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yes it's another humans are space orcs post

So even when you’ve figured out how to deal with humans, it still really helps to be able to anticipate that you’re going to have to deal with humans, and there’s still a major pitfall when you’re operating in mixed-species environments where most people are operating as private individuals rather than as representatives of their respective species or planets:

Humans are so good at social modeling, and human naming conventions are such a mess, that it can be really hard to recognize that a person is human until you actually see a visual of them. Some of them include species on their profiles or biographies, but some skip right past species and list location of childhood home or racial/ethnic background or something instead, like everyone else is just supposed to know that the colony on Zendar Three is a human colony or what “latina” means. Some even make a point of not listing their species.

They pick up languages like nobody’s business. It might take an adult years to reach full fluency in a language - or they might pick it up in a matter of months, if they put their mind to it, and the subadults often don’t even require instruction or study. Even the ones who depend on automatic translation technology tend to be fussy about calibration and sounding as much like natural speakers as possible. In general, they put a lot of emphasis on being able to imitate the social manner of the group; many make a study of the social mores of species they intend to interact with, but even if they’re caught unprepared, most will to some extent mimic the attitude and approach of the people they interact with.

And the names. Most people will say that the typical human has a personal name and a family or clan name, and that’s… more or less accurate. Except that sometimes they list them the other way around. And sometimes they only have a personal name. Or they have multiple family names. And a lot of the time they have a kind of secondary personal name that they don’t even use, but not always, and some have as many as three or four of these “middle names.” There are lists of traditional human names that you can learn, but none of them are exhaustive, because almost every human population center and cultural group has its own traditional names and also humans are constantly adapting old names and inventing new ones.

Even if someone has a name that you recognize as being a traditional name of some other species, that isn’t a 100% guarantee that that person isn’t human. Because there’s such a wide variety of human names, there’s some overlap with other species names, to the point that it’s a kind of played out joke that the token human character in popular media has to be specified to be Human Steve. Plus in a lot of human cultures, one of the highest expressions of respect toward a person is to give that person’s name to one’s offspring, so there’s a small but significant number of humans with names that are definitely not human names because their parents chose to honor an alien friend or benefactor with a namesake.

Some humans are amused to be assumed to be another species. Some don’t seem to care, or are apologetic, apparently assuming that the confusion must be embarrassing or upsetting to the other party. A few get offended, but the other humans tend to agree that those ones are jerks and you shouldn’t feel bad about it.

Dream Daddy Joseph Spoilers.

Just looked up Joseph’s ‘Good’ ending.

And I’m not going to lie. I am fucking irritated by it.

He’s got, to me, the most interesting story in the game. It’s actually got conflict and interest. He’s married. Yet he’s this good guy who is good with his kids. Who is trying to make the world a better place. Who is in an unstable marriage at best, yet still stands up for Mary if you speak badly about her to him. It’s a common story with people, and I was so here for how it was going to play out.

And every single one of his endings turns him into OOC man from how he’s presented up through all your dates with him.

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Poems about depression, anxiety and panic attacks

One of my best friends is also a poet. I’ve known her since I was 13, and to this day she’s still one of my closest friends. When we were in high school, we used to email each other poems we wrote. We both struggled a lot with anxiety, depression and panic attacks as teenagers. The good news is, we have both come a long way in our mental health journeys and both of us now find life fulfilling and meaningful.

We struggled with a lot of darkness, and it was scary, but through reaching out to people we could trust (which started with each other), therapy, and developing our relationships with God, we both healed a lot of those overwhelming dark places so that now when the darkness comes, it’s not so scary and it doesn’t feel so heavy, because we know how to cope. We know we will be okay.

I just found this email I sent to her of poems I wrote when I was 17 about depression, anxiety and panic attacks. I wrote these all at a time when I was very anxious and depressed, and regularly having panic attacks. I thought it could be helpful to some of you guys so I wanted to share these!

This one is about a panic attack:


How do I stop
This black, spinning top
That swallows my hopes
Till they’re nothing but fears?
And the mask on my eyes
That covers my lights
Til the black multiplies
In a kaleidoscope of tears?

One about depression:


Something heavy
Pulls in me
Clouding the sun
Stealing my sleep
I look in the mirror
And though my reflection
Is clear as thin glass
I don’t know who I see.

Another about depression:


How do I feel whole?
How do I escape
From this great emptiness?
These slick, chasing snakes?
How do I run free
When the captor is me
And I’m placing my joy
Just above my own reach?

About feeling worthless:


Somebody tell me
That I’m not a monster
And if I’m okay
Show me the ways
Somebody honestly
Tell me today
The reasons,
The proof
That I’m not
A mistake.

This one was written during a panic attack:


What is this feeling?
This hole in my soul?
Like tears that are blocked up
Yet out of control
Who am I talking to?
What am I doing?
My life’s on the screen
And I can’t control my breaths
In out, in out
But I’m hyperventilating
Everything looks tragic
And I can’t say what I mean
The words run away and
I’m crying for you
Someone to come here
Tell me I’m okay
Tell me I’m just not
Seeing straight today.

This one is about panic attacks:


I lie on the floor
In silent panic
The room I’m in
Slips out of view
The air I had
Inside my lungs
Floats ‘cross the sky
And disappears

I’m now inside
A big, black box
Under the waves
A thousand leagues
And Life itself
Lives up above
Just where my soul
Is out of reach.

This one is about restlessness in general:


Restless energy
Runs in my veins
Like a ticking clock
A waiting bomb
Raw emotions
Tangle their strands
Through my heart
Like choking vines
As I can feel
My sanity
Packing up and
Moving away
I look inside
My memories
And wonder why
I’m crazy today?

And here’s a hopeful one to end it on a good note:


Hope and its’ fire
Run like black, rubber tires
Down the road
That used
To be full of
The oil
Of the death
Of my dreams
But now,
Just like Jesus,
They live again.


Underrated SNS Fics

Here’s a list of excellent fics that flew under your radar:

Trails by teacett

Longing by teacett [incomplete, pls give the author some encouragement]

  • Both fics are part of the same series; unique premise, great characterization, gives u feels, modern AU

More Than Just Rumors by Drunk_Scribbler [incomplete, but still updates]

  • Great plot, characterization, and well-developed relationships, modern AU

Offerings by Rockability

Cat People by Rockability

  • Realistic, fluffy, canon-compliant, amazing characterization

mb gay by BELDR0P

  • smoll drabble that gives you big feels

A Chance at Happiness by Nomme_dePlume

  • lots of pining, slow build, good characterization, very realistic modern AU

the b-sides by fan_nerd

  • modern AU with time-traveling Naruto… A M A Z I N G

Here is WHY you missed out on the good stuff: 

Check my bookmarks on AO3 for other recs; these are just a few of the best ones. All of these fics (except More Than Just Rumors) have under 200 kudos. (Srsly, wtf??) Some have fewer than 100 kudos even though they’re really good. 

To find good fics, don’t just sort by kudos. Quality fics often have 5 kudos or more per 100 hits. High quality fics usually get 7 or more kudos per 100 hits. 

Example: Fic with 65 kudos and 400 hits? Probably excellent

Fic with 250 kudos and 7000 hits? Usually not that good

When searching for fics, fill out the other fields, then go to the work stats section and specify a maximum number of hits along with a minimum number of kudos, like this:

The results will contain all fics with less than 1000 hits and more than 50 kudos. I repeated this process with 2000 hits, 100 kudos, then 3000 hits, 150 kudos, and so on, to find all the good stuff. 

People overlook a lot of gems because they just sort by kudos. Good fics end up at the bottom of the stack. Quality content in fandoms becomes harder to find. Talented writers get discouraged by lack of feedback. You know the drill.

Searching with a ratio of kudos-to-hits fixes this problem…. Kind of. 

We should also rec, review, bookmark, whatever, when we come across good fics. Silence is the number one reason some of the best writers abandon their fics. I am tired of finding A Really Good Thing™ that was last updated in 2008 because readers were too lazy to provide an iota of feedback. We can’t go back in time, but we can keep it from happening again! 



I’ll take that as a yes. 

So. Rant over. Happy hunting, everyone. Hope this helps!

I don’t know why Lance being the youngest is such a surprise for people, I kinda figured he was either the middle or youngest child in his family. Maybe that’s because I saw myself in Lance, and still do. Lance acts “extra” or he acts out and feels like he has to just to get the attention of the people he wants to notice him, which team voltron probably just sees as Lance being self centred and obnoxious, but I can relate to Lance and know that when put in a situation outside of family it’s hard to change your behaviour so you do what you’re used to to get heard and it’s looked at the wrong way. Being the youngest is good in the aspect that you’re the baby and you get “spoiled”, but there’s also the older siblings. Always getting compared to someone else, and never being able to have your own actions/thoughts can make you feel inadequate. Or (as in most langst fics/art) insecure. This could just be me self projecting cause I’m the queen of that lmao. It kinda makes me sad seeing people be upset about Lance being the youngest. He’s still him, still Lance, why should him being the youngest of his family affect how you look at him?

Okay, I’ll be nice to Chris Wood for once.

I do admire Chris Wood because, despite his lack of acting skills, his average at best looks and his shit understanding of how acting works and how actors do not have to think characters with messed up morals/behavior are good people, the guy still has the confidence to not only audition for roles he is terrible for but also actually be out there on people’s TVs. I could never.

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I don't think you're manipulating your fans. I've been subscribed for about a year now and you've always given updates to what's going on and why you did things? If anything you clickbaited a few times but even that's only because people requesting communications wouldn't look at your update videos??? You don't deserve hate. You're a good person.

aaaa thank you for the input! i keep going back and forth b/c i still haven’t gotten out of the “if someone says i did something then i Definitely Did It” mindset but i also know i have a problem with it and there are definitely ppl who say i did stuff i didn’t do so i’m uhhHHHH kinda sorta really appreciating input on the situation lmao,,,,,,,,,,,

Hello! As part of my 1.5k follower milestone I thought I’d do some edits for people! Mostly for fun on my part, but still! You get something cute out of it, I get practice, win/win?

Moving on, all I really need is some pictures submitted either through the submit box or my direct messages. I’ll take about ten submissions, and see what happens from there! 

Mind you I’ll be picky with photos. I prefer CAS but can do in-game. Etc, etc, it’ll all be based on my personal preference, not who comes first.

Anyways, have a good day! I’ll update this when I’m done taking submissions!

I love Magnus Bane because of how I see him

He is very proud and confident even though he has centries of shitty and bad people, lies, fear, distructive relationships and a fucked up childhood and much more But he is proud now of who he became and he still have that glint in his eyes and a true smile and he knows who he is and he is proudly expressing it in everyway and that is why He is beautiful inside out , but the most important reason why i love him is: this is the person i want to be no matter how broken iam i want to over come it and be proud and happy and be able to express myself, this is not just about his sexuality and this Man is truly who he is and the way he carries both his pride and burden is truly beautiful to me

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I have this small headcanon that Kaneki is a little jealous of how close Touka and Nishiki are, but of course, that would be out of character 😂🙊

Kaneki’s lucky that he’s surrounded by people with a super-strong sense of loyalty (which is very good for a King, as it happens). Has notorious sex-fiend Nishiki Nishio even done the deed since he parted with Kimi? Given how important she clearly still is to him, I kinda doubt it.

MysteriousShopkeeper’s Second Blogiversary!

It’s July 21, 2017, and this blog turns two years old today. When I first started this blog, I wasn’t sure how long I’d keep it up. Well, hard as it may be for me to believe, two years and over a thousand followers later, I’m still here! I’m grateful to this community for tolerating the antics of my favorite ninja-scientist-shady shopkeeper here. I’ve had a lot of good times with him, and I look forward to more in the future.

Now, I know it’s traditional when you reach certain milestones to do the follow forever thing, but I’ve decided not to make a bias list this year. I know people like to be tagged in those , but there would be too many of you I’d want to tag, because I hate leaving anyone out. I’ll tell you this, though: If you’re truly paying attention, if you’re reading this message without being tagged — especially if you’re reading it some time after it was posted, and just because you happen to like my blog well enough to be going back through my older posts — consider yourself tagged, because you are the real MVPs.  You know who you are. ;-)

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I keep asking myself why the people who keep saying that Namjoon hasn't given a proper apology don't see that he's given us more than any other idol that has ever been called out. He's never tried to dismiss complaints with stupid excuses like some but actually listens and goes to educate himself further (his hiphopplaya interview, 10asia interview, hello2017 v-live, the positive change in his music and various more examples prove it).

He didn’t just immediately release an official apology to get people off his back, he modified himself for the better. He isn’t perfect and I still anticipate more growth from him but he’s a genuinely good person.

exactly. he didnt say sorry n to get ppl to leave him alone. he straight up decided to change his mindset and educate himself. oh and then also become an advocate for the movements he wronged. 

when namjoon talks about how he wants to change the world he means it. he hasnt always done the right thing but he has consistently been someone who cares and wants to be better. honestly i admire that so much and ppl really fail to credit him there


since a lot of other people were doing it, I thought I’d share my final numbers from Splatoon 1 as well.

Yeah, I didn’t max anything out and I didn’t get S+ Rank.

I had other things I was doing with my time like working and writing a lot but I still feel good about everything I did!

Lee will return with his  .96 Gal Buster in hand, count on it!


I dunno why..but for some reason, I just LOVE when the growth spurts in girls are caused by cute things. Like, the dainty, petite little vixen lets out a mousy sneeze, or a tiny hiccup before her whole body shudders and GROWS. Blushing as she struggles to cover her breasts as they tear clean out of her shirt, but another hiccup causes her whole body to BOUNCE and then SWELL bigger and BIGGER still! And then the fucking sense of POWER when a girl’s single sneeze, or tiny hiccup BOOMS over a city, causing the ground to shake and quake as windows shatter and people are deafened! 

With guys? I know you were wondering, I love it to be something more primal, more BEASTLY! like…obviously cumming is fucking AWESOME! I’ve even enjoyed a good belch, feeling the musclegut rumble before letting out the beastly burp and swelling hundreds of feet taller! Just a random thought!

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I was getting ice cream and there was a busker playing X-Men on a tuba next to the ice cream place. I was going to send you a video on snapchat but my shit ass phone died while taking video. Just thought you should know

There are good people still left out there

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I honestly feel like Taylor isn't just going to court to fight for herself but to also share with the world and to show women that it's ok and right to report what happened to you and to not be ashamed of it. She's using her voice to shed light on something people still see as "petty" or "not serious" - I don't see it as something she's doing only for herself

if you mean she will or is trying to find a silver lining in it, a way to make some good come out of some bad, then okay, yes i agree; and as stated from the get go she said she would donate any settlement winnings. 

But i do not think she is going just to disseminate that message by any means. She is absolutely going for herself to defend herself and say what he did is Not Okay.

And i really think you brought up a good point, because people - and not just men, but women too - perceive an incident such as groping a woman’s ass - as ‘not that serious’ ‘not that big of a deal’ which is terrible on so many levels i cant even start. 

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Any tips for a newcomer to digital art?


-Study anatomy as best as you can,
-experiment with styles,
-analyze other people’s art (what you like about it, what you don’t like, would you like to incorporate some elements into your style, does something seem off?, what stands out?, is there a really good use of lighting/effects?, etc),
-sketch a lot (as often as you can),
-DONT compare your art to others ( at least try not to, wait I still do HAHAH, don’t do it kids)
-get used to your tablet or whatever tool you’re using
- appreciate art
- live laugh love
- 420 blaze it
- all in all, when it comes to art, practice makes perfect :)

It takes a while but hallelujah. Sorry these are kind of like very basic and shallow tips but !!!! I hope I helped

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i need a list of all the stupid shit no one would expect Bitty to do other than trying to pick Tater up on the ice

okay so i had this half written and then didnt touch my computer for a week oops. so a list of stupid shit bitty has done that no one expects despite the fact he is a college student, a hockey player, a boy, and only 21:

  1. shotgunned a beer at 10am the friday before finals bc fuck his life he’d been studying all week and if he aint ready now hes never gonna be
  2. once nearly took out the legs of the dining room table trying to escape a post workout holster by sliding through the kitchen
  3. ate a cold pizza straight from the box for breakfast because he was running late to class and it had been left on the table the night before
  4. nearly fell off the roof while smoking with shitty and lardo
  5. actually fell into the school swimming pool when the current seniors decided they wanted to break into the pool at 3am on a whim
  6. nearly got arrested for trespassing in the park after dark bc shitty decided he wanted to play frisbee in the dark at 11pm
    1. bitty actually was the least likely to get arrested considering he straight up vaulted over a short brick wall and tore down the side of hill away from the cop car
    2. the others were honestly really impressed with his reaction time
  7. did several chinese fire drills with the frogs the last time they drove to providence to see the falcs play (nursey nearly didn’t make it back into the car the very last time)
  8. did a shot of absinthe to prove that his alcohol tolerence was amazing fuck you very much zack jimmermann
  9. woke up the next morning on the cursed couch with a box of mickey d’s chicken nuggets sitting on his stomach and possibly a rash from said cursed couch
  10. bus surfed (as in, balancing in the aisles without holding on not on top of the bus) on the local bus and nearly killed an old lady
  11. rode down the Haus stairs in a laundry basket bc other than lardo and foxtrot he was the only one who would fit (lardo was too stressed and foxtrot has done some stupid shit with the boys but she at least has that much sense)

honestly i could probably come up with more but this was getting long