good or bad


(kiss me

down into your memory and

a memory and memory

i(kiss me), will go)

— e.e. cummings from ‘up into the silence the green’

🍒💣 super embarrassing cherry bomb dance cover 🍒💣

i literally spent the whole day practicing, filming & editing this my phone’s gonna burst. it’s not exactly the best and the timings really off for some parts but hey at least i tried!! and to commerate nct 127’s first win, it’s a good date to post this jskdnd

i posted my first and last’s cover here once, alongside with limitless’! hope you all dont cringe too hard watching this video while i go bury myself in my bed 😭

the same reason i watched “profit and lace”: my spouse and i are completionist weirdos.  this episode’s bad? WELL too bad, skip and watch guides, i’m going to watch it anyway because i crave fiction-induced discomfort

anonymous asked:

question tho what abt book michael is bad bc ive only listened to the siundtrack/found a bootleg version of the script so idk

he’s racist, sexist, and white


“I know you mean well, but do you have to be so intense about it?”

“Shige… You have been failing at taking care of yourself for the past five years. Of course I’m going to be a little intense trying to reverse that!”

Based on a bit of research, psychiatrist appointments can run up to about 100 USD when signed up on the Japanese national healthcare plan, with maybe an additional 8 USD per filled prescription. So not terribly expensive.

Then again, Mob is poor as shit, so everything is expensive to him. Good thing Ritsu has an actual income that can cover for him. And good thing Ritsu doesn’t buy into stigmatizing mental illness like a lot of other Japanese…