I’d wait for you until 2 am if I knew you’d respond to only say you’ve had a long day and and wish me a good night and tell me you’d hoped we could have talked more. I’d wait for you any time and any day, because you are worth waiting for, she thought. Should she tell him all this, or prove it to him?

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How to attract attention to your art?

So, you’ve created a piece of art and of course you want people to look at it. So how do you do that?

The best way to gain attention is to make people feel involved. Why do you think fanart gets so many views? Because it’s familiar! It’s already like a family, a friend, a community, so people care about it. They’re already involved.

Why the original art doesn’t get so many views? Because it’s like a stranger. You won’t really care about a random passerby on the street, right? Like, nothing is happening to them, they’re just passing by. Well, if they were incredibly pretty or very your type, you’d pay them attention, but possibility nothing more. But if there were some events, like, they’d need your help, then you’d get involved and get stuff more personally.

What kind of stuff involves events and is liked by everyone? Stories!

To get liked by people you should tell stories. Stories connect people, they teach us lessons, they’re seriously important to us. Seriously, if people don’t know your characters, they don’t care.

Don’t just draw a character standing still, facing left. Draw them interacting with other characters, or doing something. That will connect people with the character much better than bullet list of their traits.

Write in caption your feelings about the piece of art you just made. Tell a funny little story that happened while you were creating it. That will connect people with you, the author.

Like, be friendly and open to conversation.

You can also ask for help. People kinda like it when you ask their opinion. Leave questions and ask for feedback in your captions. Again, conversation! Connection! Caring! All good stuff all around.

Know your audience, man. Doing art is a lot about the balance between pleasing yourself and pleasing others. If you’ll please only others you will feel unhappy. If you’ll please only yourself you won’t get much attention. If you want attention you’ll feel unhappy. Because art is communication. Remember that feeling when you liked some shit and other people liked it too? Pleasant, right? So, try to make stuff you like and make it accessible for others. Tag accordingly. Join already existing communities with the same interests. It’s always good to expand your horizons and draw something new, which is liked by many others, too.

To attract new people from other fandoms you can draw some fanart, maybe they’ll share your other interests.

So, so far there are some stuff to remember:
1. Draw to attract first attention. Like, seriously, without anything, you can’t show anything. Do your best!
2. Draw for your audience. Know how to tag and participate in pre-existing groups.
3. Be friendly.
4. Draw stories. Events bear more meanings. Meaningful is good.
5. Tell stories in captions. Beware oversharing tho. Too personal stuff is kinda embarrassing to reblog.
6. Mix a couple of fanarts. Attract new blood, maybe they’ll stick.
7. Ask for feedback. Ask more precise questions, because vague shit is too hard to answer.
8. Be patient.

Nicknaming Pokemon as a kid: this has to be just right……I need to put research into this shit…I Will look up the scientific name of the animal this pokemon is based on in multiple languages to find just the right wordplay to craft the perfect moniker for this creature……

Nicknaming Pokemon now: