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Midas, who turns everything he touches to gold, is the King of France,
And like many kings before him, he has some illegitimate children all over the country.

One of them he doesn’t care about is called Enjolras, who happens to have inherited a curse as bad as his father’s;
The poor boy breaks everything he touches.
Gifts shatter between his hands, flowers decay, animals fall sick, people sometimes fall sick too, and sometimes everything goes horribly wrong for them.
Anyone who gravitates around him see their lives turn into the worst, and Enjolras feels so bad going around breaking the things he likes and hurting the ones he loves.

But the boy’s words are pure gold, everything he says is a wonder;
When he speaks the Sun enters the room, and warmth and light enters people’s soul.
He is nevertheless firmly decided on not touching anyone ever,
But come the day he meets Grantaire and he falls for the man, not because he was so broken that it was hardly believable that he could break him any further, but because he felt that last sparkle of hope;
And with his words, Enjolras rekindled Grantaire’s flame.

But Grantaire’s flame is not the only thing that had sparkle under Enjolras’ words.
Revolution fired as well and barricades were raised to keep enemies and fate away,
But curses know little about barricades and even less about hope,
Destiny is not one that can be turned around with actions,
And even the light cannot ignore fate’s shadow,
So he fell,
And so did anyone
Who had once been touched by the Sun.

We Primary Three

Amy was sunshine. She was warmth, happiness, the light at the end of the tunnel. Joy in the midst of despair, the smell of fresh air after a storm, refreshment from a good night’s sleep. Amy was an optimist through times of need; She honored every promise, was loyal until the end, and brought a sense of clarity to wherever she went. Amy was yellow.

Mark was vigor. He was strength, passion, the leader of the group. Love in the midst of hatred. Romance and joy swirling together to create courage and lust. Mark was determined, driven by willpower and desire. Mark was radiant and impulsive yet sensitive and lustful. Mark was there to help you up. He was there to help you fight back when the world knocked you down. Mark was red.

Ethan was calm. He was open space, freedom, imagination. Sensitivity and trust blooming with sincerity and wisdom. Ethan was true blue; intelligent, significant, and gentle. Ethan was the sky: vast and magnificent, home to many complexities. Ethan was the sea: deep, mysterious, unexplored, and home to many intriguing secrets. Ethan was the feeling of peace after panic, a deep breath of air, falling into bed after a long day. Ethan was soft, careful, and loving. Ethan was blue.

When these three came together they were inseparable. They turned others green with envy, they were the oranges in the sky at sundown, they were the richness of purple. When these three came together, nothing could stop them. They created everything as far as their eyes could see, never stopping or slowing down.

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Amy was bored.  She was alone in the apartment while she waited for Sheldon to come home. She didn’t want to do any of her normal activities because if she got sucked in, she wouldn’t want to take him to the train store when he got back.  Instead of getting pulled into one of her novels, she decided to leaf through one of the comic books on his beside table.

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Space Wives for the meme.


I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who sent me
birthday wishes tonight, and to let you guys know that I’ll
be replying to each and every one of them over the next
24 hours. I don’t want to flood the dash all at once, and you
all deserve individual attention for your thoughtfulness and
kindness. I love you guys to death, you are all amazing and
I’m so grateful to have you all in my life. THANK YOU
. <3

Guys a Joly + Jehan flat would literally just be the most incredible place.


healing crystals and tapestries and beaded curtains
Tiny cute statues of animals that Joly has collected that look like they live in the jungle of plants
Soft but still colourful
Self help quotes on the wall
So many fluffy blankets and pillows
Post it notes with little spells from jehan to heal and grow
Pots of medicine hand labelled by Joly
An alphabetised collection of tea

Just a flat that is always open to their friends when they are feeling down.

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Its 1 am im watching thor the dark world. And nearly started crying over how beautiful Amy is.. Shes so beautiful and amazing and Mark is also very beautiful and has the cutest smile.. Okay im done being weird have a good day or night 👽✌🏼️

Amy is a goddess and I love her

why I can't count "The Day of The Doctor" as canon, explained with temporal mechanics

1. The Principle of Infinite Temporal Flux states that all of Time is constantly in motion, allowing for changes in the past to radically change the future.

2. The Principle of the Fixed Point in Time states that there are Fixed Points which, if changed, they will cause cataclysmic damage to the future and the fabric of reality itself.

3. Time is made up of particles called chronons.

3a. Time travel results in time travellers having artron energy in higher amounts than their species usually has artron energy.

4. The Principle of the Blinovitch Limitation Effect states two things: (a) that a time traveller cannot redo anything he/she/xe has already done and (b) a dangerous energy discharge will result if two temporal versions of the same person come into contact.

4a. This energy discharge is most likely related to the unbalanced amounts of artron energy in the two different temporal versions.

5. Because the regulatory force of the watchful Time Lords was gone, paradox monsters known as Reapers destroy anything contained within the radius of the paradox.

Once the Doctor left the point in the timeline where he puts Gallifrey in a Time Lock, he locked that event into place because you don’t get a redo (4). The changes have taken effect and cannot be changed by the same time traveller once you’ve “locked” them in (4). Change to the Time War’s end is cataclysmic (2), impossible (4), and would kill all of the Doctors (4) with an explosion of artron energy. And then the Reapers would show up and destroy everything else (5).

Other unnoticed violations of the Blinovitch Limitation Effect include Martha’s offhand comment about seeing the moon landing 4 times (“Blink”, Series 3, written by Moffat); the short Good Night” had Amy Pond giving her younger self an ice cream cone (written by Moffat); similarly, the shorts “Space” and “Time” feature no ill effects when Rory, Amy, and the Doctor come into contact with Rory, Amy, and the Doctor (written by Moffat). The last of these could be explained by the fact that it took place in the TARDIS, which apparently can sustain paradoxes.