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Pairing: Shawn x Reader

Request: It just kinda came to mind, THIS IS CRINGEWORTHY (to me) 


You stroll down the corridors of your university ready to go back to your apartment after a long tiring day when you feel someone pull you to an empty classroom.

“WHAT THE HELL?!” You yelled at the guy, you couldn’t tell who it was due to the hoodie he was wearing. Soon he discarded the hoodie making a tiny gasp escape your lips.

“Shawn? What’re you-”

“I missed you so fucking much, baby.” he cut you off pulling you close and kissing you.

“Shawn, we can’t. I can’t, you left me.” You said pulling away looking at the floor.

“Y/N, I am truly and deeply sorry, I will make it up to you. Just please take me back I-”

“SHAWN YOU LIED TO ME!” You cried letting your tears fall, he came closer to you to wipe them away, but you only turned away wiping them yourself.

“You made your decision, now I’m making mine.” you sniffled

“Y/N I-”

“Goodbye, Shawn.” you said leaving the room before he could get another word out, as he watched the most precious thing in the world to him, walk away, and he could do nothing to stop it.

He’s done enough damage already, not only did he lie, but he also left you, for her.

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Datekou's my fav team and you're one of my fav artists so I just want to thank you for appreciating them because everytime I see them in your style I like. Die™ aaaaaah

it’s my absolute pleasure! o(≧∇≦o)

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for the love of god WHERE ARE YOUR SHOES FROM? i am absolutely enchanted

Fluevog, my guy! they’re expensive, but they’re the only shoes I really spend money on. living in nyc makes investing in good shoes a priority, so I decided I’d go with ones that I know are well made and still incredibly unusual. I get compliments on them all the time, and no one I know has shoes anything like them. The ones I’m currently enamored of are from their men’s line.


the former are lined with faux ermine, and the latter are called The Lestat. so like. obviously.

Happy belated Over the Garden Wall 6 month anniversary~!!! @u@/

After stealing my bro’s pc and some pointers from him and JohnYume, I FINALLY got this thing finished! This pic was inspired by Skimingmilk’s fanfiction called Two Reads in the Woods And if you haven’t read it yet and like OTGW then I highly recommend it~! 

This pic started off as a sketch I doodled up and wanted to color. I was going to go traditionally at first, but I felt like I could get the feel I wanted better digitally. So after 3-4 ish nights this is the end result! The background was digitally done and I must say I’m really proud of it. *u*

You can shoot me now for putting off human turtles. But in my defense my bro had a trip and I just couldn’t pass up using his pc! plz don’t kill meh…!

markiplier sentence meme pt 1.

quotes from markiplier’s trouble in terrorist town gameplays. featuring quotes from mangaminx, yamimash, and others.

“ that’s not cpr, that’s called blunt force trauma. “
“ gotta have evidence. “
“ are they moving around? “
“ okay, okay, enough of — okay. “
“ come down here with me. “
“ is that an admission of guilt? “
“ if anyone shoots me, i’m … i’ll shoot back! “
“ i think there might be some serious problems. “
“ let’s go together, at the same time, okay? “
“ magnum condoms taste great. i’m just saying!
“ is that a grenade?! “
“ what did they ever do to you? “
“ what are you looking at? get away. “
“ i don’t like the way you’re looking at me, there. “
“ can you shoot out the glass? “
“ hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! “
“ s/he’s following me! “
“ why didn’t you say so? “
“ how do i lift up the body? “
“ you’ve got to be kidding me! “
“ that’s okay. that’s the way it happens in war. “
“ it’s my acting skills. “
“ no matter what i say, you’re just going to assume, so … “
“ i promise you from the bottom of my soul. and it’s a very big soul. “
“ you might not want to look behind you. “
“ I’M ON FIRE! “
“ you dumbass! you motherhumper! you’re so stupid! “
“ it’s definitely not me. i can’t ruse to save my life. “
“ well well well. look at this. “
“ i’m glad it’s so entertaining for you, asshole! “
“ fuckity shit. ass. fuck! “
“ suck on that! boobity boobity! “
“ i’m not a terrorist, i’m just trying to kill __. “
“ i feel like i’m walking into a death trap. “
“ he seems legit. “
“ bury me. “
“ how ‘bout — BOOM, bitch! “
“ that sounds dangerous. “
“ no, that’s a good strategy. “
“ what is this shit? “
“ i just saw __ and did not shoot him in the head, even though i could have. “
“ i don’t think he’s distracted if you tell him i’m gonna shoot him in the back of the head. “
“ i might have led you astray a little bit. “
“ i’m not shooting you, i’m just shooting around you. “
“ you friggin’ moron! “
“ hey, let me press the button! “
“ why did you get in there? “
“ no one said not to! “
“ please, i wanna live so bad! “
“ i don’t know, i’m scared! “
“ screw this, i’m out of here! “
“ you guys weren’t supposed to come in the fucking house! “
“ he’s our silent antagonist. “
“ i’m on the slide! “
“ yeah, i’m on a slide. it’s very slidey. “
“ did i mention i’m on a slide? “
“ the loser in the race gets shot in the face. “
“ face your death like a man! “
“ that’s not a good mindset to have. “
“ you need to rethink your priorities. “
“ i don’t know, ‘cause you’re evil! and scary! “
“ i seem to be more suspicious of you than usual. “
“ this is for science. “
“ wait, i got it, i got it! fuck. “
“ c’mon, ragdoll physics. “
“ i was science-ing, you bastard! “
“ it’s incredibly steamy in here. “
“ i might die right now. “
“ wow. you were not paying attention. “
“ this is pretty matrix-y. “
“ i’m actually really sorry about that. “
“ i’ll take you with me. “
“ who’s carrying the body over there? “
“ he died so that we could live. “
“ why can’t you look at him? because of what you did? “
“ is that where you sit on a dude’s face? “
“ why is this all about my body? “
“ call the lift up, and we’ll put his body on it. “
“ oh, jesus! my balls! “
“ my plan, foiled! “
“ what is that?! oh god! “
“ oooonce! moooore! you OOOOPEN the door! “
“ boo! get off the stage! “
“ fuck you! “
“ what are you guys doing without me? “
“ there’s a shitty bruce springsteen impersonator over here. “
“ i’ll throw it off into the ocean as a symbolic gesture of goodwill. “
“ he criticised my singing! “
“ he wasn’t the bad guy, he’s just really bad at taking criticism. “
“ i’m sitting in the back, where you can’t aim at me. “
“ that was priceless. “
“ you can’t pull that shit on me. “
“ i can frame you, you can’t frame me! “
“ oh shit, it’s me! oh no, it’s me! “
“ i’m innocent, i swear! “

I don’t actually know if I want kids?? I love them (I definitely wouldn’t carry one, you know you’re not cis when you start crying in bio class while they’re talking about reproductive organs) but I have literally not thought about my future past college or university


Whoniverse: Class -  33/? times there’s more to Miss Quill than meets the eye. (1x08)

I Thought You Were Different: Book 3 (Part 29/?) (Rogers/Stark x reader)

Part 28

“You find a place in Brooklyn yet?”

“I don’t think we can afford a place in Brooklyn,” Steve sighed, swiping his thumb across his tablet almost aimlessly through real estate listing after listing, seeing nothing that jumped out as a worthy prospect. “Anything that I like is too small, and anything that she wants is just too expensive.”

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Our company is going through a workforce reduction and is trying to entice older folks to retire early by sweetening pension benefits. My boss took the offer. 😥 I feel incredibly fortunate to have had a boss as fantastic as she’s been - she’s an amazing woman, brilliant scientist, funny as hell. And a great mentor.

And I’ll miss her a lot.

It also means everyone in her lab is either going to be redistributed through the department or… cut. I know I’m valuable, smart, and do good work. I know I’m on high priority projects. But HR still wants to cut over 1000 more positions. It’s not entirely unlikely.

I’m scared and sad.

ATLA Hogwart Sorting

Sorting system by sortinghatchats.

(tl;dr: the primary house is why you do things/motivations, the secondary house is how you do things/methods.)

Aang - Ravenclaw primary and Slytherin secondary 

Sokka - Slytherin primary and Ravenclaw secondary

  • I know sortinghatchats sorted him as a Ravenclaw primary, but I like Slytherin better for him. I think he’s loyalty-based and would do anything for his tribe and the people he loves.
  • I think it’s telling how in Bato of the Water Tribe, he decided to abandon Aang because trying to keep him and Katara away from their family was one of the worst thing you could do to Sokka, and it didn’t matter to him at the time why Aang did it. And it’s also telling how what made him come back was the idea that Aang was a member of the tribe now too, and they can’t leave one of them behind. Not because he’s the avatar and the last hope for the world, nor because in the end, he was just a kid terrified at the idea of being alone in the world (and who did confess to his crime after all). It was because he’s one of Sokka’s people.
  • Seriously Sokka would die for you if you belong to his group (he was ready to battle a spirit monster beside Aang with just his boomerang as soon as episode 7), but if you’re an enemy then he’d be happy to let you die in the snow (Zuko). If you hurt his sister, like when Aang burnt her, he’s not going to wait for excuses before jumping you down. Also it’s not easy to be accepted in his circle - Aang had a hard time at first (actually he got banished).
  • I do agree he’s a Ravenclaw secondary though. He’s got a great creative, strategical and tactical mind and he keeps developing it throughout the show to become a really good leader.
  • At first he really thought he should be a Gryffindor though (it’s part of his “I’m a man” persona), so he was kind of modelling it hard.

Katara - Hufflepuff primary and Gryffindor secondary

  • She’s like Sokka except she’s loyal to everyone.
  • “I will never ever turn my back on people who need me" 
  • She’s all about equality and justice, she feels she has to take care of everyone (she’s the mother of the group), and she’d never leave anyone behind no matter what (Aang in the first episodes, Haru’s folk, the villagers in The Painted Lady, etc…). It’s not like Aang, a Ravenclaw primary who holds the belief that "everyone is a person”, because he doesn’t have this need to help people and if the right thing to do is ambiguous he can prioritize (again see The Painted Lady).
  • It’s interesting too, how she had completely dehumanized Yon Rha long before she went to kill him (he’s not a person, he’s a monster, and therefore he has no right to the compassion I give to every person). And couldn’t do it once she realized he still was a human (a pretty wretched one) despite everything she’d told herself.
  • For her secondary, I agree with sortinhatchats she’s a Gryffindor who kinda thinks she should be a Hufflepuff.
  • So she’s a hard-worker and community builder, but if you cross her she sheds that Hufflepuff and becomes hard-core fiery Gryff, and that’s when she’s being herself. Direct and fearless.

Toph - Slytherin primary and Slytherin secondary

  • The Slytherin secondary is the easiest to see: Toph knows who she is and what she wants and does what she needs to do to get it. She can pretend she’s a helpless blind girl, or use her statute as a member of very noble and wealthy Beifong family, or play-it-like-a-Gryff and show off her earthbending power. She’s clever and resourceful. See how she was able to make a little fortune quickly on the street out of quasi-nothing in The Runaway.
  • It might be tempting to sort her as a Gryffindor secondary because of her rather brutal way of doing things, but Toph is always very calculating: she waits and she listens and then she takes action. She doesn’t rush at things.
  • After LoK, I’d have to say she’s a Slytherin primary too (to Lin’s great anguish). She’s ambitious and self-centered (in a good way I would say personally), and she knows her priorities (screw the law or Kuvira and her giant spirity weapon, my family goes first).

Zuko - Gryffindor primary and Gryffindor secondary

  • Zuko’s favorite method for getting things done is charging into things headfirst without thinking it through. Brave, driven, crazy reckless: definitively Gryffindor secondary.
  • The Primary is more difficult to figure out. It’s not Ravenclaw for sure. sortinghatchats say Hufflepuff or Slytherin? Could be, but, idk, I feel like Zuko might be too self-centered to be a Hufflepuff? In the sense that others don’t seem to be his first concern at all. During his banishment, he’s just generally not preoccupied with being fair or just, or about other people at all until it’s a matter of life and death and his conscience wakes up (Book 2 Zuko spent a lot of time stealing from people even after they’d showed him kindness for example). He’s not even unwaveringly loyal to the Fire Nation (see how he tried to steal Aang from Zhao). To be fair, he was really confused during this time period, and after all what he wanted most was his father’s love and to return home. So maybe?
  • Honestly I think he might be a Gryffindor who has lost his sense of right and wrong after being burned and banished, and spends most of the show trying to get it back. By the end, once he has finally “found himself”, he puts ~the right thing before anyone, including the people he loves most (like his girlfriend). Even his “honor” fixation sounds rather Gryffindorish.

Azula - Gryffindor primary and Slytherin secondary

  • The Slytherin secondary is obvious.
  • She could be Slytherin primary (she’s not a Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff anyway), but for my part I think what’s interesting about Azula is how much she means it. She seems to truly believe in what she does, in might makes right, in her inherent superiority as royalty, and in the supremacy of the Fire Nation. So I think Gryffindor could be a good fit for her.
  • How much loyalty she feels toward her father is questionable anyway. I tend to think it was love, admiration and desire for approval more than loyalty - not exactly the same things.
From the contents of a Chinese joke book

(xiǎo páng bù tīng huà yòu kǎn dǎo le yī kē píng guǒ shù, tā bà méi shuō tā, kě tā wèi shěn me què nán guò de kū qǐ lái?)
(tā bà bèi shù yā sǐ le)

Q: Being naughty, Allen chopped down an apple tree. Even though his dad didn’t tell him off, why was he crying uncontrollably?

A: His dad was squashed and killed by the tree.