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ok I just wanna say, who tf is the album about? look obviously it’s not a boy. she dated Austin many years ago, for a short amount of time, Austin said Becky G was his first real gf, Camila didn’t seem really hurt to write a whole album about him. then Shawn, they never specifically confirmed that they were dating, people just made speculations about it. they are still friends and on good terms. why would it be about him if they’re still really good friends? if it were about a boy she was dating we would know. the media would definitely find out and be all over it. a celebrity is always being watched over what they do sadly. in one of her songs it said when she walks into a room the person doesn’t make a sound. so who else would be in the same rooms as she would be? obviously a certain girl from the group. the group is usually always together in one room. I can’t think of anyone else that would be in the same room as her alot, especially for her to write about it

Submission: @darkshy-camren

anyway here’s an opinion:

screenshotting people’s text posts, cropping out their username, and reuploading them as images to post yourself is…not good. like, i’m not going to go as far as to say it’s as bad as art theft but you’re still very much stealing a user’s original work and not giving credit to the source.

at the very least you need to leave their username on the post or put a link to their blog in the caption but it literally takes like?? 5 seconds to reblog a post rather than the 5 minutes it takes to screenshot it, open it up in some program, crop it, and then upload it.


I just…need to get this off my chest.

I’ve looked up to you for a really long time, but the way you’ve been interacting with the fanbase recently kinda upsets me.

We really love the characters you’ve created, but lately it feels like you’re making fun of us for doing so. I know you probably don’t mean it, and it’s probably all in good fun, but at times it feels dangerously close to “lol cringe” jokes. And it legitimately hurts my feelings. I’ve already had to deal with people making fun of me for liking YouTubers irl, but coming from the man who actually created the characters? It hurts.

So if you could please tone down the persona a little bit, or try to balance things out a little with some more positive interactions, I would greatly appreciate it. I really don’t want things to have to be this way, because I still really look up to you.

Thanks for reading.

The Birthday

Happy Birthday to everyone who has one today! Got inspired by someone on the Discord server mentioning their birthday last night, and wrote this quick little thing today! Hope you enjoy!
(It’s long again. XD)

You sigh heavily as you watch your friends and family milling about, chatting pleasantly and enjoying each other’s company. You sit alone off to the side, trying to take a breather. You wonder to yourself why it always happened this way, even at your own parties. Then again, you never much cared for being the center of attention, and that on top of your normal low energy reserves had left you feeling a bit worn out.

You spend the next half hour or so trying to be the good host, with people only briefly passing to say ‘Happy Birthday’ and move on, which you were somewhat grateful for. You felt lucky in the fact that you had friends who understood your energy issues, and were willing to give you time to yourself. Still, you were exhausted already, and couldn’t wait for a moment to be able to get away.

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I’m actually pretty impressively good at my new job, excepting the enormous number of things I don’t yet know that I can probably only learn by doing my job more

I’ve been drawing more recently, but mostly style studies from random people, so it’s not stuff I’d post (it’s mostly direct copies to see how they draw things, especially stuff I’m not as good at) but it’s part of my new year goals to improve. I just wanted to say that studies are a good way out of an art block because there’s no part of the process that needs to be planned by you, but you still learn by doing it and it just takes the effort of deciding to put pencil to paper.

call out post

call out post for @megatraven because she’s way too fucking good at overwatch and shows no mercy at all to people who are still only level 17 thanks

ps also shes a closet junkrat main and WILL fuck you up

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Yeah people have pointed out that her drawing porn of her comic yaoi boys aged up is really weird since theyre never even shown being older in her own comic so shes only aging up for porn but mostly people just complain about her art not being as good as she acts like it is though also she lied about getting into calarts a few yrs back, for clarification shes pan i think not het but still a fujoshi, she loves that killing stalking webcomic too so that says a lot

this is….. alot to unpack

So Many people with anxiety are begin to grow amd be their best self. And I’m still stuck here and I’m not being able to talk to people at all and I have this one flaw that’s like a roadblock or a 80 ft deep 80 ft high wall. I need success fast in order to reinvent my self. But I’m not savvy or quantitative enough for my major. I work hard to get good grades and I try to be positive I can get in. But the chances which are out of my control are too slim. All the financial industries want are quick, very intelligent people who can adapt to their world. Not some weakling who will crumble under pressure

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hey, i just added an elgyem to my team for the first time! do you have anything on elgyem/beheeyem behaviors?

Elgyem are rather antisocial and shy by nature, but are also very curious and can be more open to people if their curiosity outweighs their anxieties. They’re also very playful, and tend to be fascinated by things like car keys and small trinkets. Especially car keys. (I’d get some copies made now. You’ll need them.)

Beeheeyem are typically less shy than Elgyem, but still have that curiosity. It takes them a while to learn how to control their memory-editing abilities, so they mess around with it a lot for a while, and it is generally good advice to leave yourself notes about even the little things until they have it figured out.

I find quotes like this one in magazines. Some of them couldn‘t be more true. See this one, that came by me today:To avoid criticism: do nothing and say nothing’. However I think the ‘be nothing’ goes a little too far. 

I never liked getting criticism, there also is something like good-criticism but mostly people give out bad-criticism. I‘ve hated it at school, it made me cry on internships. But I think it developed me and made me a stronger person. At school I always was the person who mostly said nothing, mostly never dared to give her opinion. However when I did said something, it made me feel better. I think most of you can agree school was no fun thing. I‘m finished from school for 4-5 years now, however sometimes I still have nightmares about it. In the dreams I have to go back to school, come too late, I‘m stepping into the schools elevator and the thing makes a horror trip with me in it.. or to enter the elevator, I need to step into a real small and fast rotating opening.. Elevators are always weird in my dreams, however luckily they exist.. I fear escalators!

Well, what I want to say is: Perhaps you may think a little bit like Loki does. He does what he wants. As long if it‘s not against the law, do it, speak it out! If your innervoice says no, don‘t say yes. If you don‘t share someone elses opinion, be honest. Sometimes that’s hard and it requires you to step out of your comfort zone. I think we all live in countries with freedom of speech.. (No Loki, there are lines..) Write it off you, spread the words or shout it out. You might get criticism, but that‘s better then not express yourself at all..

Stay close to yourself!

gob hcs

- he was fairly young when he started turning, arrived in underworld before he had even fully turned. carol took him in immediately

- i like to think he’s trans

- he would love to meet three dog! he never got the chance to before landing himself at moriarty’s (he arrived 15 years ago, three dog took over the station 5 years ago)

- LOVES making up weird combinations of words (shitbird..) that make sense to him but not so much to other people

- really good w kids :)

- if no one’s around he likes to sing along to the radio

- he’s interested in the goings on at tenpenny tower?? if he ever got out of megaton he’d like to investigate. maybe knew roy phillips while they were both still in underworld

- likes baking

- he’s devastated when the BoS starts falling apart and adopting more anti-mutant measures. he was afraid of the enclave for the exact same reason

- he loves sugar bombs!! the only good thing abt being in legaton is he can finally put fresh brahmin milk in his cereal

- he took the job in megaton bc bartending is about the only thing he’s had experience with, from helping out at carol’s place

- if scavvers treat him well he’ll sometimes ask them for stories. he loves hearing about the world around him

New Take on Things

Alrighty. There’s a thing that I feel like I should have considered well before now that probably would have helped my brain calm the fuck down way sooner. That thing is this: we don’t actually know these characters.

I mean, we know things about them (like Wil is a madman, and Dark is the fucking worst type of anything), but that’s only because Mark told us those things. People have headcanons and such (I enjoy the hell out of a lot of them), but there are only a select few things that have been confirmed as canon by Mark himself.

So, with this in mind, I am going to trust that Mark has something up his sleeve that will save us (Y/N us). Because we still have to wake up. Maybe that’s what’s going down right now. Maybe Mark’s trying to wake us up. Maybe “what we deserve” is a semi-happy ending. And the only way to get a good ending to all this is to remove the bad. Wilford, as sorry as we may feel for him, is a very dangerous serial murderer. Darkiplier, as neat of a villain he is, has no good in him whatsoever and is not our friend. Mark knows and has told us this. I think he’s gonna save us, guys. Try to, at least. And it will have been one hell of a ride.

‘Kay, I’m done rambling now.

Peace ✌🏿


lmao idk how many people will see this if anyone at all lmao, but I’m leaving for real this time, I mean I was already gone anyway but I mean I’m deleting this blog lol. it was good while it lasted but I’m done.

so goodbye, adiós, sayonara, selamat tinggal, annyeong, houdoe

Journal Entry #813

Location: Somewhere I dunno, I ain’t going back downstairs to check the charts.
Date: I think it’s Monday. Feels like one.
Mood: Laughing because Maizy got food stuck to the ceiling and it looked like a face. But Sheriff don’t like it when I laugh around her cos it teaches her that it’s a good thing to do.

Bad enough I had to chase Pheno outta my chair again. I got her a nice chair! She can sit in that one! Girl’s like a damn cat.

Enough of that that ain’t why I’m here. Actually this was Pheno’s idea in the first place. “If you want people to see your journal so bad why not post it online?”

Cos there’s billions of people out there. Who’s gonna read this?! Wonder if Hiraki Corale’s got a blog. They still alive? I dunno. It’s not like anyone’s gonna read the other 812 entries I got. I’m not gonna bother copying those down. I wanna at least publish something. Who do I go to to get stuff published? Letheia? God I hope not. Hell, they probably own this site. HEY LETHEIA!! SCR- █████████████████████████████████ MY GLOWING BEHIND ██████████████████████████████████THE ████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ANGRIER THAN BEES AT A BEAR COVERED IN HONEY WEARING THE QUEENS CROWN ███████ ████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ - Redacted by Letheia Media for the comfort of others! Have a nice day!-

Bah, I shouldn’t be getting so angry, I might be a novakid but stress ain’t good for anyone or anything.

Anyways since this is my first entry to ya’ll…Howdy to…whoever is out there reading this. Also Hi to Hiraki if ya’ll are still alive! Name’s Ignius McCree. I’m the Captain of the Green Quibble, Protector from the late Protectorate and I guess that’s really it for now. Not really a lot going on right now but that always changes. Sheriff’s calling for help in the kitchen I better get down to him before things get bad or Maizy wanders off.

- Ignius

because some of ya’ll don’t know how to figure this out on your own:

Drawing racist art = bad because it makes a negative impact on minority races.

make sense? Good. Simple see?

now try this:

Drawing transphobic art = bad because it makes a negative impact on transgender people.

still getting it? Good!

how about this one:

Drawing pedophillac art = is bad becauuuse? Come on, you know the answer by now!



Wow. So yesterday I started the new medication that’s supposed to get me out of this chronic foggy exhaustion that I’ve been in for the past 8 months. I took it in the morning and I then took a 2 hour nap from 8:45 - 10:45…..and another one from 6:30 - 8:30. Soooo…we upped the dose today. And I’ve been feeling pretty good! I didn’t nap today!!! I did have to have coffee this morning still because it took me a while to wake up and I had to meet some people at school to practice. But I was at school from 9:15 - 2ish and I got a lottt done. And when I got home I did some more work and cleaned/organized a bunch.

It’s 6:15 now and I’m honestly pretty tired but I can make it until bedtime without coffee or a nap. This semester is weird because there’s a bunch of little things that we have to do for our classes and it has felt all over the place. But, things I need to not forget:

  • look up my cardiac med notes from last semester and their physiology 
  • finish going over the practical cases 
  • do lung auscultation again….and again and again and again
  • look over the absolute contraindications and termination points for exercise
  • do my motivational interviewing online module
  • scan/upload my clinical handbook page
  • review the postural drainage positions for upper lobes
  • schedule my cadaver group for sometime this week
  • do my readings for wednesday (lmao deadass almost forgot about this)
  • practice BP & doppler ultrasound

I think that’s it for the next couple of days…I’m feeling like I can do this

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i’m in atx, in my mother’s boyfriends apartment sleeping on an air mattress and it’s 1:19 am. i’m sad. the people i love don’t love me anymore and though i feel calm, the tears keep rolling down my face. life is mundane and too much at the same time.

I’m sure they still love you. I think sometimes it’s just good to cry, I think it’s human. Even if you don’t feel like there’s a reason, which is fine because sometimes there is no reason. You’ll be okay my love. It’s just a moment. Let the tears out and go to sleep. You’ll feel better after you get some rest.