good songs for sundays

Is it even possible for a migraine to last 3 days

florence-bubbles asked:

Hi Gabby, How are you today ? Your prompt about songs, that's a good idea. Have a nice sunday

I am doing pretty okay, still not fully awake yet though :D

Thank you! Those are one of my favorite types of prompts because I’m a music junkie and anytime I listen to something I’m never sure what I’m going to get out of it.

Awww, Flo, you too!!!♥♥ 

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k-os is rad as fuck. Enjoy your sunday morning!

anonymous asked:

Is Finishing The Hat from Sunday a good audition song for Robert in Company?

It’s a bit of an odd song, and I think it’s a little hard to sell in an audition…It’s a very specific subject (…The Hat!) and it doesn’t always make a whole lot of sense outside of the musical.  It’s also a more tenor song, if I remember correctly, and I believe Robert is more baritone?  It’s certainly not a bad choice, I just think it’s a bit tough to deliver!