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In Dreams (The Raven Cycle amv)

Since The Raven King comes out today, I wanted to post something special before I dive into the end. I’ve been wasting away months of my life drawing all the scenes for this video, and now it’s finally done. I hope you enjoy it!


(Inspired by a certain scene from a certain Disney classic ;^))

it really bothers me a lot that the dark souls series is like, some of the worst examples of Gaming Culture™

like. the dark souls series is such a damn good series overall and it’s full of so many things i love about video games - fascinating lore that is left up to the player to seek out with you being rewarded for going out of your way to find it, some super interesting and complex characters (like just gwyn alone along with my girl gwyndolin are some of the most interesting characters ive seen in a game before), big open areas for you to explore, fantastic music that perfectly set the scene for every boss, memorable and challenging but fair bosses, and solid as hell gameplay

not only that but the entire series has this theme of like, overcoming adversity in even the most trying of times, where the games constantly feel oppressive and enemies constantly feel too big, too strong for you to actually defeat, but it has this theme where you keep going and despite the odds you eventually overcome whatever you were stuck on, and that theme of carrying on despite how bad everything is is directly highlighted in the story and characters

they’re such genuinely interesting & rewarding games that despite their darker nature have a lot of heart to them and there’s a lot of good messages to take from them and i just. i HATE how shitty gaming culture has taken such fascinating games and turned it into “haha these games are so HARD casuals get out these games are only for REAL gamers kek” because they make the games seem so unwelcoming and unapproachable and discourages people from playing a series that i really love

also i realize maybe a lot of this isn’t really That Deep but i have a deep emotional connection with this series and so many of my issues with gaming culture as a whole can be directly traced to this series

another doodle from my FMA 2003 marathon adventure. COS may have had its flaws but damn was it a really good movie

21. Girlboss, S1, 2017-

Expected more clothes, to be honest, I was there for the vintage outfits and half the time she was wearing her work uniform. Anyway, I went for the outfits and stayed for Annie and Dax. I agree that Sophia is very unlikable, but she did not put me off from the series (Britt Robertson was good, and I had never liked her in anything before). Many male critics complain she’s unsympathetic and only concerned about money and–how are they supposed to root for her? And I find that pretty funny, as we’ve been asked to root for unlikable men since the dawn of fiction. Still, judging by the reviews of her book she’s an even worst person in real life (and would never take business advice from her), so I’d say they’ve done a pretty good job with the series overall.

Best: secondary characters, the clothes & the music

Worst: romantic plot

Person Who Actually Enjoys Fiction: I think the writing’s pretty good, things drag a little in the second act and it seems like some of the episodes are just filler, but overall I think it’s worth the time. The characters are interesting too, I love the lead’s banter with their sidekick, that’s a lot of fun, and the way the whole cast plays off each other is great. Overall, good series, would recommend.

Tumblr: Okay you HAVE to watch this series! It has three blacks, two hispanics, five women, an Asian, three gays, a trans, and only one white!


Fandom: Carmilla: The Series

Rating: T

Genre: General with implied Smut

Summary: LaFonatine said it was just art. Carmilla made it a tad bit more.

Words: 1,559

AN: I received a prompt request from @curiosityiswhatmakeslifefun to write out an AU where LaFontaine convinces Laura to model for an Art class, and Carmilla is there. Sadly, I cannot do AUs well, but I still hope that this fits the bill! I hope you enjoy!

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