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N is getting a Nendroid! And I nearly cried literal tears of happiness

He comes together with Reshiram and at least two faces (probably more), all made by GoodSmile Company
Preorder starts on July 25th, release is November 28th.
Price: 5,000 Yen

[and I’m totally getting this one no matter what it takes me, I swear to God]

it would have been so good 2 see itachi growing up like in an au where konoha isnt fucked up bc hed be so awkward like imagine that boy as a teenager whos trying 2 rebel against his parents but hes like. hes too good n just naturally a chill studious person so his definition of rebelling would be like. one days hes like FUCK THIS!!!!!!! n skips school to study at the library instead

A Drizzle of Love

  “Ugh!” White groaned again, her voice growing louder each minute. “When will this stupid rain stop?” Lips pulled down to a long frown, she brought her legs closer and glared through the window. The rain was pouring heavily, and thunders were viciously booming the second clouds had taken a darker toll. 

  Her left cheek was filled with her own breath, White slammed her back against the sofa and grunted louder. “This sucks…”

  N, who sat by her side ever in silence and observing her, finally raised his hand and gently patted the petite woman on the shoulder. “Now, now White,” He assured her, “I’m sure there are plenty of fun things to do at home.”

  He saw as she turned her head to face him. “Like what?” She still sounded annoyed, but at least the boredom in her eyes seemed to have dimmed. 

  N flashed a cheerful smile. His hand then moved to his mouth, his index finger lightly tapping his lower lip as the young man thought of something fun to do.

  The sound of rain pitter-pattering their window created music in their ears, and N got an idea. “I know!” With a snap of his fingers, he happily looked at his confused lady.

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i can’t wait for the Generations ep where N gets fucking eaten by Zekrom

You’ve changed

Fandom: The Originals

Pairing: Kol Mikaelson x reader

Summary/Request:  ok, reader is a witch that bring kol back to life but she turned evil afterward because she used very dark magic to bring her bf back. only way to restore her humanity is to undo the magic. happy or sad ending is up to u. - Anonymous

Word Count: 2199

Each time Kol died, you felt your heart tear out of your chest. As Kol Mikaelson and Kaleb Westphall. When you fell in love with Kol in his first original body and he was killed by Elena you felt as if your life ended. You loved him with your entire being but when he was taken from you, you went to a bad place. You couldn’t do magic properly, you couldn’t eat properly. You stayed holed up in your apartment not leaving until you ran out of what food you managed to eat. After a while, you decided to leave Mystic Falls and head over to New Orleans. While you were with him you had become close with Rebekah, visiting her helped you finally get over his death. 

It was there when you met Kaleb. It only took him a few weeks to reveal his identity to you and you were over the moon. Even though he wasn’t the Kol you remember, he was the Kol you fell in love with. Your life was good again. The both of you worked on your magic together and had fun until he was cursed by his brother. He was taken from you again and it killed you. You had just got him back. Before he died you vowed to bring him back, even if it was the last thing you would do.

You researched different spells to raise the dead. Most of them were temporary, only allowing the person over for a short period amount of time until they were wrenched away from you again. Only those spells were using light magic. You had heard of dark magic that could bring a person back but it was risky, you could be sucked into the dark. However, you were willing to do what was necessary to get him back. 

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anonymous asked:

An animalistic giant who stumbles across a human lost in the rain, and the human is so afraid of the giant that they panic and become paralyzed with fear when the giant picks them up, only for the giant to comfort them and keep them warm in their fur and keep them dry until the human can find their way home. After that, the human goes to visit the giant and they become best friends. 😭

(Ummm heh so I was in a creative mood and this sort of…happened. I did a story thing based on what you wrote because honestly animalistic giants are the best!!)

Rain poured in gallons upon the cold ground, the sky roaring with a storms thunder as the flashes of lightning sliced through the clouds.
The chilly winter air would have stung most people’s skin and gave them good reason to stay in, but Malakai made his way easily through the muddy valley with ease- the rain barely dampening the thick fur that made up his mane.
Malakai was in no uncertain terms a monster, a towering creature with sabre teeth and yellow eyes, his hands paw-like and clawed and a long serpentine tail swaying behind him as he walked on all fours through the wilderness he called home.
Anyone who saw him would’ve fled for their lives, humans very rarely trusted creatures ten times their size- but even if Malakai had been a mere six foot tall he’d still have out-muscled most humans, he was built to survive in the wild and humans were….decidedly softer.
Their hides weren’t quite so impenetrable, nor their hair thick enough to keep them warm.

Humanities great weakness to the wilds perils was something Malakai was all too aware of, he’d seen countless lost adventurers waste away in this forgotten valley- the poor souls had never stayed long enough for him to even attempt to help them, they’d run at the first glimpse of him!
It hurt his heart to see them so vulnerable, but there was nothing he could do apart from patrol the same stretch of land in the hope of finding those who strayed to far into the valley before they met a terrible fate.
Even if they wouldn’t let him help he could at least scare them away from the cold and perilous terrain.

As Malakai reached the valley’s entrance a peculiar sniffle made his ears twitch, the sound drawing the bestial giant towards the valley’s edge as he slowly hunted out what creature he could hear…
It didn’t take long for his precise vision to spot a tiny, shivering human lying against a boulder, their clothes tattered and torn and absolutely soaking wet- their face held a picture of pure terror as wide eyes stared almost frozen at Malakai.
Slowly Malakai lowered himself down with a grumble, tilting his head to the side as he watched the trembling human.
They looked so cold and weak, how long had they been out here?
Malakai doubted they could survive much longer in the cold, he could see the paleness of their skin and their purple lips- a sure sign this human was slowly freezing.

As Malakai approached the human they began to whimper and scramble against the boulder, trying to make themselves as small and unnoticeable as possible as they squirmed away from the hulking giant before them.
Malakai wanted nothing more than to tell them he wouldn’t hurt them, but his dialect was so far away from any human language he knew it’d just sound like growls and roars to them- he couldn’t risk scaring them, if this human ran further into the valley they’d be done for.

Malakai curled his long tail behind him to block any possible escape for the human as he slowly reached forward, thick fingers splaying out towards the human who panicked and began to plead for their life- even with Malakai struggling to hear their words against the sounds of rain he knew this wasn’t good, as far as this human knew he was some terrible beast who’d come to take advantage of their weakness!
But Malakai couldn’t just give up on them, as he reached his fingers closer to the human they froze in fear- tears trickling down their face as they watched his hand slowly close around their body, bringing their frail body into his gentle grasp and clawed fingers gently pressed against them.

Malakai picked the human up with ease, trying to pay their whimpering no attention as he lifted them to his chest- he couldn’t feel hurt about their fear, it wasn’t their fault they were so scared.
The human couldn’t know Malakai only meant well, the gentle giant may have looked like most people’s worst nightmare but he truly adored all creatures- even the humans with their cruel assumptions, perhaps them more than most.
Gently Malakai cupped the now sobbing human to the thick fur on his chest, gently rubbing their back with a finger as he felt their tiny form squirm lightly against him.

Malakai suddenly felt so huge as the sensation of minuscule fingers pushing against his palm made his hair stand on end, he was suddenly so aware of the threat he posed to the human- his heart jolted as he quickly pushed away any thoughts of accidentally hurting such a tiny being, he couldn’t think like that now!
He had to be brave, for the humans sake.

A soft sniffle broke through the rains clatter and Malakai gently opened his hand a tiny fraction to see the human staring up with hopefully eyes, as if begging for an answer to the only question that could haunt them- they wanted to know why they were huddled up in a giants hand, why they weren’t already dead.
Malakai didn’t know how to communicate with this tiny human, he’d never spoken to one before!
He let out a soft whine as he slowly brought up his free hand to wave to them, hoping that they might take that as a sign of his peaceful intent- or at least that he was more than a hungry beast.
The human merely flinched at his movement, body shaking in the cold air as they stared up at Malakai’s looming face.

Malakai let out a frustrated sigh and carefully lifted the human up again, they squeaked in surprise as he gently placed them onto his neck but fortunately their natural instinct kicked in and he felt tiny hands grasp the long fur of his mane- he knew he had to get them to somewhere warm and safe but for now he’d have to look after them the best he could, they could ride on his back as he made his way to the many caves he slept in and as long as they didn’t panic and try to escape he’d be able to keep them perfectly safe.

Malakai began to walk with extra care, the weight of the tiny human barely noticeable against him as he moved through the valley- every now and then he could hear a small gasp from them and he’d feel the grip on his mane tighten, but the human seemed to be slowly understanding that he meant no harm.
They appeared to realise that if Malakai wanted to hurt the he would have simply done away with them where they sat, but by carrying them ever so gently it seemed to convey to them that he was trying to look after them- or at least that’s what Malakai hoped, they weren’t screaming at least which was nice.
It was obvious they didn’t trust him and he doubted they liked him much either, but right now he was taking care of them as well has his mother had cared for him as a pup- he just wished the human could understand him.

As rain splashed down against him Malakai felt the peculiar sensation of the human again, it seemed they were almost hiding in his fur- nesting like a bird as they huddled closer to his muscular neck for warmth, it seemed even humans knew when to let their survival instincts overtake their fear.
Malakai almost smiled as he felt them move, the human was thinking like one of the wilds creatures now- seeking out only warmth and safety without letting fear control them.

After a few strong strides Malakai reached the cave system he called home and crawled inside, reaching to his back to gently pick up the human once more- there were no tears form them now, just a tiny wriggle as they repositioned themselves in his grip before letting him lower them carefully to the ground.
They scrambled back slightly with sharp breaths and wide eyes as Malakai slowly lay down a small distance away, resting his head on the ground with a grunt and watching the human closely as they slowly began to stop their attempts to get away from him.
A frown crossed their face, confusion in their eyes as they stared across at the giant- Malakai didn’t want to approach them and scare them any more, he could keep them plenty safe in the caves without unwarranted handling.

“Y-you’re not going to hurt me, are you?” The human asked, but it sounded more like they were trying to convince themselves of the possibility that Malakai could really be a compassionate being just like themself.

Malakai shook his head slowly, tail curling around himself as he tried to make himself look as small as possible.

The human watched him, tilting their head to the side as they slowly stood up on shaky legs, fear still making their body tremble and quake but now they seemed….curious.
Much to Malakai’s surprise they took a few shaky steps towards him, but a coughing fit threatened to send the weak human crashing to floor so Malakai quickly reached out and held a hand nearby, letting the human fall against the soft surface as they grabbed hold of his fingers to support themself.
The sudden rush of strange adrenaline as Malakai realised this human was begijjng to see him as something more than a monster made him smile, a soft chittering noise escaping him- his language may have been completely alien to them but the human recognised the peaceful, friendly tone to it and despite their still apparent fear they smiled weakly back.

“I-I thought I was a goner, but I guess you’re not so bad- huh?” The human said softly as they supported their body against Malakai’s hand “don’t think I’ve got much time to be p-picky about turning down help, so I guess I’ll just have to trust that your good n-nature continues..”

Malakai nodded and was about to attempt to communicate when he noticed the humans knees buckle and send them tumbling into his palm, he swiftly scooped them up and brought them close to his body, curling around them most protectively as he placed their tiny form against his own much bigger (and rather fluffier) own.
The human squeaked in surprise but didn’t squirm or try to get away, they simply lay against him with a cough and allowed him to curl his hands round them- cocooning them with warmth and comfort as best he could.

He felt the light touch of the human running their hands across his hide, their fingers finding his sharp claws and feeling the dulled point to them- Malakai slowly slid the human closer to his head and they slumped against his chin, resting against him with what was either a great deal of brave trust or just pure exhaustion.
Oh how Malakai hoped it was the first, he’d love nothing more than to win the humans trust!

Malakai felt a tiny sigh of air from the human and glanced down to see them huddling up against him, slowly warming up just from being close to the fluffy giant and beginning to look rather tired.
The human let out a yawn and glanced over to Malakai’s slit-pupil eyes as if wondering how safe they’d be if they fell asleep in his company, Malakai figured he’d best show he had no intentions of pouncing on them while they slept so he curled up closer and closed his eyes- he could do with a nap anyway, why not take the opportunity to keep the human safe and secure and have a rest too?
There was no way they could escape even if they had the energy to anyway, Malakai completely surrounded them like a living landscape, but the human seemed content enough to stay for now- they slowly shut their eyes too with a soft mumble of “please tell me you won’t wake up for a midnight snack…”
Before drifting off into the kind of sleep that only comes from pure exhaustion, their body barely able to stay conscious much longer.

As the human became still Malakai slowly opened an eye and peeked across at them, they looked so endearingly small all wrapped up in his hands as they slept!
With a tiny smile Malakai decided he’d sleep too as he protected his newfound human, in the morning he could take them back to wherever they’d came from but for now they were safe under his protection..