good night. sleep tight. young lovers


I got some Eureka Seven merch recently. One is a promotional poster for Hi-Evolution, one is the Pachinko Machine Artbook, and the last is a Good Night, Sleep Tight Young Lovers Artbook. 

I got them all off of Ebay just browsing for stuff and said eh, ¿por qué no?
Eureka Seven Pocket Full Of Rainbows Soundtrack #20 by LUNA - Listen to music

Submission by @xinjust :In honor of the new movies we’re getting I thought I would share my favourite track from the first Eureka seveN movie. I never thought I would get to say that there was a first movie instead of our only movie. ;_;


A couple months ago, justlikeswitchblades asked me about uploading the entirety of my E7 collection. I had some time today so I rummaged around, got it gathered together and took pictures! 

One of the items not included in this photoset is a mech figure of Ray’s red Spearhead which I bought recently, but I’m just waiting for it in the mail.

Under the cut is a full list of the items in this photoset.

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Quick reminder that alongside E7 turning 10 this April, its movie Pocket Full of Rainbows/Good Night Sleep Tight Young Lovers will be 6 years old, and AO will be 3 years old!

Eureka seveN: April 17 2005

Eureka seveN AO: April 13 2012

Pocket Full of Rainbows/Good Night Sleep Tight Young Lovers: April 25 2009


So it kind of makes me sad how many people actually disliked/hated the Eureka Seven movie, but are fans of the series. A lot of people expected it to be a continuation of the series I guess, and making the movie an alternate universe would probably throw some people off. However, it was so well made. I loved it. I was thrown off for like 2 seconds and was then like “oh hey, alternate universe. Awesome!”. I also loved how they re-used some scenes but altered them to fit with the story. And lastly, the bloopers were hilarious. I guess this is probably just because Eureka Seven is my favorite anime of all time and it will never change, but I loved Eureka Seven, the movie, I’ll love AO, I’ll love the alternate ending to E7 (even though I hear it’s reaaaallly sad), and I even love the manga. Idk, just wanted to express my love for Eureka Seven xD