just as much and a happy ever after. But in reality it’s kissing between the commercials and the popcorn eating. It’s arguing but knowing we will always figure it out. But it’s also realizing that the love we have now might not be there tomorrow


What has been your funniest moment on the set of Doctor Who?

From the Montreal ComicCon panel featuring David Tennant, Freema Agyeman, and Alex Kingston

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I used to hate sleep, just because that meant less time with you. But now that you are gone, all I wanna do is sleep. Because the only time I get to see you now is in my dreams.

Warmup sketch of best boy because I’m about to draw 879348729+ profiles and i can see already my fingers’ grave 

Ok but spare me, I will forever draw sideview Asra because I don’t think my heart can handle his frontview glory