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Les Cactus [Jacques Dutronc Cover]
The Last Shadow Puppets
Les Cactus [Jacques Dutronc Cover]

Les Cactus | Rock en Seine

One of the most soothing feelings I’ve heard is walking down a street alone with good quality headphones while blasting Namjoon’s entire mixtape

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im sad

100 reasons to be happy

1. dogs and if you are allergic (pictures of dogs bc wow so cute!!!)

2. listening to songs that make u shiver

3. holding hands with people who are very important 2 u

4. watching the sun sets

5. chocolate chip pancakes

6. nice selfies (so every selfie every bc all of u are so cute and perfect)

7. waking up to good morning texts

8. drinking milkshakes!!!

9. seeing colourful flowers

10. watching funny tv shows

11. admiring pretty art

12. writing with expensive pens

13. watching amazing movies for the first time

14. plants

15. warm baths

16. passionate kisses

17. writing

18. yummy pizza!!!

19. reading facinating books

20. taking pretty pictures

21. cool board games

22. burgers (or veggie burgers if u don’t like meat)

23. records

24. hiking

25. dancing with someone you love

26. the first swim of summer!

27. the smell of cookies baking

28. your beautiful and unique features (e.g. freckles, dimples, stretchmarks, your cheeks)

29. hanging out with people who make you smile wide and your heart beat fast.

30. doodling on your hands

31. soft kitties

32. visiting family members that u haven’t seen in a long time.

33. plane rides when the sky looks pretty

34. long calming car rides

35. parties with friends!

36. cozy and warm blankets

37. cuddling late at night

38. road trips to places you haven’t been before

39. compliments from strangers

40. clever puns!!!

41. sun tanning

42. soothing cups of tea

43. watching old movies

44. rainy days

45. sleeping in 

46. the sound of someone you love laughing 

47. waking up to breakfast already made

48. adorable cafes

49. a refreshing cup of ice water

50. the feeling of clean bed sheets

51. some one lending you a charger when your phone is about to die

52. holiday break!!!

53. new good quality headphones

54. the sound of thunder 

55. waking up on christmas morning 

56. autumn!

57. when a song that you really like is stuck in your head

58. going on late night walks 

59. looking through old photo albums 

60. the feeling of brand new underwear 

61. eating raw cookie dough

62. jamming out with your friends

63. getting post cards

64. seeing your favourite band in concert

65. wearing comfy clothes on lazy days 

66. picnics in the spring 

67. going sledding

68. drinking hot cocoa with marsh mellows 

69. internet friends

70. late night phone calls

71. reading pretty poems

72. wearing a new shade of lipstick

73. finding money in your pockets

74. going out to eat at your favourite restaurant 

75. good hair days

76. summer vacation 

77. going to the drive in

78. comfy sweaters in the wintertime 

79. when sand burns your feet in the summer

80. cold drinks

81. freshly painted nails

82. bracelet making 

83. the relief after scratching an itch 

84. watching firework shows 

85. feeling good after a run

86. the smell of new books

87. the last stick of gum

88. fancy perfume

89. mixtapes

90. wearing your hair up in messy buns 

91. the first snow

92. writing letters to people that you love

93. the stum of a newly tuned guitar 

94. hot showers

95. skating with your family 

96. eating fresh strawberries 

97. getting good grades on tests that you didn’t study for

98. good night sleeps 

99. tight hugs 

100. being the reason that someone smiles

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Kylux too for the meme :3

Hehehe…okay :3

who’s the cuddler: *whispers* Kylo Ren fucking loves cuddles.

who makes the bed: There’s no way it’s not Hux. He does it without thinking.

who wakes up first: Hux. He’s a busy man, he’s got things to do you know.

who has the weird taste in music: Ren, probably. He has good quality headphones built into his helmet so he can listen to angry shouty music while trashing Starkiller.

who is more protective: Hmm…Ren, I guess, maybe? 

who sings in the shower: Ren, of course. I’m sure his bathroom is soundproofed though.

who cries during movies: Ren AGAIN. He’s definitely an emotional person. Hux could be more emotional than he lets on but he doesn’t express it so much.

who spends the most while out shopping: Hux. He has to have very high quality products.

who kisses more roughly: Eh, they’re both pretty rough. Possibly Ren though.

who is more dominate: Ren. Though I imagine there’s often a bit of a power struggle going on between them. Both mentally and physically.

my rating of the ship from 1-10: Like…7? I dunno lol

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Hey darling!! So I'm thinking of getting some earphones and I'm willing to spend quite good money for high-quality headphones cause I listen to music all the time and I really want to hear the music properly :p i wanna get the same ones bts uses (they really know their stuff!) and what do you personally recommend?? Thanks 😘

I recommend the one Suga uses and the one I’m also saving for! ♥ the BOSE Sound True In-Ears (©)

Not sure what your preference is but I really like in-ear types they’re the most comfortable for me. Suga uses this all the time, and Seokjin has one too. For me it’s really pricey so I need to save up for it. ^_^ I’m currently using Marshall in-ears and I love them. For headphones, I use Colouds and I love how it sound already but I think there are better ones, I just don’t use headphones that often hehe~