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You know what I want?
A scene where some random villain shows up in Storybrooke–someone who knows Killian, maybe worked with him before or something–and has grabbed some random little girl because they need a child for something weird and violent. And they’re a little confused when Killian shows up batting for the other team, like, “Dude, it’s a random kid, why do you care?”
And Killian ’s like, “That’s my daughter, [insert threatening threat here].”
And random villain is like, “Fuck, dude, had no idea. She’s fine. Not even scratched. Here, you can have her back and no harm, no foul. I’ll just go find another kid for my weird villainous plan. Anyone else I should stay away from?”

eldtunga replied to your post: “I don’t trust you.”

“How do I know you want get thirsty soon?” Every possibility was running through the man’s head right now. How was he supposed to trust someone that could kill him in an instant? “What will happen if I do say that I trust you…will you turn me? Make me one of your little followers?” That was a big possibility…right? This vampire was probably going to just laugh at his stupidity, but what could he expect. Feykir genuinely was terrified.

“I don’t have followers. I’m only two hundred,” he huffed and then opened his mouth wide to show his teeth. “See fangs not out. I’m not going to hurt you. Besides, I would get in trouble if I brought someone home. I just need your help with a sunburn, okay? Because that will get me in even more trouble.”

okay so, I’m hyped about an hl star trek au, but I know there’s probably not a lot of animo for it, should I try anyways??


Working Title: Kuroo “Common Sense” Tetsurou leaves for one second and Stuff Happens

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