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George Harrison speaking German
George Harrison

George Harrison accepting, in German, a Bravo Otto Award on behalf of The Beatles, included with the magazine Bravo in its 21 March 1966 issue.

In German:

“Hallo liebe Bravo-Freunde, hier spricht George Harrison. Wir Beatles haben uns alle sehr gefreut, dass ihr uns zur beliebtesten Beat-Gruppe gewählt habt. Wir sind sehr stolz auf unseren Bravo-Otto und dass wir in Deutschland so viele Freunde haben. Besonders, weil wir haben so viele schöne Erinnerungen an ‘good old Germany.’
John, Paul und Ringo haben mich gebeten, euch in ihrem Namen zu sagen: Thank you very, very much, von ganzem Herzen Dankeschön. Und alles Gute allen unseren Fans und besonders allen Bravo-Lesern.
Euer George Harrison”

English translation:

“Hello dear Bravo friends, George Harrison speaking. Us Beatles were all very pleased that you voted for us as your favorite beat group. We are very proud of our Bravo Otto and that we have so many friends in Germany. Especially because we have so many nice memories of good old Germany.
John, Paul and Ringo asked me to tell you on their behalf: thank you very, very much, thank you wholeheartedly. And all the best to all our fans and especially all Bravo readers.
Yours, George Harrison”

my dad just came into my room and told me he’s now 100% in favor of ehe für alle / gay marriage. he said he wasn’t against it before but he now watched a documentary kind of thing about it and it convinced him how necessary it is, and adoption rights too.
it’s sad that me telling him that it’s important and why wasn’t enough, but it means so much to me that hes supportive. Wish the rest of my fam was like that

If we want a strong Germany, you must one day be strong, too. If we want a powerful Germany, you, too, must one day be powerful. If we want an honourable Germany, you must one day uphold this honour. If we want order in Germany, you must maintain this order. If we want to once again create a loyal Germany, you yourselves must learn to be loyal. You are the Germany of the future, and thus we want you to be what this Germany of the future must and will be. Therefore you must also avoid anything which impressed the stamp of dishonor upon the Germany of the past. You must cultivate the spirit of the great community. The German Volksgemeinschaft is anchored in you. For many centuries, people longed for what has become reality today. The nation expects you to be worthy of this great age. Above all, that is what this old, good Germany expects, a Germany which once made incalculable sacrifices for the Reich and the nation. Above all, this is what the great representative of this Germany of old, who has today become the benefactor and patron of our Volk, expects. Therefore let us greet the man who, for us, personifies three generations and in whom we see a symbol of the immortal life-force of the German Volk: to the German Volk, the German Reich, and our Reich President, Field Marshal von Hindenburg: Heil! Heil! Heil!

Speech delivered at a youth rally in Lustgarten, Berlin on May 1st, 1934 by Adolf Hitler, Führer and Chancellor.

Scott Update on Steam - Part 2

It’s the second part of this post ( please read if you haven’t yet ~ )

Hey guys, Chika here again and I wish you a great morning ! ☆
( It’s actually morning in good old germany, so, you can use it with good day / evening if this is your current daytime. //> )

Scott did a thing again, let us say he made a second part for his update on Steam and here we go:

The thing is, I want to believe him, I really do, because Scott has never let us down, even if he’s the master of sass, but the fact that he’s writing exactly what we wanted to hear, that’s ” not a troll, would I ever troll you guys? “ made it very suspicious. In the last post, “ the latest update on Steam “ I added a comment down below that we’re not sure anymore if this is a troll post or not. I also said his family is a very sensitive topic for him, but there are also some points which doesn’t make sense for him. Like, he want to gave it up and work on other games, which needs the same mount of afford as “ FNaF 6 “. Also, do you guys realise that one of both teaser has change again? His credits, all the informations where you can find him, are gone and the image’s title is “ interrupted “. Like, if FNaF 6 is a sequel to Sister Location, Baby has interrupted him and tries to take over. Just like in FNaF World. With desk man. And the other teaser on is Baby, who reminds us that she’s there, she’s still here and she’s watching us. I know, Baby is just an Animatronic, but that would be a whole new level of announcement for his new game, if his posts are really trolls and we’ve actually a change to get this sequel. 

Even Dawko made a comment under this discussion thread from FNaF reddit:

I’m glad that he thinks about it like this, because yet we can’t say if this is real or not and his second part made it not better. And, sorry for making you mad Dawko, but you must admit, if you were just a fan of this series and your favorite YouTuber act like this, you’d be sceptical too. :) So, no hate, we love you and all of your fans does too ♥

So, that’s all for now, hope you liked it and take care ! ♥

okay kids listen up - your German aunt Natalie (dat me) is gonna tell you about that beetle

* yes I mean that blue fucking beetle in the masterpiece “Captain America - The First Avenger That Had To Go And Kiss Sharon What The Heck Steve”

* I’m telling you this cause I drive that lil piece of shit car through good old Germany every day and it’s not fun okay

* first of all it’s a “Käfer” not a beetle if I gotta hear one more German say biiitel in that “what is English” voice I’m gonna

* so yeah that car? No. Why. Steve wHY

* it’s Steve Sam and Bucky Baby right? Right. Let me tell you these three men are SUFFERING

* Bucky? Just forget about him. Lost the feeling in his legs two hours ago, hits his head on the roof every time (every. time.) there’s a bump in the road THIS MAN HAS HURT ENOUGH GODDAMNIT

* no for real the backseats weren’t built for humans let alone the motherfucking winter soldier

* Stevie and Sam darling can’t be more comfy either like shit this car is TINY

* that stuff Sharon “let’s touch lips” Carter got you there? Good luck getting that in the trunk. TheTrunk™ that’s apparently built for one single egg-shaped thing. No one knows what that thing is. Everything that is NOT that thing won’t fit

* It just. Doesn’t fit. :)

* THE GEARSHIFT OKAY like “let’s escape?” - NO how bout no cause the gearshift is stuck sorry Steve you wanted to what? Drive?? Backwards???? Nah man. This thing is stuck into the next century and you better not use your super soldier mojo like the only thing you’ll manage is to break the handle clean off


* trust me. Boiling heat. They started building real air condition after that car thanks VW

* did I mention that? It’s not fast?? Like? At all?? Like? You wanna drive on a fucking highway for more than 5 minutes with some kinda decent speed and this thing will need a day nap after. Let’s remember they’re literally escaping from iron man lol


* at least it has a fuckin flower vase next to the fucking steering wheel cheers Steve Rogers good luck with that you iDIO T


Hi everyone! In the mids of all these cruel beautiful updates , and ngozi basically going on a killing spree, i thought i would reintroduce myself as a person!

Basically, this is me, the face behind this blog! A demigirl and pansexual human being named Alexa, living in good old germany!

If pol would like to talk, hit me up! I loooove being in contact with mutuals and getting asks :)!