good pick up line

‘do you know any good pick up lines?’ well usually i use nylon type 4 rappelling rope, and sometimes the rolled steel cable on the winch in the quinjet--oh, you mean for gettin dates--

anonymous asked:

guys we gotta hear your best pick up lines asap

L: Keith’s not very good at-

K: Wait no I have one 

L: You do?

K: yeah! let me go first!

L: haha, I like your enthusiasm, go ahead!

K: Okay *clears throat* so 

K: You know what’s on the Valentine’s Day menu? Me-n-u.

L: ;/////;

L: Ohhh~ myyy~ goood~

L: Keith you’re killing me that’s so dorky and cheesy

K: good! I was trying to match your style

L: Taking notes from the master I see~

i love talking to people on tumblr about hockey because some conversations are like “well yeah I think we have a good team overall but sometimes the d-line needs to pick up the slack” and others are like “last night i had a dream that me and geno banged in a bunk bed”

So story time:

I had an audition today (re-auditioning, so I knew just about everyone I was auditioning for and a couple of the people I was auditioning with). There’s a group section that involves improv. We were asked to play Freeze.
One of my friends and I got called up to start a scene. My friend goes into a pose, I start instructing her to move her leg back and long story short I pick her up bridal style. 

The words that decide to pop out of my mouth?
“And that’s how you pick up a girl.”

I have never felt so smooth in my life.