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A Night Out

Cho Chang was sipping her Martini in the corner of the café. “I love this place. Never thought I’d say this but Blaise Zabini made a fantastic and much needed safe space. It has a much better vibe than most wizarding pubs.”

Though ‘The Liar’ had more muggle than magical customers, the concealment charms were done so well witches and wizard could walk and talk freely without any risk of exposure. There was even an enchantment in place to notify magical folk if someone knew about the wizarding world or not, making it a lot easier to flirt without falling on your face, which was useful since this was the only place in Britain where queer witches and wizards could try to court muggles or each other without the risk of being outed.

If you didn’t have someone’s permission to mention they were queer to people outside of the pub, then you couldn’t bring it up. It was physically impossible, a trick Draco Malfoy had learned during his career as death eater. Every time he woke up because of a nightmare, bathing in cold sweat, he thought about how he’d used his teenage mistakes to create a safe place for lgbt people like him with one of Voldemort’s favorite spells, and then he could relax again.

“I agree. In most pubs everyone keeps looking at me like ‘Oh, there’s the bitch that abandoned our saviour, how dare she show her face in public.’ Like, have they ever even thought that there might have been a reason I left Harry that wasn’t self-centered and awful?” Ginny took a sip of her wiskey. Since she’d become a mom free nights like this had become way to sparse for her liking, so she made good use of them when the opportunity presented itself.

Cho nodded in agreement. “Last week I was at the leaky cauldron, and some middle aged wizard actually came up to me, saying 'I’m so sorry for your loss, Cedric was a wonderful and gifted boy’, like, yes I miss him, but am I supposed to mourn about him 24/7? Am I not allowed to smile and be happy? It’s not that I don’t care about his death but it’s been fifteen years! I never opted to be the national face of mourning lovers!” She chucked back her drink and let out a frustrated sigh.

“Anyone need a refill?” Oh, if her mother could see her now. Molly would jump out of her skin.

“Evening Malfoy, haven’t seen you here in ages. And a vodka tonic since you’re asking.”

“Pans, get us some shots will you?” Malfoy sat down next to Ginny with a dramatic sigh.“That ex-husband of yours will be the death of me Weasley, I swear to Merlin.”

“Don’t offer drinks if you’re not getting them yourself, you idiot.” But Pansy went to fetch them anyway. She knew how tired and worn out Draco’s job made him, and his nights off were even more scarce than Ginny’s.

“Sorry love, tough day at work. Can’t be bothered.” He let his head rest on Ginny’s shoulder. Only three years ago they’d met for the first time since the war, but with both of them being recently divorced and queer in a homophobic society they had gotten over their differences quicker than expected.

“Not introducing me now, are we? How rude.” A tall blue haired woman in a tailored red suit approached their table.

“Ginny, Cho, meet Gabrielle. Gabrielle, meet Ginny and Cho. She’s the new Hogwarts nurse and a pain in the butt. Wouldn’t get too cozy with her.”

Ginny didn’t respond. The hair, the combat boots, the long row of piercings in her left ear, the suit. This was her. This was her dream girl. Damn.

The woman unapologetically moved first over Draco and then over Ginny, flopping down in the corner of the booth. Pansy came back with a tray full of vodka shots and began a rapid conversation in Chinese with Cho. Judging by the tone of her voice it was gossip.

Normally Ginny hated it when they locked her out of conversations like that, but the impression of the clad-in-red ass was too fresh in her memory, rendering her unable to think of anything but that. Anything but butt.

“Well Gin. Long time no see eh? Last time we met was at my sister’s wedding I think?” Ginny looked at her with new eyes. Of course. That Gabrielle. Gabrielle Delacour. She hadn’t recognized her since she now had short hair and a lean, mature body.

“Je crois que tu as réduit Ginny au silence, Gab. Félicitations, ça n'était jamais arrivé avant, même quand elle m'a vu avec Pansy dans un bar gay à Paris.” Noted Draco.

“Honnêtement, avec un corps pareil je me fiche pas mal de son silence.” Gabrielle let her eyes roam the redhead’s body for a bit, before downing her first shot and extending her hand.

“I believe new introductions are in order. It has been way too long since that wedding.” Stunned, Ginny shook her hand. There was a firm grip from both parties despite the fact that Ginny felt like she could die right there on the spot. She’d thought Fleur was beautiful, but the suit and bright blue hair dye of her sister made her feel things she’d never experienced before. Things she didn’t even know she could feel. Damn.

After another round of shots Ginny could still only listen to the woman sitting next to her, still a bit too dazed to form a full sentence. It was probably the veela blood in her veins. It had to be.

“While Ginny’s still searching for her tongue, I have to ask Draco, how exactly is Harry going to be the death of you?” Cho was usually the quieter one, but she’d downed a few drinks and could now almost outdo Pansy when it came to gossip. They were a good couple, Chang and Parkinson.

“How not is a better question. He came into my classroom three times before lunch, three times! I think even my least intelligent students are starting to notice how often their defence professor has potion related questions now. I even confiscated a betting list. Three sickels if 'Drarry’ becomes 'canon’ before the end of the year.” Draco stressed Drarry and canon with greatly exaggerated air bunnies. “I don’t even know what canon means, but if I guessed it right about half of my sixth years are going to lose some serious money if me and that idiot don’t snog before June.”

“Oh quit your whining Draco, it’s not like you don’t want 'Drarry’ to be 'canon’ or something.” Gabrielle grinned at him, looking way to smug for Draco’s liking.

He let out a deep sigh. Yes, of course he wanted to snog Potter senseless sometimes, but the messy haired man didn’t seem to grasp the seriousness of the situation. The school board already wasn’t happy with Draco as a head of House and potions professor, and turning the saviour into an unnatural, disgusting homofile could very well be the last nail in his coffin. Even if he was the only Slytherin teacher and the snakes would therefore be left without guidance if he was fired.

The needs of his students were much more important than his need to be loved. Need to be loved, ulgh. Since when did I become so sappy? Sappy for Potter of all people.

“I think Harry knows exactly what he’s doing. Or not exactly, obviously. I mean we’re still talking about Harry here, but he knows the complications of a possible relationship. He wants to use his fame for something good, something noble.” Ginny had found her tongue back, apparently. She’d also made quick use of the situation when Draco lifted his head off her shoulder by leaning into Gabrielle. Inch by inch they were drifting more towards each other, like slow working magnets.

So you’re saying he just wants to fuck me to make wizarding Britain less homophobic? Should’ve seen that one coming.”

“Draco! Don’t say stuff like that! If Harry is really going to use you I will personally knock him of his high horse and tell him he can’t treat people that way. But I won’t have to because he’s genuinely interested, and he doesn’t use people. That’s just not how he is. Get over it Malfoy, you just turned into a lovable person.” Ginny looked at him with fire in her eyes. Try to disagree with me and I will fight you, they seemed to say.

“Drarry? Is that how the kids are calling it these days?” Gabrielle snorted, removing the sudden serious atmosphere out of the conversation. “I’m sure I could think of a better couple name for the two of you.”

Draco muttered something that sounded like ‘This is exactly why I didn’t want to bring Gabrielle with me’, but other than that he responded by dropping his head on the table with a loud thud.

“Ah, look! He’s embarrassed!” Ginny upright laughed at him while slamming her hand on the table. Smooth as fuck Gabrielle “supported” Ginny’s laughter by putting an arm around her muscled waist.

“What about Malpot?”

“Or Potfoy!”

Suddenly Pansy grew serious. “Guys. Guys. Guys. Hear this. Harky.” Cho nearly choked on her drink.

“No, no, no, no, no. Listen. It should totally be Draky.”

“Aaaand…. I’m leaving.” Draco got to his feet and dramatically swung his cloak over his shoulder. “At least Harry and I have a ship name that sound better than Gabinny.”

“Oi! At least Ginny and I do more than awkwardly talk about potions.” Gabrielle put another arm around Ginny’s waist and pulled her on her lap. “Can’t say that about you two.”

“Can’t say what about who?”

Draco turned on the spot.

And was met with a pair of emerald green eyes.

Translation of the french lines (provided by the lovely @jk-destroyed-our-best-gay-ships ):

“I think you rendered Gin speechless Gab. Congratulations, that has never happened before, not even when she first saw pansy and me in that Gay club in Paris.”

“Well, with a body like that I sure don’t mind her silent to be honest”

This one shot is for @sappypotter because she was feeling down. Hope things get better soon!

Happy Birthday, Indeed

Hey, everyone, happy weekend! As promised, I’m back with another Ashton request; enjoy! This one won’t be posted to my masterlist until later, but it’ll make it eventually.

Request: can you do one of ashton where it’s his birthday and he’s on tour so y/n surprises him? // Cute, cute, cute idea! Hope you like it, anon.

Title: Happy Birthday, Indeed

Summary: It’s Ashton’s birthday and things are going well, but there’s just one thing (or person) that’s missing.

Words: 700+

Warnings: None

“—happy birthday to you!”

The voices of everyone in the stadium die out as the song comes to an end, and Ashton can’t stop smiling. Calum had decided that, in lieu of his friend’s birthday, everyone at the concert should sing to him.

“Wow,” Ashton joked from behind his drums, brushing hair out of his face as he grinned. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard something more beautiful.” The stadium erupted into cheers and he laughed, smiling at his friends.

“Well, unfortunately,” Michael began, and Ashton took that as his cue to hop down onto the stage, “all good things must come to an end. You guys killed it tonight!” More cheering.

“Thank you all for the birthday love. Have a good night, everyone!” Ashton called. Once again, the crowd went insane. The four of them waved as they exited the stage, but as soon as they were safely backstage, the grin dropped from Ashton’s face. He smiled poitely and thanked the crew as they congratulated them and wished him happy birthday, but he couldn’t bring himself to be genuine.

He knew it was his job to travel the world and play a different stage every night, but he couldn’t help feeling a bit dejected that he was so far away from you tonight. The two of you had videochatted earlier this morning, but it really just wasn’t the same. He had offered a few weeks ago to fly you out so that you could visit for the day, but you had shot down the idea after insisting that you had too much on your plate between university and work. He understood, of course. He just wished he could see you in person.

When they got to the lounge backstage, Ashton flopped onto the couch and took out his phone, intending to text you and tell you how the show went. Before he could, however, the lights went out. “What the fu—” he began, but before he could finish his sentence, Luke walked through the door with Calum, Michael, and the stage crew behind him. He held a small cake in his hands, lit up with candles, and the group began to sing. A few people had their phones out, recording the exchange.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy BIRTH-day dear Ashton…”

Rolling his eyes but smiling nonetheless, Ashton stood. “You guys suck,” he said over the singing. Luke held the cake out toward him and someone from the back shouted, “Make a wish!”

Pretending to be in thought, Ashton leaned forward and blew out the candles, causing the group to applaud.

“We all know what you wished for, mate,” Michael said with a grin.

“It’s not that tough to guess, I’m sure,” Ashton quipped back. Someone flicked the lights on.

“Well, since you’re just so predictable, we got you a pretty cool gift,” said Calum.

“Guys…” Ashton began, catching on to what was happening. “Guys, if you’re trying to get my hopes up I swear I will—”

Suddenly someone from the stage crew surged forward, taking off their baseball cap and lunging forward to throw their arms around him. “Happy birthday, baby,” said a familiar voice in his ear, and Ashton grinned because he knew that voice.

“You’re here!” he shouted excitedly. You backed up slightly to grin up at your boyfriend.

“Well, of course,” you replied. “I couldn’t be away from you on a day like this! What kind of relationship do you think this is?”

Ashton’s smile grew and he wrapped his arms around you tightly, lifting you up and spinning around. “I can’t believe it,” he said when he placed you back on the ground. “How did you…?”

“I had some help,” you told him, glancing over to his bandmates.

Ashton followed your line of vision to where his friends were all grinning proudly. “How the hell did you guys keep a secret for so long?” he asked. “Especially you?” he directed at Luke.

“We knew how important this was to you,” said Calum with a shrug. “Figured you’d like some surprise like this.”

“Well, you weren’t wrong,” Ashton said, draping an arm around your shoulders and smilng at you before leaning down for a kiss. Everyone in the room whooped and a few catcalls sounded. Somebody jokingly shouted at you two to watch the PDA, but Ashton didn’t care.

You broke the kiss and smiled up at him. “Happy birthday,” you told him again, and he kissed your forehead.

“Happy birthday, indeed.”



for anyone going to Diamond Edge NYC please listen up

we are the ONLY venue on the american leg that is ALL STANDING 

common sense would be NOT TO PUSH but of course there’s always that group of very excited fans who get a little too crazy in front of their favs and disregard the rules. terminal 5 will NOT HESITATE to SHUT THE CONCERT DOWN. at the dean concert in may one girl fainted and the show didn’t even start, the workers took the mic and said that they would end the concert IMMEDIATELY if people continued to be rough and push. it’s never NEVER an appropriate time to push or shove, especially in a venue with such a large clear space. the venue is small enough that you will see them clearly from ALL ANGLES and in addition the venue is small enough that you can hear EVERYTHING do not shout obscenities or gross language regarding anyone, or wave around obnoxiously large posters that will obstruct other fans’ views

nyc carats left AN AMAZING impression on seventeen at kconny last year, we want them to leave the american leg of the tour feeling the same way, if not better. please, don’t leave a bad impression esp on the last usa concert, we want seventeen to come back and we want to show them that we can respect the rules and have a beautiful night! don’t let them worry and don’t ruin the opportunity for us and for THEM, as it is their first solo concert in nyc

so im sending all of yall good vibes, stay safe and hydrated and we’ll all have a good time <3 

Piece of You, Piece of Me (Harry Wells x Reader)

Rating: T

Summary: After comforting Harry through the stress of trying to regain his captured daughter, your relationship progresses… physically. What will Harry say when he returns from his time on Earth-2 when he sees your very pregnant self?

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Girls Night

Genre: Fluff

Rating: Everyone

Paring: Chris Evans x reader

Word Count: 750

Request:  Hey your imagines are so cute and they brighten my day. Could you do an imagine with Sebastian Stan (or Chris Evans) coming with you on girls night? I just think that could be really fun.

A/N: I did my best to write this! i changed up the setting a bit, but it still has the same theme!

You were having a bunch of your childhood friends over, and planning on having a lot of fun. You were all going to have a girls night, and the night would include lots of drinks and gossip. You were exited to have them over,  considering it has been like, forever since you have seen them. You spent all night cleaning your house, and running out to grab things. You had an hour before they started to arrive, so you decided to go get you self cleaned up. You were passing through your living room, and saw your husband, Chris, sitting on the couch with a bowl of chips watching the Patriots game. You waited for a commercial break came on before you said something to him. “ You know,  all the girls are coming over tonight, so you don’t have to stay tonight. You can go out or something.” You said, fixing the pillows on the couch. “ Nah” he said. I think I’m gonna stay home tonight,  if that’s alright with you. I saw the many bottles of drinks you bought, so I feel like I should stay home and supervise" he said with a chuckle, making you laugh to. “ Alright sweets. I’m gonna go grab a shower. Have fun watching your game” You said, before making your way up the stairs and towards your bathroom.

The doorbell rang, and you rushed out of your bedroom, finished putting the back of your earrings on. You heard Chris get up to answer the door. “Hey Chris! I wasn’t expecting to see you open the door, I thought it was going to be your wife! I thought you would be put tonight,  instead of hanging around with us.” You friend, Ashley said, hugging Chris. “ Well I was going to, then I saw the amount of drinks Y/N bought, and decide to stay you since you guys will probably need a drive home or something” he said laughing. You came around the corner of your kitchen and saw Ashley. “Hey Ash!” You said scooting you feet toward her, and pulled her into a hug. “Hey Y/N! I was talking to your husband and was surprised he wants to hang around us” she said, placing her things on the table.  " he’s scoping out the scene. He has seen all the food so that probably made up his mind on why he should stay home.“ You said smirking. "You know,  I can here you!” Chris yelled from the other room. “I know” You said, laughing at his response.

More of your friends started to arrive, and you welcomed them all with hugs. Once your were all seated in the living room, with all of your drinks, all the gossip started going. About your jobs, and how nobody liked the bosses, and about the cute guy in the office next to there’s.  Chris would occasionally pop his head in the room or walk by. “Chris, why don’t you join us? You seem interested I’m our conversations” on of your friends said, flashing a smile at him. “ I don’t think I want to get myself involved in your guys conversations.  I’d probably get in trouble or something” he said. You all laughed and continued your gossip.

It was 2:30 am, and all of your friends have left the house. Everyone got drunk, and Chris made sure they got home safe. He was closing up all the doors and windows In the house, and when he walked into the living room to see if your were still there, you were passed out on the couch. He laughed at how quickly you fell asleep. He decided that he would wake you and take you back up to the bedroom, so you could get a good night rest. Turing off all the lights, you were asleep again before he knew it. He let out a small chuckle at you again, you dressed in all your clothes. He decide to leave you this time, and pulled the blankets over you, making sure you were going to get a good night sleep before you woke up the next morning, with a bad hangover.  He laughed to himself as he got into the bed beside you thinking about all of the gossip and things you and your friends talked about, and how much fun he also had tonight.

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lokimen  asked:

Angst tired Lance with Allance.

Hopefully you like it! (Sorry it took so long)


Lance walks by the kitchen for the fifth time that night, knowing that no one is in there, the rest of the team safely asleep in their beds, that is except for Lance. It’s been weeks since Lance has gotten a full nights rest, nightmares of his team or his family in the hands of the Galra plaguing his sleep, sometimes, when it’s not his team of his family, he’ll dream about the bomb from when Sendak took over the castle. and when he’s unable to sleep, his own invasive thoughts keeps him company. He’s taken to roaming the castle to try and burn of some energy, and to hopefully busy his mind away from the negative thoughts that swirl in his head. He knows that it’s only a temporary fix, but it’s what he’s always done and it’s the only way for him to catch any sleep, even though it’s barely any.

He walks by the command station, expecting to be just as dark and empty as every other room in the castle. Instead, he sees that the lights are on in there.
‘Is someone else up? At this time of night?’
As quietly as he can, he sneaks in to the room and sees that Allura is standing on her pedestal, still in her combat suit and seems to be completely submerged in…..whatever it is she’s doing.
“Allura?” Lance calls out, immediately regretting sneaking in as he sees Allura jump.
“Lance! Dont do that! You scared the quiznak out of me!” Allura chides,her hand on her chest as she turns around towards Lance.“ What are you even doing up? It’s the middle of the night cycle?”
“I could ask you the same thing.” Lance walks up towards Allura and sits down on the ledge of the raised platform, looking out into the sea of blackness and stars. Allura takes a seat next to him and looks out towards the star systems as well.

They sit in a comfortable silence for who knows how long before Allura finally speaks up,
“Do you want to tell me why you’re wondering the castle instead of sleeping like the others?” Lance unconsciously tenses at the question, not really wanting to talk about his nightmares and self doubt, let alone the negative thoughts that cloud his mind from time to time. But it seems that Allura is really patient as the minutes drag on in the silence, all she does is look at Lance, waiting for him to take his time to answer.

“I…..uh…..I get……nightmares.” He mumbles to the floor, not wanting to look up at her probably disappointed face. Hoping to whatever gods are out there that she didn’t hear him.


‘Quiznaking Altean hearing.’ Lance hunks to himself as he slowly nods.

“Could you tell me what about?”

Lance doesn’t take as long to answer this time, but he still mumbles it all to the floor, “about the team…….getting hurt. Or my family……….getting captured by the Galra.” He slumps down and rests his arms on his knees, head lowering to in between them, hoping that he might be able to hide from the truth of it all.

“Lance, I promise you that the others are all safe, and that we’ll get you back to your family. You don’t need to worry about it.”

Lance finally looks up at Allura, and sees that she’s trying to help but his mind to rest.
“That’s the thing Princess. I’m a worrier. I worry about so many different things that it makes it hard to do anything. Sometimes it gets so bad, that I can’t breathe right for minutes. I worry about every mission and about the safety of my team. I worry about my family and what they must be thinking about me. I worry about how I might never get to see my family again. I’m worried that when we do finally go back to Earth, that there will be nothing left to go back to. That my family might all be gone, and it’ll just be me. And I’m just so tired of worrying, about thinking that I might not be good enough and that I’m just bringing everyone else down, and that I’ll only get in the way. God I just want to get one good night of sleep!”

Lance doesn’t know when he started crying, but he can feel the tears dripping off his chin. He doesn’t know when he started shaking with frustration, but he can’t seem to stop his hands by himself, so he grabs ahold of his shirt. He just wants to go home, and feel safe once again. He wants to see his mama and papa, his brothers and sisters. He just wants his family back. He tries to stop the tears that they just keep coming. He’s just so exhausted from everything.

The sudden hug shakes him out from his head, and while he can’t see her face, the loose strands from her bun tickles his cheek. He can’t help but somewhat relax into the hold. It’s sort of awkward in their position, but still comforting nonetheless.

“I’m sorry Lance. I’m sorry that you’ve been struggling for so long and none of us saw it. I’m sorry that you got caught up in this war. You’re barely an adult and you’ve been thrusted into such a demanding situation.” Allura rambles apology after apology into his shoulder, where he can start to feel a wet spot against his skin. She was crying. For him.

“I wish we could take you back to your planet; I wish I could take you all back to your families. But I…I…..I….”

“Hey it’s ok. It’s not your fault. Don’t forget that you were thrust into this situation as much as any of us. You’re not much older than us you know, you shouldn’t be leading the fight against some giant empire. You should be flirting with cute guys and living a normal life.” Lance tells her, even though he’s pretty sure he’s still crying like a fire hydrant, he was able to keep his voice mostly steady.

“It seems that we all have been given the short end of a dorfelbel.” Allura huffs out, letting out some of the tension in her shoulders with a breathy laugh.

“While I don’t know what a dorfu-whatever is, I get your point.”

They stay like that, wrapped up in each other’s embrace and comfort, til they nearly fell over in their sleep deprived states.

That night they sleep together in Allura’s room.

That night, Lance finally got a full nights sleep, wrapped in Allura’s sleeping embrace, and finally free of his worries for a night.


Thank you for the prompt! I nearly cried writing this, so I hope that you enjoy it.

anonymous asked:

can you do a hc with RFA + Minor Trio of how they react they're female s/o being a terrible dancer?? like they're off beat and they always do the dab and ITS JUST SO CRINGEWORTHY. And they go out to a club one night, and everyone is dancing all sexy like then MC is just there making a fool of herself and people begin to stop and watch her while the members are sitting at the bar like "..." but she's so intO IT SHE WONT STOP

***I think I’ve seen similar hcs for this before, but why not do it my way, wooty woot! Alright. Let’s get funky. ~Let’s Connect! FFC

Character breakdown: Good ending canon characters, Secret ending 02 Saeran, V with a surgery to restore part of his sight, my version of Vanderwood as seen in my Vanderwood Backstory Fanfiction. ***


  • The first time he saw you dance, he thought you were joking, no one could be as bad of a dancer as him. He actually tried to outbadly dance you. But you won. By which I mean the two of you collapsed in snuggles because you were both exhausted.
  • Then you wanted to go to a club. Seven wasn’t entirely comfortable with the idea, because he really didn’t know how to dance properly. Not that he’s a self-conscious guy when it comes to his joking, he just didn’t want to disappoint you. As soon as you got there, though, it became very clear to him that you weren’t joking around that one time.
  • Dabbing and flopping around and doing the sprinkler, apparently that will clear a club dance floor very quickly because the two of you ended up alone.
  • Management ended up asking you both to leave so that the rest of their patrons wouldn’t feel awkward and leave.
  • Going to clubs and trying to beat your score of how fast you could clear the dance floor became a regular date night hobby for the two of you.


  • He didn’t know how to react at first when he saw you dancing. Some of the dance moves you did you were just wiggling around so much that he swore for a moment he’d seen something he shouldn’t have and he was just a stuttering mess, so you stopped.
  • It was surprising to him that you wanted to go to a club, and even though it wasn’t exactly his thing, he went with you anyway, because any excuse to make his precious girl happy was good with him.
  • Your dancing, though it’s just…….He just kind of stands there awkwardly next to you, and at one point, when you’re dabbing. you hit him in the face. Yoosung just kind of brushes it off with a smile.
  • The date isn’t exactly something he’d want to do on a regular basis, but he is happy to see his precious girl having fun. That’s all that really matters. But please let him take you to dinner next time instead.


  • When you danced for the first time, she couldn’t help but be absolutely mortified. It reminded her of that one time that Seven got on the dance floor at one of the previous RFA parties. Oh God, she wasn’t with a female version of Seven was she???
  • Then you wanted to go to a club for a date, and it took a lot of convincing. Jaehee would much rather stay home and work on the inventory for the coffee shop, but you managed to drag her out to the club.
  • She ended up standing at the edge of the dance floor watching you in horror and embarrassment, covering her face with one hand but peeking between a couple of her fingers. It was like a wreck that she just couldn’t look away from.
  • You ended up pulling her onto the floor and dancing with her while holding her hands. This made her at least not feel so horrified because you couldn’t do that dabbing thing anymore, but it was still a horribly embarrassing day for her.
  • “MC, maybe in the future we can go on more dignified dates?”


  • He was singing some music from one of his musicals to practice when you first showed him how you danced. If that’s what it could be called. Zen almost choked on air watching you. It was just hilarious, and rather adorable but also awful.
  • Zen was very confused when you wanted to go to a club with him for a date. You couldn’t dance. Maybe you didn’t know you couldn’t dance? Far be it from him to insult his cutie.
  • Instead of dancing with you, he just watched you enjoying yourself from the bar, having a couple drinks. The rest of the club had given you a wide berth, essentially there was a giant circle around you, but you kept flashing him this beautiful smile, your face flushed, and it melted his heart just how much fun you were having.
  • “Babe, how about next time I teach you a few of my dance moves?” That seemed like a good way to let you still have fun while not telling you outright that you just sucked.


  • He didn’t listen much to dance or pop before you two married and started living together, but he would often turn it on now. Just another way that he was trying to understand the culture of commoners. What he didn’t understand was the way you moved and flung your arms around.
  • It was your idea to go to the club, but it was his idea for you to teach him your moves. Marrying a commoner, he felt it was his duty more than ever to understand their customs.
  • Jumin didn’t understand when he looked around at the other dancers and they seemed to think what the two of you were doing was ridiculous, but he just focused on learning from you.
  • Somehow, Seven ended up with a recording of you two dancing together and attempted to tease the two of you with it, but Jumin was not in the least bit ashamed. Although, he did insist that you take ballroom dance lessons with him, in exchange for you having taught him something.


  • That whole wild flinging thing you were doing when he came home one day to you listening to music blaringly loud almost made him have a panic attack. Thank God, you turned off that racket.  It was just too much for him.
  • Getting him to go with a club for you, that was really a stretch, and you knew it, but you promised him that it would only be for a few songs, and then you could come back home. You’re just trying to introduce him to things gradually, after all.
  • He doesn’t like it, at least you’re having fun, but he is panicking as soon as you step in that door. You spend at least a half hour calming him down enough to sit at the bar by himself before you can get in a dance. Saeran doesn’t watch because your flailing just makes him nauseous.
  • So maybe dancing with him just doesn’t work.


  • He had known you liked to dance before his operation to restore most of his sight, but he couldn’t possibly have expected the kind of dancing you were actually into. What was that?? Convulsing?
  • Taking him to a club for a date, it probably wasn’t the best crowd for him, but he went to make you happy. There was a lot of blur just from the mass of people moving around, so he just tried to focus on you even if it wasn’t exactly the most…aesthetic…of views for once.
  • Still, anything to see that bright shining face of yours. V would sacrifice anything just to make you happy, no matter what.


  • That can’t possibly be healthy. You were going to break something with all of that and oh holy God were you dabbing? He will not be subjected to this in his own house! Seven had done that enough already.
  • When you ask him to go to the club with you, he gives you the look. Seven calls it the mom glare. A club is not a safe place, and he can’t properly monitor the crowd, but you give him those doe eyes and he agrees, as long as you stay right by his side all night.
  • Which you do, and he has to keep dodging your limbs as they fly madly around. At least you’re having a good time and it feels like he got a workout in. Actually, that’s probably a good way to train? Maybe you’ll do it again sometime.

Send me an ask! Patrons get first dibs, but everyone else is first come first serve. NSFW and SFW accepted. Check out my fanfictions.

Baby Jim - Part 4

So in my head Bones doesn’t have any kids. He was married before, but he didn’t have a kid. I might do one more fic of diferent points in Jim’s life. Let me know if that’s something you would want!!


You wake up to a gently hand stroking through your hair. When you open your eyes Len smiles softly at you, you realize that at some point you had ended up curling around Jim, almost hiding him from the rest of the world.

“Spock told me about your conversation with Commander Kirk. He said that it didn’t go very well, darlin’. Are you alright?”

You sit up, keeping Jim tucked close, “No it didn’t go very well. She knew, Len. She knew that Frank was abusing Jimmy, and she didn’t do anything about it.”

Len’s eyes widened, “But she’s his mother, she wouldn’t … she couldn’t …”

“She did, babe. She admitted it. I sent a recording of the transmission to the admirals, but we have to wait for them to get back with us before we do anything”

Len nodded quietly, he leaned down and ran his fingers through Jim’s hair, “Hey, Jimmy. It’s time to wake up, it’s time for lunch”

Jim stirs quietly, curling closer to you “Hi, Bones” he mumbled.

Len chuckles, “Hey, you have been sleeping for 2 hours now, it’s time to eat. The whole bridge crew is waiting for us.”

That make Jim jump up, immediately trying to find his shoes. Listening to him talk at lunch, it almost made you think that you had imagined the earlier conversation with his mother. After lunch you went to help Len in Sickbay, while Chekov took Jim up to the bridge. He had looked hesitant at first, but after a few encouraging words from the rest of the crew Jim agreed.

Three hours later and Ensign came to retrieve you, apparently Commander Kirk had sent another transmission and she wanted to talk to you. You were brought up to the same observation deck as before.

“Thank you Ensign Rosse. I can take it from here” You whisper, closing and locking the door, “Hello again Commander. I didn’t expect to hear from you again today.”

“I was just informed by Admiral Pike that charges of child neglect, and accessory to abuse have been brought against me”

You take a seat, running your fingers through your hair, “I really didn’t want to file the charges, but you were going to send him back to Frank, that isn’t something that I can allow”

Winona’s lip curls up in a sneer, “You have no right in interfere …”

“I have every right! You recklessly endangered a child’s life! Your own child’s life! And then you have the audacity to try and rip him away from the only family that has every really loved him! Do you really think that any of us would let any harm come to our Captain, the man who has saved all of our lives multiple times?!”

Winona opens her mouth, but nothing comes out. She just sits there and looks and looks at you. “You have to know that I will fight these charges. They could affect my career, Starfleet could remove me from this ship”

All you can do is laugh, “Fucking typical! All you can think about is your career! You can’t even think about your son long enough to decide what’s right for him! All you care about is the fact that this could affect your career!” suddenly an idea comes to you, “Are you really that concerned about losing your position?”

“Of course I am!”

“Listen to me, because I am only going to offer you this once. Are you ready?”

“Of course I am” she snapped, crossing her arms

“Sign over all parental rights to me and Leonard” she opens her mouth to protest, “If you do that, I will drop all charges against you and everything will go back to normal. I could even let you speak to him every once and awhile, but you would have no say in what happened to him. Do you want to do that?”

Winona sits back, studying you quietly. You let her look, staring back, you had her cornered, she either gave you custody of Jim, or she went on trial with the Admirals.

“Fine. I will have all paperwork to you in one hour. As soon as you receive the paperwork I want you to renounce your claims. I also don’t want any contact with James. When you get the papers I want nothing to do with him”

You nod sadly, “If that is what you want. You will no longer have any contact or rights to Jim, and I will drop all charges against you”

Winona nodded, “I will get started on the paperwork and send it to you. Thank you for your time. Kirk out”

Just like she said, an hour later you received all paperwork retaining to Jim. You and Leonard were listed as Jim’s new guardians, and Winona had signed over all rights. Now all you had to do was tell Len that you had just been given a child, and everything would be alright. You headed down to Sickbay, wanting to talk to your husband before you told Jim that he would get to stay with you.


“Over here, darlin’!”

Len was using the dermal regenerator on an engineer who had burned their hands, thankfully he was just finishing up.

“Alright you are clear to go. Take the rest of the night off, but you can return to work tomorrow”

“Thanks Doctor.”

Len turned to look at you, “What did you need to tell me?”

“It’s personal, can we go to your office?” Len nods, shutting the door when you are both inside, you hand your husband the papers, “Winona signed over custody to Jim … to us. We have sole custody of him, on the condition that I drop all charges against her”

Len whips around, “You can’t just drop those charges! Those are serious charges!”

“You think I don’t know that! I don’t want her to get away with this, but if I didn’t then she could have sent him back to Frank! I can’t allow that!”

He nods quietly sitting down beside you. “How are we going to take care of him? Do you think we can get a room modified for a family?”

“Even if we can’t I’ll leave the ship. I’ll teach at the academy, we can see each other whenever to dock on Earth. I know that I will miss you, but would you really trust anyone else to take care of our Jimmy?”

Len chuckles quietly, “You know that I can never say no to you. Of course I would never give Jimmy up. Are we going to tell him tonight?”

You nod, “I’m going to contact Pike. Let him know what happened and get the charges dropped.”

“I’ll get Jimmy from the bridge, we will meet you in the mess when you are done”

Once you finish talking to the Admirals, who weren’t very happy with your deal, but they accepted it. They also agreed to have the Enterprise dock on Earth and modify the command quarters to accommodate your family. They were going to let you keep Jim on board the ship! Once you had told them that you intended to leave the Enterprise if Jim couldn’t stay on the ship, they quickly agreed to accommodate you. You couldn’t wait to tell your husband and the little who boy who was now your son.

After you eat dinner with everyone you bring Jim and Len back to the room, wanting to tell them the good news.

“Jimmy can you sit on the bed for a minute. We have something we want to tell you”

Immediately you can see Jim tense up, “Are you sending me away?”

You crouch down so you are eye level with Jim, “No, sweetheart. Nothing like that” You run your fingers through his hair, “The opposite actually. Bones and I are keeping you. Your mother signed over rights, so you get to stay with us, forever”

Jim’s eyes widened, “I-I can stay with you?”

“Yes, sweetheart. You can stay with Bones and I, and all three of us get to stay on the Enterprise. We all get to stay here, and you never have to see Frank or Winona again. You can be our son”

Tears welled up in Jim’s too-blue eyes, “You … you can be my mommy now?”

You smile, “Yeah, baby. I’m your mommy now”

Jim flings himself at you, wrapping his arms around your neck. He glances shyly at Len, “Are you my daddy now?”

Len pulled both of you into his arms, “Yeah, Jimmy. I’m gonna be your daddy”

Jim refuses to let you both go the entire night. He ends up sleeping in the bed with you again, curled up safely between his new parents.

The next day when you tell the rest of the crew the good news, you are met with shouts of joy. The entire crew had been waiting to hear news about the fate of their former Captain, and to hear that one, there was no cure, and two, he would get to stay on the ship, was a relief. They now knew about his past, and every one of them would have fought to keep their Captain.

Jim brings light and joy to everyone on the crew, just like you knew he would. His laughter can be heard throughout the halls, and he even gets an honorary position on the crew. He becomes the Captains Assistant, he is taught all about what it takes to be a good Captain. Jim is already a genius, so he soaks up new information like a sponge. Spock helps tutor Jim, making sure he keeps up with all of his education. Jim is rarely ever idle for long on the Flagship, he is taught by every senior crew member. You can tell that he is still going to grow into the amazing Captain that he once was, he would possible be even better.

Favorite Apollo Camper: Will Solace


*Will Solace getting awed by camp half blood

*Will bunking with the Hermes cabin for a week cause that’s how long it took Apollo to claim him.

*Will moving to cabin 7 and warmly welcomed.

*Lee Fletcher trying to teach his little brother archery.

*Michael Yew giving out pointers and trying to help

*Kayla saving him from their torture and taking him to the infirmary

*Will proving to be a good healer

*Kayla, Lee and Michael teaching him everything they know about healing

*Will realizing his sexuality while taking care of Percy (cause almost everyone gets a crush on him. It’s inevitable)

*Will taking care of the younger Apollo kids and keeping them safe during the Titan War.

*Will getting intrigued by the mysterious son of Hades

*Will keeping family nights in his cabin and generally being close with all of his siblings

*Will feeling broken when Lee and Michael die.

*Will being coaxed out of his shell by Kayla

*Will rigorously taking up archery again because he wants to keep those he loves safe.


// Sorry I haven’t been around. I’m actually staying way longer in Mexico. I won’t be back to Texas until January. The internet here isn’t the best and it kind of hates the Tumblr app but I’ll try my best to come back and be active. I’m still planning on making Tino a blog again. If you wanna talk to me, add me on discord. RoCkErSDemon #6613. I’m always there. Anyways. I hope everyone is having a wonderful time and y'all are healthy. Most importantly safe. Especially with all the fires and hurricanes happening. Mexico ain’t been ok either but we’re pushing through. I’m sending good thoughts towards y'all. I love y'all. Have a wonderful night. ❤

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Be safe!! Sending you positive thoughts and prayers.

I’m legit thinking that this is what’s happening

Originally posted by bbatbitch

And thanks! Everyone in my city and county are pretty much on the verge of mental breakdowns because this is literally slow torture of uncertainty and running and will be for at least another week, but several states and the federal government have stepped in which has significantly helped. Even though the asshole fire breathing dragon winds fucked shit up again last night, I feel like there’s more control over it and they’ve gotten good at keeping it isolated in the hills and mountains right before it starts entering the cities and towns again but keep your fingers crossed. 

Aw jeez girl I absolutely love that alex imagine :) would you write a second part with some smut? Everyone needs a shirtless alex

AN Hey, so let’s not fret over Jack and Abigail scandal guys okay? It’s not actually a scandal, just a thought many of us were having, but it is okay, because Jack is okay. He seems happy, and that’s all that matters at the moment. In the meantime, you guys should enjoy some nice healthy vampire smut. The first part is here if you want to read it before and stuffs. Enjoy xx

Warning: smut

Your POV

After Alex and I walked out that night, honestly life has been so different for me. I wasn’t going back to college, and I sure as hell wasn’t going to be able to talk to my parents. Somehow I was going to have to be erased from everyone I knew. Everyone except Alex.

Alex was different. A good different. Since he’s been around me, I always feel safe. That feeling is always there, so I knew that he was my guardian angel.

After Alex kissed me at my apartment, we just never talked about it again. I didn’t know what to do. There was a shirtless vampire in my room, he cuddled with me ‘til dusk and then we just never spoke about it again. He occasionally glanced at me when he thought I wasn’t looking, but I was. I couldn’t get over the fact that this beautiful creature was always around me. Was it mandatory for the turner to follow the newbie around to show them the ropes? Was there some kind of weird vampire organization I didn’t know about?

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King of Wakanda (T'Challa x Reader)

Anonymous: Can you do a Black Panther Imagine?

Summary: One Year after the events of Civil War, the team has started to stick back together. Y/N gets to meet the King of Wakanda and Black Panther, T'Challa and a relationship is starting to form while the disputes between the team continue.


“Mrs Y/L/N. I suggest you to stay back. You are on the wrong side.” King T'Challa said in his Black uniform and in a defensive position.

“ I would say the same about you, your majesty.“ You smirked.

“I don’t want to fight you, Y/N”

“I don’t either but we don’t have a choice.” That’s when you started running in each others direction ready to fight.

Present Day

You walked down the street of Wakanda waving at one of the women in the local supermarket. You smiled while entering T'Challa’s palace also known as Team Captain’s current living quarters.

The first view you got was Steve, leaning against a column facing the window.

“Feeling homesick, Steve?” He just looked at you. “I do. It’s been almost a year since we’ve been to America.”

“We haven’t communicated with them yet. Tony refuses to pick up T'Challa’s calls”

“Why don’t you? If that letter arrived to him.. That means he doesn’t completely hate you anymore.” Behind you the T'Challa who had been there for almost two minutes stepped in.

“We will try again Y/N. Don’t worry. Have you communicated with the Black Widow?” You shook your head and closed your eyes to shake the tears away. Natasha was your best friend. It was really hard being apart from her that long. Especially fighting with her. The king put an arm sympathetic around your shoulders. “Don’t cry, everything is going to be alright.”

“I’m sorry, your majesty. It won’t happen again.”

“Y/N we have talked about that before. Call me by my name and also we are friends now. You don’t have to treat me like a king. I just want to be treated like every human out there.” You smiled and he did the same. Over this time you’ve been to Wakanda you started having feelings towards T'Challa. Although you never thought that he would feel the same. He did.

“Guys, I think you need to see that.” Wanda said nodding towards the conference room. The four of you walked in there sitting next to Sam, Scott and Clint whom didn’t have a chance to see his family after all those things last year. You felt bad for him. He had changed.

“Tony called.” Your eyes widened. “He needs our help. All of us. Even Bucky’s. There’s a new threat somewhere near the main facilities.“ You looked between Steve and Sam who was talking.

“What do we do?”

“We are going home.” Steve said. “T'Challa can you please call your doctots? We need Bucky back.” T'Challa nodded and in five minutes straight five of them were waking up Bucky. “We are going home

Avengers Main Facility, U.S.A.

“They will be arriving in no longer than 10 minutes, sir.” FRIDAY said to Tony as he awaited for his… The people he used to call family.

“Thank you. Inform the others please.” Some minutes later Natasha, James, the Vision and Peter joined Tony.

“You told them to come back.” James said look full of disbelief. “Why?”

“It’s time to leave the past behind. We need them to defeat the beast but also, I missed them” The five of them watched as the quinjet landed to the ground. The first person to come out was Steve. He made eye contact with Tony and nodded. After him Bucky, Scott, Wanda, Sam and Clint followed and last you and T'Challa. T'Challa smiled at you softly.

“How do you feel Y/N?” He asked you.

“I’m okay. A little bit scared. Thank you.”

“You don’t have to be scared. I’ll be by your side.” You chuckled but stopped when you heard Tony’s voice.

“Well, well, well.. My favorite fugitives.” You raised an eyebrow and Wanda clenched her fists. “Oh, your majesty. I didn’t see you there.”

“Mr Stark. Its good to see you again and I’m thankful you decided to ask for my help.“ Natasha came out of the building but couldn’t resist to come and hug you ,then Wanda.

“I missed you, guys”

“We missed you too Nattie.” You smiled softly and she giggled. “ Tony, what is the threat you were talking about?“

“Oh, yeah, that.. There’s a shapeshifter behind those forests. It kills people everyday and we can’t track them down. We need you guys to help us eliminate it and then.. We should reunite the team. Nothing is the same without you guys.”

“Why should we trust you, Stark. I haven’t seen my family for almost a year, you locked Wanda in a room and everyone here in some fucking cells. And we are supposed to trust you?” Clint said furiously.

“Clint calm down. I know that you are angry but we have to stick together so the world will be safe again. You’ll see your family again. I promise.” T'Challa stepped in. You were impressed at how good he was going.

“I’m in.” You said. Everyone from the team nodded and you walked back into the facility. “God I missed this place.” T'Challa smiled at you.

“Well since I don’t have a room to spend the nights in, I’ll have to stay at the quinjet.” You frowned.

“Have you talked to Sharon?” You asked Steve who was currently sitting alone in the room.

“No, she is still at Europe, I think.“ He continued reading the details about the shapeshifter. “Have your talked to T'Challa?”

“What am I supposed to say to T'Challa?” You questioned and he let out a laugh.

“That you like him. Come on Y/N.. I know everything.” You furrowed your eyebrows.

“I don’t play with these type of things. And If I did, Steve. He probably wouldn’t like me back. He’s a king and I’m just… I just know that.” He continued his laughing. “Why the hell are you laughing, Rogers?”

“Y/N, please.. He’s a king, yes. But that doesn’t mean he has no feelings. Just tell him before it’s too late.” You rolled your eyes.

“Alright, I will.” He clapped his hands together but then the rest of the Avengers entered the room.

“We have to suit up”

Not long after, maybe an hour later you had found your old suit. You just took five small knives and one gun considered that you didn’t do well with weapons. You had your own way. Being a werewolf and stuff your deadly claws couldn’t let you grab a single gun. You were especially an Alpha so that meant, more strength and your senses at their best.


The woods were calm as always. The sound of the birds could distract you from your target but you had the Black Panther with you.

“Stop” You said and tried to catch again the weird scent you had some seconds ago. “I can feel it. It’s really close to us.” When you turned to face T'Challa he was trying to claw the shapeshifter that attacked him. “Well, it’s closer to us.. Tony we found him.” You ran to help T'Challa but you fell on the ground. Something was blocking you from getting close to the shapeshifter. Mountain Ash

“T'Challa I can’t fight this thing!”


“It’s carrying mountain ash and.. Oh fuck is that wolfsbane?” The world around you started to darken. You looked down and spotten a huge scratch. In the next five minutes you were out.

One week later

“Is she going to wake up?” T'Challa asked Tony but he only raised his shoulders. “There has to be a cure. Something we can do to keep her alive.“

“I don’t know. That wolfsbane was too strong for her. He have to wait. She’s the only one that can lead us to this thing.” Tony sighed and put his forehead between his hands

“Wait, you are saying that when she wakes up, she’s going back in field? It’s too dangerous for her!”

“Tony, I agree with T'Challa. We can’t just let get hurt. We can find it ourselves.” Steve stated and some members of the team nodded. Just as Tony was about to fire back something a voice made them all turn around.

“If we are having another civil war then I’ll need more wolfsbane.” You mumbled, you voice weak. Just as T'Challa saw you, he practically run to you and crashed his lips to you. “Well that one was unexpected” You chuckled and he smiled stroking your face.

“Ugh guys.. We are still here.” Both your head snapped and looked at Tony. “Sorry for destroying the moment but you knoww how PDA works..” You rolled your eyes.

“How are you feeling wolfie?” Clint asked and you sat among T'Challa and Steve.

“My nostrils still hurt from the wolfsbane but otherwise, I’m good.” You smiled and turned your head to the window. “No fucking way..” You whispered. “Watch out!” You yelled and fell to the ground. The shapeshifter was here. Bucky was about to attack but you didn’t let him. “Wait..”

“Mrs. Y/L/N I suggest you take a step back.” FRIDAY advised you but you kept going forward.

“Who are you?”

“I think you know me, Y/N..” How the hell did that thing know your name.. “You are actually the one that made me what I look like today.” He turned around, skin in the color of the sky, eyes made of fire and fangs twice the size of yours.

“I don’t remember you. Why did you kill all those people?”

“I’m going to tell you a small story. Seven years ago, when you first gotten your powers. The man that gave them to you.. Derek.. He told you as a first step to bite me.. See if it’s working.” You let out a shaky breath.

“Rosesinskin” You mumbled and he let out an annoying laugh.

“In the flesh” Natasha lookes at Steve with concern and T'Challa put an arm around you defensively. “Oh, I can see you made some friends here. What happened to the others? I forgot, you killed them, wolfie. That’s how your friends like to call you, huh? I like to call you a murderer.” You tried to keep a straight face although it was hard.

“It wasn’t my fault for Regina’s death. You know that very well. Why did you kill all those people?”

“Oh, no, no, dearie. They weren’t all innocent. They deserved their death. Instead of my daughter and her friends.” Your claws started to form and your eyes glowed red.

“Y/N calm down. Don’t listen to him” T'Challa quietly said, knowing that you could hear it due to your powers.

“You are just a monster Y/N, you don’t deserve everything you have here. You guys, step back from her. One day when she flips out, she’s going to eat you all.” You let out a growl but he was fast to grab you by your neck.

T'Challa was fast to act and threw the man to the wall punching him repeatedly. “Hands. Off. My. Girl. Bitch.” He spoke between punches and gritted teeth. The team stared with mouths hung open as they tried to help you get on your feet. Rosesinskin was laying unconscious on the ground when T'Challa stood up.

“What? Noone touches my girl.”

Just a small, fluffy oneshot i wrote omg

Loud, thumping music could be heard through the entire house.Probably the entire neighborhood, even.
The walls were vibrating and lights were illuminating the sky for a good reason. It was Marco Diaz’ 18th birthday and if the Diaz family parties, they do it right.

Everyone was invited, and of course, Marco had to try making smalltalk with the crowd while not slowly becoming completely bored out of his mind.
A challenge which was harder than the so called safe kid imagined it to be.

Marco adores his family, it’s just so big, it’s impossible talking to all of them in one night. Especially about the same old things over and over again.
He halfheartedly sipped some punch from the cup in his hand while listening to his Grandma ramble to him in spanish.

As his mind drifted off, he started to wonder where Star was this whole evening and began to worry a bit. She might have gotten into trouble.
“Uh, un segunda, abuela!” He interrupted his Grandma while putting his cup down as he started looking for Star, but before his search even began, it already ended, when he took a step into the backyard.

He crossed his arms, slightly raising a brow as he looked up at the interdimensional princess hanging down from the branch of a tree.
“Ooooo, marco, marco! You’re finally here!” The blonde girl exclaimed happily.
“Check this out!” She cheered as she began doing pull-ups at the branch.
Marco’s eyes grew wide as he quickly rushed over to the tree.
“Nonono, Star. Get down here, you know what happened the last time you were climbing trees?”

He reminded her, a noticeable tone of nervousness in his voice.
Of course she did not seem to care much. “Ppfft, that was ages ago! Don’t be a buzzkill on your own birthday, safe kid.” She grinned at him only causing the latino to shake his head and sigh.
“Come on Star, just jump, I’ll catch you.”

Star let out a hearty laugh. “Aaaaalright, but only because you insist!” She cried, before letting go of the branch and letting herself fall on the helpless boy who was spreading out his arms, trying to catch the blonde.

Much to his downfall, Marco didn’t manage to catch Star, resulting in both of the teenagers crashing onto each other, landing on the ground in a really awkward position.
Marco cried out in pain. “Star, I wasn’t even ready yet!!”

Star got up quickly and gave her best friend a nervous smile. “Heh, sorry….my coordination is a bit…” She whispered. “faaaading.” She made a vague hand gesture while helping Marco up.
“What do you mean by faaaading??” He tried to mimic her as best as he could.
Star began to bounce up and down as she grabbed Marco’s wrist and inched closer.
Just then he could smell the faint scent of alcohol coming from the young princess.
“Oh my god don’t tell me you did tequila shots with my dad….” Marco facepalmed. He didn’t even need an answer, he already knew.

“It was totally awesome!!” She squealed, flailing her arms around. “You know Marco, we should really do this more often.”
Marco shook his head as he put both of his hands on the shoulders of the drunk girl.
“Listen.” He said in a calm, quiet voice. “We will get you to bed, you will drink a few glasses of water to avoid the worst hangover of your life tomorrow, and then you will sleep.” He ended his sentence with a stern and determined look on his face.

Just as he was finished, big puppy eyes met his gaze. “Awwee,marco!! But…it’s so early and it’s your birth-”
“No but’s, Star.” He cut her off midway. “You’re incredibly drunk and if you won’t go to bed right now you will feel absolutely awful tomorrow, trust me.”
“Eeuuurgghh” Star protested, but Marco already had an arm around her shoulder and dragged her back into the house.

The loud music mixed with all the different voices in the background plus the sticky, hot air on top of that really didn’t help the situation.
Marco let out a heavy sigh as he tried to lift Star up properly. She was slouching over and completely out of focus.

“Man,the alcohol really did a number on her, better get her to bed quick.” Marco thought as he was pulling her up the stairs in a careful manner, watching every step she made so Star wouldn’t fall over or hurt herself.

“Why did she even drink in the first place, I told her how dangerous it is to just dive into alcohol like that, she has no idea what her limits are.” He mumbled to himself more than anything.
They finally arrived in front of Stars room as the teenage boy made her face him.
“Okay, listen. We will go in, you will lay down and I will get you some water,alright?”
Marco was a bit overwhelmed with the situation and quite worried, he didn’t know how much Star consumed or when she even started drinking that night. He tried to conceal the concern in his eyes but it seemed easier than it was.

Star threw her arms around her friend and hugged him tight. “Thank you, Marco!! You’re always soooo sweet to me…” She lulled.

The confused teenager hugged back and sighed. “Let’s get you to bed,okay?”
Star slowly let go as she watched him open the door to her room as quietly as possible.
The night dipped the room in a dark royal blue, only the light of the moon flooding the chamber like tiny, silver waves, drawing a fine line from the window to Stars bed.

Marco slowly walked in, his hand on Star’s wrist, guiding her inside.
The princess glared at him for a second before freeing herself from his grip. She felt like she was back oin Kindergarden with a royal guard never leaving her side. She felt dumb.

“I can handle myself,Marco.” She babbled while trying to keep on her feet. “You never let me do things on my own!” The girl continued to accuse.

Marco turned around, his brown eyes pleading. It was a long night, he started to get stressed.
“Star, please. Just get to bed, let me do this for you.”
She shook her head and crossed her arms before her chest.
At this point Marco began to get highly annoyed and frustrated with her. How can she be so stubborn right now?

“Well, MAYBE if you wouldn’t have decided to get completely SMASHED tonight, you wouldn’t practically be falling over without my help, and we wouldn’t be in this mess right now!”
He snarled.

Star gasped as tears started to shoot into her big blue eyes.
“Oh nonono!” Marco exclaimed as he realised what he had done. He quickly dashed forward and gave the crying blonde a tight hug.
“I’m so sorry, Star, I didn’t mean to shout at you at all, I guess I just get a little too worried about you sometimes.” He whispered as he let go and swiped away the tears on her dampened cheek with his thumb.

“I don’t want you to think that I assume you’re not able to take care of yourself….i just..”
He looked away as he tried to explain himself better, running a hand through his hair. He was clearly anxious talking about this.
“I just want to be useful to you.”

Star looked up at him, her cheeks beginning to glow a bright pink.
The 18 year olds voice suddenly changed into a much softer, soothing tone.

“You’re the strongest person I know. Since you’ve came into my life,everything changed for the better in so many ways. You taught me how to be someone. You taught me that I should not be afraid to fall, and I lost my fear, because you were always there. Only weeks went by after I started to adore you. And only months went by before I started loving you. You bring me joy, hope and light! And you don’t expect anything in return. Hell, I am 18 now and I still haven’t told you how much you mean to me, I always chickened out! Because…you’re the princess of Mewni.”

The boy let out a weak chuckle. “While.. I’m just….the safe kid.” He said bitterly and paused, now looking Star directly in the eye. “I just want to be more to you.” He finished.

Just as he was about to go on another rant, warm,soft lips met his as he could feel Stars arms wrap around his neck.

Marco was absolutely surprised and in a daze, he surely didn’t expect such a reaction from the princess of Mewni.
Everything happened so fast, and still he felt like time froze.

It took him a few seconds until he was able to relax and just let go, melting into the warm embrace and placing his hands on her hips gently.
The two teenagers remained like that for a while until they had to catch some air, their arms still tangled around each other.

“…wow.” Marco began, his face tinted in a deep red.
“You are more to me.” Star whispered as she looked the boy in front of her deep in the eyes.
His heart was pounding like crazy, he was almost sure even Star could hear it. He gave her a bright, happy smile. “I am glad.”

Star rested her head on Marcos shoulder, her long, blonde hair glistening in the moonlight.
As Marco started stroking it, Star let out a big yawn. “I guess you were right all along, I am really tired now.”

“Told ya.” He replied shortly. “I’m doctor Marco, Phd after all!” They both let out a small chuckle while Star freed herself from the boys hug and crawled under the thick,soft blankets, which were spread across her bed.
“I really enjoyed tonight.” She mumbled as she looked up at Marco who was standing in front of the bed.

“Me too.” He replied. “But uh….I should better get going…it’s already late and all…” He stammered, as he scratched the back of his head.
Star’s eyes shimmered in disappointment. “Marco…do you think you could stay with me tonight?” She asked sweetly.

His cheeks turned even more red than they were before. He could feel them getting hot.
“UH…you mean…in your bed….with you?? In”
Star nodded in excitement. “Yeah! Just to be sure….I still feel a bit tipsy.”
The teenage boy nodded back quickly. “O-okay,sure!”
He wasn’t sure at all, he could tell that Star knew how nervous he was, but there was no turning back now.

He slid under the covers and turned around, facing the girl next to him. His heart hammering against his chest.
She took his hand and gave it a little squeeze. “I’m glad you told me how you felt.” She breathed while looking at him.

“I felt the same way for a while, I just didn’t know how to bring it up!” Star’s eyes flickered in the dim light.
“Me neither.” Marco confessed while inching closer. “But seeing you cry like that, seeing ME being the reason for you crying, broke my heart. I just had to tell you how I feel. I don’t ever want to see you hurt. And me being the reason is even more unacceptable.” Marco whispered in a hoarse voice.
“I love you.” Star hummed, half asleep.

“I love you too,Star.” Marco replied as he gave her a reassuring kiss on the forehead. “I really do.” He smiled, his eyes fluttering shut.

and this time, it’s forever [jimin&you]

Summary: whether it’s the works of fate for deja vu has its mindset fixed, both you and Jimin knows well that you’re both meant for each other forever.

a/n: shout out to the anon who requested for an afterlife sequel to my jimin fic, please be happy. you da real mvp! and ya need to start to telling me when my fics are sad, that they are real sad. while i was all teasing ya, i went back to read wtf i wrote because i forgot, and as embarrassing as this sounds, I CRIED x( never again making fun of ya. i feel ya pain. lol

Originally posted by gawdjimin

It always starts with a hello and ends with a goodbye, whether you’re meeting someone new or have met.

So why is it that when Jimin first laid eyes on you from this blind date his friend had helped set him up on, the words in his mouth comes out saying, “have we met before?” And the reason why Jimin questions right away before even greeting you, isn’t to be rude, but because you look oddly familiar.

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anonymous asked:

Royai and 11 or 13, please?

Anon, this is… certainly not what you had in mind. Yes, I just know. But I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. Even if it’s longer than originally intended.

send me a number and a ship  //  11. can you hear me

“Slow night, Elizabeth?”

I’m going to ask something very difficult of you, Captain.

That’s how she was after an officer from Aerugo who was secretly working with the Ishvalan separatists. They had gotten orders from Central to handle this with maximum discretion. Which Roy had interpreted as, take him out as quickly as possible. Since Aerugo denied all current involvement with Ishval, they wouldn’t be able to explain such a case to the public.

That’s how Riza was in Ishval with her rifle once more.

Roy’s plan involved her, Breda, Fuery… and Scar of all people. Scar, everyone suspected, dreamed of an independent Ishval free from Amestrian rule just as much as any of the separatists. But Scar, Riza was almost certain, despised the separatists more than anyone. Creating tension, perpetuating prejudices, pushing for war. Hatred leading to hatred. Roy had thought the same, and their suspicions were confirmed when Scar begrudgingly agreed to be part of the mission. Scar became the spy they didn’t ask for, and it said a great deal about his reputation that the separatist leaders weren’t suspicious.

That’s how Scar was asked to cite the target in a designated spot during the night, to supposedly discuss his knowledge of Major Miles’s activities. The area was clear; Riza and Breda had scanned it hours earlier. She’d been keeping watch ever since, so unless they’d missed anything, the foreigner didn’t suspect anything.

Not a defenseless civilian, Riza reminded herself. My target is a spy from a different country, seeking to destroy our own from the inside.

“I cannot complain,” she said. “I was expecting it to be crowded, but it looks we’re going to be alone.”

“I could come over and keep you company.”

“Feeling lonely, Roy?” It was easy to be playful, when he was such an excellent lead. “I can assure that having me on the phone will do well enough for company.”

That’s how they’d ended up connected to the civilian grid, which had taken three years and a massive effort to build. The line, still new in Ishval, rarely worked properly and it was being used mostly within the military. Fuery could even work it to their advantage, making the call nearly impossible to trace. It was more than enough. It was, in fact, still too dangerous. But Roy, feeling so inadequate, so dejected back in East City, had insisted on installing a line. At first Riza protested, but she had to admit that their banter was helping her concentrate.

“You can say you miss me, Elizabeth. It’s fine.” That was no lie.

“Wishful thinking, Roy Mustang. It suits you.”

“Well, a man can dream.”

Before she could think of an answer, a figure approached the meeting point from her right. Riza looked through the scope, but the insufficient light didn’t give her any useful information.

“Wait a minute, we have a customer. I think I know him. Kate, what do you think?”

Fuery, behind her with the equipment, spoke on a different line.

“Do we know this guy?”

Riza kept her eyes on the figure that approached Scar in the darkness, then looked through the scope as he slowed down. She had a clear shot, but she needed to wait for Breda’s confirmation as he carefully watched from a closer spot.

“It’s him,” Fuery told her.

“It’s him,” she repeated, then hesitated. Roy had planned carefully, down to the last detail, yet he hadn’t thought of giving Scar a codename. “Our new girl is greeting him.”

“Your new girl?”

“You’ve met her. Fairly pleasant. Wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

Fuery snickered quietly, and then Roy’s ringing laughter soothing her enough to dispel all the tension she had accumulated in the last few minutes.

That’s how she got the trust she was missing, that trust that always faltered, but never proved wrong.

“I must go greet him properly. It shouldn’t take long.”

“Ah, Elizabeth. Always giving such good service to those who deserve it. I’m proud of you.”

Warmth settled in her chest. Roy was not only reminding her of the righteousness of their mission, but acknowledging the fact that this wasn’t easy for her.

Thank you, sir.

“You’re speaking nonsense, Roy Mustang,” she said. “Have you been drinking again?”

Again? Why, Elizabeth, I’m offen—”

The call fell. Fuery let out an exasperated sigh. She imitated him, more calmly. Breathe in, then out, holding that position as she made sure that the forehead of the target was right in the middle of her scope. That Scar couldn’t possibly get hurt.

And then, she pulled the trigger. The sound spread and echoed along the deserted streets. Her chest hurt. Blood splashed out as the target stumbled. Then he fell. Riza closed her eyes. Yet another life taken by her hand. Another corpse without a tombstone. Another soul waiting for her in hell.

This is the enemy. This is what I’m here to do.

“I can’t get us back on. I fear we could’ve been intercepted,” Fuery informed her. “You got him, didn’t you?”

“I did.” And this meant they needed to leave. She remembered now, she had strict orders not to worry about the target. Leave it to Breda, now she should help Fuery dismantle the equipment. She ignored her rapid heartbeat, the breaking sweat, the inclement weather finally taking a toll on her senses. “We should go. We can communicate later as we-”

“Elizabeth!” The voice in her ear startled her. “Elizabeth, can you hear me? Please—”

The memories that crept up weren’t those from the Civil War, but memories of Roy blowing his cover so he could make sure he was safe. Roy’s anguished expression when she’d been bleeding out in front of him. Riza had sculpted it in every corner of her mind when she’d believed it to be the last thing she’d ever see. And it haunted her in dreams, it haunted her when sadness caught her off guard.

It was everywhere now. And Riza felt his fear, deep, devastating, as she knew he was feeling it. This was difficult for her, being back in the battlefield that had seen her become a murderer. But it was just as difficult for Roy, having her on the field when he was miles away. He knew this mission was of relative low risk. No one was after them; they were too many steps ahead from the enemy. And he still feared. He still grieved.

“I can hear you. I’m sorry. We’re having some issues with the line as of late.”

“Right.” Roy sounded defeated. “I knew that. I’m sorry.”

“Ah, I was too distracted by our customer to notice either way. I did an excellent job, if I say so myself. But it’s closing time now, so I believe I should go.”

“Well, Elizabeth, I can tell you’re in a hurry. Have a good night.”

Oh, if only she could reassure him, time and time again, that everyone was safe, that the mission had gone without a hitch and they should be back in East City by morning. If only he could acknowledge her state of mind, that he could remind her it was over, and she was doing this for the greater good.

“Thanks for keeping me company,” was all she could muster.

She signaled Fuery to end the conversation he’d pretended not to hear. Fuery, with those big eyes behind round glasses, eyes that asked questions he was too polite to speak aloud. But Riza had no time to lose, no time to worry about discretion. It was over. East City, home, Roy waited for them.

“Let’s go.”


“You can do more good here in Lestallum to keep everyone safe than anything you can do out there, Ignis,” Gladio pointed out with something of a growl in his throat as he watched the man practice with his knives.


It was painful, terrifying, seeing Ignis driving himself so hard for something that’d been so easy for him not so long ago. And the thought of him going out, into the Night, having to deal with the ever growing daemon problem.

“More good than me, or Prom, or any of the rest of us. Why…” Why won’t you just stay here, why won’t you be safe? He thought but couldn’t in any way voice.”Why are you so obsessed with getting back in the fight?”

It was frustrating, beyond anything he had ever known before. Yes, there were times when he had struggled with tasks in his life, but he had simply applied himself more and tenacity had won out in the long run. But this… It felt as though he were trying to accomplish the impossible. 

His cane had been abandoned in favor of his knives. There was something both familiar and mournful in the weight of them in his hands. He had a vague image in his head of the layout of the room and where the target was, but it was nothing compared to his usual precision. 

Ignis took a deeper breath, focusing on keeping his voice even as he turned his head toward Gladio’s voice, meeting the other’s obvious frustration with his own calm. “Because there are precious few who are capable of fighting and I will not set aside everything we’ve accomplished simply because of this.”  This, of course, being his lack of sight. It was more than just the desire to not waste their accomplishments, of course, but he wasn’t quite sure how to communicate to Gladio the deep seated need to prove that he had not become lesser after his injuries.

Prompt from @itsadevereauxthing: Abby and Marcus share with each other their deepest fears and one of them is losing each other. (They gave me a bunch of good ones, but this one spoke the loudest to me!)

Note: Plot twist. I haven’t seen season three yet. :[

People had asked, were curious to know why he had taken the chip in the first place. It wasn’t a matter he wanted to discuss, ever again, so he had brushed them all off… changing the subject, asking his own questions, and in time, making people forget. It worked on nearly everyone… except Abby.

She doesn’t feel safe in her own quarters anymore, which is what she tells him the first couple of nights she shows up to his make-shift sleeping quarters. Eventually, she stops asking and he starts expecting her presence every night.

They’re both laying back against a few mattresses he had pulled out from the rubble, fitted together and held up by a frame welded together by Raven. He’s on the side closest to the door, his back pressed firm against the worn out piece of furniture, with Abby laying contently next to him on her side.

It’s a hot summer night, so they lay in his bed with very few pieces of clothing on. She’s got one of his large t-shirts that stops high on her thighs, her simple cloth underwear peaking out now and again when she shifts her legs. He’s shirtless with a pair of black pajama pants hanging low on his hips.

They’ve silently agreed they’ve been through too much together to give a damn about small things like this; they trust each other completely.

Their legs are tangled together on the bed, her fingers slowly trace lines around the curvatures of his muscles. His arm is thrown around her, his hand absently running up and down her arm. Her head is resting in the space between his shoulder and neck as she watches him tense under her musings.

“He had a gun to your head,” he says softly, causing her to stop her ministrations on his chest and push herself up on one elbow to get on his level. He can’t meet her eyes, because he knows that if he does, he’ll break. “He was going to kill you.” She sees the way his throat tightens at the words, feels his body grow rigid besides her, and how his hand grips her arm now, instead of the light touch that was once there. “That’s why I took it.”

“Marcus.” He lets out a shaky breath upon hearing his name in her voice. He closes his eyes, determined not to let her see him break down like this.

“I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I hadn’t done everything possible to save your life.” He opens his eyes, finds her face next to his, offers up an apologetic look, and reaches up to brush a piece of her hair away from her cheek. His hand stays there, cupping her face in his large palm and letting his thumb caress the skin it finds on her face. “Losing you… is my biggest fear.”

Her lips press together in an attempt to keep her tears at bay, her hand comes up to rest over his, and their fingers interlock.

“And losing you is mine,” she confides in him, letting her head fall until their foreheads touch. “But I’m here… and so are you.” He lets out a shaky breath and nods his head. “I say we don’t let it waste anymore of our time.” Her lips press against his bearded cheek, placing a soft, loving kiss there. His arm curls around her, pulling her back down against him. Her head finds it’s way atop of his chest. It’s his turn to press a kiss to the crown of her head as she throws an arm around his bare chest, hugging him close to her.

His free hand finds her chin, his fingers grabbing a hold of it and tilting her head back just enough for him to drop his head and kiss her properly. It’s a kiss filled with love, trust, promise… and in that moment, he knows words will fail to tell her how much he loves her. So he kisses her again.