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“Come on, Sam - I’ve never lied to you. You could at least pay me the same respect!” 


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“just bros” or “shippin’ it”

Is it just me? or is this “i ship yurio with otabek,” “pls dont ship yurio with otabek,” or “i don’t ship yurio and otabek”  thing is getting out of hand?

I mean yeah if you don’t see yurio and otabek in a romantic way then okay but please don’t say that people CAN’T or that people SHOULD NOT ship them because it’s “not normal for a 15 year old to be with an 18 year old.”  or “Otabek is just there for yurio’s character development.”

People are entitled to have their OWN way of shipping who with who, please don’t tell them that they can’t ship the other to another party because of their age… it’s not a good enough reason tbh. im sorry

What I want to point out here is that otario/otayuri shipper or not, you shouldn’t despise the other for not accepting what you believe.This thing shouldn’t be an issue in the first place! Spread the love ya’ll! If you’re an otario/otayuri shipper, RAISE YOUR GODDAMN FLAGS! If you aren’t and think they’re just bros, also RAISE YOUR GODDAMN FLAGS! 

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i was sitting in the theatre w my friend and i had the sudden realization that if there ever was a live action homestuck movie i would die on all levels

Flowerfell- quick opinion/question

I’m trying to figure out the fallout of Flowerfell and it’s disappearance and honestly… I don’t get it.

From what I’ve seen, the OP got mad about the fandom… fandom-ing. Cosplays, fanart, fics, kins, asked people to quit- they refused and harassed the OP- so the OP burned it to the ground. Well, okay, after a year of this fight going on.

The reposting and stealing work/identities and harassing- I get the author bailing just for that, that’s unacceptable. I kinda get the kin thing- kinda don’t- but it can be considered stealing characters (I think) so it makes sense.

What I don’t get is why a fancreator got mad… about fanworks.

Flowerfell is a fanwork of UT. So… 

Why ban cosplays. Why ban fanfictions. Why ban alternate versions when your own work is one?

There’s a point where legitimate complaints seem to have crossed over into hypocrisy. And that… bugs me.

Not saying the fandom was in the right- they weren’t- but honestly….

Why try to keep an iron fist grip on the story? Why ban any fanworks based off it? Maybe if all the content was despicable, I’d get it (I don’t know if it was), but. Why ban fanfiction of a fanfiction.  

I KNOW I’m missing most of the story behind this. Sansi had a reason for all this. But I don’t know what it is. And I don’t get it. 

Maybe it was as simple as the fandom harassed them to death. If so… shame on the fandom. But I don’t know, I wasn’t there. So ya… what happened?

I’ve done this bfore but ey who cares lmao
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Wasn't Joker on the cover of two issues? The later ones were harley went to arkham to kill him? But even then this is nothing compared to the presence eddie had in that series. I mean he was in half or even more than half of the issues.

Yes he was =7= but I was talking about the City Sirens bundle cover, with all the issues in one giant comic book.

Even tho Joker’s blimp and car make an appearance, Riddler’s the only male on the cover =7=

I’m really happy that BNHA is addressing the issues of quick and sudden succession tbh. Like, no one is actually thinking “oh numero dos is gonna be fine as a number one”

like no. TEAMWORK is the most important, because no one is expecting the amount of sheer heroic charm that All Might has/had. 

And… honestly I’ve never seen a fictitious work take that route before???

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What do u think about Ferid Bathroom?

“He gets into quite a lot of trouble. But given his sire… I’m not surprised. He actually reminds me of Rigr in his younger days. A bit more lively, and quite.. Fond of humans. Perhaps that’s why I dont trust him. I doubt I’ll go more than a few years, before he decided to stab me in the back as well.”