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It’s always okay to proud of you, friends!!! Remember, no matter what it is, or what other people think, if something is difficult or challenging for YOU then that is something you can be proud of!


- The SAA

Egoistic (Lee Jong Suk Scenario)

Genre: romance, modern, fluff

Word count: 3 067

Warning:  none

Summary: Sometimes is good to be egoistic.

You kept on pressing the button to close the doors of the elevator, not caring that someone was actually hurrying towards you. You were late! Like, really, really late! And your colleague had already texted you twice since you got into the elevator!

“Excuse me, excuse me,” you made your way through the busy room and up the stairs towards the conference room. “I’m soooo sorry,” you gave out an apologetic look towards your team leader and colleagues.

“It’s fine, it’s fine, the traffic is horrible,” the team leader smiled and turned back to the presentation. “What I was about to say is that we have good news. Out team won in front of the others in results and so we get to work with a company from South Korea. One of their artists is coming here for a photoshoot and they would like someone to show the team around and, if the artist desires, to give him a private tour as well. Now, we have only two of you free at this point, so how would you like to choose who’s doing what?” He then turned to you.

And you were already jelly, all puppy eyes towards your colleague who happened to be your best friend as well to let you have this project. I mean, it was South Korea and a celebrity, like, duh, you had to have it! Who knew, maybe the artist was Kim Woo Bin or maybe even better, one of your favourite bands. Nope, missing on something like this was defintiely a no-no!

“Please let her have this project ‘cause otherwise I won’t hear the end of it,” your best friend sighed. “You owe me big one for this,” he then whispered to you, a bit torn between the prospects of the project and being a good friend to you.

“Are you sure? If things go well you might actually get a part two of it,” the team leader raised his eyebrows towards the two of you.

“Oh, c’mon, why are you tempting him?! He already have up the project in my favour,” you protested with a frown. “It’s mine! My previous,” you went all Gollum much to the laughter of your team.

“Fine, fine! Then that’s it. Good work, guys and keep it up! And you,” he pointed at you, “wait for me, we have to go through the paperwork and the detail.”

So, while everyone was making their way out, you remained seated, catching your breath after all the running you did since the beginning of the day. Damn your legs hurt like hell!

“First of all I want you to know that you’re going to sign a non-disclosure contract,” your team manager approached you after the projector’s light died down. “Our legal team went through it already and everything’s good. Basically, what they want from you is to, by no means, post up pictures with the artist or post anything regarding what you see on the internet.”

“As if I’d do that!”

“Secondly, the dude is apparently something big in his country, so the team wants discretion and if he by any chance wants you to show him around the city, they way you to know that there might be fans or press following around, so –”

“I need to keep it professional, so in other words keep my distance. Got it, boss! Anything else?” Fuck the contract! It wasn’t like you were going to kidnap the dude or anything like that!

“Nope, that’d be it. Do you want any other details?”

“Who’s the artist in talk?” You gave him your best smile.

“Oh, that’s easy. He’s a young actor, very popular for a recent drama called… what was it again?” The team manager frowned, racking his brains to remember th info he himself heard from one of the higher ups. “Ah, ‘Pinocchio’! The drama’s name is ‘Pinocchio’. W-What? What’s wrong?”

Why of all the people it had to be him?!

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anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on that clip between Keith and Shiro? Some people still believe Shiro's a clone because "The real Shiro wouldn't give up on trying to bond with Black again, therefore he's a clone." Personally, I think he's scared because he sounded defensive when he told Keith that he's "accepted" his new place on the team.

At this point I’m neutral on the clone theory- I don’t adhere to it at this point, but I think if it did happen I wouldn’t be disappointed- but I do feel like people are pointing at literally every dang thing to suggest Shiro’s a clone.

Including things he literally has done before.

“Real” Shiro wouldn’t give up on the Black Lion? 

Remember s2e3 where Shiro was the first and only one to suggest that maybe the Black Lion didn’t want him as a paladin given it rejected him, and who continuously after that framed it as his fault that he needed to fix something in his relationship with Black, while also repeatedly trying to set Keith up with this position with the not-so-subtle underlying assumption that he was sure Black accepting Keith once meant that Keith was more worthy of the position than he was?

This is completely consistent behavior. Not because Black doesn’t mean that much to Shiro, but, because Shiro doesn’t think he deserves it.

And frankly, here’s the thing: whether or not the clone theory is real, the person suspecting it, the person who’s our in-canon stand in for all of our current doubts and uncertainties, who’s probably second-guessing the hell out of everything Shiro does?

Is Shiro himself.

Shiro’s the one who knows about the strange things he saw. He’s the one who was confronted by the skeptical rebels. He’s the one who knows his escape was suspiciously easy.

If anyone would be accusing Shiro of not being a real person right now, it’s Shiro.

And that, I think, even if he hadn’t been leaning this way before- which he was pretty much the entirety of season 2, with his big triumphant moment of bonding with Black immediately being followed up by his disappearance that he himself doesn’t understand- just the fact that he’s doubting himself, that he feels like the empire did something to him and they’re planning something and it can’t be good news for his team- would in and of itself be enough reason that Shiro would desperately want to avoid the Black Lion.

Because remember s1e11? Zarkon used his foothold on Black to hurt the entire team.

Again, the person that’s the most suspicious of Shiro right now is Shiro himself- the way he probably sees it, he’s a liability, maybe even a time bomb- and if he can guarantee he’s not standing next to his team when he goes off, maybe that’s enough for him.

Because clone or not, it’s undeniable that he cares about the team, and wants them to be happy, and is simultaneously in a bad psychological place himself, where he’s more inclined to quietly give up rather than fight for himself if he feels like the latter option is safer for everyone else involved.

And, yeah, his “I’ve made my peace with it” sounds every syllable like someone who hasn’t.

Thank You

Summary: You and Steve both reflect on life in the forties and how to you met once again. 

A/N: Holy cow, this is over three thousand words long. I got a little lost in this and I feel great. The lovely @fairytales-everlasting requested a part two to ‘My Teammate’s a Vampire’ and suggested I write more about building off of the relationship between Steve and the reader. I thought it would be sweet to travel back in time to see when their story began. Happy reading! 

You settled underneath the comfort of your blanket and smiled to yourself as you gazed at the ceiling. The date with Steve went better than you had expected and you were so keen on seeing him in the morning. His quarters wasn’t very far from yours and nothing could’ve stopped you from slipping into Steve’s room other than your own conscience, telling you to leave the night as it was. You remembered the day you found Steve like it was yesterday. 


“Morning, Howie,” you said at Stark, giving him a goofy grin.

“You know I hate that nickname, right?” he said, putting his hands on his hips.

“Of course I do! Why else would I call you ‘Howie’?” Howard chuckled and shook his head, trying to sort out the files on his desk. 

“Listen Y/N, today’s going to be a tough day and a long one. The selection for the serum project is a tough one and since you’re a good judge of character, I’m going to need you to help me.” Howard averted his gaze from the piles of folders to you. Howard knew you were a vampire. It didn’t take long for you to trust him - he was so kind and gentle with you, being the only woman in the laboratory, and you knew he’d never want to hurt anyone intentionally. The news hit him like a ton of bricks. You explained everything over and over again, but he didn’t believe you until you demonstrated your abilities to him. You made him promise never to experiment on you and he’s kept that promise for a year. 

“Okay, sounds like I’m in for a wild ride,” you joked, grabbing a wooden chair from the wall. 

“No, no,” Howard said. “Take my chair. It’s far more comfortable.” You grinned and sat in his place. 

Howard wasn’t known for being the kindest man in town. He was cold and calculated, often getting lost in his work and sitting in his laboratory or office for days. But upon meeting you, his life changed. He was open to new ideas and new ways of thinking as well as living. You thanked your many years of human interaction to get him to break out of his shell. Your encouragement is one of the reasons why Howard went through with the serum program. He had the calculations and everything, but lacked the encouragement. 

An hour went by and Howard looked at you. 

“Any luck finding a good candidate?” he asked. 

“A few,” you said. “Why don’t we do this. Sort through everything and we can put people who we think would be a good fit here,” you said, dropping the files beside the desk onto the floor, “and we can discard the rest. It’ll take longer, but we’ll be more thorough.” 

“You’re my right hand woman, Y/N,” he said. “I wish all women these days were as open-minded and a loud-mouth such as yourself.” You smiled and continued working on finding a candidate.

Many hours later, you and Howard were arguing over Steve Rogers. 

“No,” he said. “He’s too skinny and has too many medical conditions. I don’t want to risk it.” 

“Howard,” you said in a stern tone. “The candidate can’t be too strong before the serum otherwise he’ll be way too strong after the serum. Doctor Erskine said that the serum amplifies the intentions and emotions in our candidate. Rogers is determined and wants to help our people. Everybody else wants the reward and fame if the trial is a success,” you argued. 

“He’s so fragile,” said Howard. 

“We’re all fragile,” you began, “but there’s nothing more fragile than a man’s ego. Steve is pure-hearted. Give him a chance,” you said. 

“Interview him,” he said. “Bring him in tomorrow morning and we can interview him.” You grinned and nodded, making sure to give Howard the biggest hug you’ve ever given anyone. You walked to the rotary phone and looked at the paper before dialing Steve’s number. 

“Hello?” a voice answered. 

“Hi, is this Steve Rogers?” 

“Yes ma’am,” he replied. “How can I help you? Are you looking for Bucky because he -”

“No,” you said, cutting him off. “I’m looking for you. My name’s Y/N Y/L/N and I work alongside Howard Stark. I’m calling you because we’d like to interview you for the trial.” You could hear Steve breathing from the other side. 

“Nobody said anything about an interview,” he said, his voice shaking. 

“It’ll be alright, I promise,” you soothed. “Just wear that big smile of yours and bring your ambition.” 

“Alright, ma’am. Where should I meet you and when?” 

“At the main office at eight in the morning,” you said. 

“Great, see you then, Miss.” You smiled. 

“See you tomorrow, Steve.” 

By the time morning came, you were jittery. Doctor Erskine’s words about how the serum amplifies everything repeated in your head and you couldn’t think of a better person than Steve. 

Steve sat across from you and Howard. Howard was the first to speak after introductions. 

“Steve, why do you want to be in the war?” Steve didn’t have to think about his answer. 

“I want to help people. I want to be part of the group that gets to say he did something with his life. I don’t care about medals and treasures. I care about winning this war for our country. I care about protecting my home.” 

Howard pursed his lips and motioned for you to follow him outside the door. 

“So?” you asked, hopeful. Howard smiled. 

“It think we have ourselves a candidate.” You shouted and hugged Howard before telling Steve the good news. 

“Welcome to the team,” you said as you approached Steve.

“Really?” he asked in disbelief. “I’m in?” You nodded. 

“You’re in! I’m really excited for you,” you said, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. Steve smiled at you. “It starts tomorrow. Mr. Livingston,” you pointed at the man beside the door, “will show you to your quarters and the canteen. Feel free to eat anything you’d like, but stay away from alcohol,” you instructed. Steve was already out the door, excited that he was chosen. 

The next morning came quicker than you thought. You were excited for Steve. You knew that he had been rejected on multiple occasions when he tried to join the army. You knew people laughed at him and bullied him whenever they got the chance, but you also knew Steve wasn’t one to give up a fight. His friend, Sergeant James Barnes, was your reference. All candidates needed a recommendation and you were glad that Steve chose James, who detailed every instance of Steve’s ambition and courage. 

Steve was sitting on the bench, waiting an order. He looked up when he saw you walk in. 

“I don’t know how you do it,” he said. “You’re the only woman in this facility. You’re pretty much calling the shots. You’re so confident in yourself,” he said. “And not that women can’t do what you can. It’s just that you’re not surrounded with other women,” Steve said quickly, hoping he didn’t offend you. You laughed and sat next to him. 

“I understand what you mean,” you replied.

“It’s just,” he said, but paused to collect his thoughts, “Bucky, my best friend, is a ladies man. The girls swoon over him. I offered a girl my popcorn and she rolled her eyes at me,” Steve said with a sigh. “I don’t feel good enough. I’m not good enough for the army, not good enough for those stupid bullies, and not good enough to find someone who will love me for me.” You frowned, upset that Steve felt that way. You put your hand on Steve’s shoulder. 

“Well, you know what? You’re here today. Howard and I chose you over hundreds of candidates. I believe in you, Steve,” you said with a firm voice. “And whether those girls in your past know it or not, you’re going to be someone who changes the face of America. You’re a hero, whether you realize it or not.” Steve smiled at the ground. He refused to meet your eyes until he was called by Howard. 

“It’s time,” he said to himself more than anyone else. He stood up and looked at you. “If I die in the next five minutes, I’m happy that a woman such as yourself bothered to give me any attention at all.” You laughed and guided him downstairs and strapped him in. 

“If it gets too much, let me know. We can stop,” you said. “You got this.” 

“I got this. Thank you, Y/N.” 

After he was situated, the panels closed and Howard started the trial. You could hear Steve screaming and your heart broke. You didn’t want him to be in pain and yelled at Howard to stop the treatment. 

“No! I can do this,” he said. You nodded at Howard and he continued. 

Steve’s screaming was the only thing you could hear you winced when his screams got louder and you wanted nothing more than to reassure him. After a while, the laboratory was silent. Howard motioned for you to come downstairs and help him open the panels. 

Once he did, Steve emerged, looking much like the opposite of his old self. He seemed to have grown, his entire body was muscular, and he didn’t seem to have anymore breathing problems. 

“How do you feel?” you asked. 

“Taller,” he breathed. You laughed and offered him a hand to help him down. 

“Shouldn’t this be the man’s duty?” he joked. You chuckled and helped him balance.

“Time’s change, Steve, and so did you.”

You didn’t see Steve after the next day. It hurt to leave, but you knew you couldn’t stay in New York for very long. You made a promise to yourself that once the trial was over, you’d leave. 

“Do you real have to go?” Howard asked as you stood by his door. “You can come live with me and we can work on projects together. We can be the ultimate team,” he coaxed. 

“You know I can’t,” you said. “It gets harder for me when I stay longer.” You had had this talk before and Howard sighed knowingly. He wrapped you in a tight embrace and kissed the crown of your head. 

“You are my best friend,” he said. “Please don’t forget me,” he pleaded, choking back a sob. “You helped me through so much.” You shook your head. 

“I could never forget someone as wild as you.” Howard laughed. “Besides, me being gone will give you time to relax. Maybe have a kid?” you hinted. Howard’s wife talked to you relentlessly about how much she wanted a child of her own. This was your way of thanking her for welcoming you into her home. 

“I plan on it,” Howard said. “Gotta leave my legacy in this word. Maybe not now, but some time.” You grinned. 

“Where’s Steve?” you asked. Howard looked down. 

“He left for a mission,” he said. 


“Yes.” It was quiet and you sighed. 

“I better get going,” you said. The day’s only getting shorter.” 

“Let me walk you out.” You linked your arm through Howard’s and walked out the building, taking once last look before you walked away. 

Steve hadn’t thought about you for a week. He was on a high, feeling the adrenaline when it came to saving people and helping with the war effort. He hadn’t had a day to himself in a while and grinned when he was told he could rest for a few days. 

He walked into the man office and the women were blushing as he walked passed them. He smiled politely at each of them before knocking on Howard’s door. 

“Ah, Steve!” he said, standing up from his desk. “How’s the new body treating you?”

“I’m running a lot fast and I’m not sick anymore,” Steve said. 

“That’s really good to hear.”

“Where’s Y/N?” he asked, noticing he hadn’t seen her when he walked in. Howard avoided Steve’s gaze and slowly walked around his desk. 

“She left,” Howard said. Steve thought he hadn’t heard that right. 


“Y/N left.”

“As in she’ll be back later?”

“As in she’s no longer in Brooklyn.” Steve paused for a moment. He felt the air thickening around him and found it hard to swallow. 

“Why did she leave?” 

“She’s a nomad,” he explained. “She likes to travel and explore the world because -,” Howard stopped himself before he said she was a vampire. “Because that’s the kind of girl she is. I took her in for a year, but she told me after this trial, she needed to leave.” Steve found and sat in the chair in front of Howard’s desk. 

“I never got to say thank you,” he said. 

“I know,” he said, resting himself on the edge of his desk. “I don’t like it either.”

“Did she leave a note? Did she tell you where she was going?” He shook his head. 

“No note. Y/N doesn’t work like that. But trust me, if she wants to find you, she will.”

“How?” Howard knew that you could sense anyone and track them down, but he kept that piece of information to himself. 

“She just will. Come, let’s go do something fun. You can invite that friend of yours, Sergeant Barnes, was it?”


Steve always wondered where you went. He sat upright on his bed and looked at the blank monitor on his television screen and thought about you. Now that he remembered you were the one who helped him because the Super Soldier, he remembered old memories. 

He wondered where you were. He was distraught for a few weeks. Steve didn’t know why he felt such an attraction to you. Maybe it was because you were the first girl who didn’t roll your eyes when he tried to be nice, or maybe it was because you were the one who said you believed in him. Either way, he wanted to find you. 

But as time progressed and as he worried about saving America, as well as being frozen for a long period of time, he forgot about you. He forgot that you encouraged him when no one else did and he forgot what you looked like. Most importantly, he forgot the person who got him to the present. 

He didn’t mean to. Steve felt bad that he forgot about you. He laid in his bed and though about all the time he did remember you and savored those moments. Back in the forties, he liked to think you were doing great things with your life. He liked to think you travelled all over the world and learned all of the things he yearned to learn. But, again, as he was needed in the battlefield, his attention was focused on staying alive and keeping his people safe. 

Old feelings surfaced when he sat in front of you while you were on that date. He found himself being that same Steve Rogers who met you for the first time before the serum. He noted that you weren’t any different now than you were back then in terms of how you treated people. You treated Steve like he was human and that his feelings were valid. He enjoyed your company and contemplated on whether or not he should go to your room to continue the date by talking until the sun rose. 

“Screw it,” Steve said. He walked to your room and knocked softly, hoping you were awake. 

“Come in,” he heard you say. He opened the door and closed it gently behind him. “Steve? What are you doing here?” 

“I don’t really know. I thought we could just, talk?” You patted the empty space next to you and he sat down. “What’s up?” 

“Did you really mean what you said back then?” he asked, looking straight into your eyes. “You said you believed in me. You said that before I became this,” he said, gesturing at himself. 

“I meant every word. You’re special, Steve. You’re who you are today because you took a risk. I’m real proud of you.” Steve smiled. It was all he needed to hear. “And while we’re on the topic of uncertainty,” you began, jokingly. “Are you really okay with the fact that I’m a vampire?” Your voice took a more serious tone.

Steve didn’t hesitate to nod. “It doesn’t bother me. Really, it doesn’t. Maybe it’ll take some time getting used to while we train and fight, but it’s not something I’m scared of.”

“You’re not scared of me trying to bite you?” 

“No. You haven’t done that. You didn’t do that even when we didn’t know you were a vampire. Why should I believe you’re any different now?” 

“I don’t know. It’s just that every time I tell someone who I think I’m close to, it always backfires. Because of mainstream media, I’m seen as a villain and someone who only does things for her own benefit. I know I’m a strong woman, but it hurts sometimes. Howard was the only friend I had, really. He didn’t judge me. To think I even left him,” You looked at Steve. “It’s been so long since I was bitten and I’m still trying to figure out how to live.” 

Steve laughed and put his hand on top of yours. “We all are. You’re no different from us. I guarantee we appreciate you being around. As for Howard, he knew why you had to go and he understood. He would be so proud of you he could see you right now. We don’t think differently of you. I don’t think differently of you.” You sighed out of happiness and offered a lazy smile towards Steve. 

“Would you mind staying with me?” you asked, your voice timid and shy. Steve nodded and climbed underneath the covers. 

“I’m really happy that we found each other,” he said.

“Me too. I can’t believe I encouraged Howard to have a baby,” you said. You could feel Steve’s chest move and vibrate as he laughed. 

“Me either. It’s kind of funny, you working alongside Tony as you did with Howard. I’m sure Tony appreciates your stories about the old days.” 

“Not at first, actually.” Steve looked at you with a confused expression. “I mean, he’s happy that I share stories now, but when I first met him, he despised everything about his father. I know it wasn’t fair that Tony felt isolated, but I told him the truth. I told him that Howard wasn’t someone who opened up very much and that, although that’s not a valid excuse, he did love Tony very much in his own way. I guess Tony believes that now. It’s so nice to see his face light up whenever I tell him about you guys in the olden days.” 

“Are you calling me old?” Steve joked. 

“If you’re old, then I must be a grandma,” you joked back. The both of you burst out in laughed and you snuggled yourself close towards Steve’s chest. 

“Thank you,” he whispered. “For everything.” 

Steve smiled as he closed his eyes. He finally got to thank you.

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Obito-Kakashi teamwork

How people see them 

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The boys are back and they are ready to kick some asses.


mentalember  asked:

I'll throw in my two cents about the state of Magic's story. Kaladesh resonated with me because it cast Chandra, Nissa, and Ajani in an intimate and vulnerable light as human characters for the first time; BFZ was less compelling because it tried so hard to tell an epic story that it failed to tell one with relatable emotional stakes. The Gatewatch works when it's portrayed as a group of flawed, conflicted individuals - it fails when we see them only as superhuman protectors of the Multiverse.

The good news is the creative team is very interested in telling intimate, personal stories about the characters.

“Strongest Emotion” Part 3

Summary: Calm before the storm.

Words: 813

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Fluff and implied smut

A/N: This story has a mind of its own. The ending is happy but there’s a ton of angst sprinkled along the way! Wish I knew how to attach story master list to fic. Thank you for taking time to reading my mess.

**To the wonderful @suz-123!!! You’re an angel. My master list is attached!!

*********Master List**********

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Two Prompt Tuesday #2

Winning Prompt this Week: “It’s all about the first person you wanna tell good news to.”

Winning Character: Dean. (I think there’s only 3 out of all of my followers who aren’t Dean!Girls, so I may have to start either picking characters myself or eliminating him from the options. Ha.)

Word Count: 3000. 

Warning: Fluff. Cliche. The usual. 

Your name: submit What is this?

You stretched your neck from side to side as you unlocked the door of the bunker and let yourself in. You tromped down the stairs and looked around for anyone; when you didn’t see Sam or Dean, or even Castiel, you looked around for a note.

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I’m not sure how it happened but I’m now a fan artist in the School for Good and Evil News team so for my first post I wrote a drabble to go with my fanart lol

- Bond -

“Why couldn’t we just stay in the graveyard?” Agatha complained as she slapped her thigh. When she raised it, a blood splatter as well as mangled insect limbs could be seen on her palm. Nonchalantly, she wiped it on her dress, the stain blending in the filthy rags she called her clothes. “There aren’t any mosquitoes there.”

“That’s because nothing in the graveyard is alive,” Sophie said, her shaped brows furrowed in disgust. Quickly, she relaxed her muscle faces and gently massaged her forehead to smoothen out any possible wrinkles that may have formed. She forced a wide smile to appear on her face. “Besides isn’t it nice here? Breathing fresh air under the shade of such a lovely tree?” she cooed.

Agatha scowled in response, but didn’t say anything. Instead, she nervously looked at their surroundings.

Sophie laughed. “Don’t worry, I chose this spot specifically because I knew there won’t be any people here at this time.”

“You didn’t want to be seen spending time with me.”

Sophie was taken aback. Her mouth hung open in an attempt to say otherwise, but her voice remained frozen. Instead she just raised the basket she brought and offered it to Agatha.

“Oh Aggie, you keep distracting me, I almost forgot I brought biscuits for you. Try one!”

Agatha stared at the basket for a while before her bony hand reached into the basket to get a biscuit. Sophie lowered the basket to the ground beside her and watched as Agatha sniffed it at first. “It smells like Reaper’s droppings.”

“That’s just the Stinky Fruit I put in,” Sophie said, her smile tightening as her patience started to run out.

“Why would you make cookies from something called Stinky Fruit?”

“Stop complaining and eat the biscuit,” Sophie almost snapped.

Agatha complied and took a big bite. Not even a second later, she spit it out and sputtered. “It tastes like sandpaper.”

“Now you’re just exaggerating. How would you even know what sandpaper tastes like?” Sophie retorted, clearly offended. Sure, her baking was not nearly as appreciated as it should be, but no one has ever acted this repulsed before. “Besides the beauty of the biscuit isn’t in its taste,” Sophie said in defense.

“Then what’s the point of biscuits if they’re not delicious?”

Sophie straightened her back in indignation. “Not like YOU would care but MY biscuits are good for your skin,” she scoffed. “Stinky Fruit, aside from being, well, stinky, keeps skin from being dry. It can also help you sleep more soundly and everybody knows that a good night’s sleep is essential for staying beautiful. Those cookies also have lentils. They’re especially best for keeping a full head of beautiful and shiny hair as well as-” Sophie suddenly froze in surprise. She hadn’t noticed she was talking without interruption from Agatha for a while now. She hadn’t even noticed that Agatha held the cookie to her mouth, nibbling at it slowly. Instead, she noticed how wide Agatha’s bug-like eyes were as she stared at Sophie. And it surprised her, because finally, someone was paying attention to her.

A smile formed on Sophie’s lips and for the first time in a very long time, it was genuine.

Endings and Beginnings

Title: Endings and Beginnings

Pairing: Wendell Bray x reader

Based off this anon request:

I love that you write for bones characters. Not many do… and your writing is amazing. Can I request a Wendell Bray drabble where he and the reader have been together for a while and you’ve helped him through his cancer treatment, and just after the treatments finished the reader finds out she is pregnant… Angela is the first of to find out (as she does) you can end it any way you’d like.

A/N: Wendell Bray is easily one of my fave characters of all-time. Adorable. Strong. Funny. Who wouldn’t love him? Enjoy!

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TEAM INSTINNNCCCCCCTTTTTTT!!!!! we`re reddy to fight that gym with a squirtle and an army of weedles, WHO’S WITH ME???

Squirtle always having a great time. I am blessed with its presence

i pulled on a couple black friday quality deals so good news team: we’ll be stream ready when they all trickle in

who’s ready to watch me play xcom 2 long war i/i and die horribly