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Of all the things a man may do, sleep probably contributes most to keeping him sane. It puts brackets about each day. If you do something foolish or painful today, you get irritated if somebody mentions it, today. If it happened yesterday, though, you can nod or chuckle, as the case may be. You’ve crossed through nothingness or dream to another island in Time.
—  Roger Zelazny

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Saviors, 33? c:

She leans down a little, meets your eyes and you get why people flinch when you do that all of a sudden.  You don’t want to look at her.  “…you got nothing from him but his powers,” she says, all gentle, and pats your face and it makes you happy at the same time as it hurts all deep down to the core of you.  

  • lavellan teaching solas the songs of her clan: her voice is bright, even when it falters and the tune changes to the lilt of laughter. each time she sings with him, his voice grows stronger.

  • lavellan showing solas the particular way she bends the veil to augment her casting: his eyes light up with the simple genius of it, her hands guiding his through the careful motions.

  • lavellan helping solas groom his hart: the beast is skittish around him - prancing away at every touch - as if a wolf is in the stables. it calms when lavellan shows solas the way to approach the animal openly, with warmth and a piece of fruit.

  • lavellan guiding solas through kisses on the balcony: she slows him down, instructing him in the way to nibble her ear, brush her collarbone just so, press his lips with gentleness instead of devouring. they have all the time in the world for little tastes.

Here it finally is! After 6 months of hard work I finally have this story ready to post!

- This story is about a dream within a flashback making it hard to follow.
-Most dream stories are 5-6 pages long but my source was only able to find 4 pages so there might be pages missing. The page breaks are indicated by “-” between the paragraphs.

I really did try my hardest on it so I hope you will enjoy it!

Goodnight Sweet Dreams Dear - Hanji Zoe
Translation by Yoshida Eri.

"…. Hey, what the hell were you doing during the experiment this morning?"
Levi was talking about the experiment he had assisted with, Moblit was on hand to observe & collect the data.

"All right, today we will be seeing if titans are interested in any food other than human beings. I have prepared 30 food items to test in this experiment"

"Oh…. Well, I just had strange dream. Okay, let’s proceed. Moblit please bring out the food items"

Hanji shook off the rest of the dream, and turns around to face the test subject Titan, secured by ropes and stakes.

"Look…. It’s a boiled squash….. As big as a human…. Try it….."

The vegetable, attached to the end of a stick, was brought in front of the Titan’s mouth. But like in the dream, the Titan did not show any reaction at all.

"Oi, you’re getting too close ……"


Without thinking, Hanji gradually walked closed but was suddenly dragged backwards.
Instead of the vegetable, the Titan tried to bite Hanji’s head.


Moblit looks at the list calmly despite being concerned for his superior officer.

"Above all, Squad Leader,you really should get some more rest…… or else an accident seems likely to occur"

"…….. Uh-huh"

Thinking about it, Hanji had barely slept at all the past few days. Hanji stretched herself and slowly turned her back to the Titan.

"Hey, Levi"


"From what I have observed, I can’t help but wonder if it was merely a dream. Do they really want to eat human beings"

Interrupting the experiment, Levi ordered the subordinates to withdraw, and took a moment to cast a sullen glance to the side.

"Even if that is a possibility, it can’t make you hesitate in your research. You need to find that answer yourself. "
Hanji is at a loss for words, and then nods quietly.
"Aah…… You’re right"

"I don’t want to eat, Hanji"


A special tent was build for biological survey of the captured Titan, Hanji had become tired and gave into her assistant’s strong recommendation of a nap.

"Is something wrong? You look pale"
"……. I had a dream Moblit"
Lowering the goggles that had been pushed up, Hanji scratched her head.
——- In the dream, Hanji was in front of the Titan.


"…… Wake up Shitty Glasses! Do you want to be eaten!"
Suddenly feeling the sensation of a slap to the back of the head, Hanji awoke.
" ( It was a daydream ) "

In a moment of absent mindedness, Hanji was near an area where the Titan was tied up but was apparently about to become the prey again.

"Sorry about that. Let’s continue with the experiment"
"No, all the food items that were prepared are completed"