good representation of my life

random people: *mad about over-sexualization of lgbt+ characters in shows*

the get down: here’s thor and dizzie a pair who is obv in love they just aren’t sexual and/or very affectionate on screen yet.

same random people:

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Queer Representation Gothic

  • You’re listening to playlists tagged ‘queer’ on 8tracks, they all consist of some combination of the same 20 songs. As you listen to more and more, they get shorter and shorter, eventually they are just repeating loops of same love and I kissed a girl, occasionally broken up by a mashup of the two songs. You turn off the playlists and turn on a progressive radio station, the same songs play again, and again when you go to the local co-op, everyone nods at you because they must be your favorite songs
  • You get excited because the gay and lesbian section on netflix has 6 new movies, you watch them all, half of the protagonists destroy their relationships, the other half die, the same thing happens the next year, and the next, the netflix logo makes you sad.  
  • A country radio station plays a song that might be a little bit gay, the station is boycotted, everyone who works there is boycotted, you are boycotted because you too might be a little bit gay. 
  • A character in a new tv show has had relationships with men and women, half the fans think the character is gay, half think they are straight. Straight and gay are the only valid options, no other word is thought of, nothing is labeled, not even the soup cans


OUR BOY I’m can’t believe this I’m crying shaking screaming I need help I can’t believe we gonna that representation @persongoingfast don’t let me down I know you won’t but this is making me so happy so you can never be too sure

you know when ur boiling some noodles and the water bubbles start to get super high and it makes you anxious so you rush over to the stove to turn the volume down before it can boil over the edge of the pot? that’s a good representation of my life

  • Me: Wow the stars are beautiful tonight
  • The person next to me: Yeah they are
  • Me: Y'know what else is beautiful? And what I always want to see more of in my life?
  • Them: *blushes* What?
  • Me: Actually good representation of trans/non-binary people in the media

Props to the RWBY team for darkening Blake’s skin. It’s slight enough that it’s not like “Whoa! Sudden race change!” But it’s nice, considering how many fans headcanon her with darker skin.

As the show continues, it’s nice to see more skin variation all throughout, since, y’know, not everyone is the same exact shade of #ffeee0.

Especially with Blake being one of the four main girls. I don’t think many series would make that decision, and I’m proud of the crwby.

Don’t get me wrong, I love LGBT+ representation about being LGBT+, but I’m also fond of representation that doesn’t center around being LGBT+

To name a few examples with some of the letters:

Bi guys with psychic powers. Trans people overthrowing corrupt elites. Lesbian couples flirting with each other while getting prepaired to fight against hostile aliens invading Earth. Ace people riding dragons. wlw and mlm solidarity while teaming up to shut down the incredibly advanced AI gone horribly wrong and is now hijacking the city they’re in.

Actually good LGBT+ representation is the light of my life and I love it in every way I can get

ya know what. since im already on the “talking about shit that bothers me” train i might as well bring up something else. im getting kinda cheesed off abt the current state of ut fandom’s Sans Angst. like, dont get me wrong, sans is a sad dude. dude has a lot to be sad about. and i like that! to me hes a very realistic portrayal of a depressed person that i can relate to in a way i dont see very often. but thaaaaaaat’s the shit that bothers me in fandom. the fact that i dont feel like im getting that. ppl tend to just, focus on papyrus’s potential death or timeline angst or on the more “romantic” aspects of sans’s depression in general, which is like, fine, whatever, but i want to see the gross stuff too. i want people to remember that depression has a lot of ugly aspects too and it tends to make us really, really suck at being alive. i want to see sans sitting in grillby’s for an entire day just because he cant work up the motivation to walk home. i want to see sans with every opportunity to save papyrus from being killed but just watching from the sidelines instead, because does it really matter, anyway? i want to see sans failing to pick up frisk from a playdate because he’s just too sad about nothing to leave the house but too guilty to ask for help. because like, that happens. that’s me every day (ok not the second one but you get it). so…. when i joke about like “lol sans kinda sucks” or whatever im not doing that because i dont like him or think hes a bad person. its just because like, i kinda feel like this actually good representation of my mental illness and the effects it has on my life is being glossed over or shoved away. i dunno. i need sans to be self-pitying and overwhelmed and bad at being a person in general. give me that.

A key smash is a good representation of my life!!!! It can mean so many things. It can mean frustration or excitement and it’s chaotic but not in a bad way and sometimes amidst the flurry of letters you can see an actual word.