good screencap

okay so… lapis redesign. it’s super basic because i actually like a lot of aspects of her design but my main issue is that it’s SUPER bland. the palette is really limited and the whole thing is very… idk… sad blue thin girl. also it always bugged me that they ignored the gold flecks in lapis lazuli when designing her.

so i made her bigger. like, physically bigger. you can’t see it here but she’s like garnet-height and BIG. the idea is to make her more immediately physically threatening to the cgs in her first appearance. it’s an indicator of her power. and then she has gold jewellery because the “wonder who i used to be” thing makes me think she was probably like… a high-class gem. so giving her jewellery is a triple-whammy - the gold on real-life lapis is there, it makes her look high-class, AND the bracelets/anklets thing resembles shackles which is because i love physical representation of character struggles. also gold freckles bc why not.

@widowgaycer this is a very cute design i love that you added the gold!!

found an old Steven Universe screencap re-draw/over paint thingy in my files that I thought was pretty neat