good one robot


replied to your photoset

“I want to do some warm up sketches so I can get some actual art work…”

1B tyrelliot

Yes!! Finally some Tyrelliot! Been really wanting to draw these two <3


Mike Chilton - Take Me Home (Hollywood Undead)

YEAH IT’S FINALLY DONE HELL YES.  I had to make this because if I ever heard a song with lyrics that described Mike Chilton more aptly than “reckless till the day I rest my bones”, I don’t remember it (but if I ever do I will definitely have to make a video with it).

It kind of looks a little bit like he died at the end.  OH WELL.  RIP in peace Mikey.

maybe the real healing he needed was the friends we made along the way

Tracer / Widowmaker






its not cool to like fnaf anymore but i rly liked the new game rip

Robotics Questions!

1. What is your team number?

2. What is your team name?

3. How long have you been on your team?

4. What’s your favorite FRC game?

5. What is your dream job?

6. What subteam are you on?

7. If you could be on an alliance with any 2 teams in the world, what teams would you choose? 

8. What is your dream alliance? 

9. If you could change any rule of the game, would you? 

10. If so, what rule would you change? 

11. Landfill or feeder station? 

12. If you could add a rule to the game, would you? 

13. If so, what rule?

14. What’s you worst (robotics-related) nightmare?

15. What’s your most embarrassing (robotics-related) moment?

16. Would you come back to mentor your team after you graduate? 

17. If you could give all rookies a single piece of advice, what would you say?

18. What is one goal you have for your team/yourself?

19. What’s your greatest (robotics-related) achievement? 

20. Describe your ideal FRC game. 

21. If you could ask Dean Kamen one question, what would you ask him?

22. What is your favorite part of FIRST?

23. Have you ever injured yourself while working on a robot?

24. On a scale of 1-10, how stressed are you at competitions?

25. What’s your favorite memory from build season?

26. What’s your favorite memory from a competition?

27. What’s the biggest (robotics-related) challenge you’ve faced?

28. Has being on a team changed your life in any way? 

29. What’s your favorite tool? 

30. What’s your favorite team memory?

31. Does your team have any inside jokes?

32. What’s your opinion on Battlebots?

33.  What’s the latest time you’ve ever stayed up during build season?


Random pointless moment of appreciation for Aspara/Spar from Breath Of Fire 2!

Man that was an old game with a terrible translation, awkward gameplay and a sometimes-good-sometimes-bad plot! But man the character designs rocked and its just weirdly memorable even if I never finished it.
I especially love Aspara’s design, what a unique kind of plant person! And I love that they got three reclass transformations in that shaman sidequest, and theyre all really diverse designs that would have been awesome as their own characters.
Also yay for canonically nonbinary charries in really old games! I swear there’s more of these than there are in modern games XD The bad translation referred to ‘Spar’ as male, but I can see thats an easy mistake to make when the character’s surname is Gus. Alas its hilarious how all these english puns got lost in the english translation, wtf were they smoking? XD