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The Scent of Sunscreen & Coconut

His fingers ghosted softly over your salty skin, the air was thick but it smelled like sunscreen and coconut. An irresistible scent, you thought to yourself. 

“You’re skin is so soft…”

“It’s the salt in the water…” you muttered back. “It makes the skin so much softer, like a peeling…” 

“Hmm…” he mumbled and pressed his lips against your ear shell. “I love you.” 

GENRE: A small fluffy Jooheon drabble for @macrosformic-deactived 

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Knowing I can’t give you everything you deserve is breaking me apart

Hope this hasn’t been done already, but I had this thought in biology class

Based on the style of @incorrect-anti-quotes

Marvin: Hey Anti,what happens to nitrogen when the sun rises?

Anti: *exasperated sigh* This better not be one of your sad excuses for a pun, Marvin. what?

Marvin:It becomes daytrogen!

Anti: …

Anti: I’m going to bed.

Chase: good nitrogen.

Dr. Shneeplestien: Sleep tightrogen.

Jackieboy man: don’t let the bed bugs biterogen.

Anti: I hate you all.

The Price of War is over and I am a wreck

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