good naga

I’m trying to come up with a good drunk naga!Dean sketch but this is all I’ve got so far. 

Thoughts and improvements are welcome *lol* (Maybe Dean should serenade Cas’ butt or legs instead of telling the world at large how great his omega is.)

Sorry for super bad sketch and chicken scratch.


Sooooo I read a little story…. and got carried away.

The story was made by one of my -absolute- favorite writers for the GF fandom


They wrote One of the World’s Unseen and I completely fell in love with the Shape shifter au she incorporated into it, and Dragon!Bill, Oh gosh it’s so good!

I also wanted to say thanks for the complement, It means a lot to me! 

( ^ v ^)* ~ <3

 I’m the Chip You’re the Dip   [x] 


I’m jumping on the animal/human hybrids bandwagon! Oops.

This is all @jackthevulture‘s fault, with their silly mermaidAU. As long as we’re sticking human torsos on animal bodies, I figured someone should get on the nagaAU. Bakura is a red sided garter snake, because I wanted to make him something that looked dangerous (bright colours) but really wasn’t. And Marik is an Egyptian banded cobra for obvious reasons.

Will I expand on this ever? Who knows. Regardless, you can expect to see Ryou and Yami Marik eventually as well.

Someone: What are your reasons to live?

Me: @diminuel ‘s Naga!Dean AU art

I love this AU (and the others like PaganGod!Dean) and her art makes me so happy, her blog is like the oxygen for me, seriously i could spend hours just scrolling through her art tag

snake sollux, or “snollux”.

lineart courtesy of the lovely clock-heart!

Happy birth dogslug! (And happy Tav shipping day)
snake cuddles.