good on phonetics!

Seriously, this is the tiniest thing.

Like, a very small concern. A minuscule nitpick.

But folks, it’s Len, not Leo.

Here’s why:

Bones is a man of the deep south. I grew up in Arkansas. I can say it. People with southern accents are lazy speakers.

Put down the pitchforks, and hear me out.

We don’t like to enunciate. We don’t like syllables. 

I’ll give you an example.


Ladies and gentlemen, when I was first exposed to the term, “y’all’d’ve,” I did not understand. 

In fact, I’m not ashamed. I had to google it.

I immediately laughed so hard.

Because where I’m from, we don’t say, “Y’all’d’ve.”

It’s, “Y’all’da.”

As in, “Y’all woulda.”

There’s no V sound. 

In fact, the idea of a V sound at the end of “you all would have” was so foreign to me that I did not even recognize it was a thing. 

Which brings me back to “Len.”

Ask anybody south of the Mason Dixon to say, “Leonard.”

I’d bet good money that, phonetically, what comes out is “Len-ard.” 


Leonard is two syllables (as I pronounce it - I’m sure some will disagree). Leo is two syllables. Len is the phonetic diminutive of Leonard (as the McCoy family likely pronounces it). Len is only one syllable. 

Lazy speakers, remember? 

In other words, what’s the point of a nickname that’s not any easier to spit out?

For the record, I absolutely love the name Leo. I think it’s adorable. It’s quirky and masculine. It’s a great name, and a great nickname. It’s just not Leonard McCoy’s.

I’ll admit, I have a little bit (little bit) easier time imagining Leo as a nickname for AOS Bones. That’s probably because I find it impossible to divorce De from the image of the quintessential “southern boy.” Not sure if it’s the cadence of his speech, or the way he says nuclear as “nucular,” or if it’s just because he’s the original, but De is Bones, Bones is Len

Like I said, it’s the tiniest of nitpicks. I love a Leo fic as much as I love a Len fic. 

But to me, he’s Len. 


i’ve been playing a fuckton of skyrim lately. basje’s sneak levels are ridiculous bc he’d rather spend 20min sneaking around someone than have to–god forbid–talk to them. he somehow became guildmaster of the thieves’ guild; i think they mistook his nervous silence for a cool, mysterious demeanor. he’s got anxiety, brynjolf

When naming your BBEGs, make sure to consider, not just how a word sounds and feels for your players to hear, but how it tastes on their lips.

Certain words and sounds will taste more imposing or sinister than they sound; S sounds, for example, always taste very sinister and unsettling when you say them due to the hissing and the classical linking of snakes and treachery.

Also, sharp consonants give a sense of harshness to the villain’s speech, like they don’t give a shit about the party and have a rather short temper.

A good example of the taste of a word compared to the sound, feel, and look is as follows:


Read that word in your head. Now have someone say that word to you in the most threatening tone you can handle them using.

Now say it aloud in the most threatening tone you can muster.

Tastes powerful, doesn’t it? Makes you feel intense. Bear that in mind for naming baddies; pay good mind to the phonetics and the effect they have on the mind and souls of your players.

Good things about duel links: Getting Kaiba into duels with 10 year old girls who obviously don’t give a shit, and watching him laugh manically and get really enthusiastic and insulting like he’s got something to prove.

Bad things about duel links: jfc, there’s a special place in hell for whoever in Konami keeps deciding it’s a good idea to phonetically spell out Joey’s accent.

gems from my linguistics group
  • - "german is such an ugly language like they always sound so angry ??"
  • - "when we learned in class that there were tones i didn't believe it im just !!!!! is mandarin the only language with tones???"
  • - *I suggest that documenting endangered languages is a good application of phonetics* "ah yes, a good example of an endangered language is old English I would assume?"
  • - "apparently it's only in japanese where they make this weird throat sound to show agreement (I think she meant うん) and that to me is insaneeeee I can't even fathom how crazy that is" (she is forgetting that we have mhm or uh-huh in English which is not so drastically different from うん)
  • - "all british people trill their r's right?"
  • - *unable to come up with languages other than French, Italian, Japanese, English, Mandarin and Old English (????????)*

anonymous asked:

How the fuck do you pronounce CYaRON it has literally been a year since theyve announced these mini idol units and i have yet to find out how you pronounce it Like is it see ya ron???? What?????

It’s sorta like… Sha-rohn (I’m not really good at spelling things phonetically)

You can hear the seiyuus say it here (CYaRon is about 30 seconds in).

-Admin Maki