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So I open my bathroom door still somewhat undressed and this whiny baby jumps up on the sink, slaps my arm and meows like the most demanding little devil FEED ME FEED ME and I’m like “it’s not your dinnertime, bro” but does he speak english? No, so I pucker my lips and he headbutts my mouth for a forehead kiss.


kookmin during christmas and new year’s~~❄️🎄❄️🎄❄️🎄

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i’ve had literally 0 inspo but i’ve been really feelin that tomedd vibe ok…

Trying my hand at my favorite elf wizard. Based off of designs I’ve seen around (especially @insertdisc5‘s recent design), and in my own style in the bottom right.

Also plz no more suffering, ty in advance griffin

Very professional revenge for unprofessional behavior.

As humans often do, I became tired one day at work. I decided to use one of my 15 minute paid breaks to take a nap at my desk. One of my coworkers, who I have not only never wronged but never really had a conversation with prior to this, posted incredibly unflattering photos of me sleeping on Facebook all captioned by him with insults to my character and appearance. So, I got to wake up to a bunch of comments from people I’ve never met about how I’m a lazy, special-snowflake, millennial who looks like she used to be a man. That was super fun. What was even more fun was the fact that he’s firmly planted in the Good Ol’ Boys Club, which makes him bulletproof. The manager agreed that it wasn’t professional, but the poor man was suddenly and inexplicably stripped of his ability to do anything about it by those jerks in corporate.

I decided to do my poor manager a favor and take the responsibility off his hands. I sent all the screenshots I took to HR. They can’t fire my jerk coworker, but there are fates worse than firing. He is now currently becoming more and more annoyed by the mandatory harassment training he has to do. I can see him watching it at his desk, making annoyed comments to anyone who walks by and generally looking like he wants to shoot himself. I’m having a very good day today.

The kicker to all of this? I’ve been keeping track of all the 2 and 3-hour paid lunches that Mister Champion of the Company takes. To loosely quote the same man in his hilarious Facebook tirades against me, “How dare someone steal company time like this. What’s wrong with people?” I’ll be sending all of that to HR, plus some recordings of his racist/sexist tirades, when I leave in a week or two. I have interviews lined up, all for better paying jobs with lesser commutes.

Sayonara, shitty company, you gave me the experience and the resume boost to ditch you like the sack of crap you are.


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“The Senate is often considered a club. It used to be considered a club of ‘good ol' boys.’ But, fortunately, our nation has elected a lot of women to the Senate. They have a tendency to support their own. I would urge people — and not just the senators — to keep an open mind and look at the facts about his record. Make a decision on whether you think that somebody with that track record deserves to be in charge of the civil rights division of the United States Department of Justice. In the era that we're in now, when there's front-page news almost daily about racial justice issues and law enforcement, do we really want someone with a track record that is anti-civil rights?”

— Gerry Hebert, civil rights lawyer, on Jeff Sessions. Does speaking out against racism work? Ask the man who took down Jeff Sessions.

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Dating Enoch O’Connor would include:

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Not requested I’m just really trash for good ol’ baby boy Enoch:

- Him being really awkward around you at first

- Miss Peregrine and Horace / Millard / Emma briefly discussing how happy you two are with each other

- Really awkward but really cute hand holding

- In fact he REALLY likes holding your hand, and finds himself grabbing it several times throughout the day, even for short periods of time

- Him being really hostile around Jacob if he gets too close to you

- “You know she’s mine, right?”

- If you played an instrument, he probably loved listening to you play it.

- Sometimes you two walking to each others rooms in the dead of the night because you’re ‘cold’ or ‘can’t sleep’

- Cute little kisses throughout the day 

- All the others being happy that Enoch was happy (but mostly they were happy that he wasn’t so rude to them when you were around)

- Him rigging his homunculi to bring you flowers while you read in the library

- c u d d l e s

- Him being incredibly overprotective of you

- No but seriously ^^

- “Y/N are you okay you have a scratch.” “Enoch It’s just a scratch.” “But you could be dying.” “Enoch I’m fine.”

- If you have a mental illness he drops anything to help you when it gets hard to deal with

- Helping with his homunculi

- “You’re so beautiful.”

I’ll probably make another one of these cause I really liked making this.

Re-remember that time in Bogotá with the- with that hippo?

Yeah? Sorta hard to forget that. Rick wha-

Good cause this is aa-about to be like that… but with more explosions.


Silly boys🙈💙
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