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Story time y'all

Midas, who turns everything he touches to gold, is the King of France,
And like many kings before him, he has some illegitimate children all over the country.

One of them he doesn’t care about is called Enjolras, who happens to have inherited a curse as bad as his father’s;
The poor boy breaks everything he touches.
Gifts shatter between his hands, flowers decay, animals fall sick, people sometimes fall sick too, and sometimes everything goes horribly wrong for them.
Anyone who gravitates around him see their lives turn into the worst, and Enjolras feels so bad going around breaking the things he likes and hurting the ones he loves.

But the boy’s words are pure gold, everything he says is a wonder;
When he speaks the Sun enters the room, and warmth and light enters people’s soul.
He is nevertheless firmly decided on not touching anyone ever,
But come the day he meets Grantaire and he falls for the man, not because he was so broken that it was hardly believable that he could break him any further, but because he felt that last sparkle of hope;
And with his words, Enjolras rekindled Grantaire’s flame.

But Grantaire’s flame is not the only thing that had sparkle under Enjolras’ words.
Revolution fired as well and barricades were raised to keep enemies and fate away,
But curses know little about barricades and even less about hope,
Destiny is not one that can be turned around with actions,
And even the light cannot ignore fate’s shadow,
So he fell,
And so did anyone
Who had once been touched by the Sun.

Guys a Joly + Jehan flat would literally just be the most incredible place.


healing crystals and tapestries and beaded curtains
Tiny cute statues of animals that Joly has collected that look like they live in the jungle of plants
Soft but still colourful
Self help quotes on the wall
So many fluffy blankets and pillows
Post it notes with little spells from jehan to heal and grow
Pots of medicine hand labelled by Joly
An alphabetised collection of tea

Just a flat that is always open to their friends when they are feeling down.

Anonymous suggested:  Hi NFG, I still can’t get over the first night of Shamy cohabitation, so would be interested in writing the opposite, like what would happen if Amy was tossing and turning in her sleep and Sheldon tried to cuddle her?The end is of your choice.

“Good night,” Sheldon said to his girlfriend as he climbed into bed with her.  They had slept in proximity to each other before.  She had slept on his floor when they had their sleep over.  Plus they shared a room at that cabin.  And he stayed in Amy’s bed when they had coitus.  This was going to be a piece of cake, and Sheldon was going to prove once and for all that he was a stellar example of a real human being capable of a real human relationship.  If Leonard could marry Penny, Sheldon knew he would have no real problems sharing a bed with his girlfriend for five weeks.

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And your love is anemic, and I can’t believe
That you couldn’t see it coming for me

He is my hairy dancer child and I loVE HIM

A few days ago I woke up but I didn’t feel like studying history of melodrama for the exam, so I stayed in bed another hour.

While I was staying in bed I had a flash. Here is the result of that idea: another Grantaire x Enjolras drawing. I imagined one of the first nights that Enjolras and Grantaire could spend together, a night spent talking and sleeping: nothing more. -^.^-