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Just because BATES MOTEL is over doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to this KILLER cast. Here is where you can see them next! You’re welcome.


have some lovely old ppl

Fic Rec

Title: Pack Wars
Author: miss_aphelion
Rating: M
Word Count: 158,626
Status: Complete
Summary: Scott liked to call it the Great Pack Divide of 2012.

Derek liked to call Scott an idiot.

(Or the one where Derek kidnaps Stiles to teach Scott a lesson, and ends up learning a few things himself)

Bad Idea//Jordan Parrish


#1 I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue. Wanna see?

#13 We’re going to hell for this

“Hey dad. Will I just hang around the station for an two hours until Stiles picks me up?” 

“Yeah sweetheart. Deputy Parrish will be the only one there for a while until we get back. We’re gonna be at least three hours so try to get along…Okay?”

“Sure dad. Is he cute? you joke, you can sense your father rolling his eyes down the phone.

“Don’t romance my deputy Y/N Stilinski! Oh and be nice to your brother okay?”

“Okay dad. I’ll see you soon. Love you.” you say your goodbyes before hanging up.

It’s been a couple of months since you had been home from college and you couldn’t wait to relax. You Make your way into the unusually quiet police station bearing coffee and donuts. 

You’re greeted by a handsome deputy as you set you bags down in front of your dads office.

“You must be Y/N! I’m Deputy Jordan Parrish.” he smiles. Ugh he’s adorable, this is gonna be harder than you thought.

“Yup that’s me” you beam. “I brought coffee! Americano black? Thats how my dad said you took it.” you ramble handing him the coffee cup

He chuckles. “ Thanks. A twelve hour ghost shift is more tiring than a busy shift.”

1 hour later

You and Parrish get on like a house on fire. He was the dream guy. Funny, smart and extremely good looking.

“Sheriff said you’re doing the pre FBI program. How is it?” he asks 

“It’s great. I mean it’s tiring but it’s worth it.” you reply with a smile. “But what I want to know is what makes you so interesting?” you question.

“I was in the army for a couple of years but other than that I’m just a boring person.” he shrugs.

“Oh c’mon you must have at least one party trick or something?” you laugh.

“Not to brag or anything but I’m pretty good at beer pong.” he chuckles raising an eyebrow.

“Ohhhh that must impess the ladies.” you smirk.

“Like a charm.” he says in mock proudness. “What about you?”

“I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue. Wanna see?”

“Seriously!” he says curiously.

You grab a cherry out of the punnet in front of you.

Jordan sat in front of you gobsmacked.

“As you can see….I’m a catch.” you joke blushing slightly.

Jordan smirked. “What else can you do?”

“Well Deputy that wouldn’t  exactly be PG but you’re welcome to find out.” you say cocking an eyebrow.

He presses a soft kiss too your lips unexpectedly. You lean into the kiss as your hands reach to tangle in his hair.

You break the kiss slightly breathless.

“Office….” you say taking his hand and leading into your fathers office. You push everything off the desk as you sit on it. Parrish looks at you with a devilish smirk.

“We’re going to hell for this”

“I won’t tell if you don’t.” you smile pulling him into a deep kiss.

He pulls your shirt off as you unbutton his. You run your fingers along his abs, admiring his chiselled body. 

He pushes you down on the desk. The cold wood against your back makes you shiver slightly.

Parrish presses wet kisses along your neck and chest, leaving bruises in some spots where he nipped at the skin.

Parrish flips your skirt up as you remove your underwear, desperate for friction.

You unbuckled his belt as he dropped his trousers. 

He lined up at your entrance as you pleaded desperately for some pleasure.

He pushes himself slowly as you buck your hips. He kisses you hungrily as you suck and nip at his chest leaving markings in your way. 

You pull him closer as he slams into you. 

“Deputy…. please faster…” you moan.

He smirks at the fact you called him by his title. He wasn’t gonna lie. It turned him on. He develops a faster rhythm as you whimper. His name falls from you lips like a silent prayer.

“I’m not gonna last.” you moan as you feel him release inside you.

He rubs your clit, sending you over the edge. “Cum for me” he whispers as you squirm beneath him letting go completely as you ride out your high.

Parrish  helps you clean yourself up and hands you your discarded hsirt and underwear. 

You both were slightly flushed. He presses one last kiss to your lips. 

“So when am I gonna get to seeyou’re amazing party trick?” you chuckle.

“Tomorrow night 9 o’clock.” he says with a wink. 

You smile feeling a blush spread across your cheeks.

You both reassemble the stuff on your fathers desk. Your phone buzzes with a text from Stiles.

“Me and Scott are outside. Hurry up.”

“I have to go but I’ll see you tomorow.” you smile as you kiss Parrish on the cheek.

“Hey Scott!” you smile jumping into the back as Parrish brings your bags out.”

“Bye Y/N” he smiles.

“See ya Deputy!” you smirk with a wink.

You see Scott whisper something to Stiles before they turn back to you.


All Or Nothing - Part 2 - If I’m Lucky - Smut

Originally posted by sensualkisses

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 5,847
AN: Okay! Here it is! Finally! Sorry for the long wait, this was just not coming to me as well as I wanted it to. This is the final part. Special giant thanks to @writing-obrien and @sarcasticallystilinski for their input and encouragement!

There’s a couple songs in this, here are the links for them
Cold Coffee by Ed Sheeran
If I’m Lucky by State Champs
Dancing With A Wolf by All Time Low (This isn’t really in here but I imagine this being the song that’s played when the fic ends, plus it’s where the bands name comes from!)


You woke up wrapped in blankets, your body pressed against Stiles, his arms holding you close to his chest. You opened your eyes to peer up at him, sighing internally at how peaceful and handsome he looked when he was sleeping. You closed your eyes, snuggling back into him, not quite ready to deal with the aftermath of what you’d done, trying to stay in the bubble of happiness a little longer.

His arms moved to pull you closer, his chest rising and falling with every breath. “You awake?” He whispered, causing you to sigh.

“Yeah.” You shifted away so you could see him better, your heart thumping at the look he was giving you, half asleep and smiling.

“Mm.” He leaned down, his lips meeting yours softly. “I’m surprised you’re still here. I was afraid you might run off in the middle of the night.”

You chuckled. “It crossed my mind.” You moved off of him, settling beside him and pulling the blankets up around you.

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To Care, or not to Care ? (Stiles x Reader)

Requested by @hannazk : heey can you do a imagine where y/n is stiles girlfriend and he’s spending a lot of time with lydia and y/n get’s jealous and fluff and stuff like this? thx!

A/N : I’m not a huge fan of jealously that leads to anger or confrontation, so I twisted it a bit, I hope it’s okay :) Also I gave a first name to Y/N’s father just because I find it awkward to write (Y/F/N) and I feel like it sort of breaks the flow of the story to have too many « blanks » like this. I chose a very generic name, you can disregard it if you don’t like it. Also I don’t like throwing my readers in media res (in the middle of the action) so I added a bit (a lot) of context first, before really working on the request. JuST DEAL WITH ME OkAY

Also, I really like the first 4k words,but then I feel like I messed it up

Set between season 5 & 6.

Word Count : 9,2k (listen, I have no self control)


Living in a small town truly was an experience of a kind. It was like living on another planet to a certain extent, while also being just an hour drive away from a bigger city, and all the entertainments it offered. After your parents’ divorce, you were torn away from the big city you were born in, and lived all your life. Your mom left with the new man in her life, claiming she needed some time for herself and to see the world. That didn’t leave you many options besides moving in with your dad, who just so happened to come from a small town, and now that nothing held him back in the city, he wanted to go back and live there.

You obliged, not putting up much of a fight – you were a bit of  loner and never had many friends or anyone worth causing more drama within your household. You didn’t have a boyfriend, your closest friend hadn’t given any news in tn days and when your dad assured you that his birth town was just big enough to have a brand new Theater and Starbucks, it was settled.

Everything happened in a blur really. Your two stories apartment in Oakland quickly emptied and it was like all trace of your passage here vanished from one day to the next. The first seventeen years of your life had been erased, and yet you couldn’t bring yourself to feel anything besides mild annoyance, because putting all your stuff in boxes – with the perspective of having to unbox them a few days later – was the exact opposite of what you had planned to do for the last couple weeks before the end of summer break.

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Stiles raving about something he read=lilo explaining how pudge the fish needs a peanut butter sandwich and not a tuna. (submitted by @imockusall)

Originally posted by you-only-come-once-in-a-lifetime

My heart just broke. 

Like the reason Lilo rants about giving Pudge the peanut butter sandwich is because Pudge controls the weather and she doesn’t want anyone else to die like her parents did when they crashed their car on a stormy night. 

Compare this to Stiles chasing after his dad and trying to explain that someone else is going to die if they don’t stop the durach and the sheriff yells at him, breaking his heard and muttering “Mum would have believed me”… and then his panic when they didn’t stop her and his dad gets taken as a result…

My frail little heart can’t handle all these feels right now.