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I had three seasons of BBC Sherlock on my laptop since friend told me it’s cool and really worth checking out. Now, after I think 2 years I finally watched it and omg she was right xD

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Can you tell us about the Empires propaganda machine?

Later, after, in all the holonews segments and all the long ‘net articles furnishing further analysis, they—and here ‘they’ is vaguely defined, reporting is is too scattershot in a galaxy marked by lightyears and hyperlanes—will not be able to pinpoint the place where they went wrong. Where it was all tipped from earnest republican v. separatist reporting to laying the groundwork for imperial v. everyone else. When they stopped, or when their blades met with armor they couldn’t pierce, or—

But by then it’s too late. It’s too late, the Empire is already wound itself through every word spoken and every reference made; it’s in everything, a dark undercurrent of emotion and justification—don’t you love the Republic? don’t you care about other galactic citizens? don’t you want to follow the laws and reward those who have justified their existence as you have justified yours? you have worked so hard, the day is long and the rewards few, why would you give those to others? why would you share?

(’Sharing’ is a dirty word, under the Empire. To each according to his strength, that is the Imperial motto. But ‘strength’ is a narrow gate, and it cuts many off at the knees, the ankles, those unguarded places—)

There is no question that human beings are afraid of difference they have been afraid of that since whatever primordial swamp they crawled out of but—they have always put it aside, they have always at least pretended to the idea of recognizing other species, the claim of xenos to homeworlds. the equal right of existence. Et cetera. Never mistake how hard human beings will try, when confronted with tentacles, if there is profit or benefit in ignoring any difference.

But humans also reproduce like orburs in spring, and they colonize, multiply out into the galaxy like a plague. Like a—spore. Like something biological and not, because nothing in nature moves without regard to the animus they generate. And they are a tetchy species, measuring everything in relative value. It doesn’t matter if—

Luke does not stop to question the holoradio adverts he hears, the faded propos papering the Toshe public hall, saying ‘JOIN THE EMPIRE TODAY! FLY FOR THE EMPIRE! BE BRAVE BE TRUE BE STALWART!’ Anywhere is better than here, right? Get closer to that bright center and anything is better—

(It is still hard to find that bright line between the Republic under the tyranny of the Clone Wars and the perpetual state the Empire embodies. That is just how these things go.)

Leia is on the first line of defense for the Rebellion, she watches propos and listens to senators argue, quoting lines from holodramas—ironically, but also as illustrations. (She learns very young that a well-told story, even fictional, has quicker legs than one badly told and true. She disapproves, but that is the way of things.) It is amazing how many late Republicans would have supported he Empire despite explicitly stating they did not support the Empire, its agents, or any move toward a less democratic structure of government. It is amazing how weak it makes them seem, given what she knows about the inner workings of the capitol. It is—

Han is good at finding cantinas where, if the Imperial propos cut into he grav-ball match, everyone groans aloud. He smiles a little against the curve of the mug as everyone curses out the poor bastard who has to—

(Han always feels a little bad for him. Her. Whoever—he knows what it’s like to have your neck under someone’s boot, to know you don’t really have choice in this. At least he’s busy smuggling, can’t be much a spokesperson that way.)

The Resistance does not have the access the Empire does, but the Rebellion has feed hackers, holonet ‘ware corrupters. The Alliance blasts every inbox with public reveals of complaints, salaries, donations. Saw Guerra’s people de-encrypt transmissions, and release them to the ‘net in vicious anarchic fashion. (Make of it what you will, that Tarkin sent a transmission to Krennic saying ‘stop being so gentle on your workforce,’ after Krennic’s 12-hour days resulted in its first overworked, dehydrated, malnourished death.)

Regional reporters dump their findings onto the holonet, saying, look at what the governor is doing, we buried the jedi but we found, we—

look, they say in unison. look at this. you are not alone. you are not crazy. something has shifted, something significant has changed and you are not alone in thinking this. We are here, together, and this is dangerous, this is—

you are not alone. you are right, your perception of the world is—there is an objective reality, and they depart from it. you are right. you are sane. it is the galaxy that has gone insane in the interim.

“Senator?” the holonet reporter asks, when Mon Mothma falls silent, and she is smiling down at the podium. “Senator, if you could—”

“According to the study conducted by the Galactic Agency for—” she begins, and the briefing room falls so quiet she is afraid she has lost them. But there is a holonet reporter in the first row who has pressed her hand to her mouth, even as her eyes are wide, fixed on Mon’s face; and out of the corner of her eye, Mon can see Leia Organa (so much Bail and Breha’s daughter, even now) pressing her lips together, her eyes shut. And this is good. They are good, they are better. Here is the study. Here is the definition. Here is the closest she knows how to get to objective reality.

She justifies. From the root word, meaning justice. Meaning to make right. Meaning, more than what is what is available on the surface, more than what is unquestioned. More. 

So much more.

Internet friend
  • Okay, so since it's new year and I don't have internet friends, I thought it'd be a good idea to start the year knowing some new people sooooooo talk to me or whatever
  • Like, please, talk to me, I'm so lonely

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can you give me a reason to live, please? anything.

1. A hug.
2. An “I love you”.
3. A funny tumblr post.
4. A message, “I miss you”.
5. A pat on the shoulder.
6. Proving that you could do it to others who didn’t believe in you.
7. The funny doodles.
8. New songs from your favorite artists and bands.
9. Inside jokes.
10. Playing your friend until you’ve laughed so hard you’ve stopped breathing.
11. Eating a cupcake that taste like heaven.
12. Graduating.
13. Watching the seasons change.
14. Quick kisses.
15. Big smiles.
16. Making someone happy.
17. Drawing something beautiful.
18. Walking past your ex and being fine. .
19. That feels moment when your ship becomes canon.
20. Amazing ships becoming canon.
21. Having a dog tug at their collar to come near you.
22. Matchmaking.
23. The moment of relief when you pass an really important test.
24. Catching the person you like looking at you.
26. The feel of their heart against mine.
27. Standing up for a friend.
28. Seeing two people hold hands in the street.
29. A happy old couple.
30. Seeing your friends smile.
31. Sitting on the edge, away from the crowd, and having someone grab your hand to pull you in.
32. Your first times.
33. Pigs flying.
34. Walking a happy dog.
35. Skype calls with internet friends.
36. Going to museums.
37. People being protective.
38. Learning a different language and trying to talk to someone in that language and watching their face of confusion.
39. Dictionaries.
40. Poetry in the rain.
41. Walks in the dark.
42. Running about on the beach in the pitch black.
43. Wanting time to freeze moments forever.
44. Buffets.
45. Chocolate.
46. Shooting stars
47. Looking at art.
48. Crying from the emotions in a memoir.
49. Reading in a cosy bed while rain lashes outside.
50. a shopkeeper that gives you a discount.
51. Music.
52. Nerd references that not everyone in the group understands and you immediately know them.
53. Laughing until your sides feel like they’re burst.
54. That moment in a song when tears fill my eyes.
55. Sunset.
56. Sunrise.
57. Lists like this one.
58. Compliments.
59. That moment when all of your plans go wrong but what you do instead is much better anyway.
60. Introducing your friend to a fandom and seeing them get as obsessed as you.
61. Long phone calls about random stuff.
62. A kiss on the cheek as they wipe away your tears.
63. Knowing your not alone.
64. Concerts.
65. Performing.
66. Atlases.
67. Encyclopaedias.
68. Memes.
69. Random acts of kindness.
70. Waking up early and realizing you don’t have school.
71. Talking to someone and realising they feel the same way as you about something.
72. Meeting that person you can tell everything to.
73. Telling a massive secret and feeling the weight lift off your chest.
74. Baby animals.
75. Flowers in summer.
76. Those crappy family holidays where it rains but we watch cosy movies and play board games.
77. Redecorating just the way you want it.
78. Parties for no other reason than to have a party.
79. Innocent children.
80. Re-watching kids’ movies and seeing a million hidden messages you’d never noticed before.
81. Adventures in the night.
82. A good bowl of cereal.
83. Holding someone protectively and telling them that the bad stuff will pass and that your here.
84. Publishing a piece and getting a favourite or a meaningful comment.
85. Suggestion blogs.
86. Re-blogging the post and saving another life.
87. Sending love to random internet people.
88. Regretting nothing.
89. Love songs and mushy chick flicks while eating chocolate during a period.
90. Something finally making sense.
91. Love.
92. Hope.
93. Mistakes.
84. Lessons.
95. New Music.
96. Good movies.
97. Memories.
98. Plans
99. Hopes.
100. Dreams

internet best friend for hire pls !!

I just need an internet friend who I can Skype looking really bad, barely talk, sit on my phone, and make random ugly faces at. Also, lets me send them randomly bad selfies on any social media. Does not ignore or get bored of me. Lets me fangirl when needed. Is not an ashton or Louis girl because then well have a problem. Actually cares about me. Does not just suddenly stop talking to me. Randomly tag each other in posts. We make a joint accounts, maybe. And just end up ruling the world together pls.

Star Wars/Greek Mythology: General Hux —> Ares, god of war 


“I feel certain you should not hold yourself responsible for anything that transpired, not that night or any of the nights after. I am young, and, therefore, I know my words only carry a certain weight with the world, but I do know enough to realize you cannot control the actions of others. You can only control what you do with yourself afterward.”


Philip Hamilton x Reader 

Note: Okay this was so much fun to write and to research (I’m terrible at pranks so I had to find a good one on the internet). Just wanted to say that I usually try to keep my fics as gender neutral as possible so that anyone can put themselves into it but if you want to request a specific gender reader please just let me know I’ll be happy to do it!

Request: Hi there! Love your writing, you’re doing well! Could I perhaps have a Philip with prompts 289 and 494 from that 779 prompt list (tumblr is telling me not to link it uuugh it’s the one @hamilsquadxreader takes some of her prompts out from, I’m pretty sure she can link you it)? Pretty please??

Prompts:  289. “This is so going on YouTube!” and 494. “Just relax, I’ll wash your hair for you.”

Word Count: 674

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As you hear a knock on your front door you take one last glance at the tray of cookies sitting on your bench and smile to yourself before heading for the door.

After Philips last prank that ended with you on the floor in tears, that fake spider was the most realistic thing you’ve ever seen, and Philip on the floor in tears of laughter you decided it’s time to get your revenge.

When you open the door for your boyfriend you smile and lean in to kiss him. “Hey, I just need to get changed and then we can go” you tell him before you turn and head off into your bedroom.

“Sweet. I’ll wait in the kitchen” he replies. Of course you will. You know him well enough now that he will wait in the kitchen for you while you get ready to go out, hoping that there is some sort of freshly baked treat waiting for him.

As you reach your bedroom you hear him call out. “Hey Y/N, can I have one of these cookies?” he asks and you grin.

“Of course! Just be careful though, they’re pretty hot” you laugh quietly to yourself as you pull your phone out of your pocket and hide just inside the door way.

You open up the camera and zoom in on where he stands, looking over the cookies for the best one, and hit record. He takes the biggest cookie of the lot and takes a giant bite out of the side. You try your hardest not to laugh and give yourself away as you wait for his reaction.

It takes a few seconds for the first signs of distress to show on his face. After expecting regular double chocolate chip cookies it’s quite the surprise when the inside of his mouth begins to heat up and he starts panting in an effort to cool it down.

He franticly looks around the kitchen before throwing open the refrigerator door. “Y/N! Do you have any milk?” he yells. You giggle quietly and look over at your nightstand where your carton of milk it sitting.

“Um sorry babe I think I ran out earlier! Why is something wrong?” you call back, trying to keep your voice as neutral as possible so he doesn’t realise you’re laughing at him.

“What did you do to these cookies? My mouth is ON FIRE!” he yells. He finally looks up towards where you are hiding and his jaw drops open. “You’re filming this?!” He demands. He starts to run towards you but trips over a cushion that has fallen off the couch and falls flat on his face.

“This is so going on YouTube!” You burst out laughing and rush over to him to make sure he’s okay, still filming him.

He glares up at you from his spot on the floor as you kneel down next to him and grin. “What did you put in those cookies?” he asks his face red from the heat in his mouth.

“Very thin slices of hot chili” you admit, stifling a laugh as he glares at you. “Pay backs a bitch isn’t it Hamilton?”

You finally stop recording him and drop your phone on the couch so you can make sure he’s okay.

He groans and you give him a quick kiss on the cheek. “Come on, I hid the milk in my room” you tell him and he stares at you with wide eyes.

“You said you have none!” he exclaims as you grab his left arm and help him up off the floor.

As he leans on his right wrist he groans quickly moves his weight off it. “I think I sprained my wrist” he grumbles and you reach out to help him up. “How am I supposed to do anything now? I need my right wrist to live” he complains.

You laugh quietly at him as you lead him towards your bedroom, and the relief for his burning mouth. "Just relax, I’ll wash your hair for you”


When you’re yu-gi-oh trash and your friend isn’t

also shout out to @psui for making one of my all time favorite pictures


throwback; one of the fave stages jae did on kpop star - toxic with racoon boys
#HappyBirthdaySwegChicken! thank you for joining kpop star despite that was your impetuous decision. thank you for overcoming your fright to perform on stage. thank you for joining the jyp nation. thank you for practicing hard but not losing your own color during your trainee days. thank you for still being your true self after debut. thank you for being part of day6. thank you for being adorably weird.