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Yoosung : Are you a opthamologist ? Cause you really got my eye on you. ( If you played his route , you should be able to understand. xD)

Jumin : Are you a cat ? Cause I wanna spend all 9 lifes with you.

Luciel : Are you 808 ? Cause it’ll be lucky if we got together. ( 8 is a lucky number for Chinese ! )

Zen : Are you a model ? Cause you’re a model representation of what my next girlfriend would be. *wink*

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Kaworu (in the context of Kawotrio) is just your garden variety space gay. Wanna hold hands nekkid in the bath? Sure. Wanna confess your love to this guy you’ve spent like half an hour with? Do it. Go to bed? With me? Why not? His hair is as fluffy and voluminous as his neck is long. You wanna know why his hair is so big? It’s full of pick up lines. They’re not very good pick up lines, but what’s an ill-timed “Your heart is fragile like glass” to a lonely hedgehog? Every time is the right time for the hedgehog. His heart is always ready.

He’s Kaworu from the anime, is what I’m saying. He and his Shinji are probably that gross couple that makes out in public. (Also, if I’m not mistaken, he’s the only one of the three that doesn’t play the piano. What a nerd.) 

You know those guys in school circa 2008-09 who thought it was very stylish to have long-ish hair that kinda flipped up at the ends and they subsequently developed a swishy neck tic to swish the bangs out of their eyes every ten seconds? That’s Karl (manga Kaworu), in appearance and in personality. You know how “ahoge” translates to “idiot hair”? There’s a reason he has three. Wanna kill a cat? Lots of people would rather you didn’t. Wanna barge into your crush’s shower stall looking for some soap? Not a smart move. Wanna try that kissing thing you saw on TV while he’s sleeping? How about no? Too late, he’s gone and done it anyway. There he goes, a confused and frustrated nine-day old (I think?) bundle of alien; what a barrel of laughs, that Karl. 

Poor Karl. He tries so hard. Shaun would never make out with him in public. Broom closets for them. 

NEW LOOK SAME GAY TASTE look up the skies are black with gay space children it’s Qworu-kun chucking spears and taking names. Somewhere between his jealous tantrum at the end of 2.22 and 3.0 he found the Suave Stone because 3.0 Kaworu is, as the song goes, smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy, even though his hair is spikier. Wanna feel your crush up at the piano? Go for it. (I showed my sister and her friends that scene once cause they didn’t believe me about how gay it was and they were like “…….. is it supposed to look this sexual?”) Wanna lie on your side and tell him to pilot you like one of his Evas? Hell yeah. Wanna tell him he’s not actually your crush he’s actually the one you’ve been in love with for almost as long as you’ve been alive and if time loop theory is to be believed then that’s kind of a long time, considering how short your lives are each time around? Haha, welp, too late for you, you’re dead now. Again! This has been so much fun, let’s do it all over again tomorrow, Shinji-kun. Life is like a box of chocolates, if you knew that every chocolate was death-flavored, and not in the cutesy “death by chocolate” way that normal people like to use, but in the bloody, tear-stained “death by murder collar” way that future people like to use. 

Good times, those gay piano times. Qworu and his Shinji wouldn’t make out in public (they’d probably just cuddle and giggle a lot), but those gay piano times serve pretty much the same function.

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Hey, I can't find a fic where America is trying to woo England using pickup lines and fails several times, and Spain and France start to make out at some point, its in your '200+ USUK Fic Recs' but the link is gone and I cannot find it can you help me?! Great fic rec list BTW!

Ooh, that’s Back Pick Up Lines from the kink meme. Always a good choice!

BTW, you reminded me that I meant to fix those pages. Since tumblr now has a limit of 100 links per post, I’ve spread my recommendations across six pages:

Page 1: Modern AUs
Page 2: Canonverse & other romance

Page 3: Holiday stories

Page 4: Fantasy AUs

Page 5: Historical stories
Page 6: SMUT

Let me know if you’re still having problems with the links. I’m glad you enjoy them! I really should add some more…

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Why be the8 when I can be the One for you?;) - Hansolo anon

these pick up lines are killing me you guys need to stooooop. this is so cheesy omg.

extra point for you hansolo anon bc it’s svt themed!

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Daily pick up line: Hey did you.... Um..... Fuck you're so beautiful you made me forget my pick up line. (Also for admin Cora the outsiders is an AMZING book I love it) -fairy anon

stopstopstopit am i got7 yet

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Are you a carbon sample? Because I want to date you ;)

Wow this is a good one too

*scribbles in journal next to last pick up line*