good mrp

“Yes, I am absolutely eating this mac and cheese out of the pan, because my child thought it would be funny to knock all my clean dishes onto the ground because I wouldn’t let her have ice cream for dinner. But I’ve only taken like, two bites out of it, if you want some. It’s real good.”

anonymous asked:

I don't get the fuss over Failzeroth. The people complaining about it have all talked shit about other MRP's in some sort of private channel at one point. Quite honestly the only profiles that are posted are incredibly lore breaking and/or terribly written (Mary-sue anyone?). If you make the effort to write a good MRP and abide by lore then you shouldn't have to worry about your profile being posted. If my MRP was on there I'd own it instead and take it as a serious wake up call.

Shut up.