good on you ian

Dating Joji would include...

- Joji calling you “love”

-He also had a nickname to tease you

-”George stop calling me that!” “oh you know you love it”

-Watching him edit videos late at night, with the soft light from the computer illuminating his face

-You guys going out in just your pajamas to run errands was a frequent occurrence

-Mornings were spent in bed until absolutely necessary to leave

-Sometimes you’d come home to him passed out on the couch, other times you’d hear his muffled Filthy Frank voice and his pink suit on the floor

-Joji would be the king of somehow making a simple dollar store item become the most romantic thing you have ever gotten

-Comforting him in times of stress was a recurring event

-Watching him film FF videos and every time he made eye contact with you he couldn’t help but laugh

-”Y/N…you gotta stop looking at me like that” would be stifled out between laughs

Silk Tribute - “See You. Out There”

The final issue of Silk came out today and it’s bitter sweet.  I’m very proud of what we’ve done and in the back of today’s issue there are some very sweet words by Tana and Robbie that sum up the emotions running through us once we found out Cindy’s solo adventure was ending. 

This is the first book I’ve been on that has been cancelled but I’m lucky that I was able to see it from start to finish.  To all the fans who supported us from the beginning, the middle, and the end, thank you!  Leaving you with some last words I lifted from Star Trek TNG’s final episode… ‘See you. Out there.’

The Golden Girl-Lip Gallagher Imagine

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Underage drinking, drug use, sensuality, sexual implications, and language

A/N: Y/O/B/F/N= your other best friend’s name

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   “Why didn’t I skip class today?” Mandy groaned, throwing her head back.

    “Because if you got caught skipping again, you would get suspended…again,” Lip muttered behind her.

    They were sitting in their eighth period British Lit class while Mr. O’Neil talked about some dead poet. Lip was only paying half attention since he already knew most of the information and he got good grades without even trying. He had a few more important things on his mind like Fiona and his other siblings and the trouble he and Ian could get into over the weekend. However, the other kids in the class could hardly afford zoning out in the way he did. 

    “…and that is how Edgar Allen Poe invented the modern detective story,” Mr. O’Neil concluded with a small smile under his wiry gray mustache. “Now, before you leave, I have to return your midterm essays.”

     “What’s the point? I know I failed,” Mandy muttered.

     “You never know. You could’ve gotten a D this time.”

      Lip smirked as Mandy turned around to slap his arm. It stung a little, but Lip laughed it off. 

       “We can’t all be weird geniuses like you.”

       “Most of you did not seem to grasp the concept I was looking for, which is confusing since all I requested was for you to dissect and analyze a piece of literature we previously discussed in class,” Mr. O’Neil said as he began handing back papers.

        A lot of the kids rolled their eyes, laughed, or groaned when they received their papers. It took a minute for Mr. O’Neil to get to Mandy and Lip.

       “I expect more from you, Miss Milkovich,” Mr. O’Neil said.

        “Have you met my brothers?” Mandy retorted.

        Mr. O’Neil cast a distaste look in her direction, but recovered a little as he handed Lip his paper. “Very good work, Mr. Gallagher.”

        “Thank you, Mr. O’Neil,” Lip said.

         Scrawled on top of his paper was a 90 along with the comment “Good work, Mr. Gallagher. Your input was interesting but the dissections were a bit off.”

          “Not bad, Gallagher,” Mandy muttered.


          Lip couldn’t help but feel a little proud of himself. He was always the smartest person in the room, even though the room primarily consisted of idiots. It was nice to be reminded of it. 

          “Miss Y/L/N, I was quite impressed with your work. I have never read such original or thoughtful input on Emily Dickinson.”

          The girl had a small, wan smile on her lips as she accepted her paper. “Thanks, Mr. O’Neil.”

           “In fact, you scored the highest on this assignment.”

           Y/N smiled shyly yet again and muttered a polite “thanks” to the teacher as she placed her essay neatly in her English folder.

           “Looks like Little Miss Perfect beat you out,” Mandy teased in a whisper.

           “I’ll let her have it, this is probably the only pleasure she gets out of life besides reading and studying all the time,” Lip muttered.

             Y/N Y/L/N had to be the most innocent girl Lip had ever encountered and she was also his biggest competition when it came to academic standing. She was smart as a whip, but she didn’t flaunt it like Lip did sometimes. In fact, she mostly kept to herself, save for the two girls Lip saw her hanging around. Y/N was every parent’s wet dream: quiet, polite, kind, and a bit of an over achiever. She was the class president, captain of the debate team, and captain of the girl’s tennis team. In fact, the only trouble she probably got in was for jaywalking. Lip didn’t really have anything against her but he also didn’t really like competition.

           Finally, Mr. O’Neill released them, and Mandy and Lip were the first two out of the classroom.

          “Just admit it, Lip, you don’t like that Goody Two Shoes beat you out for the highest grade,” Mandy said.

          “It’s just a stupid essay, Mandy, besides, getting good grades is probably the only way Y/N could experience an orgasm,” Lip said.

          Mandy burst out laughing and Lip smirked deeply. “That is true, I don’t think Y/N would know what to do with a dick if she ever saw one.”
          As Mandy and Lip laughed, they were interrupted by someone running into Lip. 

          “Hey, watch where the f–ck you’re going,” he snapped.

          “Oh, sorry!” Y/N squeaked.

          Lip instantly regretted his words when he saw how Y/N clutched her book to her chest. “It’s fine, forget about it.”
          “Hey, Y/N,” Mandy said.

          “Hey, Mandy.” Y/N readjusted the strap of her messenger bag. “Have any fun plans for this weekend?”

          “I might go to a party or two. You?”

          “I am keeping my options open.” 

          “Y/N!” Y/B/F/N yelled from across the hallway.

          Y/N sighed a little. “I have to go, sorry about running into you like that, Lip.”

         “Don’t worry about it.”

          Y/N hurried off to meet her friend on the other end of the hallway and they immediately began giggling together. Y/B/F/N said something to Y/N that made her eyes widen and take a quick glance at Lip. When she saw that he was looking at her, she quickly turned back around to her friend, who began snickering.

           “Hello, earth to Lip?” Ian asked.

          “What?” He turned to face Ian and Mandy.

          “I was asking if we were still going to Rose Martin’s party tonight,” Ian said. 

          “Why wouldn’t we be?”

          “Because it’s in Old Town and we’re south side trash.”

          “Hey, we’re only trash if we think we’re trash, so stop thinking we’re trash,” Lip said.

          “Fine. Now tell me, what had you so distracted that you couldn’t answer me?” Ian asked.



         Mandy smirked. “It was because of her wasn’t it?”

         “Who?” Ian asked.

         “Shut up, Mandy,” Lip said.

         “Y/N, Lip’s got a thing for her,” Mandy said.

         “Y/N Y/L/N? The same girl who cried when Eddie Carver kicked a baby rabbit over the school fence?” Ian asked.

         “That was third grade,” Lip said. “And I don’t like her like that.”
         “Why not? Because she’s too good for you?” Ian teased.

         “No, because she’s too f-cking innocent. It would be like being with a little kid all the time,” Lip muttered. 

          “I would believe you if you hadn’t been eye-f-cking her a second ago.”

        Lip didn’t respond, and he didn’t really know why he had gotten so defensive when Ian and Mandy began suggesting that he liked Y/N. He barely spoke to her except in passing and there was no way she would go for a Gallagher of all people. Somehow, he still found himself attracted to her innocent, shy nature. He would ruin her and she didn’t deserve that.

        Late that night, the party was in full swing at Rose Martin’s penthouse in Old Town, Chicago. Her father had won the lottery two months ago, so the penthouse was filled with gaudy art, strange mini statues that were considered art, and stainless, techy everything. Waka Flocka’s “It’s A Party” was blasting through the speakers as teenagers grinded to the beat throughout the penthouse. In the kitchen, a group of people were playing drinking games; the bathroom was dedicated to cocaine; the bedrooms were used for coitus; and the balcony was for the cigarette and pot smokers. Lip, Ian, and Mandy were in the living room in the middle of the chaos, dancing as they drank. Lip was near the threshold of being drunk, but was still in the place where the colorful lights didn’t transfix him and he still had control of himself. 

          “This is the best night ever!” Mandy shouted over the music.

           Ian and Lip shouted in response before they toasted her words and downed the vodka in their cups. It went down smooth since Rose could afford not to scrimp on the alcohol anymore.

         “I love Rose Martin!” Ian exclaimed.

         “You can’t, you don’t swing that way!” Lip shouted back.

         “F-ck it!”

        Lip and Mandy burst out laughing. In the midst of the madness, Mandy ended up grinding with some guy and Ian disappeared. Lip ended up wandering out of the living room and went outside to light up a cigarette. The sky was completely ink black with a few stars scattered in the mix. A few people were smoking pot or cigarettes around the balcony. In the corner was a group of girls wearing short dresses and skirts, giggling. One of them looked extremely familiar to Lip but he couldn’t put his finger on it. She flipped her y/hc ponytail and burst out laughing at something before turning around. Lip nearly dropped his cigarette.

        “Y/N?” he whispered.

        She was wearing an oversized blue button down shirt that managed to accentuate her curves with a pair of black over the knee boots. Her hair was pulled in a ponytail with a few strands falling around her face, which was made up in a tasteful fashion with gold eyeshadow bringing out her y/e/c eyes and blush to compliment her skin tone. She was holding a plastic cup filled with white wine and her friends had sneaky smiles on their faces when they saw Lip.

        “Lip!” Y/N stumbled over to him, managing not to spill a drop of her wine. “It’s so good to see you.”

       “What are you doing here?” Lip asked.

       “Drinking.” Y/N took a long swig of her drink to prove her point. 

       “I can see that, it’s just, this isn’t really your scene.”

       “I guess you don’t know me as well as you think you do.” She managed to smolder at him which managed to both amuse and arose Lip at the same time.

        “How many of those have you had?” Lip asked.

        “Don’t worry about it, Dad, I can handle my alcohol, see?” Y/N downed the rest of her wine and smiled.

         “Maybe you should go back to your friends.”

         “I’m sick of them, I want to talk to you.” Y/N leaned more of her weight into Lip and he paused to grab her. 

          He kept his lit cigarette between his lips as he pulled her to stand upright. “Fine, let’s talk.”

         “Can I try one of those?”

          “Why would you want to smoke?” Lip asked.

         “Because I can.”

          Lip looked at her skeptically before handing her cigarette and lighting it for her. Of course, Y/N almost immediately began coughing, making everyone turn to look at her and Lip. Lip shook his head as he patted her back.

          “You have to inhale deeper before you exhale, like this.” Lip showed her and Y/N nodded before following his lead. “See, it’s easy.”

          “Thanks,” Y/N said.

          “Geez, I feel like I’m corrupting you.”

          “You’re not. I’ve done a lot more than you think I have.”

          “What does that mean?”

         Unfortunately, Lip was interrupted by the strains of “Hips Don’t Lie” coming from inside. Y/N squealed. “I love this song!” 

          She tossed her cigarette down and ground it out with her toe before hurrying inside.

         “Y/N.” Lip got rid of his cigarette as well and followed Y/N’s lead.

         He almost immediately lost her but quickly spotted her dancing with Ian. They had created some sort of salsa two-step that mostly consisted of Ian twirling Y/N around and dipping her. Though Lip trusted Ian, he couldn’t help but feel protective over Y/N. It was strange how worrying about her sobered him up.

          “You’re being ridiculous; you barely know her,” he hissed to himself.

          He decided he needed another drink and headed into the kitchen. That’s where he found Mandy, mixing drinks at the kitchen counter while another group of people played flip cup.

           “Hey, stranger,” Mandy said as she poured a drink into a glass.

           “What made you hide out in here?”
           “Tyler Sanders’ hands kept wandering to places I did not want them to. I decided to see how good of a bartender I am.” Mandy handed him the glass she just poured.

           “Thanks.” He took a sip. “Not bad, what is it?”

          “Dirty martini.”

           “Of course. Did you know that Y/N was coming?”

           “No, but I saw Y/O/B/F/N leave the bathroom wiping her nose and figured Y/N had to be around somewhere. She is full of surprises.”

             “Yeah,” Lip muttered.

             “Do I need to make you another drink?”

              “Maybe later.”

             “That sour look on your face wouldn’t have anything to do with Y/N being into the party scene, right?”

             “Not really, it’s just weird seeing her drunk.”

            “I like it, it makes her more relatable. She’s not better than either of us.”

            “Of course she’s not. She goes to a Chicago public school.”

            “True, but maybe you’re so weirded out by it because you liked the idea of her being super innocent and you don’t like that you can’t be her first, well, whatever.”

             He hated how right Mandy was sometimes. While it was kind of cool to see Y/N let lose, Lip kind of liked the idea of making her do something bad just for him. He had no idea when those feelings started but seeing her act so drunk was bringing them out.

            After a couple more drinks, he and Mandy made their way back into the living room, where Y/N and Ian were the center of attention. It made sense since the openly gay Gallagher was grinding with the supposed sweetheart of the south side. 

             “Y/N’s got moves,” Mandy said.

             “Uh huh,” Lip said, trying to ignore the tinges of jealousy creeping up on him.

            However, everything came to a head when Y/N pulled Ian close and they began making out, causing everyone to scream and yell. That was the last straw. Lip quickly broke them up, much to the crowd’s chagrin.

             “What the hell, Lip?” Ian demanded.

            “Ian, you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re drunk and you have a boyfriend,” Lip hissed.

            “Not really, besides, Y/N’s a good kisser. Were you jealous?” Ian shot back.

              “Jealous? Why would you be jealous?” Y/N slurred. Then she grinned. “You wanna dance with me, Lip?”

                She wrapped her arms around Lip’s neck and leaned into him. Lip’s arms immediately wrapped around her waist out of instinct but he didn’t start dancing. Mandy and Ian had begun dancing together somewhere else in the room.

               “Y/N, you’re drunk.”

               “I wanna dance.” She turned around in Lip’s arms and began grinding against him, leaning her head against his chest.

               Lip gulped before hesitantly grinding with her, holding her hips and keeping her pressed against him. He didn’t know what got into him but he began kissing down the side of her neck. Then, he turned her to face him and grabbed her face in his hands and really looked at her. Her eyes were completely dilated but she was so beautiful.

                “I can’t do this.”

                 “Do what? Dance with me?” Y/N teased.

                “Not just that, it’s, you’re too perfect. You deserve better than this, better than me.”

                Lip moved to pull away from Y/N, but she grabbed him. Her eyes held a deep sincerity in them, albeit they were extremely dilated.

                 “You’re perfect,” she said with a large smile. 

                  “You’re drunk.”

                  “Yes, but I know that you’re funny, really smart, and loyal, a little impulsive, and a bit self-destructive. And you’re daring and really, really, really hot,” Y/N said.

                  “You really think all that about me?”

                   Y/N nodded. “Ever since second grade, but I thought I wasn’t cool enough for you, but I do go out sometimes and I have made many questionable decisions.”

                  Lip had a lot of questions, a majority of which had to do with what questionable decisions Y/N had made. But, all he could think about was how Y/N thought she wasn’t good enough for him. 

                 “You’re cool in your own way.”

                  “Now that’s a load of bullsh-t.” Y/N started laughing, a sound that made Lip smile.

                 He cupped her face in his hands again and slowly, she stopped laughing. Lip stayed quiet and leaned towards her slowly. Y/N closed her eyes, awaiting to be kissed only to be surprised when Lip kissed her on her forehead.

                 “You missed,” Y/N said.

                 “No. I want you to remember the first time I kiss you and you’re way too sh-tfaced to do that right now. If you still feel the same way about me when you’re sober, we can pick up where we left off.”

                 “But I want you now. I promise I won’t regret it.”

                 Lip didn’t listen to any of her protests as the night went on. So, they continued dancing, earning winks and rude gestures from Ian and Mandy. When the party was over, Lip took Y/N home to make sure she was safe. 

                “But who’s gonna walk you home?” Y/N asked as Lip helped her walk up the steps.

                  “I am.”

                “Why do you get to walk yourself home and not me?”

                “For one thing, I wouldn’t fall if you let go of my shoulders,” Lip said.

                Y/N huffed and leaned against her front door. Lip fished her keys out of her purse and unlocked the door for her. 

                “All right, now be quiet. The last thing we need is your parents coming after me.”

                Y/N nodded and wrapped her arms around Lip’s neck, giggling quietly. Before Lip could stop her, she pressed a sloppy kiss to his cheek before pulling away. “Good night, Lip.”

               “Night, Y/N.”

               She slipped into her house and Lip closed the door behind her.

               All he could do now was pray that she felt the same way about him in the morning.

mickey milkovich tattooed the name of the love of his life over his heart with his own hand while he was in prison and if that isn’t the rawest shit ever

Dating Carl Gallagher would Include...

request: Can you do a dating Carl Gallagher would include please?

pairing: carl gallagher x reader

a/n: threw this shit together bc i stayed home from school today ayo

word count: 286

- him being really protective of you alllll the time 

- him going down on you ALL. THE. TIME. 

- being really close with all the gallaghers

- debbie being skeptical of you at first bc she wants what’s best for carl, but realizing that you’re good for him

- fiona spotting carl money every now and then so he can take you on dates

- carl talking to lip over the phone about you for hours collectively while lip’s at college

- lip being excited to come home and finally meet you 

- frank saying weird things to you and carl always getting you away from him immediately

- watching liam whenever the family is busy

- being one of the first people who carl actually opens up to

- him being able to tell you things he won’t tell anyone else

- making fun of him lovingly when you see his braided hair

- the weirdest nicknames 

- for example; shitface, dickhead, asswipe

- him being upset when he doesn’t have money to buy you things or take you places

- you occasionally buying him and his family things when they need them

- they’d always feel awful and insist that you don’t spend money on them, but they deserved it for being so welcoming towards you

- ian telling you how he thinks you’re good for carl 

- feeling like you can be yourself around him

- bringing carl to your house when you two need time away from all the stuff that goes on at the gallaghers’ 

- getting in heated arguments bc you’re both opinionated

- ending each of them making out 

- let’s be real… it wouldn’t stop at kissing

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5x12 || 7x11

This is you breaking up with me. Yeah.

happy trans day of visibility!
i want to thank ian today because of all he’s done for trans people. there are a lot of shitty people who think trans people are less than cis people and i just want to say thank you, ian, for proving their shitty views wrong in so many ways.
getting representation is hard. and ian, thank you for being literally the best person to be there. You and your portrayal of a trans character mean so much to a lot of trans people who watch the show and trans people who don’t. and they mean a lot to me.
so yeah, thank you. for being one of the strongest boys out there. for being the best.

yes-everhopeful  asked:

Who do I have to bribe to get a hug out of Bellamy and Marcus? I feel like if they've gotten this painful part of their history out in the open maybe it's another step to actually being the father and son neither have known but it's really like a tease of when it'll happen. After kabby it's my favorite relationship.

So here’s what I think.

I think the theme of “from the ashes we will rise” is being applied very literally to a couple of these characters, most clearly so far Kane and the Blakes (which is ironic because a few episodes ago they were the three where I was the most concerned the show had no idea what to do with them, but they CLEARLY do after that fucking fantastic episode last night).  Kane, Bellamy and Octavia all are getting burned down to ashes.  They’re literally hitting their absolute lowest point.  We saw Octavia turn the corner in tonight’s episode, after being so distraught that she tried to kill herself by walking out into the black rain and then having sex with Ilian just to give herself something to feel besides crushing, miserable sorrow.  That was her “ashes” moment, everything burned away, reduced to her lowest, darkest point.  But then she woke up in the morning and she threw her knives into the water and left them behind, because after she almost died, she’s become a person who can’t kill anymore.  Ilian was right that whatever release that used to provide for her is gone.  And she’s already different, as we can see from the way she can see Ilian’s humanity in a new way that she couldn’t before because she was blinded by anger.  So now Octavia has come out of the ashes and she’s about to rise.  I don’t know what she’s gonna do but I know that every single person involved in the show who has been asked which character has the best arc this season has said Octavia, so it’s probably going to be something awesome.

I think for Kane and for Bellamy, both separately and together, what we got last night was their “ashes” moment, with the turnaround and resolution still to come.  Bellamy is overwhelmed by the sheer number of people he can’t save, by his feelings of failure, by his fear for Octavia, and by the collective series of losses he’s experienced that all came back up again at once when he was stuck in the Rover in the mud.  And Kane is in a similar position; all he wants to do is help everyone and he can’t help anybody.  He can’t comfort Bellamy, he can’t save his two stranded people, he can’t protect Harper from her guilt or heal the man she’s watching die, he can’t be there with Abby when she has to do the hardest thing she’s ever done in her life, he can’t bring Octavia home, and also - crucially - he can’t erase the things that he did on the Ark, even though he’s been trying since he landed on Earth to repent and be better as though that could wipe those sins away.  So they both end this episode at the lowest of their low points in four whole seasons, and I don’t think it’s accidental that it happens when Clarke and Abby - who are the people who keep both of them grounded and make them feel understood - are so far out of reach. 

But Octavia was down in the dark place too, and she turned the corner and came back around into the light.  She’s rising from the ashes.  So I think Bellamy and Kane are next.  I think Kane’s arc for the rest of the season was set up very neatly by this episode and that it’s going to connect in some way with Jaha’s, and that we’re going to explore the question of whether Kane becoming a better man made him a less effective leader, and whether Jaha’s political savvy and ability to manipulate a situation to his advantage was, as Clarke tells Jasper in that scene in the brig, a whole lot more vital to keeping the peace on the Ark than anyone (INCLUDING ME TBH????) ever gave Jaha credit for.  So I think a Kane/Jaha team-up where we see maybe an inversion of Season 1 (Jaha as Kane’s second-in-command instead of Kane as Jaha’s?) might emerge as the connective thread between the Cadogan story and the Arkadia story and that Kane is going to be instrumental in finding a way to lead his people and prove himself and save them.  And I think his relationship with Bellamy will be key to that; we got that “you turn the page and you don’t look back” moment from them in the season premiere that I think was really significant and it feels like the show is setting us up for their big “rise from the ashes” moment to be something that involves them working together. 

Because the important thing to remember is that every facet of their complicated relationship can be equally true at the same time; Kane is the man who floated Bellamy’s mom, and neither Kane nor we can dismiss that even if we want to; but he’s also one of the only characters in this entire show that Bellamy has ever opened up to like he does when he talks about his mom and baby Octavia in that heartbreaking scene over the radio.  So his anger at Kane for the loss of his mom, which is real, and which has always been there, does not erase the relationship they’ve built on the ground, because he’s still someone Bellamy feels safe enough with that he can let Kane see him cry.  I think looking at it like “ugh Bellamy was being a dick” misses the depth and complexity of all the different emotional truths that were contained in those scenes. 

This relationship is so, so hugely important to both of them individually and to the show, but they had to confront the one big thing between them that they’ve never confronted before - just the way Octavia had to finally, finally, finally really confront her grief for Lincoln - in order to burn all the way down into ashes so they can rise.

I’m not giving up on a Kellamy hug yet, and neither should you.  They’re still a family.

when you think about all of the burned episodes of Doctor Who that may never get recovered and all of the wonderful acting that’s probably lost forever

I Waited (2/2)

Sequel to I’ll Wait

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 7,671 (self-control? what is that?)

Summary: Bucky waits for Y/N.

Warning: Angst.

A/N: It’s finally here!!! I know this is a long one, and I wanted to split it in two, but @suchabigmesss said no no, and I posted it in one. So you can thank her for getting it in one part ;). Thank you so much for all the love on the first part, I really hope you enjoy this one, please be sure to give me your feedback. It is always truly appreciated. Much love to each and every one of your cute faces! <3

A year.

It had been an entire year. Three hundred and sixty-five days, 365 days since you had gotten married.  

356 days since you had vowed before a God to spend the rest of your life with a man who wasn’t Bucky.

365 long, painful days of watching you being loving, caring and spending your most precious time with your husband and not Bucky.

It had been an entire 365 days, and yet, your husband, Ian, hadn’t taken you on a honeymoon before a week ago. Bucky wanted to throw up. If it had been him, he would’ve taken you on that honeymoon the second the wedding was over, yet Ian had waited almost an entire year. If that wasn’t enough, Ian had decided to post every single picture from the honeymoon on Facebook for the world to see. The former Winter Soldier felt nausea building in his stomach for every time he clicked on the keyboard for the next picture to show. The feeling of nausea wasn’t a new one to Bucky; it was linked directly to whenever he had to you with Ian together. It was there, seated along with a deep cutting heartache which didn’t disappear no matter how much he wanted it to.

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Mom, there's been some hate over what Marcus says to Bellamy. Looks like we may need to defend our own this season. Please give some advice!

Erin and I had differing opinions on this scene, so we’re both going to rewatch and then discuss at length on Meta Station.  I think the question seems to be, does it feel like it’s a shorthand for the narrative to once again be putting too much of the burden for everything that has ever gone wrong ever onto Bellamy and singling him out as The One Person Who Needs Redemption, as though the writers are being kind of accusatory and decided “okay somebody needs to remind Bellamy that the theme of the season is moving on from fuckups” and they selected Kane to be the person who like delivered that exposition.  That was how Erin and some other people I was talking to on Twitter heard it.  My interpretation of it - although this would be much more clear if Kane had said “we” instead of “you” - was that when Kane says “you turn the page and you don’t look back, and maybe someday then you’ll deserve to survive” he’s telling Bellamy something that he learned the hard way for himself, and that it’s both the narrative effectively closing the book on the “Kane and Bellamy at odds” plot - like saying “okay, these two have moved past their S3 shit and that part of the storyline is effectively done and we’re not revisiting it because they’ve gotten closure” - and also another little Kane/Bellamy redemption arc parallel.

Either way, no one should be giving anyone any hate for it.  Either way, it doesn’t make Kane an asshole, it’s more a sign that mayyyyybe we should be a tiny bit concerned that the writing is still a little muddy around the big question of Bellamy’s shitshow of a 3A character arc.  I really loved it, but I also fully understand and respect Erin’s interpretation of it.  It’s interesting how differently it landed with different people.

One thing that @brittanias told me that actually changes my interpretation of what Kane meant in that moment - which might maybe help recontextualize it in some ways for people who really hated it? - is that she went through the screencaps frame by frame from the prison scene, where Clarke is telling Abby about how much she loved Lexa, and we see Kane kind of do a double-take and turn to look at Bellamy.  I know I was not alone in hysterical squee-flails at that moment like “OH MY GOD DAD TOTALLY KNOWS HIS SON IS IN LOVE WITH CLARKE”, but Brittany showed me the angle of sight frame by frame, and it turns out Bellamy isn’t looking forward and down at Clarke during that moment.  He’s looking straight to the right.  He’s looking at Octavia.  Granted, this is not made clear in the editing - a cut to Octavia’s face would make all the difference here - but what if what’s actually happening in that moment is Bellamy witnesses Clarke’s grief and Abby comforting her, and he’s thinking about Octavia and Lincoln and about the pain his sister went through and his feeling of having been responsible for it, and Kane’s look to him is about that.  So then maybe that parting line is sort of a callback to that and an acknowledgment between them that Kane knows Bellamy is still carrying that weight (disproportionately, tbh, since the narrative pinning guilt for Lincoln’s death on Bellamy alone is bananas) and “you turn the page and you don’t look back” is him saying he needs to leave that behind him.

Anyway, I think this show is complex enough that moments like this can be interpreted different ways by different people, and meta is not a right/wrong thing, it’s a personal opinion thing.  So no one should ever be giving real people hate over dialogue delivered by fictional people, but also be careful about telling anyone else their interpretation of any moment is “wrong” just because they see it differently than you do.  The fun part of this, for me, isn’t bickering over whose fave has the moral high ground, it’s about what makes different people read those moments so differently and how that shapes the way you view the story as it unfolds.

If Jamie and Claire (and assorted busybodies) could text: Other Wife edition (3x07)
  • {{Ian Sr has added you to the chat entitled 'Jamie Intervention’}}
  • Jamie: SUBTLE, Ian
  • Ian Sr: whoops meant to change that
  • Jamie: also
  • Ian Sr: Hear me out, brother
  • Jamie: I'll be unadding myself, thank ye kindly
  • Fergus: Milord, wait, you must listen to reason
  • Jamie: I've no need of your meddling
  • Yi Tien Cho: I think you shall find that you do.
  • Jamie: Christ, who else is in this mob???
  • Jamie: Dinna answer that I dinna want to know and it doesna matter because I'm going
  • Jamie: Good day to ye all
  • {{This chat is locked. You cannot be removed without administrator approval}}
  • Jamie: oh for brides fucking sake
  • Ian Sr: got wee Ian to help me
  • Ian Sr: he’s a useful lad to have about if that wee bit aggravating
  • Jamie: oh aye, I’m feeling the aggravation ACUTELY just in that moment
  • Jamie: though it appears to RUN.IN.THE.FAMILY.
  • Fergus: milord, you truly must face facts
  • Fergus: you owe Milady the truth at once
  • Jamie: in my own time.
  • Jamie: I’ve got a plan, and
  • Yi Tien Cho: with respect, what you have is a collection of straws, and your plan is to grasp at them
  • Young Ian: BURNNNNNN
  • Jamie: there's the wee rat
  • Jamie: and dinna say that word to me after what ye did to my shop last night
  • Ian Sr: Jamie. ye HAVE to tell claire the truth immediately
  • Jamie: I dinna have to do any such thing
  • Yi Tien Cho: I have not previously known you to be a shortsighted man, James, but in this instance, you have tarred yourself with the stupid brush.
  • Jamie: this isna any of your
  • Fergus: Milord, it's a problem for EVERYONE if your wives kill one another or you when they find out.
  • Fergus: It's a powderkeg waiting to explode
  • Ian Sr: too right, Fergus, my lad.
  • Ian Sr: Jamie, SURELY ye ken the truth of all this???
  • Ian Sr: you're a wise man, and so to see ye turning a blindeye to this catastrophe is
  • Jamie: I appreciate all the kind concern for my marriage
  • Ian Sr: *marriageS
  • Wee Ian: *marriageS
  • Yi Tien Cho: *marriageS
  • Fergus: *marriageSSSSSSSSS milord
  • Wee Ian: Ye got two!!!
  • Jamie: I am well the fuck aware, you lot
  • Jamie: and for the LAST SWIVING TIME
  • Jamie: I
  • Jamie: HAVE
  • Jamie: IT
  • Jamie: IN
  • Jamie: HAND
  • Wee Ian: But uncle
  • Jamie: THE PLAN IS IN PLACE!!!!So will ye leave me be?
  • Ian Sr: PLan, aye?
  • Ian Sr: WHICH IS????
  • ......
  • Jamie: waitandseehowthingsplayout
  • Yi Tien Cho: lol @ the notion that you were once entrusted with armies
  • Jamie: SHUT IT, you
  • Ian Sr: He's not wrong, jamie.
  • Wee Ian: Uncle, ye owe it to Auntie Claire to tell her.
  • Wee Ian: come on, just tell her
  • Fergus: He's right,milord. It is well past time.
  • .....
  • Jamie: fine
  • Ian Sr: OH THANK GOD
  • Fergus: you are doing the right thing, Milord.
  • Yi Tien Cho: I retract 20% of my aspersions
  • Jamie: now...
  • Jamie: will ye all SHOVE OFF SO I CAN THINK?
  • Ian Sr: Oh, aye, to be sure.
  • Fergus: bien sûr, milord
  • Jamie: much obliged. have a wretched day, all of ye
  • Ian Sr: Oh, before ye go, Jamie
  • Jamie: what
  • Ian Sr: Ian, son, text your uncle the screenshot
  • Jamie: screenshot of what?
  • Yi Tien Cho: of the message he will be sending Honorable First Wife in 20 minutes, telling her everything, if you have not confessed all by then.
  • Wee Ian: *TOTALLY* WOULD, UNCLE!!!
  • Wee Ian: HERE IT IS!!!
  • Jamie: alright alright alright alright for bride's sake dinna send it !!!!
  • Fergus: then .....CHOP CHOP, milord
  • Jamie: just texted her to meet me.
  • Jamie: see? screenshot proof
  • YI Tien Cho: very good.
  • Jamie: may you all be damned to hell for meddlesome old crones
  • Ian Sr: aye, well, you'll thank us later
  • Ian Sr: tis better than what Jenny would have done, aye?
  • Jamie: oh christ shityes
  • Jamie: genuinely, thank you. dodged a bullet there.
  • Fergus: literally. second wife is a shockingly good shot. y i k e s
  • Jamie: how on earth do ye ken that?
  • Fergus: don't worry about it. she's just picky about sons in law