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How much longer do you think until the discourse/callout/wowser subculture finally loses its power over Tumblr? How do you think it will happen?

Never gonna happen. instead, every subdivision of fandom/sj-inclined tumblrites will continue to become more reactionary, more sensitive, and more prone to authoritarian views.

It’s a web 2.0 problem. specifically, it’s a ‘resharing other people’s words without any critical thought by pressing a button’ problem. Also a ‘I can screenshot anything I want and spread it out of context’ problem.

Places like tumblr turn words into violence.

you see the same post that kind of annoyed you the first time 20 more times because all your friends reblogged it and now you feel isolated and remiss in not enjoying it.

the nature of reblogging is that mistakes are eternal. Tumblr doesn’t do timestamps; anything you said in 2012 might as well have been said yesterday. Good fucking luck if you said something shitty before you knew better.

everything lacks context. why did that person make that one-sentence post? You don’t know, but you know why your mutual reblogged it, kind of. you think you do. you reblog it for a different reason altogether. A third mutual reads it and feels upset, but you had no intention of upsetting them. you didn’t know it was personal.

it’s okay to be angry, we said, over and over again. we’re just venting. it’s okay. we all need a safe space to vent. let it out. let your anger go. let it fill you and then fill your tumblr, where your angry words can be shared and shared and shared by other angry people because we’re all just angry, just venting, just letting it out and taking it back in. and yeah, sure, that’s true, but angry people aren’t safe. they’re volatile. you can’t have a safe space full of angry people who are angry about different things.

(tumblr is a terrible place to vent.)

somewhere along the line we made respect of each other conditional. at first it was conditional on being respectful to others. then it was conditional on your gender. then it was conditional on your sexual orientation. then it was conditional on your race. then it was conditional on your mental and physical health and ableness. then it was conditional on your survivor status. now it’s conditional on your opinions.

It’s because our opinions are what hurt one another, reblogged without tags, having no context, no time stamp, no continuity. They’re just out there, being interpreted in the worst way, assumed to be said by a privileged white cis dickwad who’s never faced a day of hardship in his life, to a bunch of people who are understandably angry because their lives suck and they’re being hurt but nobody can fix it.

Basically tumblr went the way of bad faith; if you don’t expect anyone to respect you, how can you respect them?  There are no conversations, no recoveries, no handshakes. We all just get more partisan until we all think everyone else wants us literally dead (we’ll just kill them first).

so I predict that tumblr will collapse over time; the only people who will still be using this site regularly will be the meanest and the hardest, yelling at each other all day, while artists post pictures to their blogs with obscure tagging systems purely for archival purposes.

Meanwhile all real discussion will happen on scattered discord servers - like forums, but with less permanent records of what gets said - until some other company (with infinite server space for gif storage) comes out with a new, ‘improved’ take on social media and we start all over again.