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A Queen to be feared!  … apparently…

literally everything about cs makes me angry bc it’s just built on breaking down the very real issues and insecurities emma has as an adult who grew up in the foster system and saying : “hey this doesn’t matter, what matters is that you open yourself to me, that you love me, that you move in with me, that you marry me” it’s just all about hiding emma, and the issues that make her real and relatable to many people, and being like hey, just ignore the fact that you have child hood trauma, that you might have issues opening up with people, I’m not going to wait and build trust with you, I’m going to tear down your walls and pursue you aggressively until you let me in. and just, like ignoring the way hook emotionally abused her, and played on the insecurities that she never even got to explore as a character bc the show is misogynistic and constantly down plays female characters to put their focus on main pain, ignore all of that, the show still at the very base is trying to tell the message that bc hook loves her, nothing else matters. bring your excuses, “he was dark”, “he didn’t mean it, he loves her”, “he cares about her too much, so that’s why he lies to her, that’s why he constantly goes behind her back”. yeah sorry, i’m not all about that, i love emma swan way too much

Emma telling Regina she did a great job raising Henry is the most forced thing ever tbh. They literally had the Evil Queen give lots of examples of how bad of a mother she was during the dark curse (mocking his fears, manipulating his insecurities etc) in the same freaking episode. Henry turned out to be such a great kid because he is kind at heart and had good examples outside of his house in Mary Margaret, Archie and later on with Emma.
Regina may be in the path for redemption and starting to be a good mother, but this is the same woman who bullied Henry for 10+ years. Please, do not imply she was a positive figure on Henry’s life.


Happy Swan Queen Week 2016!

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the scars of your love, they leave me breathless

"The person I was here... just wasn't me"

Can we talk about this line? Just for a second.

It is said by Emma about her in the Enchanted Forest. But it can also be really applicable to Regina.

The whole time she was growing up she was told who she was; she was manipulated and abused and she became Evil. She was never the person she wanted to be because no one would let her.
Now she is Good. Now she fights for her friends, for her family. She has finally become a person full of love; the person she always wanted to be as a little girl/teenager.

AKA the person she was in the Enchanted Forest wasn’t who she really wanted to be. Wasn’t who she really has become.

Being in Storybrooke with Snowing, Henry, and Emma has allowed her to be her own person.