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The Beating of our Hearts is the only Sound - An Olicity short story

So a few months ago phieingelaere and I were dancing at a convention and as the Tiffany'song ‘I think we’re alone now came up she yelled at me, 'I want you to write an Olicity ic on that song’. (She’s crazy but she’s awesome so it’s ok :)

Here’s what the muse (finally) came up with. Hope you like, it Soph :)

Word count : 1204

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I think we’re alone now

There doesn’t seem to be anyone around

“Grandpa, are you ok?”

Oliver’s eyes are diverted from Felicity’s picture and come rest on his grand-daughter.

With her blue eyes, little blond ponytail and pink glasses Meghan is the spitting image of her late grandma. Oliver presses an affectionate kiss on her forehead.

“Of course. Don’t worry, princess.”

She nods and go back to her dolls. Oliver’s eyes are drawn to the picture again and he grins.


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