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I have very exciting news…

My roommate and I signed the lease for our first apartment! Our housing situation for next school year is FINALLY set and it is just a huge weight and stress off of my shoulders! I am so extremely happy.

That being said, I’m pretty sure that life is trying to kill me! Of course, this giant relief comes along only to be replaced by other major stresses lol I finally heard back from two of the six internship positions that I applied for only for thtem to tell me that they’re now filled. I still have four left, but nobody has even contacted me for an interview. And I’m really freaking out because obviously people are getting interviewed since selections have already started and NOBODY HAS CONTACTED ME FOR AN INTERVIEW YET. Also, I basically got forced into being the lead author on my undergraduate research project, a position I didn’t really want. At all. So that’s great.

To top it all off, midterms are next week :) I’ve alredy taken two, but I still have three to go. Yaaaaay

Anyway, I apologize for the rant. But I’ve been very emotional today and probably will continue to be for awhile. I cried like six times today over the dumbest things haha

So, my brain is trying to produce some form of writing for you guys. But my ideas are all sort of jumbled together in this unintelligible mess…sort of like my life! So I, unfortunately, can’t tell you when the next piece will be up or what it’ll even be.

 But just know that I’m working on it, okay?

Also, I’m taking a small trip this weekend to celebrate my birthday (it’s Monday the 6th!) so my blog will be pretty quiet for a few days. Please don’t think I’m dead or something lol

As always, thank you all so much for the love and support. It means the world to me <3

Have a fantastic and hopefully emotionally stable day/night/existence!

True, but who gives a rat’s ass what people say…just be the best person you can be to yourself & to others. The rest doesn’t matter.


Me: *constantly searches Starco, Jarco, Jackie Lynn Thromas tags on Tumblr, Twitter, Youtube etc cuz I love drama *

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anonymous asked:

I've been reading your fic and mostly I love it, but I got to the part with Mr Busby and it made me kind of uncomfortable... I was wondering what your feelings on religion are, considering how he's written? He seemed so nice at first, why did he get so harsh?

Hi anon,

Firstly I really appreciate you sending this ask, because if people don’t like something I’ve written I’d much rather they say so so I have a chance to explain/discuss, so thank you! If you want to talk about it more please feel free to message me off anon, I won’t be offended at all :)

Just for now though I’ll explain as best I can (below the cut as it’s a bit long):

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Good Or Bad (Sehun x Reader)

Written By: Admin T.Pot

Characters: Sehun x You

Summary: The school’s troublesome delinquent meets theschool’s class president. But what they don’t know is that the delinquent is actually kind-hearted, and the class president is a cold-hearted beast. What happens when the two find out about each other’s true identities ?

Word Count: 1700

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