good news week*


What you want to be when you grow up? 

like a lot of the things that were bad that happened this week seem so trivial and over dramatic of me but I was literally SO EXCITED and so happy recently for the future like I really thought I was gonna be able to meet 2 of my tumblr friends and see yixing together we made plans and everything and also with my soloticas I literally paid so much and waited 2 months for shipping and I was so excited for them???? And with my part time job I didn’t think I was gonna get emotional but I started bawling my eyes out in the car because I was sad that I was leaving and getting weightlisted on top of all that? Like I really feel like crap right now

Just a lil’ thank you!

I REAALLLYY appreciate the support you all give me, I read through my comments on deviantart and my messages on here and it’s so nice to see how supportive you are, really gets me motivated!

 Now… I have some good news! I have a week off work and a giant jar of coffee, so I’m gonna be working on the project none stop! 

Once again, thank you! I will keep posting updates as fast as I can!


y    o    u            a    r    e            t    h    e            o    n    l    y            one.

Good news this week: Rumpelstiltskin and Belle were offscreen having sensible chats about their grownup son, which is why they were absent for a full twenty-four hours. Is this a headcanon? Absolutely, but I ain’t changing it.

Bad news: I’m not sure if it’s bad but everything else was the Once Upon a Stu I’ve come to expect. Really glad Rumbelle was absent for that but everything else was kind of a shit show. Did you know that Emma canoes? I didn’t. She was absent because she took Henry on a canoe trip because that’s what Emma does when her parents are cursed and Gideon is still running around with Big Plans. She was only on screen for maybe five minutes. Both times she might as well have been wearing EMPTY stamped across her forehead.

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