good mourning black friday

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Playlist: Josh takes you to a tøp concert to impress you with his drumming skills

josh had been trying to convince you to date him for weeks. you had feelings for him but you weren’t certain they were anything beyond platonic. he asks you to come to one of his shows, and you agree, arriving early to watch the soundcheck. josh knows he needs to impress you, convince you that he deserves to have you, so he practices with some of the most involved drumming he could manage.

- trashed and scattered by avenged sevenfold
- yyz by rush
- reset by mutemath
- hot for teacher by van halen
- mike portnoy drum solo (live) by dream theater
- colony of birchmen by mastodon
- good mourning/black friday by megadeth
- moby dick by led zeppelin


Good Mourning / Black Friday - Megadeth