good on you

Guess what. 

Ok, so this is actually a fanart for the amazing and thrilling fanfiction Wicked Games by caelestisxyz (….that always makes me hold my breath and want more!! y’ w ‘y

If you love haikyuu!!, omega verse, yakuza AUs, action, fluff, suspense and…actually everything good in a story, check it out!!  


i get a lot of ideas shared in my inbox, and this was one i had to make real as soon as physically possible! 

i’m feeling like this is a universe where bridgette and felix never meet out of costume, and then keep hoping to find each other once their miraculous duties are over and their powers are gone. they finally meet on the stairs of montmartre, all because bri kept those ribbons in her hair just like ladybug… 

I used to hate sleep, just because that meant less time with you. But now that you are gone, all I wanna do is sleep. Because the only time I get to see you now is in my dreams.