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HEADCANON (kinda short drabbles??) - “You guys would make a cute couple!” With RFA Members

A request from anon. “please do a headcanon of the rfa members being friends with the mc but someone (withing the group or not) says to them one day ‘you guys would make a cute couple'”

A/N: These are a little more like a drabble/headcanon?? Idk, sorry if it wasn’t what you were looking for. Also Seven’s kinda broke the rules a little… Hope you enjoy!

Zen- You’d help him on set. Getting him food, water, helping him with scenes, just giving him someone to talk to.

Over time, the entire cast and staff would just have already assumed that you guys were a thing. The two of you act like you are, but only because you think he’s this flirty with everyone, and you’re just playing along. Unbeknownst to you, he’s really only like this to you.

It wasn’t until the director came up to you guys just after rehearsals ended when you realized.

“See you guys tomorrow!” he said with a smile. “It’s very lucky for Zen that he has such a supportive girlfriend who helps him every day.”

Before you could correct him, he was off, and you turned to Zen with a nervous smile. “That’s funny, he thought we were like… dating.”

He didn’t laugh.

“It’s actually quite a shame we’re not.”

Yoosung- He was having some trouble with science class in school. Luckily you, his best friend, excelled in science. You were that person who always got awards for your science class, always got the highest score, was in Science Olympiad, etc. With finals coming up, you had offered to come into his dorm and help him study every day. He of course didn’t deny, he wanted a good score and he got to spend time with you.

Right after you left one day, someone who lived in the dorm a few doors over came over to him. He had apparently seen you leave from his dorm.

“Hey Yoosung!” he called out as Yoosung was closing the door, he turned around to face his neighbour. “I didn’t know you had a girlfriend like that,” he teased. Yoosung just blinked and shook his head.

“Oh, no, we’re not a thing,” he corrected.

“Well, you’d be awfully lucky if you were,” his neighbour said, leaving. “To be honest, the two of you would actually be pretty cool together.”

Yoosung couldn’t get that out of his head when you came in tomorrow.

Jumin- Like Zen, you would visit him at work a lot. He’d be extra nice to you, and everyone would notice. He’s a very strict man who wants everything to go his way that takes nobody’s feelings into account, except for yours. When you would do something like accidentally spill a drink, jokingly insult Elizabeth III, or cause him to be late to a meeting, everyone around you would send a silent prayer to you for your life. But to everyone’s surprise, Jumin doesn’t release hell on you. He smiles and tells you not to worry about anything and how funny you are, along with a nice compliment on your looks.

It was actually Jaehee who pointed out that you guys should be a thing. Her shift had just ended, and she noticed the sight that was almost rarer than a blue moon. Jumin was genuinely smiling. Of course, while texting you.

“You know, you guys would make a nice couple,” she joked as she picked up her things and headed to the door. She was expecting him to roll his eyes and tell her to just leave. But none of that happened. He actually have thought to her suggestion and showed interest.

“You should look look into that.”

Jaehee- You were spending the day with Jaehee on her day off. These rare days were nice, when she could dress casually in a nice sweater with jeans and boots. She looked absolutely flawless in her formal wear, but seeing her let loose was always a nice sight.

The two of you were best friends, but you had a massive crush on her. Little did you know, she felt the exact same way.

You guys were at an ice cream place, letting each other pick flavors for each other and successfully choosing each other’s favorite. When you were sitting down in one of the booths, you decided to show her some videos. You guys shared a pair of earbuds and you casually had your arm around her and she leaned in, nothing out of the ordinary for the two of you, until the person in the booth next to you guys peered over and smiled at you.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “But you guys are like, the cutest couple ever!”

You immediately felt a wave of nervousness flood you and blush sweep across your cheeks. You opened your mouth to correct her, but Jaehee beat you to the cut.

“Thank you,” Jaehee finally said, with rosy cheeks herself. The girl gave one last grin before leaving the shop, and you turned to Jaehee, more confused than ever.

“What was that?” you asked, a million questions buzzing through your head. They were all answered when Jaehee leaned in and pressed her soft lips to yours, and you immediately melted in. This place was now your favorite ice cream parlor.

707- You were with the whole group for the day, but conversation only flowed between you and Seven. It got to the point where at lunch you guys were literally sitting at a separate table. The other were sick of it, but couldn’t help but watch.

“Did we honestly expect anything else?” Jaehee commented in a whisper-like state to avoid you and Seven hearing.

“This happens every time we all get together,” Jumin sighed, shaking his head. He refused to eat here, he was too refined, or something.

“Seven should just ask Y/N out,” Yoosung said. “They’d make the cutest couple!” He thought he was whispering, he was not. Basically the whole restaurant stopped. You and Seven stared at him, along with the rest of the group.

“Good job,” Jumin replied, rolling his eyes. Yoosung ducked in attempt to hide himself.

Seven pulled you in close. “This is why it’s funny not telling them we’re already dating.” (A/N: This is why it kinda broke the rules you kinda already are dating sorry)