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Favorite Apollo Camper: Will Solace


*Will Solace getting awed by camp half blood

*Will bunking with the Hermes cabin for a week cause that’s how long it took Apollo to claim him.

*Will moving to cabin 7 and warmly welcomed.

*Lee Fletcher trying to teach his little brother archery.

*Michael Yew giving out pointers and trying to help

*Kayla saving him from their torture and taking him to the infirmary

*Will proving to be a good healer

*Kayla, Lee and Michael teaching him everything they know about healing

*Will realizing his sexuality while taking care of Percy (cause almost everyone gets a crush on him. It’s inevitable)

*Will taking care of the younger Apollo kids and keeping them safe during the Titan War.

*Will getting intrigued by the mysterious son of Hades

*Will keeping family nights in his cabin and generally being close with all of his siblings

*Will feeling broken when Lee and Michael die.

*Will being coaxed out of his shell by Kayla

*Will rigorously taking up archery again because he wants to keep those he loves safe.



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Prompt from @itsadevereauxthing: Abby and Marcus share with each other their deepest fears and one of them is losing each other. (They gave me a bunch of good ones, but this one spoke the loudest to me!)

Note: Plot twist. I haven’t seen season three yet. :[

People had asked, were curious to know why he had taken the chip in the first place. It wasn’t a matter he wanted to discuss, ever again, so he had brushed them all off… changing the subject, asking his own questions, and in time, making people forget. It worked on nearly everyone… except Abby.

She doesn’t feel safe in her own quarters anymore, which is what she tells him the first couple of nights she shows up to his make-shift sleeping quarters. Eventually, she stops asking and he starts expecting her presence every night.

They’re both laying back against a few mattresses he had pulled out from the rubble, fitted together and held up by a frame welded together by Raven. He’s on the side closest to the door, his back pressed firm against the worn out piece of furniture, with Abby laying contently next to him on her side.

It’s a hot summer night, so they lay in his bed with very few pieces of clothing on. She’s got one of his large t-shirts that stops high on her thighs, her simple cloth underwear peaking out now and again when she shifts her legs. He’s shirtless with a pair of black pajama pants hanging low on his hips.

They’ve silently agreed they’ve been through too much together to give a damn about small things like this; they trust each other completely.

Their legs are tangled together on the bed, her fingers slowly trace lines around the curvatures of his muscles. His arm is thrown around her, his hand absently running up and down her arm. Her head is resting in the space between his shoulder and neck as she watches him tense under her musings.

“He had a gun to your head,” he says softly, causing her to stop her ministrations on his chest and push herself up on one elbow to get on his level. He can’t meet her eyes, because he knows that if he does, he’ll break. “He was going to kill you.” She sees the way his throat tightens at the words, feels his body grow rigid besides her, and how his hand grips her arm now, instead of the light touch that was once there. “That’s why I took it.”

“Marcus.” He lets out a shaky breath upon hearing his name in her voice. He closes his eyes, determined not to let her see him break down like this.

“I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I hadn’t done everything possible to save your life.” He opens his eyes, finds her face next to his, offers up an apologetic look, and reaches up to brush a piece of her hair away from her cheek. His hand stays there, cupping her face in his large palm and letting his thumb caress the skin it finds on her face. “Losing you… is my biggest fear.”

Her lips press together in an attempt to keep her tears at bay, her hand comes up to rest over his, and their fingers interlock.

“And losing you is mine,” she confides in him, letting her head fall until their foreheads touch. “But I’m here… and so are you.” He lets out a shaky breath and nods his head. “I say we don’t let it waste anymore of our time.” Her lips press against his bearded cheek, placing a soft, loving kiss there. His arm curls around her, pulling her back down against him. Her head finds it’s way atop of his chest. It’s his turn to press a kiss to the crown of her head as she throws an arm around his bare chest, hugging him close to her.

His free hand finds her chin, his fingers grabbing a hold of it and tilting her head back just enough for him to drop his head and kiss her properly. It’s a kiss filled with love, trust, promise… and in that moment, he knows words will fail to tell her how much he loves her. So he kisses her again.